In The Company Of Alligators

Nothing can be  more exciting to  a  5-year-old boy than meeting the alligators, discovering nature , finding insects, catching fish and watching the birds in their  barest habitat. So, I decided to spend Father’s Day with my son at the great outdoors for some adventures of a lifetime. It was our first being on our own without his mom. The weather was in the high 90′s and  I want to spare my wife from a possible heat exhaustion. I admit that I’m poor with direction and so I relied solely on the car’s navigation system. Thank God that it did an excellent job in finding the park’s address without a single mistake. It was a fun and  memorable father and son experience . Today, I share those wonderful moments with you.

Summer  adventures number 3: In The Company Of Alligators At Brazos Bend State Park

I always wanted to visit Brazos Bend State Park which is just 20 miles from my house. The park is roughly about 5,000 acres and renowned  for its 6 fishing lakes, diverse plants and animals including the famous Texas alligators and more than centuries old of huge Live Oak Tress. Activities ranges from hiking, biking, camping, bird watching, bug catching , close encounters with native live  snakes, star and planet gazing at George’s Observatory,  to the most popular  unusual but thrilling “hands-on” alligator discovery.

We arrived in time to meet our tour guide and insect expert , Glen. He volunteers during weekends. He was just a great man full of knowledge about the park and it’s inhabitants. My son was all eyes and ears when he talks about dragonflies, spiders, alligators, armadillo, poison ivy, ants, wasps, birds and Spanish moss which my son calls, ” girl’s hair.”

We learned from our guide that this tree based on its diameter is about 200 years old. My son and two other kids held the measuring tape around the  Oak’s  trunk. They were all amazed by its  humongous size. I was thankful for the shade it gave us.

A sundial measures time based on  the Sun‘s position.  The older girl was asked to raise  her arms up and true enough it was exactly 10:00 A.M.

We made a lot of discoveries at Creekfield  Lake Nature Trail, a o.5 mile loop of outstanding wetland area.  The trail leads to a boardwalk and observation deck that allows an excellent view of the wildlife. My son was so fascinated by the different species of birds. He learned about the various  wildlife via the interpretative panels made of bronze scattered around the loop. It combines sight and feel experience  that any child would find very interesting. We saw an armadillo walking beside a tree. Do you know that it  carries the same bacteria that causes Leprosy?

The wetland was drying up. It has not rained enough for months. It’s affecting the ecological balance of the place . A rain dance seems appropriate at this time.

Looks like a log , only its moving.

We saw an alligator nest. The guide warned us to keep distance  just in case the mother Gator is hiding around the bushes.  She is protective of her young and behaves aggressively when threatened. We’re  told to run in a zig-zag pattern in case we meet one because Gators can run fast. It was exciting and scary at the same time. My son was all wide eye in curiosity.

What’s you next move? It’s best to stay away and run!

A wise warning for the thrill seekers.

This one was heading towards an unwary bird . We didn’t know what happened next. We had to move to the next section of the loop.

Searching for ants whose mound  looks like the size and shape of a cupcake.

The most fun part of the trip was at the Nature’s Center where visitors were allowed to touch the baby alligators. My son was all smiles when he  gently patted the back and tail of  a 9 month old Gator. We saw the turtle and one gator swimming towards a dragonfly during the feeding session. Dragonflies are carnivorous themselves but they were at a lower bracket of the food chain inside the Gator’s  tank.

Nature’s Center

My son kept saying, ” So cool dude, so cool!” I  laughed when I heard him say dude.  A big word for his age.

Gator eggs.

A good way to teach kids not to play around with unfamiliar snakes. My son pressed a button  that allows the viewer to hear the sound of the Rattlesnake. He said, ” Cool!”

Animal shells , skeletons and coverings.

By noon we were starving. We had chips, 2 pieces of pizza and  a few butterscotch for lunch. The cold Gatorade drink never felt so refreshing. We ate inside a deck located at the  other side of the park. These one was surrounded by giant white  water lotuses. We saw a flock of birds flying across the sky on a V- formation. It was just beautiful.

It was almost time to go home but my son reminded me that I promised him that we would go fishing. I asked around where I can fish . I was pointed at the New Horseshoe Lake which has a decent stock of catfish but more importantly has less alligators.

We didn’t really catch any fish . It didn’t matter anyway. What mattered was  that I made a bond with my son. We  had a great time together and made another awesome adventure . We’re already planning to go back this Fall. Who knows we might catch a catfish or two next time.

I Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Summer is meant to be a fun, lively, meaningful experience that one day you and your family can talk about while sitting along a campfire as you cook those sweet marshmallows.

Have a great Summer everyone. Thank you for following my life’s journey. I hope to know your journey as well. Feel free to share . I would be more than glad to read your posts. Knowledge  and experiences when shared may make a difference in another person’s  life and hopefully create a positive change in our world.

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131 Responses to In The Company Of Alligators

  1. eof737 says:

    You had a terrific outing and your pictures are always such fun… I can’t believe that those tiny looking lizards ( baby gators) will grow into full sized monster gators. Great post! :-)

    • Thank you. I was surprised to when the guide told us that they were already 9 months old. I thought they recently hatched judging from the size of the parents. They say they live past a human life span . I guess they grow slowly but surely. Except for the hot weather, it was a lot of fun. That was my first to touch a baby gator, almost rubbery with a rough back.

      • eof737 says:

        CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You deserved to have this post freshly pressed, my blog friend. Those baby gators and their parents will be very proud! 8)
        Kudos to you! :-)

      • Thanks. I know that my gator friends feel happy to be appreciated and valued by the World. Their wetlands are drying up because of the drought. this will at least boost their spirits and the people that work there. Take care my friend.

  2. barb19 says:

    What a wonderful day out you had with your son on a one-to-one basis. So much information for him to take in, but he was excited about everything and will remember it forever. I love the photos of your time there. You always seem to have a lot of fun wherever you go!
    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Barbara. I try to make the most of my time with him. To have fun as much as possible. Honestly, their so much news of death and sickness in the family for the past year that it made change a lot of my priorities in life, They tell me I’m only 40 with many more years ahead. I hope so but I have a classmate , his only 38 and already dying of cancer. Every night I include him in my prayers. His kids are not even in high school yet. My best friend gave me a wise and sensible advise . He told me to live life to the fullest. Live today like it’s the best day ever. Since all this events around me, I try to grab us much fun and adventure with my family when I’m off from work. Life has never been more sweeter since then. There’s still the daily stress but the joys of what’s to come overshadows it. Have a blessed day.

  3. Frank Bishop says:

    Gators – fun for the whole family. I wish my dad took me to sweet places like this. I was 20 before I went to my first gator farm.

    • Frank, I was 40 when I went to my first Gator farm, that was last weekend. I guess it doesn’t matter how old we are to experience new things. What matters is we tried and a great time doing it. Was it a huge Gator farm? The one I been too, they’re in the wold except the few baby Gators so I only saw a few. NIce to hear from you and thanks for the comment.

  4. thedailydish says:

    Those babie gators are so cute!! Good thing we live so far away or I just know my daughters would be begging for one. Or two, or…

    What a fun Father’s Day! I bet your son enjoyed it as much as you did — and it was an added bonus that you got to enjoy it one-on-one. I’m sure your wife appreciated the day off too!! (Though I’m certain she missed you both :) )

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful adventure with us! I look forward to the next.

    • Thank you Christy. Your daughters would truly enjoy it. the baby Gators were cute. I didn’t realize they grow so slow in comparison to the adult size. But I think the 6 baby chicks would be a softer, safer pet. I got paranoid when we got close to the Gators nest with kids behind us. I had a great time especially that he was all mine for the day. but your right my wife enjoyed the day off for herself. She had a needed much breather. It was a win-win situation for both of us. Thank you for being a part of my blog’s journey. Reading the comment , responding and reading the other blogger’s post is one of the most important part of my days now. It’s very addicting in a wonderful, inspirational way. God bless you and your family.

  5. Wow! It sounds like you had an absolute wonderful Father’s Day. What a great way to spend the day…on an adventure with your son. You are so right. These memories you are making will last a lifetime. : )

    • Thanks Ramblin’ Pier. The whole adventure cost me only $9 dollars and I got a priceless, valuable experience with my son for it. What a sweet deal!. As I get older, I’m realizing more that happiness and contentment in life is not about buying expensive gifts or vacations but having a quality, innovative time and experience with my family. I should have done this 5 years ago. But it’s never too late to catch up. Thanks again for being a part of my blog’s journey. What’s Stella up to this Summer? My son saw 3 dogs at the deck, he was so excited that he won’t leave till the left too. May be it’s time get him a puppy. I felt guilty that I haven’t gotten him one yet. We’re moving to another place soon and I wasn’t sure if it’s the right time plus I ended up taking care of his pet turtle , Sam. Take care and God bless.

  6. hawleywood40 says:

    Like your son said, “how cool!” Thank you for sharing this. That first photo reminded me of the baby dragons in Game of Thrones. Alligators are such magnificient, beautiful creatures. I know most people don’t think of them that way, but I think this post shows otherwise!

    • Hi, Hawley. Thank you for the comment. I thought they were magnificent and beautiful as well. They also existed way before man did thus they needed the due respect as well. Oh, yes my son discovered those words like , “cool, dude, weird, freaky ” and many more. Sometimes I get a bit shock of what he picks up when his around bigger kids or what he hears on t.v. including some kid shows. I just have to remind him which word is offensive or demeaning to others. One of those challenges of being a parent. Thank God I have one for now. Have a great day my friend.

  7. ristinw says:

    The baby crocodile looks cute, but also a little bit scary when it grows up to adult! :)

    • Yes, they were super cute but I agree the adults are scary. They are very primitive and acts on their animal instinct. In Texas we respect their habitats that way don’t bother humans that live close to their sanctuaries. The previous hospital I worked, we found an alligator resting on a bayou’s platform. They don’t bother people as long as they are left alone. thanks for sharing.

  8. There’s nothing like a family outing. And Brazos Bend State Park really sounds like a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    • Thank you. It was my pleasure to share them . By making a post about it, I can always relive the great times I spent with my family. I enjoyed reading your blog. The posts and pictures are stunningly beautiful.

  9. cocomino says:

    There isn’t such a place which you can see alligators.How interesting.My children must be fun although they may be scared them a little.
    The nature is also good and beautiful.:)

    • My son was a bit scared to touch the baby Gator at first but then he saw the bigger kids having a great time petting it, then he started to pet the Gator himself . After that he had a lot of fun being observing and touching the Baby Gators. Your kids will enjoy the whole experience.

  10. frizztext says:

    I prefer to have a cat in my home. enough killer instinct to watch …

  11. misswhiplash says:

    I can say only three words, or one word three times… Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful

    I really enjoyed reading this and the pics were super. I shall look forward to catching up with you older posts and also reading the ones to come.
    Thank you so much
    love P

    • Thank you . You just made my day complete with such an inspiring comment. Your kind, generous words motivated me to continue in what I do and strive to be better with it. I look forward in following you blog’s journey as well. Every person has a great story to share, can’t wait to know yours. Have a blessed day.

  12. Hi Island Traveler, thanks for the pingback to my post “Fishing and Boating in the Deep South”. I really enjoyed reading “In The Company Of Alligators” and I can see how much you love your son and how much joy you had spending such a memorable Father’s Day together. Good stuff! It’s refreshing to read such a nice story and I really enjoyed the pictures, especially of the alligators! I have yet to be able to take a picture of one at our local state park, but there are many future fishing trips in my future with my husband (we have a yearly pass :) ) so I hope to post one as soon as I can! Keep up the great work with your blog!

    • Thank you. Your blog was just a joy to read. Your friend would love her homemade card. It was artistic and beautiful. looking forward to see your fishing pictures, and the alligator of course! May be you can share some fishing tips. looks like your husband knows his way around fishing and all. I’m more knowledgeable with medical stuff and I’m just learning the great joys of the outdoors.

  13. I really like this post. The “magical Time teller” is so awesome. I wish I had one here. This is my time to travel and adventure as you post such beautiful photo’s and add the most wonderful text. I love to stop by here and enjoy the peace, the comments and visit. Thanks so much. Jackie~

    • Whenever I go somewhere adventurous, I always think of sharing a story that would make my readers feel as if they were there. I think about the people who had been a part of this blog since I started and have them experience, even if just through reading and imagery the fun and happy events in my life. I’ve learned so much from great people like you, so much knowledge, experience and a passion for writing. I just want to give back , to share as a form of gratitude. I’m glad that you have been a part of my Blogs journey.

  14. how fun! hahaha, his hat is awesome.

  15. Wow, how fascinating. I love the baby alligators but not the big ones. The photo of the one in the lake is amazing, how huge. I love to visit your page and see all that you do..

  16. darqlabs says:

    what an incredible adventure. you really did an amazing job of capturing the entire journey. although i have never been personally, i feel a few steps closer after reading through your post.
    keep up the excellent work.

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like the Alligator post. There are places and events we may never personally experience but through another Blogger’s writing and photos, it feels like we did. I may not see that part of beautiful Hawaii featured in your post, but with your posts, it comes alive.

  17. How fun! My husband and I took my five year-old cousin to Reptile Gardens here in South Dakota, and the look on his face as we approached gators, exotic birds, and 100 year-old tortoises was priceless.

    • Thank you. My son had the same look when he saw the baby gators for the first time. Like a mixture of excitement, awe, curiosity and fascination. He just love animals. Your 5-year old cousin is lucky to have such an adventurous relative. Isn’t it great to accompany these kids in their explorations? makes me feel like a child myself. The sweet gifts of life!

    • Gail says:

      Our family took a trip out west back in 2001 when my sons were much younger. We also visited Reptile Gardens and enjoyed it tremendously! It made for some really good memories! And I agree…. the tortoises WERE priceless.

  18. maddewb says:

    I really liked this post, reptiles are my favourite “animals.” : )

    • Thank you. Reptiles are truly interesting. I wish more kids will get to know them more instead of being scared of them. there are some dangerous ones like the poisonous snakes and the adult gators but as long as we don’t invade their space or stay away from their path then they are not a threat to us. It’s better to know things about them so that we know what to do when we encounter one.

  19. EEEK! Looks like a fun time for a little guy. And now this big guy wants to watch Jurassic Park.

    • Thank you. Jurassic Park is one of my old time favorites. I remember watching the part 1 in theater with so much thrill and excitement. My son and I even got to have a treat at the Jurassic’s water ride in Florida. Being at Brazos bend is the closest we could get to the Gator’s Prehistoric neighbors.

  20. Yay!!!! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!!! You deserve it! :)

    • Thank you. I was at the pool today with my son and I was kind of having this ” what’s going on?” look on my face when I was checking my mail on my phone. I was wondering why I had a couple of comments on the Gator post. Behold the sweet surprise when I opened my Word Press to respond to the comments. It was almost like yesterday when I was admiring your post and how I thought that it was well written and truly worthy of being featured at Freshly Pressed. I’m happy that people enjoy the Gator adventure. I wish to celebrate this day with everyone in the blogging world. We are all here for each other.

      • I hope you had fun at the pool with your son! I had the same reaction as you when I saw all the comments coming in. It is such a great experience and WordPress is an excellent blogging platform that gives bloggers the chance to be featured.
        Thank you for the nice comment on my blog and for answering the shopping question! Congratulations again! Looking forward to seeing and reading more of your posts!

      • Thank you. What’s important is we all grow from the experience, have fun, discover new people via their post. It’s a great blog world out there. Have a great day. Looking forward for your next post too.

        Sent from my iPhone

  21. arcanewhisper says:

    So cool, I love nature and gators (: What a fun father’s day.

    • Thank you. Nothing can be more beautiful than Nature and it’s inhabitants. And when we add the gator feature, it’s Excitingly Beautiful with a dash of danger’s thrill.

  22. Baby Pickel says:

    Found this post on the homepage of wordpress today – enjoyed it, thanks for the read! Would you ever be open to sharing a story with our blog?

    • Thank you. I would be honored to share a story in your blog. That is one reason why we are all here, to build a world that listens, shares , enriches, communicates to one another. I’ve never discovered a group of people with profound grasp of literature, inspiration, life’s stories , events and experiences until I joined World Press. It’s like a society that supports each other in a more personal way. I thought Facebook was cool until I stumbled on the next big thing- The Blog World.

  23. Miss Emm says:

    This sounds like a great outing. I am slightly envious of your son

    • Thank you. It was a fun outing but the best part of it was the bonding. He was all mine that day. My wife didn’t really missed it. She had the post to catch up on. It was a lot of walking on a hot day. Me and my son were to excited to notice the weather. I share to you my adventure.

  24. Awesome – Thanks for sharing. I loved when my dad wanted to spend time alone with me growing up – made me feel special. This place is like a kid’s paradise for sure. I love baby alligators, so cute but a wild animal. Congrats on being FP!

    • Thank you. It feels wonderful to be on Freshly Pressed but what’s more inspiring are all the blogger’s comments and responses. It was a joy to share my adventures with my son . I hope to one day reminisce our trips together via this posts. The baby Gators were so cute. They look like big lizards with tough skin. They are just as vulnerable when in the wild. There was a turtle in the tank too and it beat the gator during the feeding with a live dragon fly. It reminded me of the Rabbit and the Turtle story, only the turtle was way quicker this time.

  25. gaycarboys says:

    Not on your nellie would you find me within Coo-ee if anything with teeth that huge!

    • Thank you. The adult ones , we tried to keep a distance particularly the nesting females but the little ones were harmless unless somebody would place their finger directly into their mouths. The kids touched its back and tail and they were totally well behaved. Kids thought they were cute and adorable. My wife would have thought differently. She’s not into insects and gators. Your right, those teeth are huge and incredibly strong.

  26. eladad2 says:

    I really like this post

  27. RFW says:

    I had no idea alligators were so popular – surprised me with all the hits on my post – Is it an Alligator or a Crocodile that I connected to my review of Swamplandia! Have you read the book?

    • Thank you. I haven’t read the book but I did read your posts that I chose to link under related topics. I would love to do so especially that my son is into discovering reptiles, amphibians insects and fishes lately There is always something new and exciting in other people’s blog. I made it a point now to add other people’s related posts because to me blogging is all about learning, sharing and meeting people in a more intellectual, personal and artistic kind of way. It’s the stories that we make that make the Blog world way better than any reality show or t..v. series. It’s life at its best.

  28. Stunning! love the pics!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. I owe it to my iPhone’s Camera application. Best one I ever got for less than $2 bucks. But more importantly, it was the subject that made it stand out. I can’t even come close to the beauty that was before me.

  29. andydbrown says:

    What an awesome post. I expected it to be all about alligators, but truly enjoyed a blogpost about a father’s love for his son and a wonderful time of bonding (with alligators thrown in as a bonus!). You really do have a great way of writing/thinking that makes it a real treat to tag along for the ride. My son is only 1 year 4 months now and we’re on vacation with my wife in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to moments like the ones you’ve described in the future when my son starts asking questions and really learning. I just posted about crocodiles in the south of the Philippines if you’ve interested in looking ( but I haven’t had time to write comments yet (as internet is so slow). Anyway, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the opportunity to view your lovely post and pics. May God continue to bless you ABUNDANTLY as you “try to make a positive difference in the lives of your family and friends”!

    • Thank you. That was one touching comment. You made me feel homesick for a moment. Oh, yes, when your son is about 4 or 5, he will be looking forward to bond with you more. this is just an awesome age to build lifelong values and memories. my son used to be close to his mom but now he prefers to stay with me after a series of adventures this Summer. Life is too short and I can’t afford to waste any more time. I’m happy for you and your family that you guys got to see the Philippines again. it’s been 3 years for me and I hope to go home soon. Life in America is not all roses, we have to work and take care of the family but hopefully I got to save enough for a long overdue visit to my aging folks. To me, family comes first before work or pleasure. I would like to read of your post about the crocodiles. I usually make it a point to visit the blog of those who visited mine as well as add them to my blog roll . I believe in sharing and paying forward.There is always a treasure to discover in reading other people’s posts. May God bless you too and your family. Have a safe and happy trip.

  30. Gail says:

    What an amazing father/son outing and a truly awesome and educating experience for your young son! I really enjoyed your post and it brought back special memories for me of my first trip to an alligator farm with my family. I was about the age of your son. Thanks for sharing this… Sounds like a really neat place to visit!!

    • Thank you. I admire your sharp memory. I hope that my son will remember our Summer adventures this year if not there’s this blog that me and him can go over once again when I’m older and gray. I’m glad that the post made you remember a special memory in the past. My son’s own journey with his childhood life also made me recall the fun and happy childhood that I had. I thought I won’t remember the details anymore but I’m surprised that I still do. Thank God for the precious little ones.

      • Gail says:

        Well, o.k…. I’ll confess that my recollection of my long ago alligator farm visit with my family is confined to 2 very distinct and vivid memories— the smell of the alligator poo and the memory that the elderly gentlemen who was our guide had a hook for a hand. Yes, he told us he had lost his hand to an alligator. A 5-6 year old child is definitely going to remember those things!! I sure did, anyway! I really did enjoy reading about this day with your son. Thanks again for posting and the memories it brought back to me.

      • Your welcome. the hook hand reminded me of Captain Hook of Peter Pan. That cartoon movie made feel scared of crocs and gators as a kid but not anymore. Sometimes our childhood memories may bring some degree of fear and anxiety but it takes another fun and positive event to change. You are not alone, I have some fears as a kid, take Jaws for example. My paranoia of whats under the dark waters started after watching the movies as a kid. I love watching it but I didn’t realize it affected my subconscious. so, to overcome it, I started to be close with the sea, which I totally love by the way. thanks again for the comments.

  31. 2westons says:

    Looks like a fun trip! Found your blog while looking for alligator recipes! My husband and I are going to try some cajun cooking, inspired by the History Channel show “swamp people”.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you. We love Cajun food. Houston has a couple of good ones but the best I tasted are from friends that used to live in the New Orleans area. ” Swamp People” sounds very interesting. Can I check that in you tube or the web? What’s that alligator recipe by the way? There’s the fried ones that’s suppose to taste like chicken, I’m more into the Gumbo , jambalaya, and similar dish lately.

  32. I just wrote a blog about Seminole Alligator wrestlers for my Museum, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Museum. Check out our blog and our facebook too! We have 13 baby alligators in the museum pond we have been following since birth!

    • Thank you. That sounds like an exciting event. I would definitely check out your blog and post. 13 baby gators? Wow! I need to show that post to my son. We only saw about 5-6 baby gators. Must be fun to do what you do.

  33. Eva McCane says:

    my son loves the zoo, but i can’t wait till he’s a little bit older so I can take him to a place like that! very very cool. he’d love it.

    • Thank you. When your son is bigger, he will have a cool time with this cute baby gators. I’m glad that I brought him there. It was my first time too but we don’t have to wait till my age to experience Nature’s wonders. Children love to explore and discover, I could already see that your son will have a blast when he gets older because he has an adventurous mom.

  34. Lakia Gordon says:

    I would be deathly afraid to hold one of these alligators lol

    • Thank you for the comment. You’re not alone my friend. My wife would not dare to be near them much more touch their back or tail. But from a distance, they are a sight to behold. Just handsome creatures. Would you believe that there is one caught sun bathing on a deck just outside my hospitals Bayou? It’s about six feet in length. I didn’t personally see it but my co-worker took a picture and it was huge!

  35. I would really appreciate spend a time like this with my little brother! Although I’m sure he would be running away histerically from the animals. LOL Nice pictures and great post! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

    • Thank you. Just woke up to answer the comments. you made me smile when you said about your brother and seeing a Gator, ‘ I’M sure he would be running away.” That reminded me someone close to me who may have the same reaction. It’s not for everyone but It’s good to learn about them. Would you believe that we even have one in our subdivision’s main lake? They try to stay away from humans though. Shy but dangerous?

  36. Wow! I am so excited for you. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I can’t say that I was surprised though because it was so well deserved. I think it’s so wonderful that you and your son enjoyed the day at the state park taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s a wonderful way to slow the pace down a bit and spend time bonding with each other. And there is nothing like enjoying the beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. It must have been so invigorating for the both of you. Living here in Florida, we definitely have our share of alligators too. Unfortunately, there is a loss of alligator (and other wildlife) habitat due to over development. Plus, people often will have an alligator removed when it gets too close to residential developments. Sadly, this usually results in the alligator being destroyed. Not exactly a winning situation for the alligator. Nonetheless, it really is amazing to see these alligators in the wild in their “natural habitat.” Also, I love the photo of the 200-year-old tree. I can see why your son would be so amazed. As always, thanks for sharing beautiful, heartfelt photos. Nowadays, quality time spent with family is often in short supply. It’s apparent that family is very precious to you. Best wishes for you and your family.

    • Thank you. The Texas law protects the Alligators even if they are in a residential community like mine. They seem to co-exist well with humans even in a big city. they are magnificent creatures that lived in this planet long before man dominated it. It was a memorable moment for me and my son. It was a beautiful place the only thing I felt bad about during the visit was the drying wetlands. It hasn’t rained enough in Texas for months. I hope it does soon for them. Trees, I respect the things they provide for us and to our planet in general. When I see one as old as the one we saw, I’m just awed by how much history it witnessed through the passing of years. At the end on the day, after the problems and woes in life, the only people I go home too, lean on too is my family. I think today’s generation are in danger of loosing that ” family essence” considering the influence of commercialism and the ” I don’t care attitude” or ” I don’t need others mentality.” We need to try to make their world a better place for them, more safe, more loving and nurturing. When I watch the news, most of the events are about crimes, hate, Hollywood gossips, peoples’s miseries. There still so much good in people and with the environment and I just hope that my son would grow up seeing that positive side. I was happy about the honor the Word Press gave me and the most rewarding of it all are the comments I get like the one you made for me. have a blessed day.

  37. That must have been a great father-son day. You are lucky to have such a cool park nearby.

    • Thanks. It was. I just wish it was a bit colder though,It was so hot that day but we didn’t let get in the way of our fun and adventure. I heard about the park years before but I got caught up with work and all but this year, some events in my life me made realize that life’s too short. So, I made this Summer the best one ever for my family particularly with my son. Texas has so many state parks, beautiful ones, I hope to see as much as I can and make new adventures with my son.

  38. waterforbreakfeast says:

    I love your blog!! So cool!!

  39. bggpig says:

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    Usually,less than 30minutes, 5-10 minutes is Enough。
    ” -buy Oakley sunglasses

  40. oh yeah, the alligator baby is so cute and looks no more like a feeble lizard when it’s small. But years down the road…

    • You made me remember my son’s favorite expression lately. ” Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!” . It made me smiled. Thank you. I was amazed when the gator guy told me that those babies were 6-9 months old. I thought they just recently hatched. Wow, from tiny to enormous!

  41. Lovely&beautiful photos.
    It was an exciting day, unforgetable!

  42. beadedthread says:

    you are such a “great dad” !!

    • Thank you. I try to be. I have my flaws. lots in fact but as long as I have the means to breathe, I’ll keep trying to be the best that I can be for him. My dad did, now it’s turn. cycle of life.

  43. Tinkertoot says:

    What lovely photo’s – and a fantastic blog. congratulations on FP

    • Thank you. It felt good to see a post of mine but the most rewarding of all is getting to know people like you and discover their amazing works. This will keep me excitingly busy for days reading each of the visitor’s Blog. I always make it a habit to do so. It’s like going through a treasure hunt. A jewel is waiting to be discovered somewhere. Have a blessed day.

  44. A-A-A What begins with A?
    Adrian-Alligators-Adventure all begin that way!
    You have me in the spirit to go on to the next letter… B-B…Brazos Bend…
    less than an hour away.

    Always an adventure here and congratulations on this FP post! I’m so sorry I missed it…but silly me, was reading your other posts oblivious to this “very special one.” There’s a lot of exploring to do on this one site!

    • I’m sorry, I kind of just woke up when I posted it. I didn’t realize I forgot to put the title although your idea of ” A-A-A, what begins with A” seems more fun come to think of it now. I should have let it be . huh? It’s a pleasure to read your comments. Being Freshly Pressed was a bonus but the real essence of everything is building friendships and encouraging each other to be better in every way. the best part is already in front of me. thank you. take care.

      • Your title is perfect “In The Company of Alligators”. It will certainly resonate danger and adventure when your action-figure oriented son re-reads about the special trips his father planned.
        When my brother “scores” well with his boys…he has four sons…they have a saying. “It’s family man!” You definitely scored well on this manly trip for your son.

      • Thanks Georgette. It was the perfect time for us to bond. I was a sickly kid and I didn’t have the chance to have the same adventures then. Now I’m catching up with my son. It’s just great! Your brother must be all action and all with 4 boys. It must be fun being around them.

  45. Absolutely stunning. Those gate stones are huge!

  46. Great post today! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Very interesting.

    I posted this article for everyone to share. Enjoy!

    Fun Family Activities

  47. jhirzel88 says:

    I would like to see an alligator for myself. I don’t feel cautious as I should, but I just want to see one up close at least. You seemed to have a lot of fun reading learning about the animals of that region. Usually if I went anywhere like that, it’s just at a local park. It’s tough to travel when my dad is busy at work since he’s in the Air Force. He tends to relax on the weekend and stays at home for the most part.

    • This year, there ‘s so much death and sickness in the family. A classmate just died at 38 of cancer. It made me realize how life can be so short. i promised myself that I will try to have as much fun and build as much wonderful memories with my family. It doesn’t cost that much except time and a bit of gas. You’ll find your own adventure. Me and my son, we’re both fascinated with animals and nature, thus it comes out natural for me to say that I enjoy every moment of it. stay blessed.

  48. CONIEFOX says:

    Great post! but the alligator looks awesome..

    • Thanks for the visit. The Gators are something that we should appreciate and not fear about. For as long as we are not a threat to them, they tend to shy away. Though there’s always an exception to the rule. The baby gator were just as fragile as any small creature when in the wild.

  49. imnotjustmom says:

    This was my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed it! I will for sure be back for more! :)

  50. Patricia says:

    I really enjoyed your post. When I was a kid, we spent several holidays in Florida. I loved the Everglades, the Spanish Moss and especially the alligators.
    Lots of precious memories remain, as well as things I learned.
    Your son will always enjoy his memories. What a gift you gave him!

    • Thank you Patricia. We went to Orlando twice and each time I fell in love with it’s tropical and colorful landscape. Feels like home. I’m glad you like the post. I would like to think that we are each others gift. I’m grateful each day that I was able to experience wonderful memories with my family. I wish I had done more of this during the past Summers. Time flies so fast, I don’t want to miss golden moments and chances again. Have a blessed day. ” A Dream’s Nest” is such a treasure of a discovery.

  51. Joy says:

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    • Thank you for the visit and the valuable resource. I will be checking them. My son has great primary teeth but I know that soon I will be facing this issue of losing them in preparation for the secondary ones. I was just thinking about this last week and now I don’t have to search any further.

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  53. Sony Fugaban says:

    I must say “pasensiya na” for failing to notice this Freshly Pressed post, Bro. Di pa tayo magkakilala non and you haven’t mentioned to me about it. Well, I know you wouldn’t do that considering how humble you are … I just want you to congratulate you too for this great summer of yours and your family!

    Well deserved, Bro. Kudos to you! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy.


    I should reconstruct that paragraph of my post, Early Birthday Gift: Promotion to Freshly Pressed, where I said, ” … So far, the only other Filipino Blogger that I caught getting featured on FP is my favorite radio personality, Chico Garcia, of Monster Radio RX 93.1 …
    You know why … ;-)

  54. Sony Fugaban says:

    I must say “pasensiya na” for failing to notice this Freshly Pressed post, Bro. Di pa tayo magkakilala non and you haven’t mentioned to me about it. Well, I know you wouldn’t do that considering how humble you are … I just want to congratulate you too for this great summer post of yours!

    Well deserved, Bro. Kudos to you! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!


    I should reconstruct that paragraph of my post, Early Birthday Gift: Promotion to Freshly Pressed, where I said, ” … So far, the only other Filipino Blogger that I caught getting featured on FP is my favorite radio personality, Chico Garcia, of Monster Radio RX 93.1 …
    You know why … ;-)

    • “Salamat.” You know what gives me a great kick to jump start my day? Comments like this! Yep, my wife has her facebook , I have my wordpress to bring out the best in me. Thanks again for all the supportive comments. God bless my friend.

  55. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Cool – you got freshly pressed! I didn’t know that :)

    I was just reading your comment on that blog about the Samoans losing a day – & you said you’d like to lose that day you were done by a conman. I remember reading about that. I SO wish you could lose that day too.

    See you ’round in 2012 Island Traveller – & I love your new gravatar.

    • Thank you. I wish for both of us and those whose 2011 had been a bit challenging a better, more promising 2012. Happy New Year to you and your son. Wishing you both all the blessings in life.

  56. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oh I forgot to comment on your POST!! It looked like a brilliant day with your son, just brilliant :)

  57. What a lovely way to spend time with your son! : ) I am sure this day will be a part of his cherished childhood memories one day.

    By the way, the baby alligator in your hand (photo at the top of the page) looks so cute, nowhere near the dangerous reptile it will grow up to be.

    • The baby Gators are adorable. Their skin are like a smooth soft leather. We’re not allowed to touch the mouth area cause they might think its food…It’s a wonderful experience for my son and me. I will never forget it. We went back this Winter…just as fun. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

  58. dearrosie says:

    Hi Island Traveler,
    Thank you for taking us along on the outing.
    I love the way you photograph your son. We don’t have to see his face to know how much you love him.

    • Thank you Dearrosie. I appreciate the wonderful comments. My family back home is telling me that it’s time for baby #2 since it looks like our world revolves mainly on the love of 3 which is me, my wife and my son. Looks like they are right.

  59. rommel says:

    Great post, dude! So … it’s tita buds, sony, me and you who had been freshly pressed. Way to go, filipinos!!!

    • It’s alway a joy to see the amazing posts of our countrymen, Freshly Pressed or not. So much heart in it. And the visuals…always amazing! Best wishes to you Bro and your family.

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  61. Sunshine says:

    Loved your gator story and images…thanks for sharing your family outing, I enjoyed seeing the gators from a distance. hehe.

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