Easter Monument In Paris

At the highest peak in Paris stands a majestic religious monument called Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Day and night, pilgrims from all over offer their prayers of intercession for the Church, the world, for themselves and their families.


As we stood from the summit of Butte Montmartre also known as Mount of Martyrs, a breathtaking view of the city unfolds.


Monuments stand to tell us a story of the lessons and significance of the past as well as its implications in the present. Some of these monuments such as the Basilique du Sacré Cœur help us connect to our faith and find answers when we are facing hardships. They become a source of inspiration, a symbol of hope and courage. They give us a place to seek refuge when things becomes too unbearable as well as a place to celebrate when blessings abound .


Summer of 2013 was a season of extremes for me and my family. In one moment we were on top of the summit. Everything was all fun, happy and exciting. A few weeks later, I was down flat to the ground. No cushions. No warning. It was a nightmare where I was wide awake.

Perhaps finding the Basilica that Summer was more than a coincidence. Perhaps it was fate preparing me for what’s to come.


The Basilica is dedicated to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. That day we lit several candles and offered prayers. Looking back now, our journey to the Basilica as well as our visit to the shrine of Saint Marie Eugenie Milleret, founder of the Religious of the Assumption helped me and my wife take a huge leap of faith together.

Everyone goes through a rough time, strong enough to tear that person apart from within or from one another. Having enough monuments of support system and a faith to cling on to help us surpass the worst. When all things said and done, we were thankful for holding on, for believing in ourselves and one another, for not giving up on love.


Everyday, miracles happen. Some too small that we hardly notice them.

Walking outside the Basilica, I noticed a woman patiently collecting water dripping from the fountain. She believed the fountain serves as a monument that brings forth blessed water. With pure faith, the blessed water can bring about the miracle she is praying for. This woman is just one of the millions who believes in the power and miracles of prayers.


We took one last glance of the beautiful skyline and cityscape of Paris trying to create the best mental photograph of the place, its monuments and everything that we just witnessed.

Being there at that precise moment with my family and having the opportunity to travel Europe were miracles in themselves.


Easter is a celebration of new life. A new life that will remind us that no matter how difficult our circumstances and situations may be, there is always hope. Hope that light will come. Hope that tomorrow things will get better. Hope that our new beginnings will be all that we’d been praying for. Hope that all that needs saving can be saved.

Happy Easter to All.




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Streets Of San Francisco

Let’s take a break for a moment and discover a city with streets like no other. If the day turns perfectly right, we might even catch ourselves singing, “We left our hearts in the streets of San Francisco.”

images of San Francisco

So, come on board. The sightseeing tour is on me. It’s my treat to my blogger family as I turn another year older and hopefully wiser. Yep, Birthday dude will be your personal tour guide. FYI, direction and navigational skills are my weakest points but I promise it’ll be worth getting lost and all.

images of San Francisco

While waiting for the rest of our buddies, there’s several things we could do. This is San Francisco and “things to do” almost always never runs out. We can go window shopping at Macy’s or check out the Art galleries nearby.

san francisco

Craving for something sweet? How about taking a few bites of a sinfully delicious dessert at Cheese Cake Factory. Best seat in the house is by the balcony overlooking the busy Union Square.

san francisco

Just want to relax? We can just chill, talk and catch up with good old friends, enjoy California sunshine and its great outdoors. Check out these Cherry Blossoms.

san francisco

First destination, the Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda.

san francisco

While admiring the architectural masterpiece, kids and kid at heart can play with the swans and ducks at the edge of the lagoon. Just be careful. It’s so easy to tip over and fall. It’s prohibited to swim with the ducks!

san francisco

Next street leads to many adventures and possibilities, the Coastal Trail. One day here is not enough.

san francisco

My son yelled, “Look, shark!” as he pointed to the dorsal fin protruding above the water. It then jumped a few times followed by several more like it. I told him excitedly, “They’re dolphins. A pod of dolphins.”

san francisco

san francisco

I think it’s time for some edgy fun. How about going down the most crookedest street?


san francisco

Lombard Street is narrow with sharp turns. Everyone ready for a joyride of a lifetime? Raise both arms and shout, “Yipee!” as we go zigzag downhill. Too short? No worries, we’ll go around and do it all over again. For those who wish to walk, just as fun.


If you love roller coasters, you’ll love dangling outside this moving historic landmark, the San Francisco Cable Car. Hop in and get a good strong grip of the rails as we dip steeply downhill.


Incoming cable car. It’s tempting to high-five with the passengers of the opposite cable car but believe me, when two cable cars pass each other in full speed and you feel everything shake beneath your feet, it’s a “limb saver” to follow the driver’s warning, “Everyone, tuck it all in! I repeat, tuck it all in!”

san francisco san francisco

Next stop, Fisherman’s Wharf.

san francisco

A walk along Hyde Street Pier.

san francisco

There is a street that leads to a small beach at Aquatic Park  reminding us that Summer will always be Summer regardless of changes in time, events and seasons. If you’re not into crowded places, this is a serene spot to enjoy nature.

san francisco

Giant antique propellers, anchor and old ships beckoning to be rediscovered. Fragments of a rich, priceless history. A constantly evolving history that we all are now a part of.

san francisco

san francisco

Time to grab those cameras and pose behind this iconic sign. Just be aware, there are bird’s poop everywhere. More likely, we’ll step on a few or more. Part of the fun!

san francisco

Seafood, tons of seafood everywhere. Which place to dine? It’s too confusing. So many choices and it’s hard to think clearly when we are hungry. Hmm…we need some “yelp!”

san francisco

Broiled Dungeness Crabs for all please!

san francisco

While waiting for the crabs,  we’ll have the must-try creamy Clam Chowder. So good, we’ll scrape the bottom of the bowl and eat it too. Eat the bowl? Yes, we can it because it’s made of sourdough bread.

san francisco

san francisco

I always wanted to ride in one of these. Who’s with me?

san francisco

Ready for some street entertainment? Check out this man dancing on top of a ladder. Impressive how he can laugh so hard and not fall into the ground. Talented indeed!

san francisco

How about being spooked by Mr. Green Statue. Just when we thought he’s not moving, his hand is on top of our heads. Hilarious and creepy!

san francisco

If the Eiffel Tower in Paris inspires people to fall in love, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge inspires people to believe and follow their dreams.

san francisco

It seems surreal but we are standing and walking on the Golden Gate Bridge. Unbelievably amazing!

san francisco

The view, just breathtaking. If we’re scared of heights, looking down will take away our breath as well. Butterflies in my tummy? You betcha!


Before we call it a day, let me take you uphill at one of the main scenic spots in the Marin County. There we can watch the Sun shining passionately by the bay.

san francisco

I hope for us to remember San Francisco, its stories and many sunsets like this…

san francisco

…and to always celebrate the best days of our lives feeling like this, soaring like this.

san francisco

Thanks for joining me on the many streets of San Francisco. With my family and friends at one of the world’s most exciting, vibrant cities, I couldn’t have wished for a happier place to celebrate my Birthday.

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Reflections Of Life

Reflections are more than random shapes and forms. They are a reminder of who we were, of who we are now and the person we hope to become in the future. They remind us of the places we’d been, of people who’d been a part of our life and of celebrated events that we’ll never forget. They help us connect and feel close with love ones we badly missed because they are no longer with us in this lifetime.

reflections of life

One of our worst fears is losing a family member. No amount of preparation and mental conditioning can prepare us to actual moment when it finally happens. It may be an inevitable cycle of life but it is one hard, painful cycle of life.

Two of my brother-in laws lost a parent just several days a part. One lost his dad and the other his mom. Both of them together with their families are currently mourning in the Philippines. I wish there is something I could say to ease their pain, grief and longing but I know there is none. All I can do is to let them know that we are here for them and that they are in our thoughts and prayers. That we are praying for eternal peace and happiness for their departed love ones. That finally they are home in God’s kingdom in heaven.

reflection of life

My brother-in-law spoke from the heart when he wrote,

“Mama, you lived a full life. Rest now in the bosom of our Father. In this life,you have fought the good fight of faith and left us a legacy of love and fear of the Lord. We are truly thankful for the security and comfort you and papa had provided us through your sacrifices and hard work. I hope that someday I could also leave that same legacy you left behind for my children to follow. We love you, mama and your apos misses you a lot. Soar high! Thanks Ma, kiss Papa for us.”

reflection of life

The day he heard the news that his dad passed away, my other brother-in-law wrote this in his Facebook page in loving memory of his dad before her flew back to his hometown thousand of miles away to say goodbye for the last time.

The Lord hath giveth, the Lord hath taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord! Today on the Feast Day of St. Joseph, The Patron Saint of our family, Our Lord God took my Dad away… away from the pains, illnesses and sufferings of this world. We love you Daddy, you are the Best Dad one could ever wish to have! May you find Rest in the Mansion God has prepared for you. We will miss you!

reflection of life

Reflections are a way to keep alive the memories of the people most dear to us. Though we can no longer physically embrace them, we can see them lovingly smiling at us in every familiar reflection, assuring us that they will always be alive and present in our hearts and memories.

I hope to dedicate this post in memory of the departed parents of my brother-in laws and to every love one no longer in our midst. Their legacy lives on to each and every one of us…always.

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Inside The American Dream

Living The American Dream

America is a land of dreams. Everyday, thousands arrive in its shores hoping for a better life. Each carrying in their hearts a bag full of lifelong dreams.

American Dream

Some had to go through the worst of odds to pursue them.

For others, it becomes a legacy handed down as a precious gift from one generation to the next.

American Dream

Sadly, some got so burned that they simply gave up on their dreams. A few even tragically gave up on the very dream to live.

Walking along San Francisco Bridge, we saw a sign and a wreath of flowers in remembrance of those who lost their lives when they jumped off the bridge. I was out for words, all I can do was say a prayer for those whose lives were lost.

Walking along San Francisco Bridge, we saw a sign and a wreath of flowers in memory of those who lost their lives when they jumped off this bridge. I was out for words. All I can do was say a prayer for those whose lives were lost. Everyday, somewhere in our planet, someone thinks life is no longer worth dreaming for. It’s up for the rest of us to show them that there is so much to dream for, live for. That there is always hope.

In all, everyone has a story to tell. A story mix with the good and the bad.

This man was playing his music along the pier. Beside him was a can for people to drop coins, a dollar or two. I wondered what was his story. What was his American Dream. Whatever they are, I hope he found them.

This man was playing his music along the pier. Beside him was an empty can for people to drop their coins, a dollar or two. I wondered what was his story. What was his American Dream? Whatever they are, I hope he found them.

Stories of triumph and struggles, laughter and tears, love and loss.

Stories that make us realize we are not so different after all. That we all dream and hope for the best of blessings for ourselves and the people we love.

American Dream

Some dreams reach their happy endings. Others lead to heartaches. A few may even turn into our worst nightmare we can’t wait to escape from. However they turned out of be, we should keep trying “living our own dreams.” Life is too short not to go after the very things that gives us light, purpose and meaning.

Eleven years ago, I reached the shores of America with my bag of dreams. I was ecstatic to finally be in the land of plenty and vast opportunities.

American Dream

Just like the millions of Americans today, part of my new American Dream is to simply breathe. To breathe without debt. To breathe without fear and worries. To breathe in all abandonment and freedom knowing I am back to just being me. The past thought me so many lessons I will never forget but if there’s one thing that got stuck deep, it’s this, “It’s not worth gaining the riches and fame in this world if in the end, we lose our very selves, our soul or the very people we love and cherish the most.”

Several years later, I found out that it takes a lot of hard work, trials and sacrifices to reach for my dreams. That there will be many obstacles along the way including people who will try to crush them. So many distractions, detours, mistakes and wrong choices. In end, it’s the simple need for freedom, happiness, love, faith and inner peace that makes up the basic core of my American Dream. It’s not about having lots of money, a big house or a fancy car that anytime can be taken away.

American Dream

Time is a great teacher. There will be moments in our journey when we’ll get discouraged when our dreams don’t turn out the way we hope them to be. There will be moments when we may even stop dreaming because no matter how much we try, we can’t seem to find them or make it right. The good news is, when we stop dreaming, our family and our truest friends will carry us in their dreams until we are ready to stand and make our own.

American Dream

There is something about California sunshine. Feels like Summer all the time and I can pretty much hear Pharrell Williams song “Happy” playing in my head. Oh, and I wasn’t the only jumping to its beat. Yep,”cause we’re happy!”

Joining my sister and her husband in California for my son’s Spring Break reminded me the value and importance of following my dreams.

Our visit ignited a new fire inside me. Being around family, traveling around the beautiful sights of Sonoma County and San Francisco inspired me to renew and rethink my American Dream. This time, it will be my American Dream and that of my family.

American Dream

In the next few months, I ask for your prayers that everything will fall into place. That God will guide me to find the right job, the right people to trust and build meaningful relationships, a new place to call home where I can make dreams that are good, lasting and real.

America Dream

Thank you for your visit today and for sharing your own dreams through your posts and comments.

In the next several posts, I will be sharing the many reasons why me and my family fell in love with California for the second time and why the American Dream is worth fighting for.

What are your most treasured bag of dreams? How do you wish to tell your story?

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