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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

My two bestfriends. Through the highs and lows of my life, they stood by me. They make me hope that everything will be alright. They encourage me to follow my dreams and pursue a journey of happiness and adventure. They help me believe and to have faith in myself.

Today’s weekly photo challenge celebrates “Friendship.” It’s about the people in our lives who stood by us through thick or thin. Who made us laugh when our heart-felt broken. Who offered their shoulder for us to cry on. Who made us feel that we matter when we lost belief in ourselves. Friends are family. We may not be related to them by blood or ancestry but they give us their heart and support like a family does.

Everything seems to be fun when around friends and family. On our way to the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, my son kept spinning around and around a pole as we watched the moon and the lights nearby. I smiled quietly as I followed them towards the Pier’s entrance. We had a wonderful time and went home almost midnight.


Three months ago, my son discovered for the first time the fun and joys of having lots of cousins. Just a few hours of meeting them, he found amazing friends and family he never knew he had. They played everyday from boardgames, to Lego’s and Beyblades, to pets like dogs, rabbits and fishes, to chasing crabs by the beach. At night he would spend sleep overs with them and share meals during the daytime. My son looked so happy. The hardest part was sseeing him say goodbye when it was time to go home.


Friends makes you believe that you can soar and fly. And if you can’t fly, atleast jump with happiness or make a leap of faith.

The Priceless Gift Of Blogger Friendship

Today, I browsed into my WordPress photo archive and went back to find inspiration on all the images that celebrated friendship in the most meaningful and beautiful way. Some of them you already saw in the past and for that I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their generous blogger friendship. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart. For giving me all the positive encouragement everyday. I appreciate, cherish and value each comment, visit, “likes,” awards and posts you all share with me on a constant basis. Today’s post is my way of thanking each one of you for the priceless gift of blogger friendship.

Friends makes you feel that you can run like the wind, catch a lot of dreams, celebrate life in the most beautiful and exciting way. They can make you feel that you can do anything even the impossible.


If friends can make you feel this way, then you found the right friends that will inspire and make you laugh for a very long time.

Last Spring, I spent a weekend out-of-town with friends and their families. It was one of those weekend gateway where you discover so much about yourself, your spouse and the friends who will share with you even their deepest thoughts and secrets. These are the friends you can simply be yourself without fear and hesitation. Who will share with you not just the joys of life but the pain, struggles and tears as well. In our journey, we need friends like these who will walk with us even in our darkest hour. Who will hold our hand even if the road is scary and filled with uncertainties.

Thank you for sharing your day with me. May this post bring a smile to your day. A smile that friends give to each other generously, freely. Have a blessed day to all.

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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92 Responses to Images Of Friendship

  1. cobbies69 says:

    lots of great takes on the theme of friendship. lovely post. ;)

  2. jfb57 says:

    A lovely series of friendship. If only we could bottle it and give it to the sad of this world!

    • Thanks . I hope we can bottle frienship too. The world would smile with happiness in no time. That is really a cool idea, ” A bottle of friendship.” Take one sip and your blues will go away and joy will fill your day. Hmmm…

  3. fgassette says:

    Beautiful images expressing friendships. What joy their is in having a friend to share life with. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the pingback.


  4. Sartenada says:

    Those are great photos which You presented here – all of them.

  5. omel07 says:

    How heartwarming it is to have friends by your side. People you could count on anytime. People who are priceless and irreplaceable. Excellent post. :)

    • When I left the Philippines. My only family and best friend was my wife. Then came our son and I found a little buddy to share life’s adventures with. Then I met real friends along the way who were there when problems came my way. Most of them I already knew all my life because I grew up with them. And yes, I have two other best friends, my mom and dad. They stood by me when nobody did. Thanks.

  6. Imelda says:

    Beautiful photos and post. :-)

  7. You are fortunate and blessed. Lovely, heartwarming photos, IT.

  8. cocomino says:

    Yes, blogger friendship is priceless. Wonderful post. :)

  9. aRVee says:

    Great photos! Cheers to the blogger friendship… Looks like this week is a celebration of friendship and thought of sharing your followers a beautiful music from Michael W. Smith… God bless you my friend! :)

    • Thanks arVee. You are truly a good blogger friend. Mr. Smith is one of my favorite Christian Artist. He has an amazing voice with a music that touches your heart. I love this song. Thanks for today’s inspiration.

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  11. shoes says:

    Thank you for the reminder that friendship comes in many forms from family to blogger people who you will never meet. As always, your photos are fantastic and your story too!

  12. wolke205 says:

    I m sorry that I didn’t find the time actually to comment more of your wonderful posts. But I read them all & yayyyyy I like them :) Have a blessed weekend, hugs.

    • Thank you my friend. I understand more than you know. We do have our other life in the physical world that demands a lot of our time. What matters is the thought and the honest, good intentions. Have a blessed day.

  13. Colline says:

    The longest lasting friendships are definitely those made with family. They seem to be with you through thick and thin.

    • They are. They say true friends are the ones who stayed behind during the roughtest storms of our life. After a personal storms in my life, I knew now who are my real friends and those who are there for convenience. There’s always something to learn everyday. Thanks Colline.

  14. Judy says:

    Beautiful posts on friendship. As you say: friendships can come from many different places, family, friends, and bloggers. I heartily agree.
    I love your family photos. They’re always inspiring and happy! I remember the photo by the lake on a trip with your friends and family. The photo with the three children by the setting sun is one I’ll never forget. It’s a gorgeous shot, and highlights the friendship between children.
    The Galveston shots of your family, and the cousins on the beach are wonderful. Meeting so many new members of the family must have been a high point for your son. New friendships!
    Great post!

    • My son loved every moment of his time with his cousins. For the first time he realized the joys of having a big family. They all became friends in an instant. Thank you for sharing a generous, wonderful commenr. Have a blessed day.

  15. Lovely post, and wonderful photos! Have a great week! :-)

  16. Sabina Brave says:

    I’m smiling :)
    Have a blessed day my friend :)

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  18. misswhiplash says:

    Before I even opened your post..I knew that your best friends would be your son and your wife….That is really wonderful ,,it is lovely to see that you are all so happy ..lots of love P

    • See what real friends are? We read each others thoughts long before we say them. Like a 6th sense or something.Yes, they are my buddies in all my adventures. Thanks Patrecia.

  19. Sunshine says:

    You are a beautiful blogger friend to many…thank you so much for the lift to carry on in this life. Blessings to you and your cherished ones.

    • Thank you Sunshine. Life has so much to offer that it’s sad if we dwell on sadness, negativity, bitterness. I’d been to all that and it was never a good feeling. I know that I will encounter them everyday but I refuse to let such hearbreaking feelings win. We are the ruler of our lives. We are what we chose to become.So, let’s choose happiness…adventure…an exciting life!

  20. sayvan says:

    Thank you for the ping back and wonderful shots!

  21. Madhu says:

    You capture the essence of friendship with this beautiful post. Love the dreamy feel of the first one and the colours of the last.

  22. Northern Narratives says:

    Your photos always bring a smile to my face. Wonderful post about friendship.

    • Thank you my friend. That sounds beautiful coming from one of the bloggers I admire. Friendship inspires us to pursue the best in ourselves and others.

  23. fgassette says:

    I have nominated you for the Illuminating Bloggers Award. Please pick it up here:


  24. Maggie says:

    Even without words, your photos are heartfelt. Beautiful!

    • Thank you Maggie. Family and friends inspire us in so many ways. And kids, it’s easy to capture their happy moments because they express their feelings freely without hesitation. When they are happy, they would jump, leap, giggle, laugh loudly and more.

  25. Jo Bryant says:

    A great series for the challenge…love the first one.

  26. What a great post. The spirit of friendship is alive in your photos and in your words–you really said it all.

  27. You’ve shown a nice variety of photo’s on “Friendship”. Great entries for
    the challenge, Island Traveler. I agree with your visions of friendship. They
    are everwhere in our lives as long as our hearts are open to see them. Who
    could imagine that a blogger can be a wonderful friend? And – you are.
    Very nicely done ….

    • A true blogger friend can be so thoughtful and generous like a real physical person beside you. They give you encouragement, hope and inspiration. You tell you hurts and fears as well as the things and people that makes you smile. We share stories that otherwise we can’t share with others. I think this is why I kept sharing. There is something beautiful among our blogging community. The connection and soulfulness is amazing. Thanks Isadora. Thank you for being a generous blogger friend.

  28. eof737 says:

    I love your photos… Lots of action and happy moments. ;-)

  29. Fergiemoto says:

    Lovely posting on friendship and great examples you’ve shared! It’s priceless when your closest family members are your best friends.

    • Indeed it is. My sisters and I were very close growing up. We had so much happy memories. I just wish my son can have the same chance with his cousins. True friendship is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

    • It is. For one, we grew up together, been through the worst. We know each other, deep secrets and all. We can be around them, be ourselves without fear of judgement. Thank you.

  30. There is little in life more valuable than the unconditional friend, that person who will be there no matter what…

    • Thank Eloise. So right. A true friend who sticks with you unconditionally though rare is a treasure to cherish forever. Their like diamonds found in a pile of rocks.

  31. Cathy G says:

    As always you share wonderful pictures and sentiments! Thanks!

    • Thanks Cathy. I feel fortunate that even for a brief period of time, my son get to meet his cousins and found a special bond with them. He can’t wait for his next vacation next year.

  32. Paula says:

    A great series of photos showing friendship :) Well done Island Traveler!

  33. basangsisiw says:

    Well-said. “Friends are family. We may not be related to them by blood or ancestry but they give us their heart and support like a family does”. :)

  34. snitch21 says:

    Beautiful images :)

  35. Sony Fugaban says:

    The photos made my heart melt.

  36. pattisj says:

    And a blessed day to you! :) A man with so many friends is truly blessed.

  37. Arindam says:

    Bro, your every post brings a smile to my face and to my day. You write from heart, which bound to touch the other person’s heart. What a beautiful collection of pictures on friendship. The joy, togetherness, madness, unconditional love- you captured every side of friendship with these beautiful pictures. Thank you for such a beautiful post. :)

    • Thanks Bro. You wrote it so perfectly, “The joy, togetherness, madness, unconditional love.” All these and more makes our friends and family the ultimate, precious treasure in our life. Because of them, we get to face each day with hope that better things will happen.

  38. Beautiful collection bro. Love the running picture one the most.

  39. bluebee says:

    I love the photo of the jumping boys – it is so joyful :-D

  40. Patti Kuche says:

    Big big thank you to you IT for your incredibly generous blog friendship! Your wonderful words and photos always manage to lift the times with your lovely dose of hope and sunshine!

  41. shabnamphoto says:

    beautiful!!! thank you for dropping by, your images are truly beautiful

  42. suitablefish says:

    heartwarming and fabulous. I like the last photo very much. such joy. . . “And if you can’t fly, atleast jump with happiness or make a leap of faith.” Thank you.

    • Thank you. During times when life can be a bit challenging, friends and family give us wings to soar above our troubles. For that, I’m always grateful.

  43. Such beautiful pictures that capture joy, love, the real meaning of friendship. You can almost feel it!

    I appreciate you including me in the list. Thank you :)

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