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It’s Father’s Day all around the world. Just a few days ago, I heard from the radio that last year as compared to Mother’s Day, people only spent barely 25% for Father’s Day. For me, that is too sad. I don’t know if it’s because fathers ask for less or we simple give less. If that’s the case then it makes it even more sadder if not upsetting. Back when I was younger, there was no Father’s Day yet. During those times, me and my family honor our dad and make him feel special during his Birthdays and holidays like Christmas. Today, we are given another chance to celebrate our dad for all the generous, inspiring and beautiful things he had given us through the years. That day is Father’s Day.

My dad has always been the pillar of our home. He is a hard-working man who gave so much, love so much but hardly asked for anything. But I realized now that he didn’t ask not because he didn’t want anything. That is just who he is and I think it also goes for most fathers. Father’s Day is about our fathers having the opportunity to have or experienced the things they want. It could be a day close to the lake where he can fish or a new bike he always wanted but never bought because he would rather have his family get what they want before his own. How I knew this? It’s because I am too a father and now walks a similar footstep as my dad. Footsteps he left for me to follow. Footsteps I will always be thankful for. Footsteps which one day I hope to share with my son.

Father’s Day And What It Means

What is Father’s Day really? Is it about making thoughtful things and gestures, making sure our fathers feel loved and valued? Is it about making surprises? Is it about celebrating the day with a feast of food, wine and merry-making? Or is it simply asking our fathers what they really want, of what makes them feel happy even excited even for just one day? Perhaps it is all these but the last question, I get to reflect on today.

The two sweetest smiles who gave me love for 41 years and counting…

Just getting off from work, I was looking forward to celebrate my two days off by the beach with my family. Saturday is out since we already committed ourselves in going to a friend’s birthday but Sunday is still open for possibilities. I asked my wife if we can go to the beach on Sunday to celebrate my day. She told me we can’t because there’s Church, then my son’s reading lessons followed by a skating lesson. She simply said, “We’ll celebrate Father’s Day with a lunch.” I don’t know if it’s because I was from work and tired, or if it’s because I turned 41 this year but in all honesty, I felt so bad. I told her, “Can’t I have something that I really wanted?” She replied, “But you’ll be tired after all the activities and on Monday, our son has his Summer classes.” I told her, ” Isn’t Father’s Day about celebrating what father’s want or what makes them happy?” She just kept quiet. I kept quiet. I went to sleep with a heaviness in my heart. Then I remembered my dad. Oh, my gosh! Is this what my dad goes through every year on Father’s Day as well? I can’t remember anyone asking him what he wants. Mostly we’ll buy him a card, a gift and treat him out on an elaborate Dinner or a party. “So, what did my dad want all these years?” Tonight, I will find out. I will call him and ask what it is after greeting him a  Happy Father’s Day.

One of the things my dad love is for someone to listen to his dreams and for so many years I think I was there to listen and explore his dreams. From venturing on a farm project or a trip to his favorite place, me and my siblings joined him with a similar joy and passion. Perhaps I did ask him what makes him happy, just silently, quietly, something only a mind and heart can read. Perhaps being around us is what makes him happy.

To my dad, thank you for the love you gave me from the day I was born. Thank you for making sure that me and sisters get to achieve our dreams. Thank you for being a wonderful and loving husband to my mom. Thank you for giving me the right values that helped me go through life’s most trying moments. Thank you for showing me the road of of faith. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifices.

Once I was my son’s age. I remember how my dad made sure I had the best childhood. Now I realized why I love to be close to the sea so much. The sea helps me remember my dad and how much I love and miss him.

To all the fathers our there. I wish you an amazing Father’s Day filled with love, hope, happiness and dreams. Dreams you always have in your heart.

Thank you for sharing your day with. Today, as part of Father’s Day, why not ask you dad what he really wants. Perhaps it may just be a kiss, a hug or the four special words, ” I love you, dad!”

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77 Responses to Close To His Heart

  1. Very sweet! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos, and an importance reminder.

    • Your welcome my friends. All is past. I woke up today with happiness that comes from a contented and peaceful heart. Followed by a new brewed coffee. The beach may have to wait. We’re having the lunch after all, this time I do it with joy. We all have our “sensitive” days. Mine was yesterday! Thanks.

  2. Cathy G says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. :)

    • I think I will. Today I woke up totally feeling the opposite. My wife and I patched up and talked why I felt that way. Plus….
      Thank you Cathy. Happy Father’s Day to the amazing men in your family!

  3. cocomino says:

    Very good. Have a great father’s day. I’m sure that you’ll spend a wonderful day.

    • Happy Father’s Day my friend. I know it’s going to be a wonderful day. Again, all I need are my two best friends…and it doesn’t matter where we celebrate the event. Sometimes, miscommunications can ruin a possible happy moment. I’m glad it’s all over and a beautiful possibility has taken its place. Thanks.

  4. I loved all your thank yous – they were obviously heartfelt

  5. aRVee says:

    Perfect! What a great tribute to your dad you have here… He must be very happy reading this or does he even know you have a wonderful blog? Whatever it is, I’m definitely sure he’s happy and proud to have you as a son.

    In regard to your wife, hmmmm, looks like she’s brewing something, you have yet to find out… Hope I’m right with my assumption…

    Anyways, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY my friend. God bless! :)

    • Bro, she did brew something and it was the best father’s gift. As I said before, I’m just simple guy. I don’t want gifts bought from a store. She gave me her love and reassured me she is still the same sweet, generous and loving person I met 14 years ago. Today, I woke up at peace and ready to start the day. The beach trip I had to aside. I think just having them for myself today, is all I’ll ever need. I must had been in a another “hormonal” depression yesterday. Ha, ha, ha. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in your family. Thanks.

  6. I truly hope your father’s day blossoms into something unexpected. :-) Fingers crossed,

    • Whew! It did. It took almost a day to patch up. Well, I was mostly sleeping. Last night, we went out with friends and while at a bar, like an instant magic, I simply held her hand and hugged her, then we both laughed. The rest as they say…magical!!! Thank you and Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your family.

  7. Russ C. says:

    amazing post, Mr. island Traveler :”> happy father’s day to you, as well!

    • Thank you. Happy Father’s Day to all. Thank you for being a part of my Father’s Day morning. To you and all my blogger friends who visited me today, God bless you all for your generous and loving heart. I wish you all happiness that never ends…

  8. auntyuta says:

    I think for my family here in Australia Fathers’ Day has always been as important as Mothers’ Day. We celebrate Fathers’ Day on the first Sunday in September. Peter’s birthday is in May and we often celebrate this together with Mothers’ day. Whereas my birthday is in September. This is why we often celebrate Fathers’ Day together with my birthday.
    In Germany, where we come from, Fathers’ Day is always celebrated on Ascension Thursday (ten days before Pentecost). Ascension Thursday is a Public Holiday in Germany. It is the custom in Germany for men (not only fathers) to go out together somewhere without the women and enjoy the day in the company of men. When the weather is fine they enjoy an outing in the open air. They go to an open air restaurant and have lots to eat and drink.
    Fathers’ Day should definitely be something special for fathers. Wishing you, dear IT, and all the fathers the best of days.

    • My generous friend, thank you so much and thank you for sharing the amazing version of Father’s Day in Australia and Germany. I wish Peter a truly happy and awesome Father’s Day and all the fathers in your family. It’s an eye opener when we make a tribute to our dads and our partners in life. We get to see the event in a more personal, loving way. I’m grateful with your beautiful comment. Have a wonderful weekend AuntYuta.

      • auntyuta says:

        Thank you, IT. Looking forward to see how you spent this special weekend!

      • Thanks auntyuta. I spent it close to home. That day, it was about a family of three, having a happy moment simply because they were together. The beach trip I voluntarily gave u. While at the church, I realized I already got my Father’s Day present and I’m looking at them.

  9. Gilly Gee says:

    I’m sure your family will make you feel special!

    • They did and more. The day has just begun and sparks are already flying in my heart and mind. Thanks Gilly. Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your wonderful family.

  10. What a wonderful post. Happy father’s day!!!

  11. The Guat says:

    What a great post and nice tribute. Awesome pictures too. Have a good Father’s Day :)

    • Thank you. The first photo was taken in Basiao beach I visited with my family last March. Before that, my father brought me and my sisters there way back in high school. It was still as magical and fun like time froze in this place or may be it’s because all the people I love are with me.All the people that makes everything magical. My dad fell asleep after lunch. To me, he is the same loving and generous dad. With our parents, time also freezes like some beautiful magical spell.

  12. Madhu says:

    BEautiful post. Happy fathers day!

  13. magsx2 says:

    A great Father’s Day post, and I love the photos. :)

  14. dadirri7 says:

    happy father’s day to a pretty special father! in Australia we have father’s day in september, so my husband will enjoy calls from his three sons on that day :)

    • Even if it’s not September yet, I wish to extend my greeting to your husband and all the fathers in your family. I wish them all happiness that overflows. Thank you my friend. You are all part of my Father’s Day…

  15. Maggie says:

    We’ve never met and i don’t even know your name. But your posts and pictures tells me you’re a great dad. Happy father’s day! Keep on sharing your heart :)

    • Thank you Maggie. There are times that we don’t have to know a person’s name , all we need to know is the content of their hearts and the loving thoughts that they have to share. Perhaps one day, when Its time, I will share my name. It’s kind of complicated. A wonderful Father’s Day to your husband and the fathers in your family.

  16. barb19 says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your father; I hope he gets to read your heartfelt words because they will make his heart swell with pride. You are a very special son.
    Happy Father’s Day to you my friend!

  17. lulu says:

    It is interesting that Mothers Day is so much more of a production when fathers are just as important in our lives. In some cases, maybe even more so. Happy day to you.

    • Thank you Lulu. I totally agree.Both parents gave their love and all. Both need to feel equally loved and important as well. I wish people will start realizing that fathers do need to feel that they matter. Just because they’re tough outside doesn’t mean they don’t need some tender love and affection inside. They do have a thing called, “heart!”

  18. Thanks Barb. I will email my sister to print it so they can read to him. The last time I made a post, he had tears in his eyes. I wish I was more vocal when I was younger. I wish I said more loving words even if my dad knows we all love him. Yes, our fathers still needs to hear our “I love you dad,” tender words. I wish all the fathers in your family, a beautiful Father’s Day.

  19. likeitiz says:

    Happy father’s day, IT! If two days at the beach means a lot to you, then it’s two days at the beach. The rest can wait. There’s a whole stretch of summer ahead. Thanks for being a good parent. And a good son too. Sometimes the most enjoyable memories to call back are the simplest ones. Even the everyday ones.

    • Thank you my friend. I really didn’t need the two days. I realized when I woke up this morning, I already have my greatest Father’s Day present sleeping close to me. As you said, “Sometimes the most enjoyable memories to call back are the simplest ones. Even the everyday ones.” So true. We had a fun and happy time today. The food, swimming and more food were just an added bonus. Wishing all the fathers in your family a Happy Father’s Day.

  20. I wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day. I may be off from the blog world today. Guess my wife will take me today to celebrate Father’s Day?

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  22. Happy Father’s day Doc! Hope you and the family have a great time! We had dinner at Shakey’s!

    • Happy Father’s Day to your husband and the fathers in your family. I love Shakey’s. My wife is crazy about it too. She made it a point to eat one when we went home last March. I bet your family had a great time. God bless you and your family always.

  23. Paula says:

    Hello Island Traveler :) Let me share something with you here. I am against “dates” and celebrations of any occasions as they are. Being important in somebody’s life is an every day thing and deserves remembrance and appreciation every single day of the year :) You are a romantic and rare soul :) Have a happy Father’s Day!

    • Thanks Paula. I will remember and cherish these thoughts, ” Being important in somebody’s life is an every day thing and deserves remembrance and appreciation every single day of the year.” May we all remember these treasured words. So many people out there, including me sometimes forget that when we love someone, we need to make sure we let them know everyday no matter how small it may be. Everyday is “special day.”

  24. Lovely post ‘Traveler! Happy Father’s Day.

  25. Sabina Brave says:

    Happy Father’s day IT! You live in a beautiful place :)

  26. restlessjo says:

    Your Dad brought you up in a fine way, understanding the things in life that are truly important.
    Mine came to a home cooked Sunday lunch, as usual, and took some hugs, a few beers and some bananas home with him. The husband received a Mars Bar. Last of the big spenders, me!

    • Thank you my friend. I bet those hugs were full of love and your husband had a beautiful Father’s Day. I decided to stay home after we ate out for lunch. My wife made some delicious dinner while me and my son had a fun time at the pool. I realized today is all about celebrating as a family and it doesn’t matter whether it’s simple or elaborate. Looks like me and your hubby have something in common, minus the beer. I’m allergic to alcohol. I wish your husband a Happy, blessed father’s day.

  27. Madhu says:

    Love those smiles :-) Thank you for another beautiful post.

  28. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful as always! Have a wonderful father’s day. I bet you are the best dad ever!!!

    • I hope so but I believe every dad is awesome and should be honored today for their love, hard work and dedication to their families. I wish your husband a Happy, amazing Father’s Day. Thank you.

  29. Fergiemoto says:

    Very sweet. I hope you are enjoying Fathers Day!

    • I did. Initially, I wanted to go to the beach but I realized Father’s Day is not about having fun and excitement but more in being together and sharing a beautiful moment. Thank you.

  30. Beautiful post! Happy Father’s Day :)

  31. eof737 says:

    ✿♡✿Happy Father’s Day!

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  33. Freedomborn says:

    Hi island traveler now I know why you are such a great Dad you had a great Dad, sadly both Ron and I didn’t have our Dads growing up, Ron’s Dad was away all the time and mine died but we both have the example of our Abba Father who is Love and plans the very best for us always, like your Dad did with you and like you are with your son, you don’t plan to hurt him or make him suffer so you can teach him something, nor does God…. How good is that!

    By the way Fathers Day, is the 2nd of September in Australia, perhaps you could double up and get what you want but knowing you, others come first anyway.

    God bless you and your Loved ones greatly

    Christian Love Anne.

  34. sued51 says:

    A very well-written and touching post…bravo…

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  36. Jo Bryant says:

    What a beautiful post. And a wonderful tribute to your Dad. it is heartwarming to read such things. I lost my Dad in 1996…there are very few days when I don’t think of him and the years we shared. The way he taught me to drive, or covered me up when I fell asleep on the lounge. So it is great to hear of a father being celebrated.

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  38. TJ says:

    Beautiful Sentiment. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  40. Sunshine says:

    Excuse my lateness, first of all, Island T., second, again,…here is an excellent example of the ‘trickle-down-effect’ in action. Goodness flows from your father, you pouring it down over your son and your son will most likely go on to do the same…had a *giggle* when you wrote the dialogue between your love and yourself…“Can’t I have something that I really wanted?” to “Oh, my gosh! Is this what my dad goes through every year on Father’s Day as well?” !!!

    Thanks, and happy belated Father’s Day. ;)

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