Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts of Nature. Their visual presence stirs our innermost emotions , touches our hearts and moves our soul in ways we may not fully explain.

Among the many varieties of flowers, my personal favorite are the tropicals like the orchids, birds of paradise and the gingers. I  think they are the most exotic , stunning and colorful of them all.

Here are a few photos taken from my last week’s visit to the indoor Rainforest. My camera can only do its best but the real beauty is seeing them in person.

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70 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

  1. aRVee says:

    I like birds of paradise and orchids too. I also like the wild flowers, they are some of the most colorful flowers especially if explored in the wilderness. (Because some of them are already available in the flower shops, I suppose)

    Yes I agree the real beauty of these flowers is seeing them in person.

  2. misswhiplash says:

    Yes flowers are beautiful…God’s creation, so many different colours, different smells and different shapes. They remind me of lots of beautiful ladies all dressed up and going to the ball….

    • Well, if it comes to the ladies, I think the are the prettiest of them all. But next to that are the flowers. Imagine a garden with just all greens? It’s going to be hard to determine if they are vegetables or ornamentals. God is really artistic when he designed the flowers and their colors. Thanks for the comment.

  3. it can’t get more colorful… rock on

  4. Lady Bird Johnson, LBJ’s wife made us aware of the beautiful flowers in our country and especially in Texas back in the 60′s. I love our bluebonnets, vivid Indian paintbrush and cosmos.
    These at the indoor Rainforest are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

    • One thing I missed this Spring were the Blue Bonnets of the Hill country. I’ve been telling myself to experience them even at least once. I do appreciate Texas wild flowers, I think they are just colorful particularly during Spring. I went to San Antonio during the peak of the blooms and along the highway were beautiful shades of yellows, reds, blues , oranges and purples . Like an artist’s palette only they’re acres of land. Thanks for the comment.

  5. kyuni786 says:

    wow, you’ve got Phalaenopsis in there. Yes, I agree with that last statement, flower photos look nice but they’re nothing compared to the beauty of the real flowers in front of you.

    • Thanks for the visit. Orchids are just stunning. My mom’s garden has lots of them. I used to help her with her landscape and would visit plant/flower exhibits during local festivities. We would buy one drift wood with 6-8 pieces of them of various colors. I miss those days.

  6. eof737 says:

    The orchids are gorgeous… You did an wonderful job again… TY! :-)

  7. thirdhandart says:

    Beautiful, Rainforest flowers! Thank you for the pingback.

    • Your welcome. Everything about the Rainforest is beautiful. It must be enchanting to see a real rainforest. I remember when I was still in college that I went to this waterfall with my classmates and it was surrounded by giant ferns and colorful flowers. I thought I was in a magical place. I wish I had a digital camera then. This week’s theme reminds all of us that we need to take care of mother nature if we are to enjoy sceneries like these. Thank you for the comment.

  8. barb19 says:

    Flowers give us so much pleasure with their beauty and perfume – I never tire of looking at them.
    When given as a gift, they speak volumes.

  9. I love exotic flowers. They’re so beautiful with deep vibrant colors. Great photos.

    • Me too. I wish they can survive all year long but during winter, they tend to freeze and die when placed outdoors. Wouldn’t it be cool to see them in your garden throughout the year?

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  12. How beeutiful, and I sit outside my sisters and it never dawned on me to take photo’s of the birds in her bird feeders. Thanks for the reminder. Nice.

    • Thanks for the comment. There’s always a second chance. I try to take my phone camera all the time. You’ll never know when is the next big picture moment. Have a beautiful day!

  13. jhirzel88 says:

    Imagine if we lived in a world without flowers. No life could exist. I mean, if I think about it, birds transfer seeds from eating and dropping them on the ground. Also, bees pollinate flowers, which provides them more seeds to give the flowers more lust. Oh yeah, we’d all be dead without flowers.

    I would like to also say that flowers make the world smell like a better place, and it makes the world a much happier place. We can’t all be happy, but the smell of flowers help.

    • From the scientific point of view, your are right. From a personal point of view, you’re very right as well. Flowers has a purpose in creation. They make sure that a new generation of plants/fruits /trees will come into being. They also remind us that this World is a beautiful place to live in, regardless of the sad stories going on around the globe, When I see a budding flower, I see hope. When it blooms, I see sense of goodness in all. Best wishes to you and your family.

  14. wolke205 says:

    Orchids are wonderful, but my fav are Roses :) Nice Pictures :) Greets

  15. Connie T says:

    The flowers in an indoor rainforest are beautiful. I like the bird in the first photo too.

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  17. Sony Fugaban says:

    My favorite is the first picture …

    • Mine too. I wish I was able to get more pics of the flowers with the birds around them . They were all over the place but I was watching my son at the same time. He was all over the place too. Thanks.

  18. 2e0mca says:

    Nice mix of shots – sure looks like a great place to visit :-) I think that’s a Blue-Bellied Roller perched with the orchid in the top shot.

  19. cocomino says:

    What you said is true but these photos are amazing enough to see and imagine something.:)

  20. Beautiful collection of flowers. How nice to have an indoor rain forest!

    • Thanks. It was an awesome experience to see a rainforest replica inside a glass pyramid. My son totally dig the whole adventure. I’m glad that he loved it. It was meant for him but I was fortunate to be his side kick.

  21. I love the light in your shots, really a great job :)

  22. john tugano says:

    I feel that too whenever I see flowers,that unexplainable feeling of happiness..=)

    I love orchids too.My mom used to grow them in our backyard and every morning it gives us a refreshing feeling..You have nice set of photo especially the one with a bird..You really have a knack on capturing those rare moments..=)

    • Thanks. I chose those flowers not just because I like them but they reminded me of the home I grew up with you. Just like you, my mom’s garden has several of the orchids and they light up the garden with their playful colors.

  23. Patti Kuche says:

    Lucky you in the rainforest and thank you for such a great set of shots! The rich, sweet perfume of those gorgeous flowers!

    • Lucky me , right? We went there 3 times and it seems different each time. I hope to come back and simply just enjoy the scents of the flowers. I went on the weekend where it was hot and humid… and crowded. I should go on a week day next time. Luck strikes several times! Have a great day. Thank you for the comments.

  24. Mizz says:

    Beautiful! on top of that, i love the clarity of the pictures….you cant miss a bit!

  25. unbelievable pics! love the clarity and the sharpness of the colors!! c:

  26. I love the idea of an indoor rainforest. What a great place, and well-done photography!

  27. Thank you to all who has been a part of the photo challenge . Each one of you inspires me to be better in what I do. All of you are awesome, unique and gifted in many ways. Stay blessed, keep sharing your heart and thoughts to the World. What you give no matter how small or big may change someones life…

  28. As always your photos are stunning! I just wanted to make sure you got your “Noteworthy Archive Award Winner” notice the other day. You have some treasures hidden in your archives and this award will let others know that it is well worth their time to take a walk through your archives. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all of your gorgeous photos. Your insights and ‘take’ on life is always refreshing.
    Here is the information about this award http://wp.me/p1n5oG-kM and where you can get your badge to show others you have great archives worth reading. http://justramblinpier.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/noteworthy-archive-blog-badge1.jpg
    Congrats and enjoy!
    Just Ramblin’

    • Thank you. You made me happy today. I’m honored for such an award coming from a talented writer/artist such as you. You have been a part of this Blog’s journey from the beginning and has given so much support and inspiration not just to me but to a lot of bloggers out there. I will post and share the award proudly. Thank you once again. You’re a very generous, thoughtful, kind and creative person. I’m glad to have known you through your posts and comments. I wish you and your family love, peace, good health and happiness.

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  30. thedailydish says:

    Such beautiful flowers! I especially love the first photo – I am a bird girl at heart. hahah

    Hope you’re enjoying the end of summer, IT!

    • Birds are fascinating creatures. Not only can they fly and see the world from above but their colors are just awesome. I saw a couple a of red, blue and green Macaws and I’m just in awe of how beautiful they are. Thanks for the comment.

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  32. Flowers truly are nature’s gift! Your photos capture their beauty so wonderfully. The colors are stunning. The only thing missing is their lovely scent! I guess I will use my imagination for that. I can understand why the tropical varieties are among your favorites. Aside from being simply gorgeous, they must bring back so many fond memories for you. By the way, it’s nice to see that bird not in a cage. It saddens me to see birds with their wings clipped living in a cage. It just seems so inhumane. Anyway, your photos are always very moving. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Thank you for such a moving, generous, inspiring comment. Feels like a friend sharing her thoughts. I trully appreciate them . I also like to see the birds and other harmless animals free and roaming. It’s one reason I’m not really into zoos where every creature is caged. They deserve to be free like you and me. I think any flowers are beautiful although each one of us have our favorites. Texas has a lot of beautiful flowers during Spring and one of my goals is to see the Blue Bonnets of the Hill Country. Hopefully next year. Best wishes to you and your family.

  33. I am a wildflower kind of gal. Living in the western mountains for over 20 years I get to explore all kinds of seasonal blooms. Hibiscus is my favorite tropical flower however. Really enjoyed them when visited Kauai, Hawaii a few years back. Keep the interesting posts a coming Island Traveler!!!!!

    • I things wildflowers are beautiful too. it’s amazing how despite in the wild, unattended, without the usual gardener’s care they still make stunning blooms. My mom has this variety of hibiscus that makes big and colorful flowers for her garden. It must had been a great experience to be at Kauai. Thanks for the comment.

  34. Barbara Rodgers says:

    What beautiful flowers! I loved seeing all the tropical flowers when we visited Florida, the colors are so vivid and bright!

  35. singledplantlight says:

    The flowers are very beautiful, and the little bird is lovely.

  36. What a lovely, exotic collection of photos! Simply beautiful!

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