10 Fun Things To Do Under The Sun In Boracay

Fun Under The Sun Never Ends In Boracay

One of the most fun places I’d been is Boracay, an island blessed with powdery white sands, crystal clear waters and sunsets that sinks deep into your soul. It is an island of many dreams and possibilities. One of these possibilities is to have fun to your heart’s content. Today, I share with you the top 10 fun things to do in this majestic tropical island paradise.

“It is simply beautiful to just have fun, to let go, to let loose, to laugh without restraint, to be happy.”

My top 10 are…

1. Going bananas over an adrenaline racing Banana Boat. The last one to fall gets to take home a bunch of delicious bananas. Just Kidding!

2. Having lots of beautiful photos while getting that perfect tan. If you’re into “selfies”, every landscape background are picture perfect. It’s a photographer’s wonderland.

3. Swimming to your heart’s content. My son thought that he was a fish and pretended to breath under water.

4. Feel the wind, be like the wind and go Surfing. May it be on a slippery sand or on waters or both. Just make sure you don’t have back problems. I slipped one time and I tell you the back pain was excruciating. I was lucky that on the second day, after a lot of stretching and prayers, the pain went away . An island miracle!

5. Playing in the sand. My son, for the first time got covered with sand from neck down. He loved every moment of it. He did it several times. Can’t believe that a year ago, he was freaking out because he didn’t like having sand on his feet or inside his shoes. The island can easily change you and forget your fears.

6. For the Shopaholic, go island shopping frenzy by the beach or to the nearby island stores called “Talipapa.” No problem if you forgot your sun glasses, hat or slippers. There’s a new one that awaits for you in every corner. It only costs a few pesos. It’s also a great way to help the locals earn a living.

7. Fly like a bird and go parasailing. This is a breathtaking way to enjoy an aerial view of the island and surrounding waters. Just make sure it’s not close to open waters. You don’t know what waits underneath. Jaws?

8. Ride a boat, go island hopping, discover the myriad of fascinating life forms under the sea via snorkelling and scuba diving. My son went snorkelling for the first time and he went crazy. I had to hold him tight because the water current was too strong. We had ice cream afterwards sold by a guy on a small wooden boat called, “banca.”

9. Run like there’s no tomorrow and stay fit. These women were part of the Dragon Boat team I saw rowing the boat every morning. Seeing them follow their passion and working as one community was such an inspiration.

10. Make sand castles, dream in broad daylight or just enjoy what nature has to offer. I would sit for hours , watching the entire seascape, just admiring its beauty. Graceful and colorful sail boats glided smoothly across the water. Just a few meters away, I heard my son calling, “Dad, it’s time to go home.” I looked at his direction and smiled. As I stood up, I felt a wave of water caressed my feet as if it’s saying, “Don’t go.” I didn’t notice that the sun was about to set. Time flies quickly when you are having “fun under the sun.”

Today’s Weekly Image Of Life  is called “Fun Under The Sun.” It’s all about your unforgettable Summers and exciting adventures. It’s about the many travels you made that made you see the world in the most inspiring way. The list of possibilities are endless.Let your imagination run wild and let its fun side take control. As one country song goes, “It’s when we loose ourselves that we truly find paradise.”

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I treasure and appreciate all your inputs. My blogging  journey has been a very meaningful one because of you.

Here are the bloggers I wish to celebrate and acknowledge for their generous and amazing version of the theme last week.





















For those who want to join the fun and adventure, grab this widget and visit the link below.



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122 Responses to 10 Fun Things To Do Under The Sun In Boracay

  1. fgassette says:

    Love the theme this week and I can’t wait to put my entry together, Your post is so inspiring and full of examples of fun under the sun. Thanks for listing my blog post.



    • Francine, it’s a joy to add your post on the list. It is a beautiful post that I will be honored to share. I’m excited to read your entry for this week’s challenge. Take care my friend.


  2. Imelda says:

    mmm love this theme. At the end of today, I might have those photos. :-)


  3. Justin Burnell says:



  4. Northern Narratives says:

    Your photos are beautiful. Please send some sunshine my way.


    • Sorry to hear about the flood in the city of Duluth . I hope and pray for your safety, your family and everyone in your city. It is such a scary, traumatic event. Be strong my friend. Keep us updated. I believe God will send his sunshine soon…


  5. restlessjo says:

    It certainly looks an idyllic place. Love that photo of all the sailboats. Island hopping- that’s me!


  6. wolke205 says:

    *sigh* wonderful photos as always :)


    • Thank you. Places can inspire us to find that person in us that wishes to have fun, to be free, and just be happy. Of course, it gets better when you have someone to share it with.


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    • Wow, the rock formations were amazing. Such a fun and exciting outdoor adventure. Definitely a one unforgettable fun in the Sun event. Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Fergiemoto says:

    Great photos and great examples of fun in the sun! Many good memories for you.
    Here is an example of outdoor enjoyments during summer vacation:



  9. Gilly Gee says:

    I love the little sail boats!


  10. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Such beautiful pictures of fun in the sun! :) I may join in this week. :) Boracay is such a lovely spot.


  11. magsx2 says:

    Fantastic photos. There is nothing like going to the beach and just enjoying yourself, great for the whole family, so many things that you can do to have an enjoyable day. :)


    • That is true. Being at the beach creates a perfect mood to have fun with family and friends or we can simply relax and enjoy the calming effect of the sea. Thanks.


    • Thanks David. I enjoyed the fun and exciting jet ski photo. Truly a fun and thrilling activity with a scenic view of Alabama’s Island gem. Best wishes to you and your family.


  12. Judy says:

    Wonderful theme for summer, IT! I love your images! I wish I lived close to those beautiful places! Here’s mine!



    • Such a beautiful beach with a fun parasailing surprise. That is one rare and exciting encounter.. I wish I tried one last March when I went to Boracay Island but I hurt my back 2 days before the event and I backed out last night. After reading you post, now I know I should try it soon. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post. Best wishes to you and your family.


  13. eof737 says:

    I like the sound of that one… We are just entering our summer season and as it progresses, I’ll have some outdoor fun shots to share. Great fun one. :-)


    • Thanks Liz. You always share the most fascinating images with words that inspires us all everyday. Thank you for being a generous blogger friends. I would love to see those Summer pics soon…


  14. imexcited says:

    Great list of fun under the sun and your photos are lovely as usual. Boracay is indeed a fun place to visit!


    • It is. There’s always something that fits anybody’s budget. From a low cost hut to a 5 star hotel. Me? I got lucky once for having the chance to work there for a year, so it’s kind of a free accommodation. I took the job not for the money but more for the once in a lifetime chance to be close to paradise even if I knew it was only temporary. I’m so glad I did. Thanks for sharing.


  15. imexcited says:

    And thanks for the ping back :)


  16. aRVee says:

    I love the theme this week. Looks like you have had a lot of fun under the sun. Must be a great vacation back then… :)


    • Bro, I enjoyed immensely your adventure at the Spring Resort with your family. So much fun but more importantly, you get to share a happy event with your family. Love their generous smiles and the “jump” part of the photos. Your are indeed blessed my friend. You found sunshine in your heart that will light your world no matter where you are.


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  18. Angelia Sims says:

    I’m having fun in the sun living vicariously through your day. GORGEOUS beach images! And great advice. :-)


    • Thanks Angelia. The beach is something I will be passionate about. May it be the beach in my hometown, or the white sands of Boracay, or the Galveston Island’s seemingly endless beaches.


  19. Wow! These photos are awesome :) I’ve never been to Boracay :D are you a Filipino?


    • I am. 100%, mind and heart! Although my son thinks he’s a Texan since Texas is the only home he knew till we visited the Philippines last March.
      Boracay is one place you should never miss when you are in the Philippines. And try going off season. That is when you could still feel the magic of the island that seems to be lost during the busy, Summer months. And it’s cheaper too. Thanks for the visit.


  20. Wonderful photos as usual — and displaying my favorite place in nature …the beach! Like your son, I am like a fish as well and can spend hours upon hours swimming and wading in the waters. I much prefer it to surfing because that requires more concentration. When I’m in the water I like my thoughts just to roam free.


    • Thanks Frances. Like you, I too like my thoughts just roam free in the water. In my mind, I let the waves take away my troubles back to the sea and bring me back a renewed heart ready to face another battle….with full force and inspiration!


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  22. fgassette says:

    Here is my entry for this week’s theme, Fun Under the Sun: http://wp.me/p23TG1-SE




    • Thanks Francine. Wow, the river kayaking looks really fun and exciting. The smiles on the family members who rode the kayak is priceless. I did ocean kayaking while in college. It was liberating!


  23. nelson RN says:

    I loooove the beach! And your photographs are great!


  24. I loved this post so much – it bought back so many happy memories!


    • Thanks Chica. The beach and anything with water holds for most of us a happy memory. I was sickly as a child and as early as infancy, my dad already took me to the beach. He believed that the sea breeze has healing properties. I think it does in so many ways. For one, it can heal a wounded soul and mend a broken heart.


  25. Sabina Brave says:

    I can’t swim and I have to avoid sun, but I Iove the sea, and I was really enjoying looking at your pictures :)


    • Thanks Sabina. My wife is the same. Can’t swim and stays away from the Sun. But she does enjoy watching the sunsets and being around me and my son. We try to make it balance. She goes with me to the beach and I go with her at the Mall. Win-win!


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  27. dadirri7 says:

    this place might become even more popular after your gorgeous photos! here is mine, memories of a wonderful visit from a dear friend a fw summers ago http://wp.me/296YA


    • Perhaps one day, when fate permits, I would love to see the magical place of Dadirri. Just like Miruko, I felt so excited and happy looking at the amazing and beautiful gifts of nature. My heart pound when you mention about dolphins, whales, sea eagles and horses. And yes, Japanese food is one of my favorites. You and your family have a generous heart. Your gave your visitor an awesome Summer to remember . I bet till today, she cherishes them in her heart. Thank you for sharing a post that made me feel like jumping…from joy! Best wishes to you and your family.


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  29. Fun under the sun with my dogs…..:o)




    • So beautiful my friend. You made me feel a bit homesick. I went to UP Diliman once to take my Test for Spoken English and how I wish I ventured around the Campus. Looks like a fun, happy and adventurous day. I miss the “taho” and the local, vibrant scene. The dogs are total head turners. So adorable. Looks like they had an awesome time as well. Sun does brighten our mood and inspire us to pursue the day with excitement. God bless you and your family. Thanks.


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    • Oh , wow! Your photos were amazing. Every image highlights a place I hope to visit one day. From the radiant sun rays to the breathtaking waters of “Pagudpud.” Fun in the sun and much , much more. These words I had me smiling, “As the first ray of the sun touches the earth, new life arises. And when we speak of new life, we speak of new hope. ‘Tis another day to savor the goodness of God in our lives. And each activity that we do under the sun speaks of how we battle with life and how we embrace every opportunity that life brings.” Thank you for sharing a wonderful post.


  31. indiGo says:

    Nice and challenging theme.
    Boracay is indeed a paradise. love the sand, the water, especially the activities. :) Nice photos.
    Here’s my entry: (Just done editing :) )



    • I love your entry. Makes me want to revisit the Philippines. Truly it’s true when the say, “It’s fun in the Philippines.” You shared images that inspired me to see the other past of the Islands when I go back there next them. Best wishes to you and your loves ones.


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  33. pattisj says:

    Love the cluster of colorful sails! Looks like fun under the sun, so much to do.


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  35. So missing Maui now! Great photos and post….would love to partake in everyone of those.


  36. rommel says:

    I would assumed you putting parasailing as close to the top, then again, I remember reading what happened.
    You never ceased to amaze me with your words and pictures. Love your perfect capture of the kid about to dive to surf and the purchasing of the hat.


  37. TBM says:

    I’ve been craving a beach trip and after reading this post I think it is time to get serious about planning one.


  38. Paula says:

    We should have fun everyday!!! A beautiful series of photos IT. The photo that captivates me more than others is the one with two palm tree trunks a bunch of people running in the background :D. Boracay is what looks very close to paradise!!!


    • Thanks Paula. Boracay in th 1970’s was in its true essence, a paradise. No electricity, hardly occupied other than the original locals, there were even monkeys at Pucca beach…the original place for pucca shells. Then tourists discovered it and since then there was no holding it back from becoming a major vacation destination in the Philippines.At dawn, you may get a similar “I’m the king/queen of the island” feeling, when the rest of the world is still asleep. Take care…


  39. shabnamphoto says:

    An enviable life is all i can say, u r blessed! great


  40. Patti Kuche says:

    Your wonderful photos are my fun in the sun – I love the exotic, jewel like colours of the sea with the golden sands, palm trees that always look so restful . . . .


    • Thanks Patti. Just woke up a few minutes ago and I’m already loving the day with this thoughts,”I love the exotic, jewel like colours of the sea with the golden sands, palm trees that always look so restful . . . .” It’s been a tiring week and I’m not just catching up. My blogger friends and their sharing helps perk up day. Have a beautiful day my friend…


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  42. I love the sun and it was hard to pick one thing… many happy memories of sunny holidays. Here is our fun in the sun which got a lot of reactions!


    Enjoy :)


    • It was a great day of fun under the Sun. Like the tourists who passed by, I am to got fascinated by the sand scuba diver and the shark. Your husband is very talented. Your are blessed to see all these beaches and be immersed with the various exciting and colorful cultures from various countries. Beautiful images tha makes me wanna visit the sea soon. This I’ll take with me today, “. I love the sun and feel energized on days where the skies are blue and the sun sparkles.” Thanks and best wishes to your family.


    • Inspiring post. Beautiful memories we can all celebrate everyday. The sun, the sand the blue waters, the smiles and endless dreams…Mmmm. Thanks.


    • My son has 2 more days to finish his Summer school, then it’s really Summer for all of us. I hope to recreate the awesome Summer we had last year. Thanks.. a toast to a super fun Summer!!!


  43. beautiful!!!! one need to learn how to enjoy life from you dear friend!


    • Thanks Habiba. Life can be stressful, even challenging. If we don’t allow ourselves to have fun and be happy, one day we get to realize the things we missed and that we wasted the chances we had for happiness. I don’t want to be that person. I’m not going to live forever, and life’s too short. Everyday, we are given opportunities to capture happiness in our minds and hearts. And it has nothing to do with being materially rich or fame or other worldly “bling-bling.” Happiness is having love and peace in your heart. I bet you too already know that since I can sense a lot of joy in your post too. Stay blessed my friend.


  44. Love your post! Beautiful photos too! There’s nothing better than a day at the beach. There are so many things to do and that is what makes it so much fun. Thanks for sharing!!! ~Sophia


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  46. Here’s my Fun Under the Sun. It’s appropriate for the beginning of retirement. YAHOO!!



  47. I don’t know why, basically because I am a computer moron, but it comes up Page Not Found. If I click on search on the Page Not Found page, it goes to the post. Try that, if you wish.


    • My friend, I took have computer blue and woes every now and then. I took me forever to put the weekly image picture in my blog because I don’t know how to copy the link and all. But we are all here to help each other out. Take care….


  48. OK. I don’t mean to be a pest. I tried something else and I think it works. I just wish I knew what I did wrong the first time.



    • I had to show my son your grandson’s sand muscles. My son had a similar sand encounter minus the muscles. Guess what he told me with a smile? He said, “I know him. He’s in my class.” I said surprised, “Oh, really?” I guess kids have a universal language that spells pure fun and happiness. Love your post. It celebrates a family that loves life and knows how to have fun under the Sun…with or without the muscles! Take care, Best wishes to your wonderful family.


  49. Colline says:

    I remembered this week to create a page before time’s up :)
    This is an example of what we do in the sun: http://collinesblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/dragon-boat-race/


    • Wow, Colline. My heart was pounding as I imagined I was there myself cheering for the dragon boat teams. I have not seen a real race yet and perhaps one day, I will get lucky and see one. I did see them practice. Such a fun and exciting post down to the last images of strawberry and croissant sandwich…which by the way looks delicious. Thanks for sharing an awesome event at Toronto Island. Best wishes to you and your family.


      • Colline says:

        Thank you :) I guess every post I do referring to our weekends in Summer will feature the sun. I couldn’t wait to share this one with you this week :)


  50. Sartenada says:

    Although it is summer in Finland, but when admiring Your beautiful photos from a tropical Paradise, I am speechless.


  51. Thank you. I’m always intrigued by the various beaches and seascape around the world.There’s something unique in all of them yet at the same time something universal. For one, we all feel happy and at peace whenever we are close to them.


  52. Cathy G says:

    Great there! Here’s my post!



    • Thank you Cathy.
      Your parents are so adorable.I admire their deep love for each other. Their smiles so generous, filled with happiness that is so inspiring. Love the shadows by the sand and last with a huge bang, the surfing picture made me jump from my seat. Truly a post that celebrates fun in the sun in the most meaningful way. Thanks for sharing yourself and your wonderful family with us . God bless you and your family always.


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    • Now this is Fun and Summer is all about. Seeing your kids so happy with smiles as radiant as the sunshine, I felt like shouting with joy, “Life is beautiful and we all should celebrate it everyday!” Just like you, I too get so busy with work, family stuff and my passion, blogging. It’s hard to fit time and squeeze everything together. But today, you showed that with a big generous and adventurous heart, anything is possible. You gave your kids a very priceless memory they will cherish for always. Thank you for sharing a very inspiring post. A post that brings happiness to all who reads it. Best wishes to you and your family.


  54. Sunshine says:

    Hi Island Traveler…again…I’m running to catch up so here’s my post on my take of ‘fun under the sun’…heck, go out and screw up!! http://wp.me/p1RzUf-1aM
    Wishing you a ‘screwed’ up week! lol :)


    • Love the total freedom to be oneself, to express , to be creative in all abandonment. I’m impressed with Mr. Robbins words of inspiration, “Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes:
      find the cause of your problems and eliminate it.
      Don’t try to perfect;
      just be an excellent example of being human.” But I felt like I can soar with your words after, “when Words seem distant and far away

      why not let your hair down

      and simply write

      all those reluctant Words you hold back

      forget all writing rules just for a minute and let yourself

      GO under the sun– with your Words– and have some fun…

      then… Go out and screw up…

      … just be an excellent example of being human.

      me? i’m just having some fun today being crazy and weird

      hey, i’m only human, right?”
      Being human means we have room for mistakes and with those mistakes we learn and become better than ever. Thanks Sunshine.


  55. Ok, you are officially living in paradise! :-O


    • I was then I had to go back to my real world. Perhaps one day, destiny will lead me back to the tropics. Whenever my wife would ask me what is my future dream, I would say, “to go back where we are most happiest.” She agrees 100%! Thanks for sharing . Best wishes to you and your family.


  56. Penny says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. In return I decided to see what you are up to and so glad I did. What a lovely blog. The “fun in the sun” pictures are fantastic. Especially the one of all the sail boats. Thanks again.


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