Can We Go To The Bazaar ?

Last weekend, while at the church I kept telling myself, ” keep your eyes open, don’t you dare fall asleep.” I haven’t slept for 16 hours having just came back from a 12 hour night shift. As soon as the choir start singing, I can feel myself being cradled to sleep.

In between my battle with sleepiness, my son would get my attention as he starts swaying his legs up and down. I had to whisper to him several times, ” please stop. The old woman next to us is staring at you.” The woman I was referring about kept glancing at him with an annoyed, strict-looking face. He stopped eventually to my relief. He kept himself busy trying to read the song book. I whispered to my wife, “we chose the wrong spot to sit on. Next time, let’s sit near the area with more kids.”

At the end of the church ceremony, the priest made an announcement, “everyone, please join us in our Bazaar fund-raising event. Our silent auction and flea market section is now open.”

I saw my son bounced from his chair. He looked all wide-eyed and smiled. He then asked me excitedly, ” dad can we go to the bazaar?” I told him, “we’ll see.” As I was saying this, I was trying to check if I brought my wallet with me. Turned out I left it at home. I then asked my wife, ” did you bring your purse?” She replied, “oh, no. I left it too.” There were a few pennies and dimes in the car but we were going to need more. I whispered to my son, “we need to go home first to get some money before heading to the bazaar.” He quietly nodded his head in agreement. On the way home, I stopped counting the number of times he said, “can we go to the bazaar please?”

I was tired that morning but when I saw my son looking all excited and really wanting to experience what a bazaar is, I gave in. He was pulling my hand as well as his moms as he rushed to the toy section of the flea market booth. Honestly, this was my first bazaar too and I was clueless as to what to expect.

There were a lot toy cars, superhero action figures, Barbie dolls, board games and stuffed toys. I asked my son, “what toy are you looking for?” He replied, ” I’m looking for a Star Wars toy dad.” So, both me and him started going through the boxes of toys. Then I noticed a huge box at the end corner with a ” Star Wars” name on it. I excitedly picked it up.

My son is crazy about Star Wars. His dream is to collect all the Lego Star Wars as well as the action figures and space ships.

I told my son with a twinkle in my eyes, ” guess what I found?” He replied in a hopeful voice, “Star Wars toy?” I happily told him, “yes, it’s a Star Wars spaceship!” His face glowed with excitement as I gave him the huge box. As I handed him the toy, a man approached us. It was the same man who made the announcement at the church. He smiled at us, almost with a child-like laughter and said, ” that came from my Star Wars collection. Have fun with it. I also included two action figures in it.” I can see a little sadness on his face but at the same time he seems relieved that another Star Wars fan will love it as much as he did. Perhaps even more.

Then I looked around and said to myself, ” a lot of people gave up what they cherish today for a good cause.” There were vintage Barbie dolls still untouched in their box, some dating back 10 years or more. A woman with a little girl’s heart gave up something special that day including precious sentiments and memories.

A friend visited the booth earlier than us and got her daughter a Barbie doll. Her daughter was so happy. This doll house could have been  perfect for her new toy.

Money wise, we were able to collect $13.50 from what’s left of our cash bin at home. Most of which were coins. I kind of felt poor for a moment. The Star Wars Arc-170 Fighter spaceship was $10, the card game $2 and the DVD Clone Wars for $1. As for the price of fun, it was priceless.

When I was a kid, I remember watching Wizard of Oz. I had nightmares because I thought the witch was really creepy looking. This replica looks exactly like her. Check out those piercing eyes.

Next month it’s Thanksgiving celebration. Can’t wait to taste some of those delicious stuffed Turkey with cranberry sauce, Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Souffle and the yummy Pumpkin pie.

Christmas is around the corner. Soon enough there would be snow but not in Houston although 2 years ago, mother nature heard some kid’s prayer and it snowed for 1 day. It was more than enough to make a snowman and play snow balls. We all had a great time that day as a family. It was truly a ” White Christmas” with snow flakes and all. For somebody that came from the tropics, it was like seeing Santa!

My son was having an awesome time. I know when he is having a blast because instead of walking, I would catch him skipping or jumping like this one in the photo.

We met a couple of firemen. My son always admire them for what they do. To him they are heroes and they truly are. He used to go down the pole at our nearby park and pretend that he is Fireman Sam.

Off we went to the petting zoo area. We saw a donkey, a couple of chickens , goats and Shaun the sheep.

Meet the giant Iron Man.  He’s humongous!

My wife got herself 2 vintage necklaces and a jade-like ring for $7. She wore them one day to match her dress and she was dazzling. Obviously, I’m her greatest fan.

While his mom was busy at the jewelry area, my son started putting together the pieces of the space ship. He was determined to build his new toy.

As for me, I had a mouth-watering breakfast or “brunch.” I was so hungry that I thought they tasted heavenly. Everything seems to taste good when I’m starving.  I was also able to get a lot of beautiful pictures but more than anything else, I had a wonderful time with my family. The bazaar event was a fun experience. Thanks to my son’s persistence.  It’s also a day where people came together as one community because of their faith and for a cause they believe in. It’s one bazaar that I won’t forget.

On our way home, my son started playing with his cards. Before I went to sleep in preparation for another 12 hour night shift work, I helped my son assemble his spaceship. He was so thrilled when it was all done. He gave me a kiss before I went to bed. When I woke up that afternoon, he was still playing with his Star Wars spaceship. He whispered before I left the house, ” can I have another spaceship for my Birthday?” as he pointed to the other models at the back of the box.

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76 Responses to Can We Go To The Bazaar ?

  1. What a great way to recycle and reuse so much “stuff” that we have. It makes sense to market pre-owned items that are gently used. Looks like a happy, casual shopping experience.

    • It was a fun shopping experience my friend. Best of all, we got to help our Church somehow. It’s great to see a diverse community gather together for a cause and making a difference. Stay blessed always. Thank you.

  2. thirdhandart says:

    It certainly sounds like you and your family had fun while contributing to a worthy cause. And, the price ($13.50) was cheaper than going to the movies.

    • I told my wife after the Bazaar that we should have done it for the past 5 years we’ve been in Texas. It took our son’s interest to discover how fun it was. We also met a lot of friends that day.Thank you.

  3. aRVee says:

    Another great day for your son IT… and to you and to your wife as well. What a way to spend your family time together.

    Stay blessed my friend! Have a great day! :)

    • My friend, it was an enjoyable day for me and my family. I forgot how tired and sleepy I was. Sometimes life’s sweetest moments comes as a surprise when you least expect it to happen.
      Thank you for the visit. Wishing a wonderful day filled with blessings.

  4. nuvofelt says:

    Sounds like a lovely family day. Isn’t it wonderful to see such delight in the eyes of a child.

    • It is a wonderful thing to see delight and happiness in a child’s eye. So pure, so unrestrained, just total surrender to a happy moment. We do need to be reminded at times of how we should embrace each day..Thank you. Have a great weekend.

  5. What a great adventure and for a good cause as well. : )

    • What more can I ask? We had a wonderful time and at the same time we we’re able to support our church. That day, we felt that we were a community, of one family in faith. It was inspiring. Everyone was very helpful and sharing their time, talents and whatever products they can offer. Thank you and have a happy weekend .

  6. I am so glad you shared this event! Our family always enjoy’s Bazaar time as well. It is such a great time of community and it is good to show our children how simple things can be so joyous. Though our Bazaar event has passed, now we are anticipating Oktoberfest! Again, lovely thoughts and photos!

    • Thank you my friend for a generous comment. We were just browsing the activities for Oktoberfest at work. Our co-workers and I are thinking of going to the Balloon festival next week. There’s also the festival in Katy tomorrow. So much fun stuff for Autumn. I wish I can go in all of them but I know that’s going to be impossible. Wishing you and your family the best of everything. Thank you.

  7. cocomino says:

    How nice that your family enjoyed. We also say “Bazaar” in Japanese.
    Every fall there are many kinds of Bazaar. For example it is held in day care, elementary school and a large park.I’ll enjoy them soon. :)

    • I never thought a Bazaar could be this fun. In our church , it is a big event since it’s done only once. There were 4 large tents and it was packed with people and fun activities. Looks like you have you have some exciting Bazaar events in your town as well. It would be nice to see them on your future post. Stay blessed my friend. Best wishes to your family.

  8. john tugano says:

    I admire your patience It as a father.I cant Imagine you can stand that long without having a nap just to make your family especially your son to be happy..I couldn’t ask for more if you’re my Dad..I know someday that your efforts will be much appreciated by your son that in time he will do the same for you..
    The bazaar thing is great huh..Good thing you indulged yourself with that at least you get to enjoy also…nice post as always Bro..

    • Thanks Bro. I wouldn’t trade that day for anything. It brought happy memories for me and my family. There was a time when I was more into work and bringing food to the table but I realized that what my family needs the most, is time and attention. What is money when you don’t enjoy life or find happiness? I may not be rich materially but I’m rich in love from my family. They make each day worth waking up. God bless you my friend . I wish you and your family all the joys in life.

  9. munchow says:

    Thanks for sharing this event.And so great that things can be recycled this way. What really caught my eyes were the pictures. It’s a very strong documentary of the day. The colours in the pictures are so vibrant and emphasizes the almost surreal world the pictures show – all the consumer goods and and things we “need” in our lives. Very nicely done!

    • Thanks for the appreciative comments. I’m honored considering you’re an accomplished photographer. I try to cover as much cause years from now when my memories start failing me, I have this post to remember how beautiful it was. Have a great day.

  10. Judith says:

    Yes you are so right my friend. Families need your time and attention more than they need money in the bank (although that is good too). We discovered this truth when we lived in Montreal. We had more money in the bank than we had ever had before but we saw little or virtually nothing of my husband, So enjoy your time with your family so that you wont ever have to say (as my husband did on one occasion) ‘I missed that”.
    Great post as always. :)

  11. Frank Bishop says:

    Shaun the sheep looks dangerous. Oh sure you think he is cute and cuddly, but that is what he wants you to think before he head-butts you in the nards. I grew up around sheep, you have to watch them. They are sneaky little buggers.

    Great pictures as always. +5 awesomeness for the Star Wars toys.

    • I’ll take that advice about Shaun the sheep. My kid used to watch the show when he was smaller and they seem playful and harmless. Thanks for the warning. Yep, it’s confirmed, my son is a Star Wars fan. It’s actually nice because I get to relieve by childhood likes with him. Stay cool my friend and have a fun weekday!

  12. Your photos of your travels always put a smile on my face. And this post is no different. Wonderful

  13. eof737 says:

    They had quite the stash of goodies at the bazaar… Those barbies are real collectibles and glad they were donated for a good cause… Your son must have been thrilled with the Star Wars gift… lucky boy. Meanwhile, I don’t know how you did it: I was exhausted after looking at all the wonderful pictures you took. :-)
    I’m still catching up on blog comments. Phew!

    • If I have a daughter, I probably would have bought several Barbies. They were collectibles you won’t find at Wal-mart. My son felt like a winner after getting his Star Wars spaceship. How I did it? Well, actually it was taking pictures and observing the days events that kept me awake. I also figured out that this will happen only once this year and I just need to make the most of that day. And yes, I enjoy the whole bazaar experience, thus my enthusiasm. Stay blessed.

  14. Gail says:

    Sounds like another fun day for you and your family. I have never been to a Bazaar so thanks for sharing this. When my boys were little, one liked Batman, the other liked Spiderman. Looks like that would have been a good place to go to find either of those toys (I think I recognized one of the spiderman action figures in one of your pictures- ha ha!). Great post as always!!

    • Yep, Spidey was there too. My son used to be crazy about him but kids go to this phases and now he’s into the Star Wars saga. Funny cause he would talk about Ewok and all and I remember that I was also crazy about them as a boy. I guess it’s timeless. Thank you my friend for the comment and God bless you and your family always.

  15. Connie T says:

    This sounds like a wonderful day with your children.

  16. jakesprinter says:

    Great family day :)

  17. jhirzel88 says:

    I remember going to church and then afterward, there was a buffet. I don’t remember going to any bazaars. There was one time when I was around 15 when I just couldn’t wait to have some food. Once it happened, I felt like I was having so much more fun picking out what items I wanted.

    Star Wars was never a big thing for me. However, my sister used to love Barbies. I hated always having to play with her, although sometimes I would have so much fun playing with her barbie clothes. She also had games that the barbies would play at the barbie house.

    I liked the Wizard of Oz. I remember the first time I saw the witch appear in the movie. It was exciting to see. I never saw anything scary about it, except when she acted threatening against Dorothy. I thought the witch looked typical, like a witch should look.

    • Good for you that you didn’t get scared of the witch. I now enjoy watching shows with supernatural theme but not as a little boy. As my son says it, ” it freaked me out!” ha, ha, ha….Thanks for sharing….I enjoyed reading them. Best wishes to you and your family.

  18. Looks like you all had a great day! The photos are wonderful.
    Have a blessed week :)

  19. Sony Fugaban says:

    So this is the Bazaar you told me about … Interesting. How I wish I was also there when you and your family were busy buying some stuff. I can just imagine how enjoyable this bazzar was as seen on the way you narrated what transpired that day. What a blast I must say. I’m sure all the money in my pocket will disappear with those vintage cars at once. I can’t help but feel envious with your son because of the two yellow toy cars there. I have a thing with yellow cars since they really shine for me. Take note, I only like the color yellow if it’s on cars only though. Yellow cars are really attractive and for sure that’d be the color of the car I’ll if fate permits me to have one in the future. Hehe …

    God bless you and your family.

    • Yes, Sony…yellow cars it is! It’s funny cause when I saw the cars , I thought about your post on cars. I was thinking of getting one for you but no rush, there’s more bazaars to come. My son used to collect cars but now he is a lego fanatic . It’s more expensive so I usually get him one on special occassions. I was a bit deprive of toys too when I was a boy and I get a special treat on Christmas and my Birthday but I had lots of siblings so that kept me busy. Stay cool always my friend and may God shower you and your family with endless blessings.

  20. Sony Fugaban says:

    … I’ll buy …

  21. My mom was a big-time “garage saler,” a term she used to encompass hitting up thrift stores, garage sales and Dumpsters. Seeing these pictures and reading about the correlated experiences filled me with a rush of happy memories, as if my mom was sitting with me and enjoying it, too. What a perfect last entry to read before tucking in for a few hours of sleep! Thanks and happy Sunday to you and yours.

    • Thanks my friend. I’m glad that it brought you sweet memories of your mom. When I read your posts, it shows how much you love and miss her. I think it’s a beautiful thing that we buy and patronize recycle stuff. It’s great on the environment and on the pocket plus if it’s for a cause, it’s going to a charity that’s is making a difference. Wishing you and your family love and happiness.

  22. Louise says:

    I LOVE a good bazaar! It us so exciting to find treasures among all the items. I am sure your son will remember this day forever.


    • Thanks Louise. I used to go to thrift shops with my wife . I thought it was fun but when with the bazaar, it’s way better. It’s a great way to meet friends too. Have a blessed day my friend. Looks like you and your family had a fun time yourself visiting the beautiful vineyard.

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  24. What a beautiful way to spend time with the family! It really makes a difference knowing that it was all for a good cause. It sure looks like everyone had a wonderful time. By the way, I like The Wizard of Oz too! It’s a timeless classic that transcends the generations (and very scary). Thanks for sharing your lovely day. Best wishes to you and your family. :)

    • Thanks my friend and sorry for the delayed response. I was in galveston this weekend. It’s my gift to my son for his 6th Birthday and then he got sick today as well as I had to go back to work. Now I can catch up. Thank for the beautiful and generous comments. As always, I value and cherish them whole heartedly. I’m glad you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed making and sharing them. Wishing you and your family peace , love and happiness.

  25. You have, totaly, demonstrated what being a parent is. The sacrifices we make as a parent are, sometimes, not as visible to other especially older children. These types of sacrifices are what parenting is about. Not the text book examples but the real life situations that come up and we aren’t always that happy about doing them but we do them despite how we feel becuase we love our children and we want them to be happy.
    The treasures that you found were marvelous but the greatest treasure of all was the beautiful memory you created in a little boys mind. He will forever be a better human being on this planet because of it. You are a very special Dad. You win the award if there were one.
    Well done ,

    • Thanks Isadora. That is one ” beyond words” comment . I hope and pray that he will remember and treasure these moments. I hope too that he will grow up compassionate , generous , wise , respectful, God-fearing. I was never a text book dad. I would probably fail the test but I try my best on a day to day basis. I agree with you too that real parenthood is not the same as the one they describe in the text book. We learn as we go along but what matters the most is that we love our kids and that we will do anything for their betterment. My friend, I wish you and your family all the sweet blessings in life.

  26. auntyuta says:

    It’s just great the way you share your experiences and how you show us how to enjoy life and love our families. Wonderful writing of yours and wonderful pictures to go with it. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks my friend. I woke up one day realizing I wasn’t living the life I dreamt for myself and my family. After that I try to enjoy each chance with my family. To live in live, happiness, even in peace. There’s problems everyday but I chose not to be affected by it. I try my best to fix it and if I don’t I try again but when given the oppurtunity to have fun and make great memories, I will celebrate them in a heartbeat. We are not going to live forever. We embrace the joys we have now. Thank you for the comments and God bless you too and your family.

  27. The T says:

    What a great dad you are…I felt the excitement of your son while reading… the power of words is amazing… the power of being a solid human? even better…


    • Yep, my man. Words can be powerful and moving. Your posts does the same thing. The words jumps and brings excitement. We all live different lives that are just as exciting. You have the fun filled promises of the New Zealand coast , its island and the amazing people you meet. I have my suburbian family life and escapes to the beach. Either way we all try to truly live them to the fullest. Happiness should be a daily event, so are fun and excitement, whichever how we do it. Have a great day and thanks again for being your cool self!

  28. Enjoyed the pictures and descriptions of your day. It’s been years since I’ve visited a bazaar and have always enjoyed examining all the second-hand items and guessing the history behind them. It’s fun to revisit these experiences through the eyes of our kids.

    • It is amazing how kids can unlock the memories of our childhood even relive them like we never aged. My son gives me a reason to smile, laugh perhaps even giggle whenever we enter his world of play and funny stories. The bazaar was idea and I was blessed to be a part of it. Thank you and wishing you an awesome days ahead.

  29. Tammy says:

    Think about how much better you slept having done all that! i think those events are a lot of fun every now and then.

    • Yes, I had a great sleep that day and a wonderful and fun story to tell to my friends when I went to work. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to enjoy the sweet things in life. I owe it to my son for showing me how to see life in an exciting and adventurous way. Thank you and have a beautiful day.

  30. ceceliafutch says:

    I haven’t been to a bazaar since I was a little kid. It sounds like y’all had a grand time, and it brought back memories for me, too. Blessings to you.

    • I’m happy to know that it brought you wonderful memories. This is the great part of blogging, we get to see fun and excitement through another bloggers experience and perspective. I too enjoyed each stories you share. Always inspiring. Thank you and have a blessed day my friend.

  31. hawleywood40 says:

    What a wonderful event! Your story here reminded me of going to local flea markets with my family when I was younger. They had everything there – it was like a carnival of experience for a kid! I even remember them selling pets like hermit crabs. And the food was always delcious. Thanks for sharing your day with us and for bringing back some wonderful memories : ).

    • Your welcome Hawley. Stories like this always brings forth fun and joy. It’s like entering a toy store only cheaper, bigger, has many varieties, has an awesome crowd, great food and excitingly festive. Thank you for the comment. Have a wonderful weekday…

  32. A beautiful and heartwarming post, Island. Thank you for sharing this special experience with us. Brought back special memories of when I took my children to their school’s bazaar. And I can certainly relate to the 12 hour shifts, night and day. By the grace of God I got through many 8 and 12 hour shifts while working in a medical laboratory for 8 years. May the grace of God be always upon you and your family.

    • Thank you for sharing about your family. It was a joy to read them. I work hard… Had too but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life and celebrate them with my family. Life is too short to miss moments like these. A blessed day to you and your family. Thank you for a beautiful comment.

  33. thedailydish says:

    I LOVE yards sales, bazaars, thrift shops – nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding a treasure on the cheap! So glad your son got such a special toy & your wife some lovely jewelry. And that you survived on next-to-no sleep! You are a trooper! :)

    • You are like me and my wife. We both enjoy making the most of our money, finding treasures on those that others have discarded or has given away or having a blast on finding beautiful items on sales and clearance section. There is beauty and potential in all things, we just need to be find time in looking for them. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family.

  34. Patti Kuche says:

    Wow, what a fabulous day! Thank you so much for a lovely trip down memory lane and the fun my boys have always had from Star Wars, which only seems like yesterday. Wonderful to know that such pleasure is enough to lift you out of the fug of exhaustion from all your hard work!

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