Weekly Image Of Life: Colors

Life Bursting With Colors

Colors are a part of our everyday life. They influence how we feel and how we envision the world around us. Today, we celebrate everything and anything that has colors. From a rainbow’s magical spectrum to the beautiful, scented blooms, colors inspires us with each new day. Colors touches the heart to feel emotions and to embrace the wonderful thing called “love.” Colors make us feel truly alive and ready to face any challenges ahead. It’s a gift that nature and mother Earth gives us everyday. How we choose to use that gift is all up to us.

One of the most beautiful and bright colors are the ones created by a child. They create a spark that lights up our hearts just like  fireworks lights up the sky. Their colors create a smile to a world when it is in tears, joy when it is in mourning, hope when it has fallen, love when there’s so much hate and light in moments of darkness.

Colors And What It Means To Me

Everyone has their favorite colors. Colors and their meaning can vary from person to person. Some are similar while others different and unique. Today, I get to share with you one of my favorite colors with a bit of a story behind it.

Green and the rainbow colors that comes with it. A refreshing color that makes me feel close to nature. I can look at it during troubled times and experience a sense of calmness, solitude, even healing. It’s also one color that gives me wonderful memories of my past. About 15 years ago, I helped my mom create the garden of her dreams. We would go around town looking for the perfect plant to fit the tropical oasis we had in mind. Slowly, in time it did evolved into a place we all called “our little sanctuary.” I also helped my dad plant Mahogany trees that now provides shade for those who take refuge in it. Me included.

The garden has become a place for family gatherings, of discovery and play.  It transforms into a place of romance and dreams, creating unforgettable nostalgic moments when at night Capiz lamps lights up around the Mango tree like countless dazzling stars. Stars so reachable you can believe everything is possible.

Heliconia Rostrata I planted for my mom so many years ago. During family gatherings she makes flower arrangements such as these. Looking at it, it made me remember the many wonderful and loving times we had together. I bet she remembers these moments too every time she harvest the blooms in our home garden.

Every morning, my sister makes me and my dad a freshly grind brewed coffee. Facing the garden, we would talk for hours. Sharing our hopes and future dreams. I miss those simple yet happy and peaceful moments.

The Mango Tree Of Life. One Day, all of us siblings will find our way back to where it all began. One day.

Another week has passed. Another image of life well celebrated. I hope this week you get to see and embrace the colors around you. They were always there with you from the yellow golden sunrise to the times you found yourself having a “Me” moment at the beach, staring at the vast, calm blue sea. What colors moved you today? May it inspire you to live the life you were always meant to be.

Thank you once again for sharing your day with me. May this post inspire you to embrace and see the beautiful images around you. May you capture these images not only with your camera but with your heart.

Today, let us celebrate and get to know the following bloggers and their beautiful blog. Because of them, this challenge continues to find its colors of inspiration week after week. 





















For those who wish to join in this week’s challenge, here’s a link and the widget. Have a great time making wonderful adventures.


All images taken from an iPhone 4 camera using Camera + App. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories you make in this lifetime.

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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152 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: Colors

  1. Gilly Gee says:

    Thanks for sharing you rmums beautiful garden :-)

  2. Really like the composition and hues of the first image, Sally

  3. adinparadise says:

    Your mom’s garden is absolutely lovely. I love the picture you create in my mind, of you and your mom searching for the plants which would create this magical place. Thanks for sharing it with me too. ;)

    • My sisters and I would accompany her through the years to plant shows and growers, choosing the perfect member of her garden family. It was fun. A lot of great memories. May be one day, I’ll have another chance to help her build another one. Thanks.

  4. eof737 says:

    Green is a great color and does have a lot of wonderful qualities to it… The rainbow is always a favorite as it covers the basic color spectrum… :-)

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    • Thank you my friend. What a sweet, irresistible version of the post. Candies makes us feel cheerful and happy. It’s part of our childhood joyful memories. Lately my son discovered lollipops which his swimming club gives him and the other swimmers after their swimming session. A fun and exciting post. Colors and candies…such a wonderful duo! Have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for making me think about and renew my gratitude for the blessing of color. My favourite is any shade of blue.

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  8. fgassette says:

    A good challenge for this weeks challenge. I love your photos in the post and how they encourage us to be creative in our post for the challenge. Here is mine: http://wp.me/p23TG1-11Y


    • My friend, these images are so beautiful and moving. It shows a way of life that most of see everyday but failed to appreciate because of our busy lives. It took an artist’s amazing vision and vivid interpretation of life for us to really see what goes around our surroundings. I love your title, “Images Of Life In The Neighborhood”. The artist’s message in these murals just took my breathe away. Reality made so alive and given a colorful vision. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

  9. semprevento says:

    :-) beautiful colors, beautiful woman :-)


  10. Joy says:

    GREAT captures!

  11. You outdid yourself on this one! Every single image is stunning and peaceful. My favorite is your mother’s arrangement of heliconias. The flowers were planted with love, harvested with love, arranged with love, and photographed with love! You shared them with a loving spirit as well. Well done! Z

    • Thank you for sharing generously. In a way it was a tribute to my parents. I do miss them a lot and having to spend a few weeks with them last March of this year although not enough gave me quality time to bond with them. A lot of things changed in my city but my parents and siblings remain the loving and kind people they were since I was a child.

      • Yes, it’s hard when distance prevents us from spending time with our loved ones – especially our parents. Seize every opportunity to dote on them, as when they’re gone you will always wish you had done more. I am sure that you already know that and stay in touch with them via skype and phone, which helps bridge those miles. Your lovingly-planted garden smiles at them every day as well! There’s nothing like basking in the love of you parents!!! Have a great trip w/your family! Z

  12. scrapydo says:

    This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing

  13. Elyse says:

    What amazing flowers — and terrific pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • The flowers reminds me of fun times at the tropics. It’s often sunny and colorful in that side of the world. I feel blessed that once, I was part of it all. May be one they, I get to stay longer. Thanks.

  14. Those photos take my breath away, they are so vibrant with color! Wonderful job photographing each and every one :)

  15. Gobetween says:

    I have been fascinated by Heliconia Rostrata for a very long time but have never known the name. Glad you posted it here. I am sharing the vibrant colours in our garden.

  16. Cathy G says:

    Great topic!!

  17. bulldogsturf says:

    Lovely photos of a lovely garden, depicting lovely colours… can only make the post… lovely…

  18. Indira says:

    What a lovely garden you are blessed with dear . Living in a flat I miss it. Can’t imagine world with out a single color. All are important though in various amount. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

  19. cocomino says:

    What a great presentation and garden. I’ll try make such garden. :)

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  21. sutira says:

    I love colors. Vivid or soft.
    And what a wonderful garden you have there.

  22. Sunshine says:

    My first read for the morning and what a way to start the day…thank you Island T. for bringing the richness of a beautiful life to light.
    Of course, you know I just lingered over your freshly grind brewed coffee and drank in all the happiness you had with your sister and dad, so thank you, again, for another great theme.
    See ya! :)

    • Thanks Sunshine. I just wish I can have mornings like that all the time. Just chilling, enjoying the moment, no pressures, making beautiful memories with family and friends. This is what life should be for all. We all deserve pieces of happiness whether it comes with a delicious , satisfying sweet smelling coffee or not.

  23. Imelda says:

    What a lovely garden and memories. I am sharing colors from Batangas and from my own garden here. http://mywordwall.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/summer/

    • Wow! Love the beautiful colors of the Summer flowers. I always wanted to visit Batangas and see its amazing landscapes, beaches, have a taste of its delicious delicacies, savor the famous “Batangas kape,” meet its sunny, fun people and many more. As for the tropical heat and humidity…sizzling! I had to shower 3 times a day when I was in the Philippines last March. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Listen2Thea says:

    Beautiful, wish I could be an island traveler too, lol!

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  26. I have shown some local colour and things my home town area is known for… enjoy :)

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    • That was one beautiful post Amy. Thank you. The colors were festive and fun. And the children looks so happy and excited. The colored sweets looks yummy. And the ceiling lanterns created a magical moment. Thank you.

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  29. I’d like to do second one, but time is limited. (Sigh!) I hope that you enjoy this one!

  30. Valentina says:

    Wonderful post, thank you.

  31. Sunshine says:

    I chose the best color…hehe
    The Best Car Color In the Whole World is W-H-I-T-E! http://wp.me/p1RzUf-1hb :)

    • White is a symbol of pureness and cleanliness. It is also of light and everything good. The color perfectly embrace you and what you share with the people around you. Thanks.

  32. Madhu says:

    What a gorgeous garden! Loved your photos and the accompanying captions!

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    • Thank you Nicole. The colors of Guatemala exudes life and vibrant hues so beautiful it reminds me of what it feels whenever I see a rainbow after the rain. Your captured the rich culture and the warmth of the people of this village. Generous smiles, amazing architectural details, festive street market. Just exciting and fun adventure everywhere. Thank you for sharing your world with us. A world breathing with colors of inspiration.

  34. Colors so rich and deep that they bounce from side to side in my eyes, and ricochet in my brain. Wonderful post!

  35. abusymom says:

    I love colours! Love your photos. Thank you for putting up such a great theme. Here is mine. http://abusymom.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/weekly-image-of-life-colors/

    • Thank you for sharing a post that makes us smile. Our kids create a happy rainbow in our life everyday. From the heavenly feeling when they give us their generous hugs and kisses, to making us those cute little cards with their heart-melting words, “I love you mom, ” “I love you dad,” to the days they let us enter their magical world of play and imagination. Your daughter is so lucky to have you in her life. I can see so much love in this post as sweet as the delicious rainbow cake you made for her. Have a great weekend.

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  38. Ron says:

    Beautiful gardens I.T you have must make you feel restful when you see the finished result of your hard work, They say the song “colour my world ” why ? cause colour brings joy more than black and white!


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    • Thank you for sharing a post that brings joy and inspiration. I agree, “Colors contain the ingredients, which give out taste.” How we choose colors in the variety of food that we eat is not only appetizing but an expression of our creative self. Your grandmother is a wise woman. Her words were priceless, “Those who will have seeds and will know how to make bread will survive”. I learned so much today, as exciting as the rainbows amazing colors!

  40. indiGo says:

    There’s really color everywhere. Fabulous garden. Really Colorful.
    Here’s to this week’s theme: http://freezeindigo27.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/weekly-image-of-life-colors/

    • Thanks Indigo. You words and images never fails to inspire me. Always beautiful, optimistic , hopeful, joyful…pretty much what we all need in this world. Take care and God bless.

    • Love the rainbow image and the individual colors and their meaning. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing them to us. Oh, the Sagada adventure was totally awesome!

  41. Terra says:

    What a beautiful story as well as the pictures. It’s interesting to hear what is someone’s favorite color and their story behind it. If I may just share…. my favorite color is red. That color has so many interpretations but I have loved it as a child. It’s vibrant and lovely though I have heard that it is a power color. It can be looked upon in a negative light but I see more positive than negative.

    I have an optimistic personality and I love bright colors all together!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog page. I greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to following your posts.

    Blessings to you,

    • Thanks Terra. That is one beautiful comment and sharing. I was planning to share two more colors, blue and red. Red is indeed vibrant. It is the color of love, life and passion. It is my joy to visit your blog. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

  42. ristinw says:

    My father and I both like green color, and the wall color of our house is light green^^

  43. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Island Traveler, love your message and your garden and so True colour brings life to the drab but then contrasts like black and white are needed too. Did you know there is a Rainbow around the Throne in Heaven. Thank you for visiting today, we appreciated you doing so.

    I created a Power Point about colour, I will leave the link for you

    Blog Post – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/colour-the-world/

    Christian Love Anne

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    • Thank you for sharing a very enriching post. I too am mesmerized by the Indian culture, its heritage and its people.Such festive and fun colors bursting into life.As for my favorite Art work, they too are works of children, particularly my son’s. I think they are filled with bright colors that shows a heart and mind that is optimistic, hopeful, happy and pure. As for the poem, I thought it was an honest version from a kid’s mind perspective. And he has a cool sense of humor too. No wonder he won. Kids don’t hide the truth. Another trait we adults can learn from.

  45. Indira says:

    Hi, thanks for such a good theme, my entry, though an old photograph is appropriate for the theme- http://amaltaas.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/weekly-image-of-life-colors/

    • Thank you for sharing a happy and inspiring post.Nature does provide the most beautiful colors out there from the wild flowers in bloom, the birds flying across the clear blue skies, the fascinating dragonflies hovering on top of water lilies and much, much more. love the color effect of the butterfly with the flower. Have a great weekend.

  46. Sabina Brave says:

    Beautiful flowers :)

  47. Freedomborn says:

    Beautiful gardens I.T you have must make you feel restful when you see the finished result of your hard work, They say the song .”colour my world ” why ? cause colour brings joy more than black and white!


  48. Ron says:

    Sorry I.T we are having Gravatar problems.

    Beautiful gardens I.T you have must make you feel restful when you see the finished result of your hard work, They say the song .”colour my world ” why ? cause colour brings joy more than black and white!


    • Thank you Ron. “Colour My World” with love came so timely. I’ve been watching in horror the senseless massacre in Auorora Colorado and I can not imagine the pain, fear, trauma and loss. My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. My God gave them the strength and the healing to overcome this evil crime. May we all unite against crime to humanity and life.

  49. dearrosie says:

    Your Mum’s garden is absolutely beautiful. It must be a sensual pleasure to walk around it. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous display of Heliconia Rostrata in a vase, or known someone who planted it.

    • Thank you. Sorry for the delayed reply. The Heliconia Rostrata thrives really well in my region. It’s like a banana plant in so many ways. It’s a very hardy plant in the tropics with low maintainance. There is even a pink one but so the ones I planted all died.

  50. Paula says:

    Nothing beats green :) It is my favourite colour as well. You did a fantastic job on the garden, and one thing I’ve noticed… colours are always vibrant in your pictures. A pleasure to look at them. Sending you smiles …..

    • Thanks Paula. I love colors. I think they pretty much reflect the hopes I wish to make in my life. Dark and greys I wish to set aside with something that’s is bright, fun, happy and hopeful. We all need a dash of colors in our lives.

  51. cuhome says:

    Oh, the beauty of your words and your photos! Thank you!

  52. eva626 says:

    you picked the perfect title for this post..the images are amazing and great colors indeed.

  53. likeitiz says:

    Wow! This was a feast for the eyes! Such vibrant colors and scenes.

  54. jakesprinter says:

    Excellent work Bro. Thumbs up :)

  55. Fergiemoto says:

    That certain looks like a dream garden. I could easily immerse myself within the fabulous flowers and colors and drink in the beauty. Thanks again for a lovely post.

  56. Cathy G says:

    Hello! Here’s my entry! :)

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  58. Marianne says:

    It´s always lovely to look at everyone´s interpretations on a theme. Here´s mine, merged with this week´s travel theme:


    I particularly love the colour of the Eagle Owl´s eyes, the jester´s costume and the little girl´s flamenco dress. Great theme this week – well done, Island Traveller. :)

    PS Yes, I know I spell things a little differently from you – it´s the English way! ;)

    • Wow, love the medieval themed market. Bursting with fun colors and exciting events. I enjoyed the jester’s costume, piercing eagle’s owl eyes and the princess like dress of the little girl. Beautiful post. Thanks,

  59. dadirri7 says:

    joining in late this time, but cant let colour slip by without posting, here is mine http://wp.me/p296YA-cz

    • Wow! What a visual feast of colors that brings into mind love, joy and a bright optimism for life. My favorite is where you are smiling with your grandchildren, everyone looked so happy and cheerful. An image that reminds us that true vibrant colors comes from within. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your colorful world with us. Sorry for the delayed reponse. Just came back from Florida for a week’s vacation. Best wishes to you and your family.

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  61. Arindam says:

    I too love colors. And the funniest past I too love spending time in my garden looking up to the trees which I planted with my own hand. It’s a pleasure to see the colors these tree bring in to our live. Nothing feels much better to see the tree with a new unfolded flower. Thanks a lot for this beautiful post bro.

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  63. Gardens of flowers are always a fabulous way to showcase color.
    You’ve showcased a great many colorful things for this challenge.
    I think color makes us happy. I will be happy all day because my
    eyes have witnessed a series of photos that have brought a smile to
    my face. Thanks you for posting all these wonderful images.
    Blessings to you ….

  64. indiGo says:

    I think you deserve a lovely blog award.you can check it here: http://freezeindigo27.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/in-return/
    God bless!

  65. catnipoflife says:

    Color the world breathtaking! That is exactly what I see in your posting!

    • catnipoflife says:

      BTW Thank you for following catnipoflife! I have connected with you, too:>)

      • Your post is a beautiful and inspiring revelation. Yes, the road less travelled holds a wonderful future that if not for our courage and determination, we may have not experience at all. We need to trust God. We need to trust that inner voice and not what others say. This sounds amazing, “The Lord works in mysterious ways and had it not been for the decision to leave education for the railroad industry, I would not have gained the real-world experience so necessary for effective mathematics teaching in the future nor would I have met my soul mate. ” Thanks for sharing.

  66. restlessjo says:

    I was in Poland when this post was released and must have missed it somehow. It’s beautiful! I spotted it because I was thinking about nominating you in the Travelsupermarket.com Capture the Colours competition, and I though you might already have made an entry. If you are interested I can send you the link?

  67. sued51 says:

    Looks like a beautiful place…

  68. espirational says:

    Beaustiful photos! The colors really pop.

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