Travel Theme: Secret Places

Secret Places Of Childhood

There’s a secret place in your heart and memory that leads to a door of  magical childhood. A childhood once filled with beautiful dreams, of laughter and play, of adventures to an imaginary world where fairy tales seems so vividly real.

Before my son was born, I was pretty much like any young adult, too busy pursuing his dreams and trying to experience the excitement and fun the world has to offer. Yes, I was happy for a while when I’m with friends, going to places, traveling, making thrill seeking adventures but at the end of the day, when all the adrenaline and excitement has passed, somehow I felt something was missing.

Then came my son. The first time I held him in my arms, I knew right then and there, he was the missing link for both me and my wife. At that very moment, that magical door of childhood long forgotten suddenly appeared, and with a renewed excitement in my heart, I jumped in.

Every stage of a child’s growth and development is different bringing unique and fun discoveries that every parent should never miss. To me, it was when my son turned 4 that we totally started exploring the world around us like two great adventurers. From searching for treasures, dinosaur bones, finding the most fascinating bugs, discovering the amazing world of animals and other living creatures to having a blast experiencing the joys of being close to the sea, my son gave me a priceless opportunity to feel like a kid all over again.

A Parent And The Little Bundle Of Joy

Today, on Father’s Day, my son and I went to swim in the pool. He brought his huge water gun while I brought our goggles and water torpedoes. We played and swim for about an hour. At first, he squirted the water blaster on me but I told him not to aim it on  any person inside the pool. Instead, we squirted the water up high towards the sky. Halfway during our water activity, I took a round life saver floater and my son would aim his shot into the center of the floater. Our personal favorite was diving down into the bottom of the pool to pick up the sunken torpedoes. I’m amazed by his lung capacity. He never seemed to get tired of jumping and diving. I tried a few times but I finally decided to give it to the young and the energetic.

These week’s Travel Theme by Wheresmybackpack explores on our “Secret Places.” Some of these places are mysterious while others are inspiring and beautiful. Others lead to places where Nature gives a breathtaking spectacle while others lead us to places where fun, joy and dreams seems to co-exist. Some lead to a place in our memory where innocence , play, laughter and magic abounds. A secret little place where we can be genuinely happy and feel like we are kids all over again.

Thanks for sharing your day with me. I hope it made you remember a happy memory in your childhood. May it inspire you to seek the inner child in you. It’s still there, hiding in a secret place, waiting to be rediscovered. What’s your secret place?

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78 Responses to Travel Theme: Secret Places

  1. magsx2 says:

    What a beautiful post about your son, and the photos are great. I could only smile when I read about your son diving down to the bottom of the pool, but you gave up after awhile, it is just amazing all the energy the young have, and of course they use all this energy to the fullest to have fun and enjoy life. :)

    • Isn’t it great to be young? It’s amazing how once we were like these kids. All energetic, all joyful, everything is all about fun and play. I wish we can all be like that forever. Oh, well, we can try our best. Thank you.

  2. That was a pretty special fathers day gift to us all, a peep into the secret place of your soul:)

  3. Shalvika P says:

    Hey! This is such a beautiful post!! I loved the pictures, I love what you have written about your son! Its truly wonderful and touching!!!

  4. Gilly Gee says:

    Your son is going to grow up into an extraordinary man with a dad like you!

    • I hope so. I think it’s every parent dream that his/her child will one day grow up into a amazing human being with a big heart, a bright mind and an attitude that brings inspiration to others. Thanks Gilly.

  5. TBM says:

    What a wonderful post. You and your son are so lucky to explore together. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us that love is the greatest gift.

  6. Your son is lucky. We can’t wait to re-explore all those places and topics with our grandkids.

  7. angrygaijin says:

    Well that’s pretty awesome, eh? I’m looking forward to when I’m ready to have a kid or two. I feel so connected to my childhood and teenage everyday teaching kids. And even if I didn’t teach kids, I think I’d feel the same. I’m looking forward to re-living my childhood with my own kids. :)

  8. cocomino says:

    Your father’s day sounds very nice thanks to your son. Your son was also happy to spend with you. :)

  9. As a child we had a place called the “outback” where we would sneak out at night and make a camp fire, and teenagers would go back further and do the sex and drugs thing. it never got in our way. i love your perspective of your son, and how, I’m not sure you did it purposefully or not, you didn’t show his face. I liked that. It allowed us to focus on his perspective and made him less of a product of scene, and more of an accent of it’s aesthetic, if that makes sense. Love it. Thanks for sharing part of your journey and for being a good father!

    • misswhiplash says:

      You will never see the face of either Island Traveler’s son or his wife..this remains his private family

    • People ask me, “what inspires you?” My quick response without a doubt, “My family.” Most of the times, there’s just me, my wife and my very energetic 6-year old. They keep me smiling even if my day didn’t turn out right. They keep me hoping when I’m still recovering from emotional wound. They help me seek adventure, when I thought it was long gone. Yes, I get to see the beautiful side of life through their unconditional love and unwavering belief in me. Thanks for sharing a very enlightening comment. And yes, I try not to show my son’s face, maybe his younger pictures where people won’t recognize him. As a parent , we do need to protect them as well. The world is beautiful but their are forces out there that we should be cautious and be scared about.

  10. misswhiplash says:

    One thing is for sure..your son will have an endless supply of childhood memories and tales to relate to his children..Blessings my friend always

    • Thank you Patrecia. I hope so. Just yesterday while at the pool he asked me, “where’s my goggles.” I told him,”It’s on your head! Aren’t you too young to be forgetful?” He smiled and dove into the water. Take care.

  11. Madhu says:

    Agree with Gilly. Your son is one lucky child :-)

  12. restlessjo says:

    Yes, seeing the world through a child’s eyes was indeed special. My youngest started his first job today. (unless you count his paper round!)

    • Congratulations. Your youngest son just entered another milestone in his life. He is very lucky to have you all supporting him in all his dreams. Yes, time flies. I wish there’s a way to slow them down so we can fully enjoy every moment that we spend with them. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to your family.

  13. ailsapm says:

    Really lovely, Mr B, I especially love the last two photos, and your writing is wonderfully heartfelt. xxx Ailsa

    • Thank you my friend. These are his older pictures except for the last one. It is a joy to browse at his older pictures and remember how it was . Life may have brought me some tough trials but it also brought me amazing ones that overshadows anything else. For that, I will aways be grateful!

  14. dadirri7 says:

    such a beautiful post, overflowing with love, wonder and delight!

  15. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful post! You must be a wonderful dad! :)

    • I try my best but I do have my not so good days. I only have few days off and to me, those are days for having adventures with my family. Even if it’s just outside my backyard. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Imelda says:

    lovely post, as always, Island Traveler. I like the first photo specially because of the story it tells. :-)

    • The first photo is one of my favorites too. It’s like he’s actually entering a magic door. We were actually fixing the fense that led to a pond…magical pond. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks Imelda, have a beautiful day.

  17. imexcited says:

    “The first time I held him in my arms, I knew right then and there, he was the missing link for both me and my wife” – I can relate to this! Beautiful post as usual! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Sabina Brave says:

    Now you remind me my childhood :) Thanks :)

    • auntyuta says:

      It’s great to see you and your son having a so much fun on Fathers Day! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy looking at all your photos.
      My secret place I’d have to say is a place at an inlet that goes out into the great Pacific Ocean. We went there with the children on some lovely secluded holidays spending every day near the water and in the surrounding bush area. It was a little paradise for us.

    • Thanks Sabina. I’m glad it does. We should always try to remember the happy times we had.

  19. Angelia Sims says:

    Such a sweet post… FULL of life and love. This is an adventure that lasts a life time. Love your take on it.

  20. andydbrown says:

    You captured so many of the feelings I have for my 2-year old son (and now 2 month old daughter) in this post. Just so very beautifully written and heart felt. Of course the photos sure helped too! Thanks for sharing this! God bless you and your beautiful family.

    • Thanks Andy. My son is made me into a much better person. He made me realize that life should be about discovery, adventure, of being happy even with most simple of things like swimming in the pool or catching some bugs. I bet your having the best time as well with your two kids. God bless you too and your wonderful family.

  21. I think that is so true about children being a door back to your own childhood. There is something about the way they see the world as a bundle of excitement and possibilities that is completely captivating as an adult looking back.


    • Thank you for sharing. I agree, kids see a world that us adults has long forgotten. Sometimes we get lucky and we get that world once again through their eyes.

  22. Beautiful! We share so many sentiments about being a parent and seeing the world anew through our children. What a great gift.

    • Thank you. I believe children are sent to us adults to remember and once again appreciate the simple and pure joys of life. It is a priceless gift every parent will treasure for always.

  23. What a sweet, lovely post! Thanks for sharing these photos!

  24. eof737 says:

    Neat shot! I like it. ;-)

  25. Ron says:

    Thanks for the journey through the eyes of the camera as we travel with you and your boy. Jogging our memories as we can identify with your feelings and emotions.


  26. Leigh Hall says:

    Thanks for the ping! I love your blog!

  27. suitablefish says:

    happy father, happy son. a joyful post. thank you.

  28. Arindam says:

    Bro, you and your son share one of the most beautiful father-son bond in this world. To be honest, I will be more than happy, if one day when I am going to have a kid; I will be able to share such a beautiful bond. I am sure your son is going to make you proud and happy in every way possible.

    • Bro, one day you’ll have one of your own and I bet you will be a great dad. A dad with a caring and adventurous heart. As for my son, he makes me happy and proud no matter what. He’s my inspiration. Thanks.

  29. Colline says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to acknowledge it which is why I have nominated you for an award. Please read my post for details:

  30. The experiences you make possible for him will give him not only great lung capacity, but many great capacities. Beautiful….

    • I like these one a lot, “The experiences you make possible for him will give him not only great lung capacity, but many great capacities.” Such words of inspiration my friend. Thank you. I wish you all life’s blessings.

  31. Fergiemoto says:

    Beautiful, touching and inspiring!

  32. Beautiful post and I love the photos. I think I may have said it before but I’ll say it again – your son is lucky to have a father like you :)

    • Thank you. I’m trying my best to follow my dad and my father-in-laws footsteps. I know I may not reach what mountains they reached but I would hope that at least, I get to finish most of it the best way I can.

  33. rommel says:

    Your son is so lucky to have a parent who is such an itchy feet. You’ve given him so much bonding time, experience, fun and tons of possibility to grow on understanding the world around him. Kudos. I didn’t get to say it because I was away … Happy Father’s Day!

  34. Paula says:

    Another beautiful and heart-warming post :). I have trouble keeping track of all these great posts due to my hectic routine, but I’ll get to all of them :) Happy belated F’s D :)

  35. russelllindsey says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    This is precisely why I write and what I hope to capture in my writing one day.

  36. Sunshine says:

    To answer your question Island T., my secret hiding place has been and still is, the public libraries!
    Your son’s energy comes from having two wonderful and caring parents who are raising him with unconditional love…beautiful words and photos.
    Thank you…

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