Creating Legos And Grapocheese Monster

Lego And A Child’s Creative Mind

Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, my son would go to his Lego play station and play with his Lego Star Wars collection. Most of the time, he creates his own fighter planes and spaceships complete with missile blasters. He even made Lego zombie space fighters to spice things up. His ability to create something either from a Lego manual book or from scratch amazes me. I’m not really good with following instructions and for him to build a model, piece by piece, page by page down to the last details is truly admirable. I’m my son’s greatest fan.

Last Sunday, as part of our Father’s Day celebration, I bought him a small box of Lego Star wars of his choice. He looked so excited. As soon as we hit the car, he started reading the manual. When we reached home he announced proudly, “I got this. It is easy!”

About 30 minutes after, he pulled my hand while I was in the computer and said, “Dad, I’m done. Check out my new Star Wars Lego.” When I saw it the first time, I told myself, “Wow. He is good.” I told him proudly with a huge smile on my face, “Great job son!” He smiled back looking so happy. We then started making the “Grapocheese” monster made of grapes and cheese. Before eating our edible Grapocheese monster, my son’s new Star Wars mini-figures had to blast it into pieces. Making it easier for us to chew them.

Creating A Fun And Happy Memory

Creation has a vast meaning. I can be about making Artistic masterpieces or it could be about making things that are useful and functional. It could be something that gives life and inspiration or could simply be about creating memories that makes us smile. Memories that makes us feel blessed with a meaningful and rich life. A life of love and joy among the people we spend our lives every moment of everyday.

Thanks for sharing your day with me. I hope you enjoyed my version of the Weekly Photo Challenge called “Create.” May it inspired you to create a new beautiful memory. Memories that will keep you smiling even when the clouds are grey. What have your created recently that made you say, “Wow, life is good!”

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99 Responses to Creating Legos And Grapocheese Monster

  1. Colline says:

    I love Lego as a game for children: they are building, and also using their imagination to create and to play. And the best thing is that it can keep them busy for hours – and days.

    • Thanks Colline . It does keep them busy for hours. My son lately consider me as his building blocks buddy. So, I did create a few pieces og my own. My son would build the models then destro them to make a version of his own. Drove me crazy at first but now I understand that it’s about having him explore his creative side. To express his imagination and create a play world that he is the ultimate builder.

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    What an awe inspiring feature thanks for sharing, I’d be proud of him as well….

  3. My sons were Lego addicts!
    I gave you the Inspiring Blogger award:

  4. Spiritual World Traveler says:

    Beautiful memory!

  5. I loved playing legos with my sons–I just didn’t like stepping on them in my bare feet
    -enjoy your memories in the making

    • I know what you mean. I stepped on them several times and it hurts. But the fun and happy times easly makes me forget my “ouchy” moments. My son can’t wait to visit Target store toy section on my next off. It helps us bond together and make beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing…best wishes to your family.

  6. fgassette says:

    Legos, a wonderful tool to spark the creative imagination of children. A wonderful choice for the challenge.


  7. Madhu says:

    Beautiful post, but have to agree with Onthehomefront above……would hate our memories to include broken bones :-) Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you. I never had Legos as a kid. Back then, it is a luxury to have one. Today, I get to relive my childhood and its beautiful. Makes me rediscover that inner child in me.

  8. aRVee says:

    Wow your son is quite talented, and he is smart enough to create that Star Wars Lego. I wanted to believe that the attention you and your wife give to your child contributed so much to his talent because in doing so, he felt appreciated and therefore his potentials are very well developed… Congrats to your son for a job well done and for making it to your weekly photo challenge entry – create! Stay blessed my friend!

    • Thanks Bro. Well my our world revolves in the “power of three.” That would be me, my wife and son. We’re like buddies in all our adventures. Today, I found a wounded dragonfly on my way home. I brought it home and showed to my son. He can’t fly for awhile and me and my son helped me go to the garden. Finaly he flew. My son understood why we had to let it go. It too needs to be with his family.

  9. I still keep my lego toys! I believe the old lego worth a lot now

  10. Sunshine says:

    Creating a legacy of love as you are currently doing is simply the most memorable and precious gift we can give to the universe. Thank you…again. :)
    Peace and love.

    • Thank you sunshine. I do hope to create a “legacy of love” much similar to what my parents gave me. If I can come half close to the joy they gave me and my siblings, I would be very happy.

  11. I first noticed the Grapo Cheese Monster and wondered, ‘is that a marble?’ and then you answered with that incredible name for your snack! You paint a beautiful picture of your family and of your obvious love for your son in your posts. Z

  12. Angeline M says:

    Kids are so creative! Lego toys are a great thing to instill this in kids. Watch out for that Grapocheese monster!

    • The “Grapocheese” monster is beaten for now but it mutates so I bet it will reappear anytime, anywhere. My son also has the Lego zombies. I love zombie movies and it’s funny how my son got the same fascination for it too. Initially, I would tell him not to dismantle his Lego mini-figures. They are expensive but I realized it is all about creating something fun. Something his imagination wants to create. So now he has Anakin-Dark Vader combo and more…Thanks for sharing my friend.

  13. How funny – my original post was about my dear friend’s son who is OBSESSED with Lego and all the things he can create. Have you checked out the Lego Ideas book? It’s a wonderful creative starting point for kids and often introduces them to new directions. I loved seeing what your son was able to make with his Star Wars kit!

    • Thank you. I will check out the Lego Ideas Book. My son would check out the latest Lego books at Barnes and Noble and it’s a joy seeing how excited he is. I wish I took some pictures of our work together. They are actually cool. Perhaps I can add it on in this post. Have a beautiful weekend.

  14. MikeP says:

    Create… kids can almost use anything to create. As adults we tend to stay in the box. My class reminds me of the out of the box creations everyday. Me…. still working on my photo book… if I was a kid it would have been done by now.. :-)

    • Thanks Mike. I would love to see your photo book one day. I bet it’s amazing. I agree, young ones help us think outside the box. To be creative, to let loose, to feel free.

  15. Joy says:

    I love it!
    My boys love, love, love their Legos. I appreciate the fact that they are learning as they build and create.
    What wonderful memories you are making with your precious one.

    • Thanks Joy. Lego is part of a boy’s growing up and learning years. Now, they also have Legos for girls which I think is really cool. We do need to encourgae our kids to venture into their imagination and help them create something amazing in the real world.

  16. SimplySage says:

    Love this. Mine was along the same thread. Aside from the daily beauty given by God, children are the perfect examples of unbridled creativity.

    • Thank you. Children are the perfect example of unbridled creativity. Their belief, their pureness, their imagination knows no bounds. As adults we should allow them to grow, to dream , to make the most of their potential. It’s all about, “you can do it,’ and being positive.

  17. smirkpretty says:

    This is wonderful! You encourage the practice of creating, and it becomes your child’s way. What a great papa you are.

    • Thank you. My parents gave me a happy chidlhood where I can follow my imagination to my heart’s content. Now it’s my time turn to show my son that he too can create the most amazing things and just have fun with it.

  18. Gilly Gee says:

    Wow what a clever boy,I wouldn’t understand the instructions.

    • That makes the two of us. That is why when we buy a Lego, I usually ask him, “It says for age 7-12, are you okay with that?” Most of the time he’ll say, “Yes, dad, I can.” And I believe him. And yes, he does it well too. Thanks Gilly.

  19. oh, how fun. what a great Father’s Day.

  20. Imelda says:

    What fun! Now, it’s “Dad, I’m done. Look at my Star Wars Lego.” In a few years, “Dad, I’m done. Look at YOUR car.” ;-) :-)

    • I would like to think he made my car super cool or upgraded although at the back of head, I’m also imagining a car with mud and dust after he used it for a long drive trip. Nevertheless, I would be happy to lend him my car when the time comes, as long as he’s safe and follows the right driving rules. For now, I wish to enjoy his childhood and the fun memories it brings. Thanks Imelda. Have a great weekend.

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  22. Paula says:

    I love your take on the theme :) It is indeed a sweet post and I congratulate you both for the perfect gift and a memorable creation .)

    • Thanks Paula. I thought,”what could be more perfect to create than the Lego pieces?” Atleast for me and all the parents who’d been to this phase of their parenting journey. Take care and best wishes to you and your family.

      • Paula says:

        Lego is an institution among generations of kids and parents too …. I had my own legos too :D

      • Isn’t it amazing that generation to generations, the fascinating world of Lego continues to inspire the young minds, including our own kids? It is small , fun world after all. Thanks Paula.

  23. thirdeyemom says:

    Your son and mine sound a lot alike! Max loves his Legos and especially the star wars ones. I am always amazed by what he creates and his amazing imagination. Oh to be a child again! Great post! :) nicole

    • Thanks Nicole. They do have something in common. I can’t believe how Star Wars can be timeless. I remember that I was a boy once watching the first Star Wars in the movies. Now, my son watched the old DVD’s so he can learn more about the names of his Lego characters. Best wishes to you family…

      • thirdeyemom says:

        That is hilarious as we have began watching all the old movies too (just watched one today in our car trip back from up north). The kids LOVE them! I love watching Max and Sophia create things with the legos too. So much imagination!

      • Thanks for sharing. What’s funny now is that my son knows more of the old Star Wars characters than I do like commander Cody, commander “something!” He refreshes my memory now. Yesterday, we found a half priced Lego Calendar 2011 in Houston. He waited for me to wake up at 07:30 p.m., so we can go to Toys R Us. It was the only last piece. This morning he finished all of them. He looked so excited and happy. We can’t put a price to great memories and happiness. Best wishes to your family.

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  25. Sabina Brave says:

    He is very creative boy :)
    Have a wonderful weekend IT.

  26. Very sweet parallel between the act of creating a tangible work of art, and creating the intangible happy memory. I know you and your family are experts at both!

    • Thanks Naomi. Somehow, Art, memory, creation and happiness all merge as one. It’s amazing how all these can be made possible in a child’s world. I’m just lucky to be around one.

  27. I’m 60 and I LOVE Legos. They never get old.. Your son and I would get along famously. :-)

    • Make it three! Legos are timeless and knows no age. For as long as we acknowledge the child-like spirit in us, there is room for play and all the fun times it offers. Thanks for sharing.

  28. cocomino says:

    Lego is one of the most creative tool, I think. Have a great weekend.

  29. magsx2 says:

    Great photos. :)
    Just amazing what can be made from Leggo, and I think it’s great that it has been around for so long, it teaches a lot I feel and I am yet to meet any child that does not enjoy trying to make something, and as they grow you see their efforts getting better before your eyes.

    • Legos are timeless. And yes, the older the kids get, the better and more creative they become. When they get older they become creators of amazing things in this world. Thanks for sharing.

  30. dadirri7 says:

    lego was a big favourite in our house too, with three boys growing up, now we still have big boxes that are pulled out when the families are visiting! wonderful image of your son on the escalator with his lego bag :)

    • He looks like he’s flying with happiness whenever we buy him one. I just love watching him looking him so happy. It’s wonderful to know you kept your son’s Legos. I bet every time you see the lego bag, it reminds you of the fun times you had with your sons when they were younger. Thanks.

  31. Akanksha says:

    Hi, I nominated you with the “one lovely blog award”

  32. I loved playing with Legos when I was young too… it’s awesome how you can put together these little pieces and create something out of them :)

  33. Lisa at fLVE says:

    He’s so smart. :) And that does look really good.

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  35. Looks like he’s going to be smarter than me when he grows up. Ha, ha, ha. Seriously, I think every child has the potential to be an amazing, smart adults when they grow up. We just need to encourage them to be the best that they can be. Thanks.

  36. eof737 says:

    Lovely and I enjoyed seeing your son start the building process to completion. :-)

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  38. I enjoyed this a great deal. For my husband’s recent birthday, my son also bought him Lego so they could work on them together – much like you and your boy. What I liked most about your post is what I like most about when my husband and son do Lego together – the “down-on-the-floor” photos/experience, the combined focus and sense of accomplishment!

    • Thank you for the generous sharing. I bet your husband and your son will have an amazing time and bonding creating the Lego pieces. My love legos and I wish to share what makes him happy. He is actually my buddy when it comes to making adventures. And my wife supports both our dreams whole heartedly. Best wishes to you and your family.

  39. You are an awesome father! I could almost hear and smell and feel how much you love your son. I just wish my father loves me the way you love your son :) And by the way, “Belated Happy father’s Day!” :)

    • Thank you. I try my best. I have two great dads. My real father who till today continues to believe in me and my father-in-law who trusted me with his wonderful daughter. I’m just half-way the road they’d been….and it’s a long , challenging road. Best wishes!

  40. Fergiemoto says:

    Clever! A great interpretation for the theme. A child’s creativity can be amazing!

  41. It is so important for them to create pieces and stories for themselves! Great way to encourage creative growth!

  42. ristinw says:

    Such a fun Lego world!!! :D

  43. The Guat says:

    This was an AWESOME idea for the photo challenge. I love the first picture. It says it all :)

    OH! By the way, I have also nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award … because I think your blog is truly lovely. Just visit my blog to pick up your award and check out the simple rules. Congrats!

    • Thanks for sharing a beautiful award my friend. Congratulations for having a blog that shares happiness and inspiration to others. I’m honored and joyful!

  44. Madman says:

    I used to play with the Legos half a century ago and I cannot refrain from thinking how amazing it is that Legos stayed THE toy to trigger creative juices.
    Thanks for the reminder :-)

  45. Cute! Now this post brought me back to my childhood yet again — to think of when my bratty brother was playing with those Lego pieces!

  46. Cheryl says:

    My sons loved Lego and today, their sons do too. I used Lego in leadership team development sessions … I discovered that there is a kid in all of us, even executives!

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  48. auntyuta says:

    I recently published some photos we made during our different holidays at Sussex Inlet. Looking at the photos I can say: ‘Wow, life is good!’
    The photos you just published are going to give you wonderful memories in years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Divine Lunacy says:

    I enrolled in university at the age of 49, I create artified telephones and took up running.

    • Your story inspired me. No age can limit what we can do and conquer. What matters is that we have an open mind, a huge heart, and a faith willing to pursue those dreams. Thank you.

  50. TBM says:

    You two have such a strong bond it is wonderful to read about it. Thanks for sharing. When I was your son’s age, I also loved Legos. Enjoy every day!!!!

  51. Vanessa T. says:

    Loved the post! I played with Legos when I was younger too~ Now I buy them to give away as gifts! Your son is really adorable! Grapocheese is such a cute name for a creative villain like that :D

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