Blue Is Beautiful

Blue is one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of Island Summer Dreams, of trips to the beach and all the fun stuff that goes with it, of long hours of self rediscovery as I watched the vast ocean waters. Blue is beautiful and beautiful is blue. Why beautiful? So many reasons. So many answers. But let this pictures tell you why.

Blue is beautiful because…

It is where unforgettable adventures begin.

It is a gateway to having fun, finding happiness and achieving my Island Dreams.

It gives me the chance to find myself. To discover the important things I long forgotten. To search for answers. To find meaning and purpose. To rediscover. To reconnect. To heal and feel refreshingly renewed.

It gave me a lot of wonderful memories with my family. Memories that I will always take with me wherever I may be. Memories that will fill my longings when homesickness strikes. Memories that will remind me of my blessings and how beautiful life is.

We have our reasons for liking a particular color. Some bring sunshine. Others passion. Mine gives me a reason to face my journey with renewed spirit.

I hope you enjoyed my version of this week’s photo challenge called “Blue.” What’s your favorite color? How does it affect the way you envision your World?

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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88 Responses to Blue Is Beautiful

  1. Gilly Gee says:

    Lovely words and photos, i love the one with the kayaks!

    • The Kayak is a favorite of mine too. Bright colors and all. I wished I tried actual kayaking though. Too many things to do with so little time. Perhaps next time. Thanks Gilly gee.

  2. Gail says:

    I love the color blue too. It is so peaceful and calming. I can’t get over how beautiful the water is in your pictures…. especially the last photo. Wow!

    • Thanks Gail. Depending if it’s rainy season or Summer, the clarity of the water changes on every side of the Island. The last picture, this is where it’s best to snorkel.

  3. How nice I read this blog post just when last night, I made some soy candles as gifts that we light blue. I chose the color blue to reflect serenity … similar to the serene feeling I got upon looking upon the blue waters shown in your pictures (plus, I’m a fish we loves the sea). My favorite color is pink, though. It’s very girlie, I know!

    • Pink is awesome too. It’s my mom’s favorite. She only wears anything white or pink, even on a rainy , muddy day! Oh, yes…blue for serenity! It’s a calming color. Helps us go through a hard, busy day. Thanks Frances.

  4. Each photo is lovelier than the last. Your passion for your life and your love for your family is clear–it makes me happy to view the pictures and read your thoughts.

    • Thank Naomi. I try my best. I do have my actual “blue” days when I feel sad and a bit off balance. These are the days that I feel down and needed all the sunshine I can get. But it’s a bad, depressing feeling, so as much as I can,I try to stay optimistic, hopeful and even happy.

  5. Colline says:

    Your pictures have shown me that you really live in a beautiful setting.

    • Thanks Colline. I did. Texas is my current home now. I left paradise 9 years ago for greener pastures. It’s a hard price to pay for a better financial future. This year, I get to go home after 4 years of hoping and longing. I had a 28 days to reconnect and It was amazing. I pray one day, I get to go back with my wife and son. Life after all is not about how much you have but how you lived it. I know that now.

  6. Always do enjoy. These are no exception. The blues are beautiful, but my favorite is the one heading into the stormy clouds. Looks like an adventure’s about to unfold.

    • It was. We did have a great adventure. We get to do snorkeling and island hopping. The current was a bit strong so I had to hold my son really well when he tried snorkeling for the first time. We all have a blast. Plus an ice cream at sea afterwards. Yes, they sell ice cream via a small wooden boat. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Russ C. says:

    blue is really refreshing, and cool in any way!

  8. Madhu says:

    Beautiful post as always!

  9. fgassette says:

    Your “BLUE” is very beautiful! thanks for the pingback.


    • fgassette says:

      When I come to your site I get more that a beautiful, well designed and framed photo I get a picture of a man’s soul that offers encouragement and inspiration. Thank you for sharing so much with us.


      • Thank you. That sounded so beautiful. That means a lot. We live in a world where there’s so much hate, anger, misery. We all need to be an inspiration for others. I gained inspiration from other bloggers whose life stories I can totally relate too. We are all humans with feelings needing emotional, mental, psychological connections. We are an inspiration for each other.

  10. How incredibly, perfectly blue everything is…right down to the oars and the sails of the sailboats!

    • Thanks Georgette. It was crystal clear blue that I could see the fish, rocks and corals underneath the water. I wish I could have stayed longer. I barely explored the island.

  11. cocomino says:

    How beautiful. Yes, blue reminds us adventure and wonderful world. :)

    • It does and we should listen to its calling. We get to live only once, we might as well live it to it’s fullest, exciting and fun potentials. Thanks Cocomino.

  12. polly says:

    I would love to be there

  13. Very lovely. Blue is one of my favorites too…especially when it leans toward a more aqua color.

  14. All really beautiful images – nice post!! :-)

  15. Northern Narratives says:

    I like the clouds in your first photo and I also like the color blue.

  16. The clouds were amazing that day. It captured the Sun’s perfect glow and it gets to reflect on the waters of the calm sea. We were already heading to my town after 4 days of unforgettable sojourn in the Island. I felt like I didn’t want to leave . Unfortunately, my real working life awaits somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Ash says:

    very beautiful pictures!

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  19. Jo Bryant says:

    these are all great but the last one is so poignantly beautiful and as always your words touch a place within

  20. restlessjo says:

    Sad that you are so far from the place that you love. I can see the longing in these blues. They’re beautiful.
    I’m always drawn to red- kind of cheerful and hard to ignore (bit like myself!)

  21. eof737 says:

    Blue is beautiful and you have truly fabulous photos of blue things… Love them all. :-)

  22. cuhome says:

    I couldn’t say it better than you: blue is definitely beautiful, and your photos demonstrated that beautifully!

    • Thank you. I felt blessed that I had the chance to experience being close to all these “blue” inspired images. Best of all, my family was there to share those moments with me.

  23. Patricia says:

    I agree completely with your assessment of the color blue – lovely photos.

  24. Connie T says:

    You fixed your blog, I can comment again. The blue in your pictures is beautiful. I love the ocean color.

    • Thanks Connie. I found out the culprit. I had all the post open for reading in my setting. After trimming it to 4, the problem got fixed. I’m not really good with computer first aid nor knowledgeable with blogging. Thank you for your patience and perseverance. I apprecieate that a lot.

  25. ailsapm says:

    Such beautiful shots, the ocean looks so inviting in that top photo, and I LOVE the quirkiness and stunning colours of the third one. Lovely entry. xxx Ailsa

  26. SanVar says:

    Love the blue oars and the complementing orange yellow kayaks !

  27. itacasillas says:

    long time no see with this blog :D

    your photos are fav are the 2nd and 4th ;)

    • Thanks. It’s been awhile. Nice to hear from you again. The last photo was the day we left the Island. My son was looking down the water for fishes. I felt like staying there forever. Unfortunately, it’s not time to retire in paradise.

  28. amira says:

    Blue definitely brings a refreshing feeling :)
    nice photos

  29. Patti Kuche says:

    Your blues are so full of sunshine, as indeed are your well written words, and I wish you all the best for achieving your Island Dreams! That sun, sea and shade looks so good . . .

  30. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    This is just beautiful, so beautiful. My God, this is beautiful!!

    I have to tell you, my favourite is the first photo because the clouds, so close to the horizon of the mountains, they just look so 3D, so touchable. And the whole image is vast, from where you stand to far, far away, and so blue. Great stuff, Island Traveller.

    Noeleen /

    • Thanks Noeleen. It was taken while we were heading to my home town. The whole scene was beautiful and even if I only got to enjoy it for a split second, I felt blessed that I got to see images like this in person. I appreciate the positive and wonderful comment. Have a great day!

  31. omel07 says:

    Your pictures definitely answered the question of why blue is beautiful. Splendid post, full of adventures, as always. :) Life really is as beautiful as you say.

  32. 2e0mca says:

    Love the crossed oars with the kayaks – great range of colours there. The clouds look great ion the first shot too :-)

    • Thank you. I love bright colors and when I saw that scene while heading for our boat ride, I had to stop and capture the moment. It will remind me always of how happy I was during my 28 days of homecoming. Perhaps next time it’ll be longer.

  33. Sabina Brave says:

    I agree, that it’s beautiful. Blue, and life as well :)

    • Thanks Sabina. I lot of my happy memories involves with anything blue from the serene ocean reflections to the fun laughter by the beach to the awesome day dreaming as I stare at the clear blue sky.

  34. HeyThere! Beautiful pictures. Being beside the sea was always my favourite place especially when our children were small. I Still love to go there for peace and relaxation. But we have moved to live in farming country and my favourite colours are the green of the crops and the red ploughed soil. There is a special place I love to go where the scene is ever changing as the crops are planted and grow and are harvested. It’s like a new and ever changing story each time I go there like your beautiful paradise. Thank you for sharing. C

    • Green and red sounds beautiful. Like the warmth and joy of the Christmas season. I enjoy the countryside’s peace and lush natural vegetation as well. I used to go with my dad on the farm when I was a boy. So much beautiful memories. The farm was sold eventually but I would still go out of town and have a glimpse of the country during my homecoming visits. Thanks for sharing…

  35. Freedomborn says:

    I now have a problem Island Traveler I’m sinning as I’m coveting your homeland, it’s so beautiful, do you have a guest room I could borrow for the rest of my life …Oh well I can dream, thank you for sharing your home with us, God’s creation is awesome as He is Awesome.

    Christian Love from both of us, we will be in touch when we get home from our holidays – Anne

    • Thanks Anne. One day, when I do retire there for good, a guest room awaits for you and Ron. It is a beautiful place. I left paradise 10 years ago in pursue of a dream, the great American dream. But now, a different dream kept stirring in my heart. A dream of peace and happiness in all things simple yet filled with meaning. God bless you both always.

  36. Blue is my favorite color too! And for many of the same reasons. I tagged you in my post on Wednesday, can you come over and play?

    • Thank you for sharing and for the “Tag.” I’m honored my friend. These are one of the reasons I love blogging. I get to get a gift and an inspiration everyday. Have a blessed day!

  37. Beautiful photos of blue!!! I love blues and greens because they remind me of the ocean! Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Sophia

  38. Sunshine says:

    Your photographs are simply wonderful and like, makes me want to jump right in the water!!! Great post as always…have a great week! :)
    (You make me miss the beach…wah! lol!)

    • Thanks Sunshine. I will always be in love with the beach. Now that I’m back in Texas. I’m back to visiting Galveston beach. No white sands with crystal clear waters but just as beautiful in its own way. A toast to a great Summer!

  39. The Guat says:

    Nice boat pictures

  40. The Hook says:

    Very apt title!

  41. Sartenada says:

    I have electric blue car.

  42. cuhome says:

    I have been following your blog for quite some time, now, and I find it thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring and education, all at the same time!! Thank you for everything you share, and for what must be an enormous time investment to create such a beautiful blog space!! I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award, and I hope you will accept it and enjoy it for awhile! :) Just go to my blog,, and read my most recent post, Inspiring Blogger Award, for details! Enjoy!

  43. Oh I love this post… it’s beautiful

  44. This is a lovely post, what gorgeous photos

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