Two Subjects Meant To Fall In Love

It’s a mystery how two people from different places and walks of life are drawn by destiny to meet each other and fall in love. It’s also a mystery how fate changes someones dream into something totally unexpected. Something more meaningful with happiness beyond expectations. Happiness not measured by material wealth but by abundant unconditional love.

Destiny has its way of finding two totally different people to walk one life journey together.

A beautiful pianist in her 20′s engaged to a young doctor who left Manila to prepare their future together in the United States in the late 60′s thought she had a romance made in heaven. She believed her destiny was to raise a family in the land of opportunity. To be a part of the so-called “American Dream.”

A simple country man whose peaceful life filled with adventure and possibilities was suddenly shaken by a love struck, obsessed ex girlfriend’s aggressive behaviour. He left for Manila escaping the threat of being hurt by a knife and a shotgun.

No one can control what tomorrow brings. We can wake up the next day and everything we planned in our life could changed including love and relationship.

Both the pianist and the country man attended a relative’s party. They met for the first time. There was some attraction but nothing major. They also thought that nothing will come out of it since they were “third cousins.” Unknown to them, their parents were actually brewing something that would change their lives forever.

A few months later, love blossomed. What was initially an arranged marriage which by the way can lead to disastrous results, turned out to be a love destiny had in store for these two young souls.

The hardest task for the pianist was telling her boyfriend in the U.S. that she had to end their relationship. It broke her heart when she told him it’s over. She had to choose between him and the wish of her aging parents whom she love so much. She was afraid that something terrible will happen to them if she leave them behind. But beyond those fears, she felt in her heart that something beautiful was about to happen.

Wedding came. The pianist walked down the aisle nervously. She asked herself, “Is it possible to fall in love this quick to someone she barely knew? Do I know anything about country life? Am I ready for this? Am I ready to give up everything and jump into the unknown? Am I ready for this at all?”

He looked into her eyes. He knew with all his heart that she is the one. The one destiny has saved for him. He heard the priest say, “you may kiss the bride.” As he kissed her nervously, he knew in his heart he found forever with her. For a moment, the world froze and the only people around was him and his beautiful bride. It felt like magic. It was and still is magical to this very day.

42 years after, two subjects coming from different worlds are just as in love the day destiny drew them together. They’d been through many storms in life and came out victorious because they’re love gave them the strength to overcome the odds. The were each other’s inspiration everyday.

Their love inspired me to follow my heart’s passion.

Today, their love continues to bring joy and light to those around them particularly to their 6 kids and 11 grandkids. Their love story inspired their children to pursue love with as much passion as their parents. A love that will serve as a legacy to be treasured and celebrated for many years to come.

This is the love story of my parents. Two people so different yet whose hearts beat as one. Two people whose love keeps on blossoming until today.

What is that one love story that inspired you to love and listen to your heart? Whatever it is, let love guide you in your journey.

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A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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116 Responses to Two Subjects Meant To Fall In Love

  1. Arindam says:

    Beautiful! :) Bro from where you get these words & emotions; which always transmit to each one of us. Your parent’s love story is extra ordinary and an inspiring one.
    The most beautiful line of this post is- “The were each other’s inspiration everyday.” I will completely agree with you on this. A journey looks beautiful only if two people will bring inspiration to each others life. Great post bro. Simply Awesome! Best wishes to you & your really wonderful family. :)

    • Thanks Arindam. My parents, so are my in-laws gives me a reason and example to feel inspired. They even give me hope that all will end well in the end. That happiness is all about celebrating the love of the people in our lives. That I can walk my journey with my love ones at my side, no matter what. Be blessed Bro always.

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  3. This is really the most beautiful post I’ve read in a long time. And a super addition to this weeks challenge! Lovely!

    • Thank you Jennifer. That meant a lot. I think love and joy should be shared and should be handed down to as many people as possible. Wouldn’t it be a great world when people wake each day feeling that way?

  4. fgassette says:

    Very beautiful, encouraging and inspirational. Your parents have given you and your family a beautiful legacy to follow.


    • Everyday, when I think of all the goodness I received, of the people who loves me despite of everything else that happened in the past, I do feel blessed and forever grateful. Riches is not measured by how much gold a man has but on how much people who loves him and will stick with him till the end. Thank you for a wonderful sharing. Have a blessed day my friend…take care.

  5. tjsagain says:

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  6. likeitiz says:

    Lovely story. It is always interesting how things work out in the end. May your parents enjoy each other for many more years!

    • Thanks you my friend. It is interesting how things work out in the end. Makes us believe that there is a higher force that looks after us. that no matter how crazy our lives may be, in the end, orderliness and peace will come, so is happiness and love. Have a blessed day…

  7. Sunshine says:

    I never can say it enough . . . simply beautiful words you weave together to bring such joy to the world. Thank you!! :)
    ~Blessings to your parents and your loved ones~

  8. Cheryl says:

    A beautiful love story, Mr. B!

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  10. Northern Narratives says:

    My favorite part is “Their love inspired me to follow my heart’s passion.” You are very lucky to have such a wonderful family :) Judy

    • Thanks Judy. I owe a lot to my parents. I was a sickly kid and their love and patience I saw everyday when I was growing up. They would even give up their comforts so that me and my other siblings will experience comfort and better future. They showed me the example of “selfless, unconditional love.” For that I will always be grateful.

  11. Patti Kuche says:

    A love story in progress! Truly very touching and so inspiring. That two people have so much love for, and contentment with, each other is true wealth and blessings!

    • Thanks Patti. I guess it’s true how we mirror the things we see and feel around us. I saw my parents love each other all this time and it gives me hope that I too would walk this Earth with my wife at my side until forever, and it also gives me hope that I get to share that love and legacy to my son.

  12. Karen Wan says:

    Thanks for tagging my blog, and this touching love story. It’s beautiful to read about love that lasts!

    • It does. It inspires us that love can last. That there is hope that it can be forever. May not be for everyone but nevertheless it can happen. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for sharing this story. You’ve been inspired by your parents and your words and pictures inspire your many followers.

    • Thank you my friend. I believe that we need to share stories that inspires us, not only it’s a way to show our gratitude but it’s also a great way to inspire others.Every time I read someone’s post, their generous optimism and hope, inspires me to feel the same.

  14. restlessjo says:

    Two lucky people to find each other.

    • Countless individuals are so lucky everyday to find each other. Stories like this reminds us to celebrate the love of our lives. To make sure we tell them how much we love them and how thankful we are for their love for us. Thanks.

  15. Stephen says:

    Thanks for sharing this powerful and inspiring story!

  16. Sonel says:

    Indeed a very beautiful love story island traveler. Love the photo’s! This is indeed how we can all be a true inspiration to everyone around us. Love can conquer so many difficulties for sure. :) Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    • “Love can conquer so many difficulties for sure,” indeed it does my friend Sonel. Love keeps us floating when storm comes, keeps us safe when fear reigns, gives us hope when we fall, strength when we are buried in tears, gives us a reason to smile despite of the grey moments in our life. Take care…and thank you.

  17. Colline says:

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing something that is so precious to your family. I am sure that they are a fine example to everyone.

    • I remember how my older relatives would tell about their love stories during family gatherings but no one wrote about them. When they died and people stopped talking about it, it just vanished like it never happened. So I decided to to start writing about the love stories of my family and hopefully give justice to the love that inspired me and the people around them. Thanks Colline for sharing. Have a beautiful day.

      • Colline says:

        What you say is true. I know that I miss hearing the stories of my grandparents, and even those of my parents (from whom I now live far away).

  18. jakesprinter says:

    Beautiful post my friend truly 2 subjects and inspirational,
    Thanks for adding my theme in the story :)

    • Thanks Jake. Weekly Photo Challenge and Sunday Post are my two favorite weekly challenge. I wanted to say “thank you” to both by making one post. A post about what inspires me and the blessings of love,hope, joy, of family and friends, of dreams that keeps me going everyday. Best wishes to you Bro…

  19. A truly beautiful and inspirational love story that reaches across land and water to bring hope and encouragement to so many. Thank you for sharing your parent’s story. May you and your family continue to have many lovely years together. Be blessed, my Friend!

    • Every time my mom tells me and my sisters her love story, her face would light up with excitement. I wish I wrote something about it before. But it’s never too late right? I think, every person’s love story should be preserved and be retold. This world needs all the love and inspiration it can get. People need to believe again that romance and true love does exist. We just need to give it a chance. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  20. ristinw says:

    What a great day! Inspiring words with amazing pictures!

  21. Beautiful love story. Beautiful legacy. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

  22. Madhu says:

    That is a beautiful, emotional interpretation! Your pictures complement the story!

  23. Beautiful. To me, it is a reminder that we do not have full control of our destinies and that sometimes, this is a good thing.

    I see that you visited my blog. Thank you. I’ll be back. You have a lot of wisdom.

  24. That is simply lovely. & thanks for the pingback :-)

  25. Freedomborn says:

    Enjoyed the story of your parents ,it`s lovely to have that in your life ,and the respect and love you have for them,appreciate and enjoy them while you can.


    • Thanks Ron. My parents are the most generous and loving persons I know. They sacrificed so much for me and my sisters when we were younger so we can have a better future. They made it through the trials in life. Now that I have a family of my own, their story inspires me to face my own trials. To fight for those I love. To overcome the battles ahead. God bless to you and Anne.

  26. eof737 says:

    Excellent shots! As always, you have the best photos and a wonderful message woven into your blog posts. This is touching and I’m grateful we are blog buddies. TY! :-)

    • I am grateful too that you are my blogger Buddy. Your comments always bring sunshine to my day. Full of generous heart-felt thoughts. Thank you and take care always….

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  28. Cassie says:

    Hey Island traveler. Such beautiful pictures! And the text, too. I started to read it and I have to come back tomorrow to finish it – I am too tired right now.

    In the meantime consider yourself tagged! If you want to play that game, please follow my link:

  29. thirdhandart says:

    A very touching, inspiring story… and the photos are gorgeous! Wonderful entry!

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  32. What a beautiful love story your parents created! All their children and grandchildren are fortunate, too, and are blessed by having an example of a wonderful marriage as a model for their own marriages. They are the foundation for a strong loving family.

    I especially LOVE the third photo in your post – breathtaking!

    • Thank you Barbara. Yes, our parents are our first role models. Honestly, I just wish I can at least be a fraction of who they were for me and my siblings. The beach in that photo was indeed beautiful. take care.

  33. Cassie says:

    I told you, I’ll be back. And I had time to not only admire your beautiful photos, but also read every single word. What a beautiful story! And how lucky for your parents and for you, that it is a true one! I believe in love too, so thank you so much for sharing those beautiful words, my friend.

    • Thank you Cassie. We do need to believe that love can be forever although a lot of relationships now don’t last that long and who could be more of an inspiration but our parents or people we know personally whose love survive the test of time. I appreciate the beautiful comments my friend. take care.

  34. Sabina Brave says:

    You made my eyes wet from affection… Thank you for such beautiful story :)

    • Thanks Sabina. That sound so sweet. Love stories of people we know all these years can surprise us…even inspire us.

      • Sabina Brave says:

        Yes, it’s very inspiring. It’s nice to know, that such beautiful love stories can happen in real, not only in books and movies. :)

      • Thanks Sabina. In a world where there’s so much hate, war, misery…we need all the “love” inspiration that we can get. The younger generation , our children needs to see that such joyful feeling and emotion does exist and it can happen today.

  35. auntyuta says:

    JUST BEAUTIFUL: Thanks for sharing.

  36. What a wonderul post! Thanks for sharing this beautiful love story.

  37. What a beautiful piece written here….yes fate funny sometimes — think of all the little chances that had to occur in the world in order for your parents’ paths to be enligned to lead to one another!

    • Thanks Frances. It is mysterious how the path of two people will eventually meet as destiny has planned in the beginning. Like magic…it just happens and everything makes sense.

  38. jeanne says:

    Beautiful story, thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Thanks Jeanne. I think all love stories are beautiful and inspiring. Makes us believe that it happens in real life and not only in the movies…Have a lovely day.

  39. Tammy says:

    I love this story. You wove it beautifully for us and it’s very clear that it is the love which inspires you.

    • Thanks Tammy. I told my wife, “I should have written our family’s love story long time ago.” The love stories of our families should never be forgotten. We should share then to the next generation so love and inspiration doesn’t stop. It will help the young minds to see and believe that Love does exist.

  40. Ok, I’m crying now. Thanks for a beautiful story. Amen to long lasting marriages! Mine were married 50 years before mom passed. Grandparents were married 65 before grandma passed.

    • Thank you Karen . That is one touching and beautiful comment. You are blessed to see you parents so in love for 50 years and your grandparents for 65 years. They would always be an inspiration to us all. Sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. She left a legacy that will always inspire you and those she loved.

  41. Beautiful photos and a beautiful story!

  42. Touching love story. Beautiful photos.

    • Thank you. I heard my mom share this story so many times but every time, it sounds just as exciting and beautiful like the first time I heard it. Love is not just in pages of a book, or blaring on the movie screen. Love is everywhere. In fact, it stares at us for most our days when we are around people we care about.

  43. Jepiner says:

    I like your story telling with those pictures. Nice shots, by the way. It was a beautiful love story worth telling your children and grandchildren in the future. :)

  44. A.M says:

    thanks for the pingback :-)

  45. Stunning – we need more stories that show successes like this – I especially like the one of the two of you.

  46. Ariana says:

    What a story! Beautiful! Just last night I watched Love Etc. – documentary. Along with young couples they were featuring an old couple, who had been married for 50 years and they are still in-love! Very inspiring!

  47. adinparadise says:

    This is such a romantic story, beautifully told and illustrated. ;)

  48. Aw this is such a cute story! And a true one! Blessings to you and your family :) it’s a lovely interpretation of the challenge

  49. orples says:

    What a beautiful story. I have a friend who married a man she’d only known for two weeks and they were perfect together. Sometimes when the heart speaks, we should listen. Sadly my friend’s husband died after about 15 years of marriage, but they had two lovely daughters together, so there were blessings among the tears. Congrats to your parents. I wish them many, many, more happy years together. :)

  50. Vickie says:

    Your writing is beautiful. I hope you are writing a book. Your writing abilities are wonderful. I am an avid reader. I could see your story even without the photos.Thank you for the opportunity to read your writing once again. You have a rare talent for writing. We all want to believe in love somewhere, someplace. That’s why movies like “Notebook”, “Dear John”, and “The Vow are doing so well.”
    Hope, health, and Happiness, Vickie

  51. Imelda says:

    What a sweet story and what lovely pictures. :-)

  52. Vickie says:

    Reblogged this on Real Estate Savant …. Justice for Marcus, a Brain Injured Young Man With Aphasia. and commented:
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    A few weeks ago our subject was about “two subjects”.

    Two Subjects. This “theme” is more of a composition challenge. In the picture above, there are actually two subjects – one in the foreground (the cup), and one in the background (the dog) – both are essential parts of the picture and they each contribute something differently to the photo.

    We each addressed it differently in what it meant to us, our lives, and the photos we had relating to the subject.

    This is how this website addressed the subject. I think you will enjoy it. I know it doesn’t relate to the subject of our website, but it is worth a read.

    • Thank you for sharing my post to your readers.My parents love story inspired me through the years. After seeing them this Summer, I knew that I need to share their radiant story. I hope to share the same glow and joy I see everytime I see them together. It is my dream that one day, I get to share mine to my children. Hopefully the legacy continues through the generations.I’m honored my friend. Have blessed day.

  53. so love this post and what a great love story of your parents…

  54. What a lovely and inspirational story. The photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  55. pattisj says:

    This is a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • I realized who were the first persons to show me what love is and how every love story can have a happy ending, my parents. This is their story. This is their gift to me and my siblings. Thank you pattisj.

  56. yen says:

    Wow, what an inspiring and beautiful love story, Sir! I was so “kilig” just reading it. Simply heartwarming. :)

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