Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Just before I went to work, I called my son so I can kiss him goodbye. I called several times but no response. I asked my wife, ” what happened?” She replied. ” he’s not in a good mood.” I told her, ” somebody woke up at the wrong side of the bed.” She smiled back.

I went upstairs to check out my son. He was sitting at his play table trying to build his new Fire Station building blocks. He looked so serious and intense. I asked him what’s wrong. He then ran to the other room looking upset. I followed him and found him sitting on the floor close to the bed with his head facing downwards. I asked him again, ” what’s wrong?” He broke into tears this time. As he showed me the broken building blocks on his little hands, he said, ” it keeps on breaking, dad. I fix it, then it breaks again.” His voice sounded so sad and frustrated. As I hugged him, I told him that it’s okay and that we’re  going to help him fix and build the Fire Station. I held his hand and walked him back to his play table. As I kissed him goodbye, I assured him again that everything will be alright.

My son's broken toy.

As I head to the garage door, I told my wife if she could help him with the  building blocks. She told me not to worry and that she will take care of it. My wife is great in assembling things and I knew that she can easily help him with this one.

When I came home from work, my son was still asleep. My wife told me to go upstairs to see the work they did together. I hurriedly went upstairs. When I saw the finished project, I told myself, “wow!”  I was so proud of their work. My son was so happy playing with his newly built toy that day.

There's nothing a mother's love can't fix.

In the years to come, there would me more things that will like break, including our heart, body and mind but less assured we have our families to help us pick up the pieces, rebuild , heal and recover. That’s what families do for each other. Love endures the test of time, no matter what.

My wife not only help my son fix his broken Fire Truck but together they were able to buil the entire Fire Station overnight. Very impressive.

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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67 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  1. Emad says:

    I miss Playing with Lego… I used to play with them when i was a kid… lovely photos :)

  2. What a team…your wife leading and your son putting it back together.

    • Good day Georgette. It was a productive mother and son effort. Couldn’t be more prouder. More things may break in the future but what matters is we’re here here for each other, that we have our family to help us rebuild the broken things in our lives.

  3. Louise says:

    Another touching blog entry. Your wife and don make a great team. They sound amazing.

  4. suitablefish says:

    Great photos and I love the story. kindhearted, you are.

  5. really liked the spin you gave to the theme.. especially the “there’s nothing a mother’s love can’t fix”… totally agree! Cheers!

    • Thank you for the comment. My mom was super and so is my wife when it comes to fixing problems at home. Thus, I truly believe in the miracles that a mother’s love can do. . Cheers to all the wives out there.

  6. thirdhandart says:

    Very heartwarming story! I like how you weave a life lesson into each of your articles. As always, the photos are great too! -Theresa

    • Thank you Theresa. I appreciate each of your generous comments. One thing I value about writing is that I was able to remember my childhood and the past That I had with my family. It’s a priceless gift. I’m so thankful.

  7. Connie T says:

    Those block toys do break apart pretty easy. Glad you made him happy.

  8. ceceliafutch says:

    Beautiful story and great photos to illustrate. Wonderful. BTW, thanks for linking me. I do appreciate it.

    • Thank you too. It’s always a pleasure to link my blogger friends. And the weekly photo is all about sharing and appreciating the artistic talents of others. I learn , see new things each day. Isn’t thay awesome? Stay blessed.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Your son is blessed with wonderful parents who are willing to be there for him and take his concerns seriously. The world needs more parents like you and your wife – bravo! I believe strongly that when we listen and respond carefully to our children they grow up to be compassionate human beings. What a fantastic fire station! Lego bricks are the best!!!

    • Thank you. My parents and so are my in- laws are my greatest role models as a parent. Me and my wife try to be there for our son. We’re not perfect, we stumble sometimes but only from our mistakes we learn to be better. My parents raised 6 kids, how they did it is so amazing. Their my inspiration. God bless.

  10. jessicaber says:

    This photo challenge entry of your pinged on my website under my photo challenge entry. You should check it out. And it was funny because it said “this man’s journey” and then it had a picture of a broken toy. I hope that your son has a good journey through life.

    • Thanks for the visit. I believe is destiny. I’m glad that I included your post on related articles. I found your wonderful blog because of it. Have a great day.

    • It’s never to late to play with toys. Ha , ha. Seriously though, part of this man’s journey is being a father, which is although partly about my son’s world, it also about the joys and pains of adulthood. And fixing a broken toy is the easy part of it.

  11. eof737 says:

    Great looking trucks… Glad it ended on a high note.! :-)

    • Thanks. I’m glad it did too. My son’s like me, we get easily frustrated when things break. My wife balances the spectrum. Believe it or not , women are stronger and more patient than men , and I’m not talking about physical strength. A toast to all the women bloggers out there. Thank you for inspiring your sons and husbands!

  12. What a touching post! Both of you sound like wonderful parents. It’s nice to have family to help us “pick up the pieces” during life’s more challenging moments. Speaking of Legos, did you know that we have “Legoland Florida” opening in October? It’s not far from Orlando. I bet your son would probably love it! :)

    • Thanks for the tip and the comment. ” Legolandia” sounds like a very inviting reason to go back in Florida. Our last 2 visits there were so full of happy memories. Can’t wait for our third. One thing good being a parent, it teaches us to be selfless, to be generous, to build things we never thought possible. I have my flaws, many in fact but theres always room to correct them and hopefully be better next time. Best of everthing to you and your family.

  13. Aww this was such a beautiful story. I know you and your wife were so proud of your son. And he built something great. I love a childs imagination. Great post

    • Thank you. A child imagination never fails to surprise me. they can create things that are pure, artistic, genuinely fun. My son can transform his Lego from a robot, to a car , to a blaster. complete with sound effects ( he makes it up using his lips/mouth). He can make me laugh without saying a joke.

  14. Your right, there’s nothing a mother’s love can’t fix. You have an awesome loving family, your truly blessed. I love the Lego firestation, nice pictures, took me back to way back when …

    • Thank you. All these comments I cherish and value. Lego equals fun not just to kids but to adults alike. We can all be child-like if we allow ourselves to be like one. It’s a liberating feeling.

  15. aww !
    btw ur kid’s childhood stuff reminds me of the quote “broken toys and wounded knees are better than wounded emotions and broken hearts”……. :)
    have a nice day!

    • That’s one cool quote. I need to remember that in my everyday life. It is harder to heal the heart than when we break a physical object or even a part of us. But in the end we will be able to rise above it all if we all try to mend them. The love of family and friends helps a lot. And that’s from personal experience. stay blessed and keep inspiring the world my friend.

  16. ristinw says:

    This is the power of a family team work! :D

    • It was. Unfortunately I was at work when they fix it but I thought about them for the most part of my working day. And I got to relived the event by writing about it. Thanks.

  17. Jenny says:

    In every story of yours I feel the strong love you have for each other! In my dreams I wish for every child in this world to feel this kind of love!

    • I wish and pray that every child be given the love, care and nurturing they deserve. When I look at their crying faces in the news or the papers because they are in pain. hungry, scared, abandoned, my heart feels like its going to break into pieces. They are God’s precious angels, why can’t all people see that. I was a better person because of my son. Sometimes I ask myself what I did good to deserve such a wonderful gift? I have my imperfections but his presence makes me strive to try. I wish you love and happiness as well as for your family..

  18. thedailydish says:

    Hooray – Momma to the rescue! You’re so right, IT. If your family’s not there to help you fix things when they break, who will? Another wonderful post and reminder of what’s important.

    • Thank you my friend. Even at my age , my parents or my wife’s parents help us during times of trouble. My wife helps me recover whenever I feel broken, or vice versa. My son knows we’re always there for him. Our families are the most important support system that we could ever have. It brings me happiness and inspiration to see a loving family such as yours embracing life together.

  19. jhirzel88 says:

    When I was 10 years old, I had a friend that played with lego blocks. I would occasionally visit him just to play space games with the spaceships and space station that he built. That was fun!

    Even if the legos break, we can always build bigger and cooler things.

  20. I’m glad it turned out well for your son. Great family team work.
    And, Thanks so much for mentioning my challenge. Much appreciated.

    • The pleasure was mine. I always appreciate the works of the other bloggers and linking their works comes naturally. So much to learn and discover. Each photo is unique and beautiful in their own way. Thank you.

  21. Patti Kuche says:

    That such love and devotion exists in the beauty of sweet simplicity are the gifts we give in order to receive so much. Thank you for your gifts!

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  23. ~MJ~ says:

    Awesome pictures and story! Every Christmas, I buy the kids big Lego kits for each of them. We have a ball spending the entire day in the midst of Lego heaven. This year I have to buy my husband his own kit so he can have something to play with! Thanks for the pingback!

    • Thank you. Your kids and husband are so lucky. Lego for Christmas is heavenly. Santa does listen to our wish list. It made me smile when you said you bought one for your husband to keep him busy. Play doesn’t choose an age. There’s always a kid inside all of us. We just need to realize it more and let it be part of our adult life. God bless and your family.

  24. Wow, beautiful story, and it added so much depth to your photographs. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you Halie. Everyday we all live and encounter similar stories like this. It so fulfilling to write about them, to be able to remember them as the years go by, is a priceless gift. I used to be so wrap up with work and adult responsibilities that I failed to notice sweet little events in my life and that of my family but now, I try to value and cherish each one of them. I have a classmate who died at 38 years old last April, he’s kids were still so young. It made me realize more that we all live a borrowed time and that we have to make the most of our time with our family every day. Stay blessed.

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  26. john tugano says:

    Actually its not the photo that caught my attention but the story behind it.Your child is so lucky to have you and your wife as his parents. any way I love what you have said on the last part that it caused me to quote it.

    ”In the years to come, there would me more things that will like break, including our heart, body and mind but less assured we have our families to help us pick up the pieces, rebuild , heal and recover. That’s what families do for each other. Love endures the test of time, no matter what”.(the island traveler).

    • I can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful comment. When I read again the last part of my post, I felt a tremendous feeling of gratefulness to my family who stood by me throughout this years. I am what I am now partly because of the my family’s influence.

  27. Sony Fugaban says:

    That’s a beautiful quote, John. I mean, The Island Traveler. I must say I was also caught by the story behind the photo (photos) particularly the last part of this post.

    • Thank you for the visit. It feels good to read a post of another dad and his journeys with his family. When I read your post about the broken Truck, it reminded me of my son . I stop counting the toys he curiously broken but now he’s more careful with his toys particularly the ones that he likes the most. He even gets upset when I mess up with it. He gets a bit obsessive . kind of funny but true.

  28. sheila4hastenhome says:

    Precious. It is our caring attitude in these “smaller” trials in a child’s life that gives them courage to face the bigger trials later. It is so important that they know we understand that their struggles are just as real as ours. Yours is a beautiful example of broken things made whole–it is really all about people. :)

    Thanks for another link, as well!

    • Thank you Sheila. My parents were their for me during the years when I needed them the most. I stop counting the number of times I got broken physically and emotionally, and they were always their to fix those brokeness. Even until now, they are still there for me. They are my role models, I try my best to do the same for my son. He’s my pride and joy. And no matter what , I’ll be there for him always.

  29. legos are are great broken subject – a great phoenix subject too. cool on playing with your child as well. aloha.

    • Thanks for the visit/comment. I totally agree. It’s like a phoenix that can be transformed to just about anything a child’s ( or adult ) mind wants it to be. Back in my days, I never had one, now I got to play with my son and relive my childhood all over again. Ain’t life sweet?

  30. 2e0mca says:

    Now if it was my lad…. :-( Lovely story and photos. Lego is never broken – that fire station could be a space station next week – let the imagination run wild ;-)

    • Thanks. It’s very true. I like the ” let the imagination run wild” part of your comment. When we let our minds run free and explore the exciting and fun possibilities, who knows where the adventure will lead us. That’s when thing I admire in a child, they are never scared to dream and follow their imagination.

  31. jessicaber says:

    I agree with 2eomca.

    • Thanks . Kids do bring out the best in us. As for legos, they are one of the best, timeless toys around. It allows the freedom to express our creativity regardless of age.

  32. midaevalmaiden says:

    What a very lovely story and gentle lesson. :) My heart grew lighter just reading it.

    • Thank you for the visit and the kind comment. I felt better as well as being able to write about it. It made me realize some of the things I really miss like good friends and generous , loving family.

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