The Sun-kissed Beach Of Galveston Island State Park

The beach always holds a special place in my heart. For some reason, being near to it makes me feel that I’m close to home. It brings about wonderful memories as comforting as the gentle waves caressing my feet.

Summer Adventure number 8: The Sun-kissed Beach Of Galveston Island State Park

Every Summer for the past 3 years, my family and I would visit the Galveston Island State Park, a coastal gem at the west end of the island. The pristine beach offers solace from the hectic city life. Last Sunday, my son and I revisited the beach side of the park. We had a great time swimming, playing and making sand castles.

It was a perfect sunny day for the beach. The clouds were so blue with huge , pure white puffy clouds. I woke up with a headache that morning and forgot to take some Tylenol before we left the house. I thought the caffeine from the newly brewed coffee will cure it but I was wrong. I still felt some throbbing on my forehead just before we arrived in Galveston.

This Pier is still under construction post Hurricane Ike.

As soon as we hit the Seawall turning west towards the park, the sight of the sea and smell of the sea breeze seems to have some healing properties. Like the waves that greets the shores, my headache drifted away. My son was staring at the waters, pointing to the Pelicans resting on the Pier’s worn out deck. He didn’t notice I was staring at him from a rear view mirror. He had this big smile on his face.

We had to pass by the visitor’s center first before heading to the beach. I gave my son 5 dollars for the entrance fee. He gave it shyly to the park’s caretaker. He took some brochures before exiting the door. He knows Summer isn’t over yet. He asked me, ” dad, can we go next to this one?” as he pointed to a picture of salt water fishes inside an aquarium. I replied, ” We’ll see.”

As soon as we parked our car, my son was all ready to jump and head for the beach. I reminded him that we still have to put some sun block and make sure that we had all the things we needed including our breakfast. Usually my wife prepares these and at that very instant it made me appreciate her more. I can’t live without her. Seems needy but it’s true. My son snapped me off my brief deep thought when I heard him say, ” dad, don’t forget my fishing rod.” I replied, ” yes, boss!”

The view was breathtaking that day. I made me feel that anything was possible. I wish I brought a kite with me just like this family who were heading to the picnic area.

My son saw a couple of kids playing with their colorful buckets. They would fill them up with both sand and sea water. He tugged my arm and whispered, ” can you ask their mom if I can play with them?”  I was surprised by his request. Normally, he initiates the conversation when he meets new friends but today he was being shy. Anyway, I spoke to the mom who was more than happy that he plays with her children.

I sat on our red folding chair while I watched him play excitedly with the other kids. For some reason I kept staring at the bright-colored buckets. Some full of water, others halfway filled while others were empty. It reminded me of a person’s memories, his hopes and dreams in life. I felt sad for a moment as I remembered a piece of my childhood memory.

For as long as I can remember, a lot of my happy memories involves the beach. When I was about 6-7 years old, my parents would bring the family for a barbecue picnic at the beach during weekends. Back in those days we don’t have  fancy floating devices so we improvised. We would use the cover of the styrofoam coolers as our body boards and the inflated inner lining of the truck’s rubber tire as our float tubes. It was always a fun time for everyone. I miss those precious and wonderful years with my parents and siblings. I felt my heart ached a bit.

I could hear my son calling another boy to play frisbee with him. My son’s laughter was as crisp and clear as the skies above me. It was a hot day. The Sun was scorching. I love the golden tan color but I felt my skin burning. I covered my back with the beach towel and wore my son’s cowboy hat. I probably looked silly since it was too small for my head. I didn’t care. My headache is coming back.

I had to get out of my chair and join my son with the other kids. They were heading towards the deeper waters. They discovered how fun it was to play with the waves. They would jump as the wave comes their way. Sometimes my son gets toppled down and I would pick him up quickly. He was having a blast. I’m happy that he was ecstatic. I was a child once and I know that this moments are priceless. It’s also an important part of his childhood.

The joys of childhood are beyond words,

I heard my son telling me from a distance, ” Dad, I’m hungry. Where’s the food?” I kept looking inside the bag and I can’t find any. I didn’t realize my wife placed it inside a separate paper bag. I told him I left it the car and that we had to go back and get it. He said, ” dad, you’re in trouble.” I replied, ” well, I didn’t know. Come on, we need to go back.” He answered back confidently, ” you can leave me here. I can wait.” I looked at him seriously and said, ” no, you can’t. You’re coming with me.” He did look tired and hungry so I carried him on my shoulders.

We had some delicious cheese croissant with sweet mangoes for our “brunch.” We were so hungry that we finished every bit of whatever was in our picnic bag.

Before going home, we went to the RV Camping site, I saw an old couple playing cards inside a covered picnic cubicle, It was one of the sweetest and endearing images I’d ever seen. I wish to be like them when I grow old. Side by side, hand in hand, forever in love in this lifetime.

Another Summer Adventure has passed. I feel blessed to have experienced them with my son. I hope I will enjoy many more Summers like this for a long, long time.

It was a fun journey for me making this post. I hope it brings you good memories of your trips to the beach with family and friends. May it  entice you to visit its playful waters before this Summer ends. What is your Summer beach story?

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33 Responses to The Sun-kissed Beach Of Galveston Island State Park

  1. I love all your pictures and the last one. When we leave the island rather than take 61st street to Broadway/i-45, we take the seawall drive…it’s longer but taking in the last view lets the experience linger a bit longer. So hard to leave after a great day at the beach…isn’t it? Looking forward to your Saturday photo challenge choice.


    • Thank you Georgette. Yes, it is hard to leave after a long, fun day. I tell myself, ” here we go again, back to the usual routine.” I wish life can be as simple as walking by the beach, taking our time, enjoying God’s gifts of nature. May be in the future? But I am grateful for the day at the beach with my wonderful son. That experience will linger for as long as my memory is intact. I’m almost done with the photo challenge. Have a great weekend my friend.


  2. cocomino says:

    What a great memory and holiday.You and your child can have similar memory about sea.
    That’s wonderful.:)


  3. Angeline M says:

    Once again, a wonderful adventure and post. I get wrapped up in your story and almost feel like I am there with you. All the photos are great, but my favorite is the one titled “The joys of childhood are beyond words”….wonderful!


    • Thank you. It’s always sweet and inspiring whenever I read something like this. Motivates me to be better in what I do. The ” joys of childhood are beyond words” was one of my favorites too. I was fascinated by the water trails my son left behind as he ran to the waters. God bless you and your family.


  4. Frank Bishop says:

    That is awesome! I really wish I could have been there, it is 105 outside. Nothing in the world sounds better than a dip in the ocean and a day at the beach. As always great pictures. I’m glad I can live out my beach dream vicariously through your pictures.


  5. bagnidilucca says:

    I grew up at Main Beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It was a wonderful place to be (and still is) Your beach photos are wonderful.


    • Thanks for the visit. I’ve looked at the dreamy, beautiful beaches of Queensland but now I found someone who is a part of it. Can’t wait to discover your blog. Anything that involves the beach, I’m all eyes and ears for it. Have a great day.


  6. Another fantastic and well-documented summer experience- I bet your son will enjoy looking back upon these posts when he grows up :)


    • Thanks for the comment. This may be one of the best gifts I can give him when he gets older. Whenever I look at my childhood photos with my parents, I feel gratefulness that they gave me a great childhood . To be able to see them via photos makes it more real than just by mere telling stories about them. This one good thing about the computer age, we can preserve more memories than ever as long as we use it right.


  7. thirdhandart says:

    Wonderful post and amazing photos! Did your headache ever go away? I hope so.
    We don’t have any real ocean beaches in Missouri, but we do have quite a few lake beaches. They were always fun to visit when I was growing up.
    Nowadays there are a lot of water parks in the Kansas City area. When our daughters were little, we took them to the only water park around – Oceans of Fun. And yes, we always had fun!
    Thank you for bringing back the good memories.


    • Thank you for sharing your beach memories about your family. Trips to the beach, either freshwater or seawater, or even man-made is always fun when we’re in the company of family and friends. Lakes are as just as beautiful. My headache went away at the later part of the day. I usually have a Tylenol or Motrin in my bag as first aid for headache. After some Tylenol and a nap, the headache went away. Oceans of Fun sounds like a thrilling place for water activities. Stay blessed and best wishes to you and your family.


  8. eof737 says:

    Sometimes I say, now this is the family to take a vacation with… :-) You take the best vacation pictures and go to such fun places… The best part is that you’re building wonderful memories fro your family… what a gift. :-)


    • Thanks. We’ll be a great team . You make the touching , inspiring stories while I take the photos. Hope you don’t mind if I dream for a second or two. It’s free right? Capturing moments on camera makes me happy. I don’t know why but I know that when I look back at the photos of the past events, it makes my heart make skip beats but in a good, healthy way. I had my gift during the actual moments of our times together , I’m simply trying to preserve them. I’m getting older , who knows how long we all keep our mind clear a,d memories intact. Have a sweet day my friend.


  9. aRVee says:

    very nice pics, they are all very clear and i love the view… :)


  10. john tugano says:

    Oh what a great summer memory.I still remember also the summer I spent with my Dad when I’m still young same with your kid.Now,that I’m independent and grown up I still wish I can bring back time..I really love looking at your photos because its so vivid that it seems a little unreal.What camera are you using? I feel envy ehehe.


    • Thanks for the very cool comment. I wish I can bring back time too but since I can’t, I’m more than happy reliving them through my son’s adventures. I’m just using my iPhone Camera and bought a $1.99 camera plus application. Best thing ever. It allows me to adjust the lights and colors in ways beyond my imagination.


  11. thedailydish says:

    Your son is so, so lucky to have you. I know many others must think this while reading your posts, but I want to tell you what a wonderful job you’re doing as his father. Your wife too. I am so happy to hear not only how much you love each other, but how you value each others efforts. I have fond memories of many trips taken w/ my family as a child, but most of my beach memories (if not all) are with friends. My mom is not a big water person and never liked going to the beach when we were younger. Thankfully, she’s gotten past that and we now enjoy beach time as a family – and soon! They’re coming for a visit and we couldn’t be more excited!


    • Thank you for such a wonderful, generous comment. My wife and I try our best. We have our parents to inspire us. We hope to follow their admirable footsteps . I know that I have a long way to go but every day is another learning and growing experience as a parent. It’s never to late to discover and enjoy the beach with your family. One of my regrets is that my son didn’t have the chance to grow up with his other cousins compared to when I was a child. It’s always more fun to go to the beach or any family outings when you’re with a bigger group. May be someday he will meet his relatives and got to spend exciting events with them. I’m glad that your mom now enjoys the beach and that your family are having fun and exciting experiences. I wish and your family the best . Stay blessed with the gifts of words and kindness.


  12. jhirzel88 says:

    Luckily, when you realized that you forgot to bring the food out of the car, you only had to walk a few hundred feet to grab it. Last time I was at the beach, which was on the 4th of July, I never knew I would be going into the ocean, since I thought it was going to be freezing cold. I always feel like I’m repeating myself a lot of times, but that long, 10 block walk was no fun for me at all! Once I got back, we ended up all back to the car anyways, when I could have just stuck around instead. My youngest brother used to play with sand buckets all the time and he even put sand and water in it just like your son does now.

    I still prefer the toys we have now rather than the ones you had when you were a kid. It seems kind of boring to me playing with styrofoam boards.


    • 10 blocks! Wow! I’d be sweating and gasping if it’s me. Back in those days, there’s not much toys as today so we just improvise of what we had. But what made it more fun was being around with my siblings and cousins. The great old days. We should treasure the memories we have with our families. Life’s too short, to fast, constantly changing. Thanks for the comment.


  13. these pictures make me drool!!! :)


  14. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I LOVE this post! I am passionate about the seashore, too – most of my fondest memories have happened there. Your caption sums it up: “The joys of childhood are beyond words.” The seashore is an in-between place where magic is always afoot. Since we live by the shore I would take my kids there in all the seasons. A couple of weeks ago my daughter, who lives in New York City now, brought her boyfriend here for dinner, but first she stopped to show him “her” beach, as she put it, “where I grew up.” It warms my heart to know she feels this way.

    So many memories, but a funny one that comes to mind – the day a sea gull pooped on our beach umbrella! We laughed about it happening and we laughed as the kids eagerly struggled to drag it up to the shower to try to rinse if off. Of course that stuff doesn’t come off – but we just couldn’t stop laughing – it was like watching Laurel & Hardy!


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  16. I so love the pics… They make me want to go to the beach. =P


    • Thanks . The beach is one place that no matter what angle you look at will always be beautiful, calming and picture perfect. I like your gravatar picture where the two of you are facing the sea. Just a peaceful photo.


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