What Dream House Are Made Of

I’m not yet a part of the Post A Day Challenge but I saw today’s theme, ” Dream House,” and  something inside of me whispered that I had to share a post about it.

5 years ago, I bought a house which me and my wife thought was our ultimate dream house. It’s a 2 story house with high ceilings, grand foyer, quartz counter tops, lots of windows and cherry wood cabinets. We have a huge backyard with so much possibilities, a subdivision with breathtaking landscapes and  a friendly community that values its neighbors.

The first 2 years was the ” Honeymoon” phase. This was the time that we were so excited in decorating the house, painting the walls, buying decor, putting up window treatments, front yard landscaping and getting inspiration from the countless model homes we visited.

We decided to stick to the ” Global Inspiration” with a touch of coastal influence. We love the fusion of different cultures but more importantly we like to put a piece or two of our roots. It reminds us of home, the environment where we grew up and felt the unconditional love of family.

After the memorable DIY and home decorations, we settled in, was able to relax and just be at home. Through the years, I realized that it is not really how big your house is, or how expensive and grandiose is it that counts. What matters is how you live in it. A house is just a house but a home is where you feel safe, loved and be yourself. Looking back now, I would rather have a simple, small house but rich with my family’s affection. A house filled with sweet love, calming peace and endless happiness. This is my dream house and I’m so blessed to live in it.

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A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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56 Responses to What Dream House Are Made Of

  1. barb19 says:

    You are living in your dream home! Contentment is a rare quality – hold onto it.

    • Thanks Barb. I hope so too. But my dream is simply to live happy, contended and at peace with my family. I have everything that I need when I’m with them. Wish you and your family the best in life. Stay blessed.

  2. thirdeyemom says:

    What is the post a day challenge? I haven’t heard of that! We live in an old house (1913) prairie style in a city neighborhood with lots of different old homes. I love living here! I grew up in the suburbs with a big wooded lot yet my neighborhood now is just as wonderful. We are five blocks from one of four interconnected lakes, a 15 minute drive to downtown minneapolis, close to several parks and walking distance to my sons school as well as restaurants and coffee shops. It is great! Yet it took awhile to get here!

    • I’m visualizing a beautiful home in a wonderful community based on your description. I’m happy that you and your family found the perfect home . This is mostly our dream and we are all entitled for a piece of that dream. At the end of a tiring, crazy day, there is no better place to be than being home. Post A Day challenge is part of the DailyPost. They also have the Post A week and Photo weekly challenge. It’s a great way to meet such an amazing group of writers and artists. Hope to see you on any of them. I enjoy every moment of it.

  3. ristinw says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you! It is not the house size or luxury furniture or decoration to make a dream house beautiful, it is the love and feeling that flow in the house! :D

    • Thanks my friend. Our thoughts just got synchronized on this one. I grew up in a middle income family. We’re not rich but I had 5 siblings and a set of parents who made my childhood magical, happy and unpretentious. If given the chance, I would like to relive them again. I miss them all.

  4. sheila4hastenhome says:

    I definitely agree. A true dream home has a lot more to do with attitude than “stuff”. Thanks for linking to my post, too! :)

    • Thank you too. The honor was mine. I like it when you said,” a true dream home has a lot to do with attitude than the stuff in it.” A dream house becomes truly alive and spectacular when you’re surrounded by the people you love. Your post about your home was so touching and rich. There was so much Love in it. Have a great day.

  5. Connie T says:

    I have lived in a lot of houses and what makes it yours it your stuff, your decorations, things that make you happy. My “dream house” would only happen if I won a million dollars. I want an indoor pool, a wonderful kitchen. I once stayed with my x’s cousin in their new million dollar house. It was so beautiful. I loved her kitchen, she had a fryer like at a restaurant. We made french fries in it. I never saw one of those in a house. She had warming drawers and instant hot cooking tops. I was so depressed when I got back to my plain house.

    • Sounds like your cousin has a fabulous house. I enjoyed reading your comment. So full of excitement. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a big frier for french fries, fish and chicken nuggets? Mmmm. I can smell the food already! I hope your dream house would come to reality, everyone deserves to have their dream come true. One of my dream is to be close to the ocean and every morning me and wife would walk by the beach hand in hand. Hopefully with our son living close to us. Thanks for sharing . I love it!

  6. eof737 says:

    As my friend Luther Vandross used to sing, “A house is not a home when there’s no one there to hold you tight and no one there you can kiss goodnight…” You are in your dream home. :-)

    • The lyrics speaks of what is important in our lives. So true , so real , so possible. Thank you. I am in my dream home because it’s where that I feel love the most. There is a saying too that ” home is where your heart is.” It may be a castle, a mansion , a small single bedroom, a hut made of bamboo , it doesn’t matter for as long as your heart and mind is into those that lives in it. Thanks for sharing Mr. Vandross sweet words.

  7. Someday my husband and I will retire to my -in-law’s farmhouse we inherited after they passed in ’03. It’s simple and a perfect plan. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a great room with an island separating the kitchen from the living room. My mother-in-law was a visionary back in the ’60′s when she designed it. “When I’m in the kitchen I don’t want to be cut off from the family,” she explained. Fast forward into the past two decades and everyone wants such a Great Room as they look for homes. You’re right…no matter what the size…a home needs to be warm and welcoming, a comfortable place to just be.

    • Your in-law’s farmhouse sounds like a dreamy place to live. The house has so much history, love and details written all over it. And I’m in for it when you said a home needs to be warm, welcoming and comfortable. It’s our refuge, a place where we can grow, recover, heal, be surrounded by our family’s love. Thank you for the heartwarming comment. I enjoy every word of it.

  8. cocomino says:

    Good memories.I also like talking about houses because I studyed an architecture a lot.
    In addition I like DIY. I made a fence and wood deck in my garden.:)

    • I wish I was a better DIY person. I did fix a few broken fence worn out by time but I don’t think I could build a fence. Kudos to you my friend. Yes, when I read people’s post of their homes, it also brings back memories, good ones in fact. This is one of the things I like about blogging, I’m given the chance to remember, to appreciate to great, wonderful things I had in the past and value them . Thanks for the comment.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    That’s one of my mantras – it’s the simple pleasures that make life worth living. A cup of tea with a friend, a warm hug from a child, a comfortable bed, a walk on the seashore…

    You sound very content in your home so your dream has been realized!

    We thought we were settled and done with decorating our little condo years ago, but then we started inheriting furniture from our grandparents’ houses and everything has been topsy-turvy again as we try to fit the heirlooms into the decor. But it’s wonderful having all these memories under our roof. Changes are an endless part of life…

    • Though I feel settled, as you said life’s changes is endless. What feels home today may be a memory tomorrow due to the constant brew of circumstances we all face in our lives. 8 years ago, Me and my wife lived in a small town that felt so right to settle down. It was a friendly town, quiet, laid back. We even bought a house that until now held some beautiful memories. But 2 years after, an event caused us to choose, we felt sad leaving the town, our friends but we had to move on. The rest is history. I hope to live in my house for a long time. This is where my son had his own wonderful memories but what happens tomorrow, only God knows. He has his plans, some of which I still don’t understand. But in my heart, I know that it always leads to something good.
      Those “mantras” we all need to have. When our mind is at peace, our body follows. the power of the mind is limitless. I pray for you constant healing/recovery. Thanks for the comment.

  10. What a nice post. Sounds like all you need now is a garden. And maybe an insanely expensive espresso machine!

    • Thanks for the comment. I started some landscaping in the backyard complete with 2 ponds that my son and I would frequently visit . But it has been hot lately and we’d been focusing more on outdoor activities like going to the beach ,pool and parks. May be this Fall, we’ll rediscover the garden, catch a bug or two. Reminds me to restock the pond with goldfishes. The espresso machine sounds like a good idea. I’m a coffee fan, can’t start the day without it. Any recommendations? Is the machine hard to maintain?

  11. thedailydish says:

    Another perfect picture, IT! And I totally agree; home is where the heart is. When we left Philly for Maine, I told my husband I’d follow him wherever he led. As long as we’re together as a family, along w/ our daughters, that’s home enough for me. (Although I really, really love our old house!! hahahah) :)

    • Thank you for sharing a bit of you dream house/ home. True that for as long as our family are together, that’s where our home is. I love the house, I feel that I could live in it until forever but it seems that every year destiny delivers new surprises every time. I don’t want to expect any more, the last house we had held so much sweet memories that it was heart breaking to leave it. At the moment, my family is enjoying every moment that we have with the house, hopefully for a long time. You have a lovely home, full of life and love. Your daughters will have such great memories when they grow up. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    • Thanks for the ping. Those “10 things must have on your dream house post ” gives me hope that everyone can have a piece of heaven in their home if we search and work for it.

  13. Patricia says:

    You put it so well, nothing more must be said. But thanks for saying it! Contentment is a topic not written about often enough.

    • Thanks Patricia. One of my wish is that each day I’ll wake up with contentment and peace in my life as well as those around me. In my lifetime, I was given the chance to live in various kinds of houses from a huge house with all the trimmings to a small 1 bed room apartment . In all of them what matters is that there’s love, , support of family, inner peace and contentment. All of these makes my dream house feels like a sanctuary, regardless of what the physical lay-out of the house looks like. Of yes, I would also like to have my son’s laughter echoing all over in it! Have a great day.

  14. wanderlust82 says:

    That was a really sweet post. I just returned home today after being in Birmingham the last two days visiting family so very timely for me. I am not in my dream home but I don’t know what would be actually. I have the things you described here so I guess the structure is unimportant.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. How I wish that I could visit my parents and siblings like you did. When we visit the place that we grew up, it always holds a special bond that no space and time can ever change. Home is home. We can be anywhere in the World but a piece of us will always stay. Your dream home is already in front of you. Where ever you feel love, happiness, security, solemness, that is your home. And what a beautiful home it is.

  15. I totally agree, a home is where you feel safe, loved, and happy. And everyone must feel happy and relaxed int heir own home. Loved reading this

    • Thanks Kay. I’m so happy that a lot of people like you feel the same way. I do like to look at beautiful things, don’t we all? But if I don’t have anyone to share it with, it will just be another empty, lifeless object. I remember when my wife and son left for California for a week. It was so lonely and depressing. I missed my son’s care free laughter and non-stop activities, I missed my wife’s voice and presence. I was inside a huge house that felt so empty. When they came back, I was so overjoyed. I wish you and your family all the love and happiness .

  16. john tugano says:

    well said bro..Id love to call it a home rather than a house..House is just a structure and whats inside of it is far more important..As you have said it doesn’t matter if its big or not,what matters most is the countless affection being formed inside this structure and by that we can call it home..nice post..

    • Bro, well said. When I read something like this, I miss my original home, the place I grew up and built relationships that until now continues to make a positive influence in my life. My parents were not rich but when I was growing up, I thought we had the most beautiful house in my city. That vision was mostly molded by their love , the fun and happiness of venturing the World with 5 very active and playful siblings. It made me feel like our house was like a castle. When your a kid, your imagination seems infinite. I appreciate the comment . Thanks. God bless you and your family.

  17. Kudos to you! For me, the American dream is being in a place that your loved, safe, secure and in which makes you happy – regardless of where it is!

    On that note, my dream house is much smaller than the one I currently own. Less to clean, less to pay humongous NJ taxes on, and less yard to care for. Oh yes, and it must have a front porch with a couple of rockers on it for me and the Hubs!

    • Thanks for the comment. I wish to have a smaller house too in the future. The housing property tax in Texas is uncomfortably high as well. The upkeep of a big house is also too much and unpractical unless you have a big family that needs a bigger space. I love my house now but I wish to have a quality life too. When you have a big house, it eats a lot of your paycheck . To much in fact that it hurts. A front porch with rockers sounds like a wonderful idea. Count me in.

  18. jhirzel88 says:

    Gosh, if you decided to enter on the “Post a Day” challenge, I would never be able to read them all. However, the thought of making a blog entry to share your adventures is great when you have that opportunity. Hopefully that opportunities will continue to happen.

    Good luck with your dream house, you’ve succeeded in your hard work and you may be ready now. You know that the economy isn’t getting better, you know that right? There’s also a matter of taxes and all that painful stuff.

    • Honestly, the property Taxes is causing me and my family a lot of grief. You wouldn’t believe how high it is in Houston. Having a house seems great at first but then the harsh realities sets in. It involves a lot of financial responsibilities and up keep. The economic crisis is hurting us too. I’m fortunate that I have this blog to divert my attention. I did have a lot of good memories with the house but to me it’s just a house, and what matters the most are the people that lives inside the house. Whenever I’m with my family, I know that I am home. Take good care of yourself. Best wishes to your family. Thank you for the generous comment.

  19. Susan says:

    Amen! :) A wonderful testimony to the fact that having a beautiful home means nothing without the happiness and joy of family. I, too, am living in my dream house…but that is made all the sweeter by the fact that the walls of our home ring with laughter and love everyday. Enjoy your family and your home today!

    • Thank you . Such beautiful words. When I look at my family, I know that God already turned into reality part of my hopes and dreams. I like my house but where my wife and son is, that’s where my heart dwells. You have a wonderful home and family. I wish you and your family the all the blessings in life.

  20. thank you for sharingnya, but I still do not quite understand, maybe because I was too young for this kind of theme

    • Thank you. Everyday The Daily Post gives an inspiring theme/topic to write about. This one was about your dream house. All of us has an idea of what our ” dream house” is and mine was this one.

    • Thanks for the visit. When I was younger I too can’t relate with my parents but now I can. In time we all go to stages. I read your posts, and you’re very talented. Age doesn’t choose a passionate heart that loves writing. Have a good day.

  21. So true! It’s not where we live, but it’s the love that we share with our family and friends. After all, why work ourselves to death just to “have it all?” Living in a beautiful home is lovely, but what matters more is our connection with each other. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have good health! In the end, we can’t take any of it with us. However, our spirit is what will matter most. As for “global inspiration,” I can empathize with you on keeping closely connected to your cultural heritage. It’s so important that we never forget where we came from. It gives a sense of warmth and simplicity that is priceless. By the way, I think it’s wonderful that you have that sense of community with your neighbors. People often forget the importance of connecting with their neighbors. I too share that sense of community. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful post!

    • I love reading every bit of this comment. Thank you. Connection to people whether they’re family or neighbors matters tremendously. A lot of times we can get so wrap up with our work and the problems we face that it’s so easy to feel numb, to feel empty, almost robotic. Human connection makes me feel that I’m truly alive and living my life the way I dreamt it to be. My family is the greatest treasure that I can ever have. Our house we can loose anytime with todays economy but the gift of family and friends will survive and last for as long as we take care of it. I wish you and your family all the great blessings in life.

  22. My favorite part of this piece, from this line until the last part: “A house is just a house but a home is where you feel safe, loved and be yourself…” Definitely a dream house. ;)

    • Thanks. That one flowed just naturally. It was my favorite too. I think it defines what a happy home is. Everyone deserves to have a piece of that regardless of our economic status in life. Happiness comes from within and it’s best shared to our family and friends. Ain’t that a great World?

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  24. I have always loved reading your posts and look forward to when I see you have a new one. Your writing and photography are both amazing. I wanted let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your archives. I loved rereading some of my favorites!. You are a “Noteworthy Archive Award Winner”. You have some treasures hidden in your archives and this award will let others know that it is well worth their time to take a walk through your archives. Here is the information about this award http://wp.me/p1n5oG-kM and where you can get your badge to show others you have great archives worth reading. http://justramblinpier.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/noteworthy-archive-blog-badge1.jpg
    Congrats and enjoy!
    Just Ramblin’

    • Thank you for both the award and the supportive comments. I’m honored for such an award. It feels great to know that someone takes time to read and appreciate our works. There are gems hidden in everyone’s Blog and this award reminds each one of us to take time and discover . Thank you for spreading thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit. It takes one inspiration to start it all, before we know it, it has spread like a wildfire. Big dreams starts from small ones. Stay blessed in what you do. The World needs someone like you.

  25. Dream houses are important for us spiritually and physically, whether we have ours yet or not. I enjoy hearing grateful stories about those who do have theirs. I don’t have the dream “house” yet, but I do live 3/4 my dream lifestyle. That gets taken into consideration too!

    • That is good to know. When I haven’t bought a house yet, me and my wife had this concept of a dream home. How it should look like, the design, furnitures, garden, etc ., but I realized 4 years after that all the external trimmings doesn’t matter for as long as the home is filled with love and sense of peace. Also it made me realize that I should live within my means, what’s comfortable financially for my family and not what others tell you. There’s always going to be a bigger , fancier, more blinding house and man’s tendency to be wanting for more will always be his temptation and weakness. With todays uncertain economy, it’s better to live a simplier life. My dream home now is to live in a happy home, surrounded by people who sincerely cares for each other, free of stress from debts and other wordly concerns. I don’t even mind living in a apartment again if that what it takes to find true bliss in my family. I wish that you will find your 100% dream home in the future to come, although 3/4 dream lifestyle sounds great as well. Thanks for the comment.

      • Living a simple life has many blessings. In the past, when I tried to strive for more of what I thought I needed and wanted, I became frustrated, impatient, and over tired. God showed me what is truly important. And His sense of humor is great. Reminded me of an old saying “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” So I stopped trying to be someone I was not created to be. What you wrote in reply to me earlier has great meaning and wisdom. You are a great family man and inspiration to many.

  26. I see my “house” as a “means to an end”,..a safe and nurturing place for my family to live with love and kindness toward each other. It took me a long time to realize that a certain size or look “house” isn’t what matters…it’s the love inside that home that matters.

    • I totally agree that ” it’s the love inside that home that matters.” Me and my wife were so into our new home a few years ago from decorations to furniture finding to landscaping to window treatments but in the end we realized that all we need is love and everything inside the home will just glow beautifully because of it. I’m happy for you that you found the secret to a happy home, now we share it to the world. I bet it does need some lovin too. Thank you.

  27. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Absolutely a house is just a house & a home, a home. It’s lovely hearing of your life. You seem to have it in order, and that’s admirable. I bet you have a lovely family. A great photo, as ever. You really must have a great camera!

    • Well, not that in order but after the chaotic moments that me and my wife had several years ago, we realized that all we can truly rely upon are each other and that we need to prioritize things if we want to come out of the mess that we were into. Then came our son who changed everything for us . He made us see the future as bright and full of optimism, Life is still not easy but we set those negative stuff aside and enjoy each day as they come. Hence this years Summer’s adventures with my family, and now that fall is here, a new adventure begins. You and your son would face the same joys, your love for each other will strengthen you both. He may be a baby for now but he will grow quickly soon. God bless you and you little Daniel. Thanks.

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