Unfocused To Stay Focus

Sometimes, we may need to be unfocused to see if we are truly on the right path. What may be our goals in the past may not necessarily be the dream we are living in the present.

When I was younger, I was driven by career goals. Back then, success and happiness means getting a lucrative job that pays well and saving as much for my family’s future. It’s not a bad goal. Everyone wants to give their family a better future if not the best. But along the way, I forgot about myself and the other dreams I used to make as a child. I forgot the things and reasons that made me happy when I wake up each morning. I forgot how beautiful it is to chill, to let go, to be silent so I can hear what my heart was trying to scream for such a long time. I forgot that life is meant to be enjoyed, to be savored, to be celebrated as often as I can.

Yes, it took me to unfocused myself on fleeting, superficial material trappings and pursuit to see once again what would make me smile and just be happy with each new day. It wasn’t easy and it will never be easy considering the so many distractions and demands of the world that we all live in. But it sure is worth every ounce of the effort.

The moment I unfocused my self on what the world wants me to believe as essential is the very moment my eyes were opened to what really is important in my life. Now I see things more clearly. And yep, I get to smile once again with each new day knowing the reasons of my joy and meaning are just in front of me.

This week’s photo challenge called “Unfocused” is a great way to see if we are heading on the right direction. Sometimes to see the road clearly, we need to be unfocused on anything that is non-essential.

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A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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108 Responses to Unfocused To Stay Focus

  1. polly says:

    very nice shots

  2. I love this–the pictures, and the idea. I am so glad you found the life you love.

    • I realized during this journey what life I really wanted. Part of me knew about it all along but it took this trip for me to see it clearly. I felt blessed in so many ways. Being around the people I love is all I need….pretty much! Thanks Naomi.

  3. Yes, we need to mine what we have and is right in front of us. Well done, IT.

    • Thanks Georgette. There are so many things this world is trying to make us believe as sources of happiness. Most of which are fleeting and measured by monetary things when the one that really matters are right before us. And they don’t even cost a dime. Just lots of generous love.

  4. FeyGirl says:

    so very true…. ♥

  5. Well put. This hit a personal ‘spot’.
    I love your words and photos. The palm trees with sun and clouds are beautiful. This and more is what I need to get ME on track. At least I think. I hope.

    • I think we all need moments and images like this. There are times when we have questions that once answered gives us peace of mind, and of a journey that help us discover ourselves all over again. Thanks for sharing…

  6. So true. I love all your pictures. I’m reading a book now about Randy Pausch’ The Last Lecture. It’s a must read. If you can’t get hold of the book, just watch his Last lecture on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo. He’s a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and did his last lecture. He’s now dead. Just watch the video and be blessed.

    • That was one of the most moving video I’ve ever seen . Bless his heart. To his last days, he was inspiring people to live their dreams. These words echoed when he said something like, ” I will have fun everyday for as long as I can.” And we all should do the same. Death is like a thief in the night. We don’t know when life will chose to leave us. So, from today till whenever, we need to try to find our happiness , to give happiness. to help as much, to give as much. No regrets, only a sense of fulfillment that we followed our dreams. Dreams that we had since childhood. Thanks Marryl. Be blessed always.

  7. Wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing. And thank you for the pingback. Merci!

  8. Great post – good reminder of what is really important. And thanks for the pingback!

  9. tmso says:

    Interesting take on the theme. I like it. :)

  10. Sunshine says:

    A great message, be unfocused in order to see what is essential . . . something like, to appreciate the main things we need to focus on, we need to spend some time being unfocused. I think I got it . . . thanks! :)
    ~ Have a great week! :)

    • So right my friends, “to appreciate the main things we need to focus on, we need to spend some time being unfocused.” The world offers a lot of non-essential distractions. It’s easy to get lost and loose sight of our real priorities. Thanks Sunshine. It’s always a joy to hear from you.

      • Sunshine says:

        Ahh, and it’s always a joy to read your words! Thanks!! You are definitely NOT a non-essential distraction, sir! :)

  11. Amazing both the the article and the pictures.

  12. Tania says:

    Beautiful and interesting perception of unfocused! Good job there! :D

  13. Gobetween says:

    A very important message in your post, we should all take note and make some changes.

    • Thank you. It helps to reevaluate ourselves, our goals , the important reasons that make us happy as often as possible. It’s easy to be blinded by the glaring influence of the world and what others want us to believe. I wish I did it sooner but it’s never too late for as long as there’s breathe in all of us.

  14. SimplySage says:

    Reading through your blog. Very, very nice writing. Really enjoyed. Thank you for visiting my “place” today and liking my “unfocused” pic.

    • It was a joy to visit your blog. So much treasure to offer. It’s always an exciting feeling to discover blogs that inspires me everyday. Thank you.

  15. Jo Bryant says:

    Everytime I come here I am amazed by your refections on life. I love the images (true)…but mainly I love your thoughts for they also ring a truth for me as well.

    • Thanks Jo. Though we may all be in different places , our thoughts, hope and dreams may not be that different . There’s always a common ground that connects us all.

  16. Sabina Brave says:

    Balance between material and spiritual goals is very important in life.
    I’m always enjoying your posts. Thank you :)

    • Thanks Sabina. You’re right. A balance between the material and spiritual goals should be well balanced. So are the heart, mind , body and soul.

  17. Sonel says:

    What a stunning entry and beautiful post! Thanks for sharing my friend. :)

  18. imexcited says:

    So true! Wonderful post, thanks for sharing :)

  19. cocomino says:

    That’s true. Life should be cerebrated as much as possible. We need to focus the importance of life. Great post. :)

  20. dearrosie says:

    Thank you for sharing these wise words with us IT. We need to stop and think about what’s really important versus what we think is important….

    Your photos are exquisite. If I had to chose one favorite it would be the one looking up at the palm trees and the clouds…

  21. A.M says:

    Totally loved your take on the theme……thanks for the pingback!!

  22. Gilly Gee says:

    This is a lovely post and an interesting take on life :-)

    • Thank you. Events and people, even places of travel can open our eyes once again to what is important in this world. My recent journey opened my eyes and heart to what is happiness is all about. In a way, I felt really blessed that it happened at the right time when I had so much questions in my head.

  23. Yes, sometimes in our pursuit of a better life we lose our original dreams. Well said!

    • Thank you. The Best part is that it’s never too late to steer back on track. That we still have a chance to follow those dreams that will bring meaning, fulfillment and happiness in our lives. It’s never over for as long as we are still breathing.

  24. rommel says:

    Ow IT. You really speak so well. What a great message.

    And, way to go on taking a left turn on the challenge this week.

    Great post!

    • Thanks Bro. I kind of did turn on the left in this week’s challenge. I have a tendency to do that, even in real life.Ha, ha, ha. Thank for the comment and for the mention in your post,” It’s more fun in the Philippines.” By the way, that was an awesome post with pictures that shouts “Fun” in full volume!

  25. pix & kardz says:

    life is an incredible gift, as you say. we are blessed to be here, for sure. thanks for sharing.

    • Your welcome and thank you. Blessings are everywere, we just need see them as one,big or small. Once I started thinking that way, everything seems brighter and more hopeful.

  26. Madhu says:

    Neat post! And thought provoking as usual :-)

  27. Patti Kuche says:

    Sometimes we see more when we close our eyes, and relax . . . thank you for the reminder IT and the beautiful shots which induce that wonderful let go feeling!

  28. justjulia says:

    Very nice entry. I am at the same stage in my life, considering that career, professional success and wealth are not as important as being grateful for any smile of your child or any sunset. Now a believe that I am a really happy person, just because I am not focused upon one single thing in my life. Thanks for the post, it has really touched me!

    • Thank you justjulia. I’m happy for you. We all do deserve to find the reasons for our happiness. And most of the time, it’s the people who inspire us everyday that brings a smile to our days. So, I wish for all of us, with our families all the love and happiness this life has to offer!

  29. likeitiz says:

    Great post! Sounds like you’ve reached some milestones in your life and you’re able to hang back and enjoy the view for a change instead of running around defined by expectations and deadlines.

    • I did. I guess it’s part of turning 40. Several doors opened. I chose the door of simplicity, peace and happiness over the tempting more expensive car, or a bigger house or the latest high tech gadgets. Some may think it’s crazy but it does feel good to sleep well at night knowing you are happy just by being you and all the love you’ll ever need is beside you.Thanks for sharing.

      • likeitiz says:

        Agree wholeheartedly! When the dust settles and the horizon clears, it’s really us and the people who matter to us most.

  30. Arindam says:

    Bro you have written this piece beautifully; with some really beautiful pictures. What I like about you is, you are very practical, hopeful & inspiring person. And this post contains everything. Only a practical man can say, “I forgot that life is meant to be enjoyed, to be savored, to be celebrated as often as I can”. Only a hopeful person can say, “Yes, it took me to unfocused myself on fleeting, superficial material trappings and pursuit to see once again what would make me smile and just be happy with each new day”. And only an inspiring person like you can say, “Sometimes to see the road clearly, we need to be unfocused on anything that is non-essential”.
    As always thank you for this wonderful post bro. :)

    • Thanks Bro. I had so much self discovery last year and during my recent visit to my homeland. There was a time I kept listening to what others definition of success and happiness that I forgot the dreams I used to make when I was younger. Back then, I was an optimist. I want to changed the world for the better. I don’t know how but something inside me was full of hope that I can make a difference. Then came adulthood. For the first time, I ventured into a world which is I realized is not all good and pure. For a long time, I felt like I was in a dark place, just struggling to survive. Thank God, I finally woke up. With faith and love from my families, I embraced optimism and hope once again. Marryll sent me a video of Randy Pausch’s last lecture before he died. His words touched every soul that heard his words. One of which is that he will have fun every chance he gets every minute of every day. He also talked about living our childhood dreams. One day we don’t want to realize that during our last days, we missed so much.

  31. ristinw says:

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful images and precious moments in life here with us. :D

  32. In my post for today I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Sally

  33. Beautiful photos and words as always. Thanks for the reminder to focus on what really matters and stop the rat race so many of us are in. My husband and I are trying to get back to simpler, happier times and focus on our families and less on the materialistic side of life. We are getting older and with that comes wisdom from life experiences. To us, what matters most is love, family, and happiness from simpler yet more important things that money can never buy. My greatest enjoyment comes from family and spending time in nature – letting things slow down to enjoy the moments we have now.

    • I treasure every bit of the beautiful thoughts you just shared. “To us, what matters most is love, family, and happiness from simpler yet more important things that money can never buy.” These are the true secrets of a meaningful and fulfilling life. People can travel all over the world in search for meaning but without love, family , peace and happiness, the emptiness will never be filled. Today is that day to realize the true longings of our soul. Thank you my friend. I wish you all life’s sweet blessings…

  34. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Island Traverler, thank you for the beautiful photography, it was also very good when you shared…. to let go, to be silent so I can hear what my heart was trying to scream for such a long time….. I too had to learn how to do this and as a new Christian, in my heart I heard my Creators words and He said if I wanted to please Him and others…

    I was to Trust in Him with all my heart; and not depend on my own understanding and in all my ways I was to acknowledge Him and He will show me the way to go, the right path to take. Proverbs 3:4-6

    Christian Love Anne.

  35. Thank you Anne. Your words, always comes as a wonderful blessing. There was a time, I felt so close to God. I felt a joy that made me feel like jumping from tremendous inspiration. It was during a time when my life was so humble and simple. I hope and pray to regain that feeling and way of life. I believe everyone deserves a second chance to change for the better. “I was to Trust in Him with all my heart; and not depend on my own understanding and in all my ways I was to acknowledge Him and He will show me the way to go, the right path to take.” These words will forever hold true for all. God bless you and Ron.

    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi again Island Traverler, God has not stopped Loving you anymore then you would or could stop Loving your son, even if he ignored you, yes you would feel heart breakingly hurt but you would still Love him, he is part of you and you are part of God and His Love is far greator then our human love.

      You said you feel you are far from God but that is not True because you are longing to be in close fellowship with Him again, so what’s the block? I would like to share with you about the time when I lost my way and how that happened but it is a lot of detail so instead I will leave you a link it was how God became real to me again and I changed from walking in darkness to light.


      Christian Love Anne.

  36. riz says:

    Man! So true! Sometimes, I find myself just fighting hard to regain that stillness and simplicity. It’s a wonderful thing when we break through a place where we’re released from clutter and we rediscover what’s truly essential. To “unfocus” so to speak ‘coz as the Little Prince said, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” :D

    • The little Prince is wise . What is essential is invisible to the eyes but we know it is there because we feel it in ous hearts. Thanks for sharing. Just wonderful words that made me smile.

  37. How true… we get too caught up with always wanting more and forgetting to enjoy what we have while we have it.

  38. Very true indeed! Sometimes, we just need to step back and look at the big picture in order to re-focus on something…a goal, a dream, etc. I’m not a great photographer like you but maybe it can be compared to photography? Look at a scene as a wider picture and not focus on anything until you find something in that “frame” to focus on…then snap the photo.

    • Like life and all that we see, these words are just so true, “Look at a scene as a wider picture and not focus on anything until you find something in that “frame” to focus on…then snap the photo.” Whether snapping a photo or grabbing life’s right choices, these thoughts are clear as a brand new day. Thank you.

  39. munchow says:

    It’s a great sentiment – to unfocus to stay focused. I makes complete sense to me. It’s like stepping to the side to get a better view, or letting go of a thought pattern that has turned the wrong way. It’s so easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty routines of daily life that we lose sight of the real purpose of life. And particularly today there are so many distractions and unnecessary demands from everywhere, that it takes a bit of unfocusing to set the mind in the right direction. Great post, my friend.

    • Thanks Munchow. This is why I enjoy the weekly post. It gives me a moment to think , reflect, to reevaluate. There more than just images. They are part of my past events and the hopes I wish to make. Have a great weekend my friend.

  40. Ron says:

    Focus on one wordly thing all the time can be boring and time wasteing.and people seem to like to do it, like thinking of and dreaming of making money. As you say its a focus on the non essential..agree .. but how profitable is focusing on our Creator, that is the wealth we need it’s worth is beyond counting.


    • Focusing on God and his plans for us, this should had been and always will be our ultimate goal. The rest are just bonus surprises. Thanks Ron. As always, your words are very inspiring and true.

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  42. aRVee says:

    Looks like your son had a lot fun when you went home… and then I remember how he ask his mom “is it the past” lol, if it’s a song, I have an LSS ’til today, lol

  43. Russ C. says:

    now i got your point. and that’s a very very good point you have in there.
    realizing things really takes a while, doesn’t it?
    this is really a great post. two thumbs up!

  44. Russ C. says:

    Reblogged this on Slinky's Fashion and commented:
    here’s another tip for life, friends. :”> thank you sir for posting this incredible article. ^^ remember: fashion is not only for women, and fashion isn’t just about the clothes. life won’t be complete just because you have good clothes to wear on. attitude should go with the flow, then we realize things. UNFOCUS to FOCUS.

  45. WordPress didn’t post a challenge this week, but wheresmybackpack started an alternate at http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/ – join us!

  46. This is a well thought-out view of the challenge. I enjoyed the fact that you took
    it in another direction. All of the things you speak of take time to get to. Many people
    do not reach those destinations; many people do. I believe it takes inner spiritual growth
    to get in touch with what is really important in life. Great write and entry, as always,

  47. cuhome says:

    What a unique way you’ve found to describe the discovery of clarity!

  48. eof737 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this one… Truly lovely! :-)

  49. jhirzel88 says:

    I made a post about this same thing. How strange! You actually said that your goals can change, just like I did. My career goals have stayed the same though, unlike yours. The only thing that has changed is my personal goals. It is tremendously important to go with what you feel is important based on what you learn and experience. Thanks for that post! I appreciated reading it.

    • Thanks my friend. It is important to go with what you feel based on what you learned and experienced. When you follow your heart guided by logical thinking, chances are, you are heading on the right direction.

  50. Paula says:

    I like the words of wisdom in this post…. Well done Island Traveler!

    • Thank you. That post kind of open my eyes too. Sometimes we realize important things when we write and reflect at the same time.

      • Paula says:

        YES!!! We do it more for ourselves than for the people that will read us :)

      • I agree Paula. The posts we make should be about our journey, our struggles, our joys and happiness. It is a guide to our path, a constant reminder of where we’d been and where we want to be. Our blog is a part of us as much as it becomes a part of others or vice versa. It is about self discovering. It is about being human with all our imperfections. It is about finding answers. It is about focusing on the real thing that will give meaning to our existence. It may sound deep but I think all of us are in a quest, looking for ways to fulfill the void in our hearts. One day, we will find what completes us, may it be family, friends, commnunity, God and faith, work, etc. Thanks for the inspiration.

  51. orples says:

    After reading your post, I just had a dedicate a song to you. This is a fun one that changes a person’s perspective on money (I think). I apologize up front for the intro advertisement, but if you give it a minute, the song is worth it. Smile and be happy, money is only money. :) I agree, life is so much sweeter when you learn to relax, of course you do sometimes have to forfeit some monetary pleasures to enjoy the freebies in life that make it worth living, like the song of a bird, or the sun setting in the evening sky.

    “I threw the rest away” … Tracie Lawrence. :)

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