Revisiting, Rediscovering And Reminiscing The Riverwalk

My family and I revisited San Antonio , Texas  this weekend. My son was only 1-year-old when we first encountered the charming Riverwalk, a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River. It is lined with bars, restaurants and shops. It’s a fusion of the rich, old , fascinating historical landmarks  bringing  into mind a nostalgic romantic side of the past to that of the exciting urban structures of the 20th century.

Here we go...

A very close encounter with another boat. Easy my man, we have all the time tonight!

There's so much bars and restaurants to choose from.

Bells on the wall behind the stage where music and dancing are performed.

750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas provides the most breathtaking view of the Alamo city. Guests can dine at the revolving restaurant or have a grand time watching the panoramic sceneries at the observation deck.

The defenders who died for freedom's glory became the source of inspiration for Texans

The Riverwalk are two parallel sidewalks that winds and loops under bridges. It’s like the Texan version of Venice. It connects to the major tourist draws from the chic Rivercenter Mall to the famous Alamo which for 13 days in 1936 was held by 200 Texan defenders who fought courageously and offered their lives for the price of  liberty against  the more than 1,000 troops of Gen. Santa Anna. Seeing the Alamo reminded me of the men and women  who continually fights for our  freedom and democracy up to this very day. My son is a fan of the army and he wants to be a soldier when he grows up. I asked him why and with a child-like innocence he said, ” because they ride cool trucks.” I admire him for being vocal about his dream but it scares me to think of what that means in the future. I just can not imagine what parents feel today when their children are sent off to war-torn places. Much as we our proud of their heroism, bravery and patriotism, there’s always the fear that they may never come back.  He’s only 5 but time flies  quickly . Before I know it, he will be  18 and has wings of his own.

My son enjoyed the boat ride. He was amazed by the lighted tall buildings.

We saw other interesting architectural structures like the Arneson River Theater, the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Pearl Brewery  but the one that struck me the most was the optimistic, friendly and happy attitude of  both the local residents and the tourists. There was this one woman along the side of the strip who waved at us and shouted, ” I love you all , I love you all.” I was tempted to shout back for silliness sake, ” I love you too,”  but my wife was  next to me. She would probably laugh and thought it was the low sugar that’s causing me to talk crazy.

The beckoning of the Twin Towers.

This tree witnessed 300 years of history.

Riverwalk Mall

By 09:30 p.m. the boat ride was over. We were all starving. We left Houston around 5 p.m. and the last main meal we had was lunch. We decided to have dinner at Tony Roma’s . My wife was craving for their delicious Original Baby Back Ribs while I tried their equally tasty Shrimp Scampi Pasta which I shared with my son ( or was it him sharing with me? ). We chose to eat outside the restaurant overlooking the river. The ambience was just perfect. The weather cool and breezy. The lights teasing and playful. I was planning to savor the food but my hunger took control of me  and I basically gobbled whatever was on my plate. My son was also busy digging on the pasta like it was the last one in the world . He kept on saying, ” this is so good mom, this is so good.”

My son finished most of the pasta. It's one of his favorite food.

We went back to our hotel tired but appreciative of our visit to the Riverwalk. We just made new memories with our son whom he’ll remember in the years to come. After our night-time prayers, I tucked him in his bed. We’re having another big adventure the next day at Six Flags. My son was all excited and so am I.

It was time to call it a night. We will definitely come back and make new discoveries on our next visit. Thank you for reading this post. I hope it reminded you of a wonderful place that once held a special place in your memory.

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41 Responses to Revisiting, Rediscovering And Reminiscing The Riverwalk

  1. this is really pretty! i’ll keep it in mind if i ever visit san antonio. :-)

    • Thanks Angie. You will never regret it if you visit this place. And they do have a lot of authentic , delicious food that you could try and share in your blog which by the way I enjoy reading. Keep me updated if you’re visiting Texas. Have a great day.

  2. thirdeyemom says:

    Great post! I’ve always wanted to go to San Antonio and see the riverwalk. It looks so wonderful!

    • HI, Thirdeyemom.Thank you for the comment. I wish you could visit this place one day. It is beautiful with a lot of history. I’m always fascinated by the areas you travel. The way you described them gives it life . It’s a joy to see your new post each time. Happy travelling and thanks for sharing .

  3. thedailydish says:

    What an amazing place! My mom is from Houston – I will have to ask her if she has ever been to the Riverwalk (though it looks like a very modern place, so I’m thinking likely not..) Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful time w/ the rest of us. :)

    • Hi Christy, Thanks for the nice comment. It has modern and old charms . They were able to preserve structures as old as the Alamo but people like comforts I guess so, there’s huge hotels everywhere. I did see a lot of old couple walking hand by hand or sitting at a corner enjoying the view of the river and they seem to be having fun. They reminded me of my mom and dad. What a small world that your mom is from Houston. She probably saw more of Texas than I did. San Antonio has a lot of old historical places to visit and I hope to venture on them someday. Thank you again and have a great day.

  4. eva626 says:

    o0o the pasta hes eating looks so good! and the boat ride looks like a great adventure for sure

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, my son is crazy about pasta specially macaroni and cheese. The boat ride was a lot of fun . The first time we did it was daytime and the ride is really cool at night with the lights and all.

  5. Frank Bishop says:

    It looks like you know all of the hot spots. The Riverwalk does look pretty impressive, as does the food.
    Once again, great pictures.
    Keep it coming man, I enjoy reading your blog.

    • Thank you, Frank. I’m planning to explore Texas more this summer. They say that there’s a lot of nice places to visit at the Hill country like Austin and surrounding areas. I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. It reminds me of the good times that me and my family had in our travels. It’s always a new discovery to read all the blogs that I included in my links. Sometimes I would spend a few hours reading each one of them. thanks for sharing.

  6. Artswebshow says:

    It seems like a great place to visit.
    I see you took lots of pictures. lol
    Very atmospheric scenes

    • Hi, Richard, thanks for the comment. It is a scenic place to visit. We’re planning to go back in July to visit the other historical places with my in-laws. We went to six flags the next day and it was a lot of fun.

  7. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I have never been to TX. I was going to go at the end of july but changed my plans.

    • July gets really hot in Texas. To enjoy the outdoors, Spring or late fall is the best weather for venturing it’s scenic and historical locations. It’s a fun place to visit. I just recently been into exploring it more since my son started to be curious and adventurous of his surroundings. I missed the Hill country’s wildflowers and blue bonnets this early spring, maybe next year. I hope you can visit Texas one day, I think you’ll like it.Thanks for the comment. I’m learning a lot reading your posts. I’m new with wordpress and I’m just trying to discover it’s potentials.

  8. frizztext says:

    a little bit like Venice and the canals; but a river is only a river: an ocean: is more …

    • Hi, Frizztext. That is true that an ocean is way vast than a river, and Venice itself is an enchanting place that Romance , Art and Poetry has drawn inspiration upon but until fate would lead me to visit this dreamy place, I’m happy that I’ve rediscovered this little gem of Texas. I’m a simply guy and I get wowed so easily. Thank you for commenting back.It’s much appreciated.

  9. eof737 says:

    River walk looks quite stunning and yes, it does remind one of Venice in the sense of the endless pathways that one get to experience. :-)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m glad we connected. :-)

    • Hi, eof737. Thanks for commenting back. It was my pleasure to have read your blog. It was enriching, fun to read, full of optimism and motivational food for the mind and heart. I’m glad we got connected as well. Looking forward for new discoveries with you and your blog. Have a great day!

      • eof737 says:

        Have a restful Memorial Day!

      • Thank you.I had to work this Memorial weekend but I’m off for the big day itself. My wife wants to do some gardening while I want to go to Galveston beach.My son loves the beach- a lot ! May be we can do both. Have a great Memorial Day my friend!

  10. cocomino says:

    What a nice post. I can understand your concern to your son because I have two daughters.
    These architecture are interesting to me.
    Thank you for your continued help.

    • Your always welcome. I was more than glad to share them . I wish I had more time to check each one of them during day time but we went to Six Flags the next day so my son can have fun with the rides and the water park. Thank you for following my journey. I will sure do follow you wonderful posts.By the way, I love the black and white picture of your 2 daughters, they walk like my son.

  11. barb19 says:

    I enjoyed reading your post describing the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Tx – it sounds very interesting and a fascinating place to visit. Great photos too, and I see your son enjoyed himself – especially the pasta!
    Thanks for your warm comment on my blog, I’m so glad we connected.

    • HI, Barb. Thanks for commenting back. Yes, the Riverwalk is fascinating. I would like to go back and check each of the famous architectural buildings that I saw someday. You reminded me of my cousin in the picture with her 2 precious dogs. They are her babies and they’re cute just like the one’s you have.

  12. Beautiful photos! I can almost envision myself actually being there taking in all the wonderful sights. It appears that San Antonio has much to offer. Just out of curiosity, is San Antonio “vegan” friendly? Are there many great vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the area? Anyway, thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. I hope you get a chance to drop by my blog too! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    • Hi, Donna. Thanks for the nice comment. San Antonio does have a few Vegan Restaurants. I did some research and the following have good ratings: The Cove, Green Vegetarian Cuisine and Coffee, Turquoise Grill. I hope you got to visit San Antonio someday. I did check your blog and I admire your affection and respect for the animals specially the cats. You have a great blog and it makes the readers feel about what you’re passionate about. Your About says you’re from Florida. My family had been to Orlando twice and it’s always a fun experience for us. I just love the tropics!

      • Awesome! Thanks for all the information. I would like to visit San Antonio one day. It seems like a wonderful city. By the way, I love your blog too. I will be checking back often!

      • Thank you Donna. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. If you get to visit Texas someday and see San Antonio, I would be glad to share with you the beautiful places that I visited. It was nice to meet you through your blog. Have a great day.

  13. Your photos make me want to travel to this place right now. How beautiful and fun! You are right, raising children is not for the wimpy. There are so many things that can get into the way of their dreams…things we parents cannot control or prevent. However, there is nothing like being a parent and it is the most amazing journey to take. It goes way too quickly in that you blink your eyes and they have gone from diapers to college. The good news is…no matter the age nor stage in life…they are always your child. You have given yours an incredible gift…time with you and memories to take on his own future journey. :)

    • Hi, Just Ramblin’. Thank you for sharing your parenting experience. Hearing something like that means a lot to me. It reminds me why we celebrate parenthood each and every day. Sometimes my wife and I would talk about the joys our son brought into our lives and it makes us feel like the luckiest parents in the world. His laughter , endless stories, creativity, the hugs and kisses are just some of the precious, priceless gifts he gives us everyday. I wish we can slow time but just like my parents before me, we can’t and soon as you said they’ll move on from diapers to college ! Thank you again for being a part of my blog’s journey . I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Take care,

  14. Shivya says:

    Interesting, the texan version of Venice. I enjoyed the virtual tour :)

    • Thanks Shivya. I have a wide imagination just like my son but I wish to see Venice someday. For now I’ll make do of what’s around me. I’m glad you like the Virtual tour.

  15. God Bless Texas and all she has to offer! Just love it! It’s always fascinated me how much Texans love Texas, you don’t get that kind of love from residents of other states. I’ve heard people say they love their state but it’s never as intense as a Texans love for Texas.
    One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of your attention and time. Looks you all had quite the sight seeing tour. I’m envious! Making memories with the family, a man can’t get much richer than that!!! Great snapshots too.

    • That is true, Texans are proud of their heritage and what this state has to offer. I moved here in 2006 and I already embraced the Texan lifestyle. I may not wear those cowboy get-up but I can definitiely say that I’m feeling that Texan Vibe! My 5 -year old son thinks his Texan. He loves saying ” howdy!” There’s still so much to explore and I just wish I have more days off for that. I’m glad you liked the pictures. It’s a good way for me to preserve those priceless memories . Thank you for the inspiring comments.

  16. Seashell says:

    This brought back such great memories for me! We lived in Houston for 6 years and would visit San Antonio. I love it there. I miss Texas.

    • What a small world! Texas so vast , there’s so much to discover. Any suggestions. It looks like you’re more close to the beach now, and I’m happy for you. I like the picture where you’re strolling by the sea shore with your love one. Thank you for the reply. Have a great, sunny day!

  17. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    It was neat to see older photo’s of Adrian and now this post with him eating pasta! What a nice change. Our children grow so fast. I think you need to be a photographer! Your photo’s are so clear and beautiful. That is just one thing I am not great at. It’s a pleasure to get to know you and stop by your blog.

  18. jhirzel88 says:

    I can’t say I’m too impressed at what San Antonio has to offer. It wouldn’t be worth the trip, unless I felt that I had somewhere exciting to be at. Almost any city has lots to offer such as that. There’s always going to be tall buildings, malls, and boat rides. Even though some of the attractions are historic, it’s only as memorable as you are at the time that you saw it. If I decide to travel, I expect more fun than that, especially if it’s 1000 miles away.

    • Well, we side tripped to Riverwalk the night before Six Flags which is meant for my son. the Riverwalk was for me and my wife, plus we were so hungry and we needed a great restaurant after the 3 hour drive. I’m easy to please. If show me a 200 year old tree I would probably say, ” Wow.” thanks for the comments, I do appreciate each one of them.

  19. jhirzel88 says:

    I do admit though, if you had spent a few more days there, there would have been something else worth putting into this entry I guess. Only you would know what San Antonio is like, because I’m sure you would have thought about adding more if you did more stuff there. I’m sure if I felt like it, I could just look it up on wikipedia, right? Exactly.

    • Thanks for all the comments. I wish I could have stayed longer but I only had a 2 days off. Had to make do of what time I had. May be I’ll get lucky next time and it will be longer. I would love to check the museums, the brewery, the zoo, etc.

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