Liebster Award

A Time To Give Back

It’s the Christmas season. It’s a time to give, share and bring happiness to those who stood by us in our journeys in life. I have long meant to share this award but for some reason I wasn’t able to. My apologies to those who shared them to me generously. Thank you to, and I’m honored for the recognition and it will always serve to motivate me to keep making posts that brings joy and inspiration to others.

What’s A Liebster Award?

A Liebster Blog Award is given to talented bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is a German word that means “Dearest” or “Beloved.” It also means ” Favorite .” So, in a way the award not only recognizes these bloggers as amazingly gifted in their own right but also as your very own personal favorites.

The only thing that I think limits the award from being used to its fullest potential is that it has rules. I never like rules. I follow them so I won’t get into trouble but if I’m to make my own rules, I would not give limits to how much this award or any award for that matter can inspire and motivate another blogger.

The Rules Of The Liebster Award:
1) Thank the fellow blogger who awarded it to you.
2) Link back to the said blogger who shared the award.
3) Post the award on your blog.
4) Pick 5 other blogs you want to recognise.
5) Visit the 5 bloggers and let them know that they receive the award.

I initially planned to share them to 15 people ( 5X3 ) but since it’s the Season of Christmas and gift giving, I decided to give it to my  blogroll friends who inspired me with their thoughts and heart on the last 10 pages of my comment section. I also bypassed the “less than 200 followers” rule since we all are in the spirit of giving.

These blogger friends brighten my day and brought a smile to my face with each words of appreciation and encouragement. This is my way of thanking them for being a part of “this man’s journey” and for sharing their path with me.

I invite you to visit their blog, not just to discover the amazing posts they made but more importantly to find a treasure of a friend in them that you can connect.

The Awardees Are:

I wish everyone an advance Merry Christmas. My this wonderful season bring you and your family happiness, love, peace, good health and a life of contentment.

Thank you for a great year of discoveries and adventures, of shared thoughts, of meaningful virtual connectedness and friendship. It has been an amazing 2011 with so much learning and treasured events. May the year 2012 be just as awesome if not more than this year for all of us. Stay blessed my friends…


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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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117 Responses to Liebster Award

  1. aRVee says:

    Cheers to all your blogging friends IT and I wish you and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Stay blessed too :)

  2. rutheh says:

    Thanks for the Liebster Blog award this morning. It is nice to be thought of this time of year and awaken to this news. That is quite a list of blogs to check out. I will have to figure out how to post the award on my blog! Cheers to you and thank you for the heartfelt greetings for the new year.
    Wishing you well.

    • Your welcome. It’s an honor and a joy to come across your blog and the one on the list . I wish I could add more. So much talented bloggers out there. Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful holidays.

  3. wolke205 says:

    Congrats my friend & you are so right with what you have wrote. I will check out some more bloggers of your blogroll. Cheers to you. Have a blessed Christmas time with your family <3

  4. cocomino says:

    Congrats! Thank you for listing my blog. You are great my friend. :)

  5. Thank you so much for listing my blog. I had started looking forward for comments from you on all my new entries but this is toooooo good. You made my day!

  6. Congrats on your blogging award!

  7. aame says:

    Such a nice gesture ! Congrats and Merry Christmas :) :)

  8. You’re a generous soul, Island Traveler. Wishing you and your dear family a delightful holiday season!

  9. RVingGirl says:

    Well deserved………have a wonderful and God-filled Christmas.

  10. Louise says:

    Island Traveler, my fellow kindred spirit. You deserve the award for your positive blogging. I really look forward to your posts.

    Thank you for bestowing to me the Liebster Award. I will pass it on with pride.


  11. thirdhandart says:

    Congratulations on receiving the Liebster Blog Award! May this holiday season bring you and your wonderful family happiness, love, good health and peace.

    • You always bring forth the sweetest and generous comments. I wish for the same wonderful thoughts for you and your family. May our days be filled with inspiration and good things. Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful holidays.

  12. What a nice post and an impressive list. Congrats on the award too, well deserved!

  13. Arindam says:

    Congrats to you. :)
    Thanks a lot Bro for this award & the mention . :)
    I am glad that you choose my blog to be in that list. I will visit these blogs you mentioned for sure. Best wishes to you and all my fellow bloggers.

    • Your are always welcome. Those blogger list are true friends in the cyber world. Each one is unique and offers their very own special brand of blogging. Diverse and super cool! They are always supportive and gives inspiration.

  14. RVingGirl says:

    Awe, thanks for including my blog. You did not have to do that. But again thanks. Can hardly wait to check out the others. some I already follow…ok so one but I intend to look into the others.
    Bless you.

    • The best gift we can give each other this Christmas is the precious gift of friendship. I was and still is more than happy to share the award. I wish I could have added more. I guess in the end what matters is the sincerity of the gesture. Wishing you and your family a memorable and wonderful holidays.

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  16. Congratulations on your award and thank you very much for including us in your picks for gifting this award.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    God Bless you!

    • I’m happy that you like my gift. It’s my way of thanking you for being such a generous blogger friend. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday filled with love and happiness.

  17. I LOVE this blog.. and can’t wait to see what you have in store for the year of 2012. And I have to say THANK YOU.. to you my friend. I am honored to receive this award from you. Here’s to a wonderful New Year.. *Cheers*

    • Here’s to an awesome 2011 and a more awesome 2012. It is my joy to have known you and your beautiful, super stunning Blog. It’s a blog that celebrates all the wonderful things in life. Merry Christmas my friend.

  18. mysterycoach says:

    Congratulations to you! I”m so surprised to see my blog up here … thank you very much! Oh my goodness I have no idea how to do this! LOL :)

    Thank you :) I do enjoy your blog very much.


    • Take your time. It took me a while to finish the post too. It’s a great way to celebrate friendship and meet new blogger friends. Congratulations. You deserve every bit of the honor. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

      • mysterycoach says:

        Whoa! I’m sorry I just saw this today. heh… I have to get cracking with this, I’m apparently techinically challenged. LOL :)

        Thank you :) s’very nice. And Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

  19. First, IT, thank you for the nod and the mention. Your recognition inspires me again.
    Second, I was just nominated by Dianna at “these days of mine” for the 7×7. I’m going to use it to reflect on my favorite posts over the past year: most beautiful, most popular, most controversial, most pride worthy, etc. I will post this news tomorrow and pass it on to you as well. Let me suggest you use this 7×7 as one of your final posts of the year to use to reflect on your year of blogging listing your favorites. Since I just met you over the summer, I know I have missed some and it would be fun to hear which are your favorites…although, because you pour so much love into each one…how could one choose? I hope you will consider this little proposal.

    • Thank you for the recognition. More than anything else, thank you for the inspiration and friendship. Yes, I will make it as one of my final post before I finally say good bye to 2011. Can’t believe that this year is about to end. One of the good things that happened this Summer is knowing another Texan who celebrates life and love in the most beautiful way. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  20. auntyuta says:

    Thank you for including me in your Liebster Award

  21. barb19 says:

    Thank you for including me in the list IT, much appreciated, and I like the way you have dealt with the Liebster Award (I hate rules too)!
    Whilst I am here, I want to thank you for being a loyal follower of my blog, and for your most generous comments.

    • I was never good with rules. I kind of bend them most of the times. And to me awards are something that needs to be shared . I was lucky it’s Christmas and I can twist the rules a bit . I don’t forget people who shared my path and who inspired me along the way. Happy Holidays.

  22. Frank Bishop says:

    Happy Holidays and thank you for the award.I think this is my first time being given an award.

    • Your works are amazing Frank. You write so well that it inspires me to be better with my own writing. You also bring fun and humor in your posts every time. Have a wonderful Holidays my friend.

  23. eof737 says:

    Congratulations and Thank You for the mention!!! You are deserving of many more gifts as you have always supported us even when we slacked off because of life’s demands… I appreciate you and your blog and all the wonderful things you share and do with your family. I hate rules too and that line made me smile. :lol:
    Mega Thanks!

    • Thank you. You were one of the first bloggers who inspired and supported me through your words of wisdom and encouragement. Though I started from scratch, it was made easier because of blogger friends like you. Wishing you and your family a blessed and merry holidays.

  24. Northern Narratives says:

    Congratulations to you for a well-deserved award! And thank you so much for listing my blog. You will never know how many times you have brought a smile to my face with your wonderful writings and photos. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family. from Judy in Minnesota

    • Judy, those words sounded like the most beautiful Christmas songs I’d been hearing lately. Thank you. Christmas is all about love and sharing among family and friends. And in the blogger world, there too exist a kind of friendship that goes beyond walls and rules. Thank you for being you. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  25. Fergiemoto says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved award! I enjoy reading your postings!

  26. Sony Fugaban says:

    The Aura up there is so good! He gave an advance birthday gift last September and now, another one for Christmas. What can I say? … Merci!

    • Good things comes in succession and with Christmas around the corner anything is possible. Merry Christmas, Bro to you and your family….

    • You deserve it my friend. I wish I could have given it sooner. I had been busy with work and family. But it’s Christmas and it’s the best time share the good things we have. Thanks for being a part of “this man’s journey.” Best wishes to you and your family.

  27. eva626 says:

    Happy holidays…great blog. you deserved the award! and thanks for awarding it to me too! lol

  28. misswhiplash says:

    Thank you so much IT… I shall have great pleasure in passing it on, but only to a few…What a lot you did it must have taken ages!!!

    Love you and God Bless you all too.!

    • Yep, it took ages for me. It was one hard post to make but now I’m glad that I did. It’s one of the best Christmas gift I can part to to my blogger friends. I hope it’s something that will bring them cheers and inspiration . Thanks for the friendship.

  29. jakesprinter says:

    Two Thumbs up for all my co bloggers here :)

  30. Fox@n says:

    Thanks My Friend. And Congrats to you as well.

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  31. Fox@n says:

    DELETE THAT 4 ME^^^^^^
    My thing didn’t come out the way it should have.
    Thanks and Congrats man. Happy Holidays.

  32. zumpoems says:

    Island Traveler! Congratulations! Also thanks for posting links for these other sites. Look forward to exploring some this weekend. Also, appreciate that you included me in the links! Thanks very much!

  33. Patti Kuche says:

    IT, Congratulations to you on your well deserved award and thank you so much for the pleasure you give with your journey. Thank you also for the award from you, to be included in such company- what a wonderful start to the day! All best to you!

    • One thing I learned from blogging is that it’s not about the numbers that matters in the end but on the how much meaningful friendship you made in your journey. If I have to look back at the comments and responses, my heart feels joy knowing people took their time , mind and heart to share a piece of themselves. To me these are awards in themselves. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you.

  34. Congrats again my friend! Also, congratulations to my fellow bloggers on the list. I am officially giving you a new name for the holiday season. Your new name is “Santa.” Ha! Ha! Seriously though, that is very kind of you to mention me. One of the reasons that I decided to no longer accept awards was because it was too hard to pick just five bloggers. It’s an honor to receive the award, but it sure is tough trying to pick my favorites. I have so many favorites! I see that you feel the same way. I also see that you have resolved that dilemma! Ha! Ha! I like how you made your own rules. So, thanks very much. It’s great to have you as my blogging friend. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Note: More greetings coming your way! :)

    • You are true to your name “wordswithpurpose.” In fact, these words gives encouragement, inspiration and motivation. I wish I could give more, share more. Blogger friends like you, supported me all this time and I’m always grateful. I wish you and your family a memorable Christmas filled with love , hope, joy and peace!

  35. MOL says:

    Thank you for your vote of confidence!

  36. semprevento says:

    What a wonderful blog!
    How do I follow them all?
    I follow the pictures, and I see places that I will never see.
    I love this award! What an honor!
    I’ll never in America, Canada, Japan, Africa, England
    Normandy, but vitrualmente you gave me the opportunity to embrace the world.
    Thank you, this undeserved prize, which helps me to discover how wonderful to communicate through images.
    I hope that google translator has translated well to my words.
    I do not know English and who knows what schiocchezze write ….
    It ‘a real pleasure and honor to have met you and your wonderful family.
    One of these days the public photos of the cathedral of Pisa, the leaning tower restored and resplendent.
    A huge kiss from Italy (Tuscany)
    I’ll leave you a photo ..
    is my daughter, I’ve played around ‘with the colors … but that’s what I have to say thank you!

    • Beautiful my friend. I don’t speak Italian but you images speaks of a universal language that easily touches the heard and stirs the mind. And then there’s the “translate” postion of Word Press which helps immensely. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your talents , thoughts and heart with us. I get to see the amazing part of your country through you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  37. ristinw says:

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family! :D

  38. Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much for the Liebster Award. What a very special holiday gift; and it’s just my size and color too!

    I send a prayer of peace and joy to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  39. yen says:

    Wow! I didn’t know I had an award until I saw my Stats referrer. Thank you very much, Island Traveler. I pray that the love of Jesus and His peace that passes all understanding and His joy fill your heart and your family’s this Christmas season and the days to come! You are blessed.

    • “I pray that the love of Jesus and His peace that passes all understanding and His joy fill your heart and your family’s this Christmas season and the days to come! You are blessed.” I needed to hear this at a time when my family and I are going through a hard time. Those key words ” love, peace, joy and blessed, ” are the secrets to a happy and contented life. I wish the same good tidings to you and your love ones. Merry Christmas and God bless you always.

  40. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    Oh I can’t believe it’s so many days since you gave me the heads-up – the link – on my site & I haven’t yet said thanks! I am totally totally honoured. You know, these awards they do go round & round but they still have meaning because it means a blogger has THOUGHT OF the works of another blogger, the heart & meaning of another blogger, & then they choose that blogger. For that – oh yeah, & ’tis the season to be jolly & generous – for that I thank you Island Traveller.

    I thank you for dropping in & seeing my videos, reading my words, & your comments. Sincere best to you too. I accept! Now… to do with it….

    • “…it means a blogger has THOUGHT OF the works of another blogger, the heart & meaning of another blogger, & then they choose that blogger. ” Well said my friend. This awards will continue to be meaningful because we give our heart and thoughts in it. It comes out with the sincerest intentions to recognize someone who inspired us and that alone makes awards like this worth passing on. If I made even one person smile because of it then the effort is worth it all. Merry Christmas to you and your son. I pray that you will be surrounded with love , peace and happiness.

  41. Angeline M says:

    Thanks so much for the award IT! I am honored and will follow through with the requirements over the weekend. Came back from Kauai with a little GI bug so I’m slowly working through all the posts written, and catchiing up on reading other’s posts as well.

    Have a merry and happy holiday season!

  42. jbheronneau says:

    Thank you very much… Some sun during a rainy day :)

    It’s a great idea this liebster award… Congratulation to you for that!!!

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  44. munchow says:

    Thanks for the list of new blogs to check out. Great!

  45. judithhb says:

    Thank you for including me in this list. I really appreciate it but who to pass it on to when there are so many great blogs out there? And Christmas greetings to you and your family. I am sure we will interact again before the day but just in case..

  46. thedailydish says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, IT! And thanks so much for the lovely gift!

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  49. Congratulations and all that wonderful stuff … so very well deserved. I am honored with your generosity in naming me as one of the recepients of this wonderful blog award. I am always humbled by anyone who believes that my words deserve recognition. I hope to catch up with all of the postings I have missed and will be looking forward to visiting the many blog names you have listed here. I will get to all as all are derserving of readership.
    May your holiday season be filled with all the magical things that this season holds. I hope that your family is blessed with overwhelming good health, joy and Christmas spirit. May all of your children’s Santa dreams come true … and may baby Jesus bestow upon your household a blanket of love for all to find comfort in.
    Blessings to you and yours …..

  50. mysterycoach says:

    Congratulations!!!! :) ! Thank you for listing my blog here, it’s a very nice surprise. :)

  51. jhirzel88 says:

    Oh my gosh! You have given me this award. I will take it respectfully. I have a commitment to blog about this. I am going to award you the Liebster award as well. Oh man, it’s going to be so hard to award 5 bloggers. So far, I have only visited several bloggers. I don’t blog as much as I used to. I’ve been so busy with finals that I couldn’t even get on the computer much.

    There is one blogger that I would like to mention, but I haven’t seen her blog in about a year. I never commented on any of her blogs. I’m so shy to do that, I couldn’t POSSIBLY do that. I’ll exempt the 200 followers rule, because, like you said, it’s all about the time and the effort people put to feel more included.

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  53. Merry Christmas Island Traveler and congratulations on your Liebster Blog Award! You most definitely deserve it. Your words are inspirational and you are a true blog friend. Thank you also for listing my blog to receive the award. I have passed it on to 5 fellow bloggers but I have also mentioned a special thank you to you at this post: I enjoy stopping by your blog to read your words and see your beautiful photos. I also enjoy your visits and appreciate your support of my blog. So thank you for this wonderful gift! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season full of love, peace, and joy. Blessings to you, Vanessa

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    • Thank you and congratulations my friend. What a great way to end the year in our blogger world. Yes, this awards gave doors to new found friendship and created a bond to existing ones. It’s a generous gesture, acknowledging the talents and gifts of our blogger friends who never cease to inspire and motivate us. I was a total beginner when I started last March of 2011 but I learned through time what the Blog world is all about….thanks again to my blogger friends. Thank you for the mention and the visit. Now you are part of my blog’s journey and me to yours. A toast to an amazing 2012 ahead. Stay blessed.

    • Thank you for the mention. Congratulations. Wishing you a bountiful and inspiring 2012.

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    • Friendship are like precious stones. Once you find them, you treasure and admire them for their rare and beautiful value. I will sure continue the friendship this new year and the days thereafter. It’s a pleasure to know you my friend!

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