Weekly Image Of Life: Seasons And Changes

Seasons And Life’s Changes

There is something beautiful about Autumn mornings. I can’t totally pin point what it is but I sure will savor every second of it for as long as I can.

For the past few days, I was able to catch four beautiful sunrises while driving my son to school. Through the car’s open window I was able to smell the fresh clean air and feel the cool gentle wind touching my face . A breather from this Summer‘s scorching heat. This morning as I head towards the gate, my son shouted excitedly, “Dad look at the Sun. It’s coming out!” Taking a quick glance at the rising Sun, I replied, “Yes, it is and it’s beautiful.”

We can create unforgettable happy memories for our kids with each season. Let us make sure that they will have the most amazing and magical childhood.

Undeniably, Autumn is here and soon it will bring its magic of color changes and festivities that will delight every heart regardless of age. There’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, Pumpkin Patch trips and many more. Regardless of how we celebrate it, this beautiful season is a perfect time to give thanks for this year’s bountiful blessings.

Changes Of The Fallen Leaf 

 A year ago, I saw this leaf while taking a walk in my former subdivision. It was the beginning of Fall. It was at a time when me and my wife were facing a huge crisis. I just stared at the leaf that seemed to say, “Don’t worry, there’s hope, have faith.” A year after, me and my family moved out of our old house and found a smaller one. Now, life is much simpler, happier. We were able to finally breathe and sleep soundly at night. It was a big leap that took 2 years of thinking and soul-searching. It was a big change but it was one change that gave us our life back. A life that is free of fear. A life that is open to pursue happiness and inner peace. It was during this chaotic, scary and uncertain moment that me and my wife realized who were our “real” friends and family. Change was a good thing. It gave us the chance to wake up and pursue the dreams that we always wanted. People will always give advice of answers they think is best for us but the real answer lies in our hearts and its deepest longings. Nobody knows what makes us truly happy and complete than our very selves. We should always listen to that inner voice in all of us.

One day while waiting for our order at the Cheesecake Factory, I caught my son picking up the flowers by the garden. I asked him, “What are you doing? I think you are not supposed to pick those.” He smiled at me, “These are for mom.” He then hurriedly ran to his mother and gave her the flowers. Her face lit up looking all so happy. She then gave him a hug and said, “Love you son, thank you so much.” Everyday, I thank God for him and my wife. I wouldn’t have survive the trials I had if not for them and the inspiration they gave me. They are my joy and strength.

 With each new season comes change. Everyday no matter how subtle they may seem, change is one thing that remains constant. It is a part of life. It is part of you and me. There are times I wish there is a way to stop it or at least slow it down but sadly, the cycle of life doesn’t work that way. Once it starts, it follows a course that only destiny knows when and how it ends.

A collage I made today using a free iPhone app called Pic Collage. It’s a totally cool way to make some awesome photo collages. Most of these images I took while my wife was doing her grocery this morning. A few I got from my Facebook.

So, today, I wish to pay a tribute to all the people who touched my life. People who stood by me during my worst moments. People who comforted me when I felt broken. People who gave my heart a reason  to smile, trust, forgive and love again. Today, I wish to thank  my God who patiently walked with me from the time I was born to this very day. Our journey together was one crazy ride but during my worst days, he was at his best and showed me that indeed he is a powerful and loving God.

We found this message by the Pumpkin Patch last year.

To me, the most magical part of this season is Thanksgiving. A holiday that brings families together to share their blessings, to show their love for each other, to settle indifference, to forgive and forget, to welcome new friends and family members over a delicious feast of oven baked turkey, sweet pumpkin pie, cranberry delights and many more.

My son has changed so much from his last Halloween 2 years ago as Captain America.His officially a first grader all eager to learn the ABC’s of the academic world. I am thankful that he’s turning into a happy, enthusiastic, bright young fella with so much faith and trust. I see my very self in him when I was his age. I pray that life’s changes will be better, brighter, kinder for him when he grows up. That he will be a light to those around him. That he will have a loving heart that seeks what is good in others and a strong spirit full of courage to brave any storms.

Thank you once again for sharing your day with me. May this post inspire you to embrace and see the beautiful images around you. May you capture these images not only with your camera but with your heart.

Seasons and its changes are inevitable. It is a part of who we were, of who we are now and of the person we hope to become in the future. Today, we have a chance to reflect on what is truly important and worth celebrating in our lives .

What is that big change that turned your life around this year? What is that dream you wish to make this season? Whatever it is, make sure it is something that you always longed for. Something that makes you happy from within. Something that you will remember with a grateful heart.

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For those who wish to join in this week’s challenge, here’s a link and the widget. Have a great time making wonderful memories.


All images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories you make in this lifetime.

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106 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: Seasons And Changes

  1. cobbies69 says:

    great selection of pictures and lovely post thanks for the share…

  2. lifeofaministermom says:

    It’s so important to recognize that seasons come and go. Embrace where you are…challenges, comforts and all, and trust that God will supply your every need in the midst of it all. Thank you for sharing how you’ve captured this special time of the year. All of the photos are wonderful, and I especially love the sign at the pumpkin patch. Thanking God for his goodness!! :)

    • Thanks Patricia. Sometimes life gives us so many challenges and everyday is filled with events that keeps us so busy but somehow we need to stop for a moment and reflect on the blessings we have today and the days before throughout this year. Then we realize how we are blessed and those other problems becomes less significant as compared to what we received. Have a blessed day.

  3. Your images are heartfelt. I am drawn to your work, because you are a storyteller with the camera. I can feel the emotion that you have with your family. On another note, I am organizing an iPhone Challenge and noticed that you also have one. I hope that you will be interested. I’m working with another blogger, and it will be a few weeks before the launch. Can you share with me the process that you did to create and make available the widget you use for your challenge.
    I’d appreciate any advice from your experience.

    • Thanks Sally. I would love to share what ever little knowledge I have about the widgets. First, make a new post and save it. Choose the photo or design for your widget. Then check you dashboard, there should see in the bottom left side a choice called “appearance” . Open it and click “widget”. When widgets open drag the word “Image” to you far right where you will see primary, secondary widgets area. Then go back to your post and copy paste you photo widget and place it to the image URL, then copy and past your link and place it at the link URL. put a title and save. If you have a Mac. Click your picture widget, then click edit then copy the link. Save the date and it should show on your blog when done right. Hope that helps.

  4. I meant to say that you have an iPhone.

  5. Such a beautiful post, really touched me. We all face changes in our lives, sometimes good and, unfortunately, somethimes bad. What matters is what we learn from these changes; how we deal with them. I find taking one day at a time is such a good way to deal with change; as long as you have health, happiness and your family everything else works itself out! Such a great post, very inspiring, thank you for sharing it and thank you for mentioning my blog! Looking forward to this weeks challenge, thank you! G :)

    • Thank you. I totally agree when you wrote, “What matters is what we learn from these changes; how we deal with them. I find taking one day at a time is such a good way to deal with change; as long as you have health, happiness and your family everything else works itself out!” Life is too good to waste on bitterness. And short as well.I would rather smile and laugh than cry in misery. I won’t let the bad events of my past win nor the people who caused it. As they say,” We know better not to be like the people we wished we never met.” And yes…forgive no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. In the end, it gives us a sense of peace and freedom.

  6. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I love your collage! i don’t think I knew you last year but however long ago I found your blog I’m glad I did, happy autumn!

    • Thanks my friend. People tell me that I seem to be happy most of the times or often go to places that are fun but they don’t really know that for every smile and happiness, a story of pain and tears goes with. It is hard to share something that is painful and personal but I just wish to let others know that I am just as human and imperfect as anyone else. This blog is about my journey and like anyone’s journey it is both laden with roses and thorns.

  7. Lisaman says:

    You really do relish life and live it to the full…You can be really proud!!

    • Thank you. I try my best to share a world of happiness for myself , my family and the people around me. It is never easy knowing hardships and trials will always be there, so are pain and heartaches but I have to at least try to embrace what is good and what gives about joy. I owe it to those who shared their lives to me generously.

  8. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us, IT! And, stories are always great lessons. “Change is a chance to wake up” is a wonderful advice. Hope your week is going well with you and your family.

    • Thanks Amy. It’s amazing how our life change in a day or how people we thought we knew change through the years, heart and all. I just wish most change is for the good and not for the bad. That people change to be better and not the others way around. I saw how change can destroy friends and family and it is really sad.

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  10. fgassette says:

    It is very refreshing how someone lays out their life before us and is so transparent in their feelings. I admire that about you. God has truly been a force in your life that we are privileged to be a witness to. THANK YOU. Here is my entry for this week: http://wp.me/p23TG1-1l0


    • Thanks Francine. I will share your journey with the remaining months ahead before this year ends. Through the highs and lows, we your blogger friends will share each phase of each season, from sunrise to sunset. Beautiful images that makes me more appreciate the beauty and wonders of life and nature. And this I can totally relate to, “When I think of past days, no matter what they brought, I am still here. I survived the joys, sorrows, lost and gains and now I am on the threshold of a brand new day, a brand new year, a new season in life, with the excitement of knowing I have been giving another chance to experience life all over again. Through it all, I survived! Now I can do more, love more, encourage more, and most of all I have the opportunity to praise and thank God more for His mercy and grace.” You are an inspiration.

  11. restlessjo says:

    I love the comparison of a Christian with a pumpkin. Never thought of myself that way, but it certainly works. Beautiful life images as ever, Mr. B.

    • Thanks Jo. I found it by the Pumpkin patch last year. It was at a Christian School by a small road. Sometimes, fate has it ways to lead us into something we needed to hear or read.

  12. Connie T says:

    I like the pumpkins. I now want one, but I hate the mess of cutting one for Halloween.

  13. Donna says:

    God has truly blessed you… for you know how to receive and appreciate love, and how to freely give love. Your blog is inspiring! Thank for sharing from His beauty within your heart.

    • Thanks Donna. Everyday, despite of the pains, I am reminded more of the good through the people who loved me generously and a God who remained faithful despite of my shortcomings. They are my inspiration.

  14. Mother Nature is busy creating another colorful painting of soft autum. By far,
    the most colorful time of the year. This has been a special presentation of all
    that fall represents. Lovely ….!!!!

    • Thanks Isadora. One of my photo dreams is to capture a beautiful Texan Autumn but I need to go further out of Houston to that….looks like another adventure awaiting to happen. Wish me luck!

  15. SimplySage says:

    Truly beautiful post, words and photos.

  16. danajoward says:

    I love your pictures. They all represent the changing of the season. Beautifully written too! Thank you so much for sharing :) ;)

  17. Judy says:

    Your photos and stories just make my heart melt. They bring back happy memories of my (now grown) children and Halloween, pumpkins and laughter. The photo of your son in his costume is just precious…what a million dollar smile! I love your collage….and you did it with your phone? Wow! The sunset is gorgeous, and the sign is full of lovely thoughts.
    Thanks for the mention of my post!

    • Judy says:

      Here’s my post:

      • Oh, wow! The Japanese Maple Tree leaves looks like it is on fire. Beautiful, stunning, vividly amazing. We all can learn from the Maple Tree’s leaves and its changes. Just like it, there at times depending on the season and the day’s changes, we may feel that we lack luster but there are times that we shine bright all happy and ready to face anything. Seasons give us hope that better things are to come and that no matter what, a new beginning is possible. Love the images and the inspiring poetry. Thanks Judy…

      • Yes, Judy, I too believe that we need to teach our children respect for others, hope, happiness, love, peace and the goodness in people. And the best way to do that is to live a life by example.

    • Thanks Judy. When I came to America. I was innocent and naive. I trust easily and considered everyone good. Then came the realities of life as well as meeting people who mask themselves as family and friends but in truth, they are evil scammers and opportunist. I grew up in an instant and learned from my mistakes. But despite of it all, I choose to embrace happiness instead of bitterness, love instead of hate, hope instead of despair, peace instead of anger and grudge. I need to believe that there is still good in people. I need to show my son that there is light in this world.

      • Judy says:

        We need more parents like you and your wife. Your son will grow to be just like you in your beliefs. We need more parents to teach their children respect for others, hope, happiness, love, peace and the goodness in people. As a former teacher and a parent, these are crucial to pass on to our children, as they are the future of our world. Peace will be in their hands someday…and I hope that war will no longer be a word we have to face. Bless you, IT!

  18. adinparadise says:

    Yes, defiitely we need to listen to our inner voice. Lovely collage and pumpkin pics. What a sweet little boy you have, and he’s so lucky to have such a loving father. :)

    • Thanks my friend. I would like to think that I’m the lucky one. He made me into a better, caring person. It is easy to be hardened in this world when you go through life’s crisis and met people who bruised and used you. He and my wife made me realize everyday that there is hope and goodness others.

  19. Your post not only creates such tremendous positivity thanks to the lovely images but it sends another powerful message. That we need to retain awareness of our present moment and surroundings and see how that serves us.Great stuff,Thank you.


    • Thanks Shakti. Life is all about beauty and yes, madness. Good and the bad. The magical and the destructive but change and seasons gives us hope that tomorrow it will be better if we want it to be.

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  21. cuhullen says:

    I feel autumn as I look at your post. Great work.

    • Thanks Bro. These past week or so, mornings are really pleasant. Nothing more calming than going home after a 12 hour shift, watching the sun rise with the cool breeze calming every bit of my aches and woes…

  22. starlight says:

    what a beautiful post my friend.. you know, sometimes we are so caught up in our busy world that we tend to forget to stop and listen to our hearts, feel the wonderful changes, enjoy the company of our family and loved ones.. is it autumn now?

    • Thanks. That is right, Autumn is here and it is time to stop and listen to our hearts, feel the wonderful changes, enjoy the company of our family and loved ones before the year ends….

  23. Sartenada says:

    I loved to watch thru Your wonderful photos. Fall is also creeping here in Finland also. Some leaves are turning yellow and reddish. On morning sun is not yet up when I walk to our mail box to fetch morning newspaper. After few moments some birds wake up to begin their morning song.

  24. Perspective makes all the difference. Always good to see people who keep family at the top of the priority list.

  25. Sony Fugaban says:

    Your thoughtfulness is something irresistible to recognize. Sorry, bro, for not being able to visit you from time to time. My schedule here is quite different when I’m still in the Philippines. I can hardly be as active as before as much as I want to.

    Anyway, I am happy to know you are just there still, and your blog is always here. Whatever that means. :-) Send my regards to your beautiful family!

    • Thanks Bro. I understand. Life is busier, more that you are in a foreign country. I wish you all the best. Your family’s love will give you all the strength. And when you start missing the Philippines, you have so many posts to remind you of the fun places you’d been.

  26. Sunshine says:

    I had a beautiful walk with you as you shared the autumn season slowly making its way into our lives…your son, carving out his pumpkin to his Halloween costume…and learned something new about an iPhone app: PicCollage. :)
    Autumn blessings to you and loved ones…

  27. likeitiz says:

    This is great! Love the Fall collage.

  28. Fergiemoto says:

    Lovely post! Yes, change is constant and we find ways to accept and adapt.
    The collage is beautiful!

  29. eof737 says:

    Beautiful shits and its changing around here too. ;-)

  30. Great shots my friend! I love your collage picture! :)

  31. The Guat says:

    What a sweet and caring post. I especially love the pictures. Your son carving the pumpkin, the Cheesecake Factory one and Captain America … these are so great. When I see all the pics of autumn leaves I wish we had seasons like that down here on So. Cal but it’s just sunshine like 360 days out of the year. Ahhhhhhhhhhh … good pics my friend.

    • Thank you for sharing a beautiful comment. Well, Houston is also mostly ever greens and Summer except Nov. till March. I’m thinking of checking the Hill country this Fall. I saw some pictures and they were wonderful.

  32. Angelia Sims says:

    What a wonderful post! Full of heart, love, and family. I think Autumn is a soft glow after a bright summer. Maybe, it’s that comfort that makes it so enchanting.

    I vowed to simplify and let the Universe flow, rather than stress and worry (trusting God with it). It has helped me tremendously.

    • Thanks Angela. I am with you on this, “I vowed to simplify and let the Universe flow, rather than stress and worry .” Me and my wife decided to down grade this early and it’s the best decision so far. The less material things we have, the happier, less complicated our lives would be. Have a blessed day.

  33. Madhu says:

    A beautiful and poignant post IT! Thank you for sharing the changing seasons of your life with us. Amazed at the quality of your Iphone photos!

    • Thanks Madhu. Moving to America made me grow up …and older quickly. For awhile I thought it was all roses until trials came my way. In a way, I’m still grateful because I have a family that stood by me to very last heartache. As for iPhone camera. It was one reason I’m going to keep using an iPhone. the image and the apps simply is amazing. You don’t have to own an expensive camera . My next goal is to buy a waterproof casing. Take care.

  34. Fall is my favorite season. You introduced it to us beautifully :)

  35. dearrosie says:

    You always wrote something positive, and never let us know you were going through such a hard time last year. I really respect that. I also respect you for your honesty here in this post. I wish you and your family much peace and happiness in your new home.

    Last night I dreamed about you. Nothing happened – I was walking along a pier very much like the one on the top picture – and I remember thinking, hey that’s Island Traveler and there’s his son and oh my isn’t his son a good looking kid :-) I’ve never dreamed about a blogging buddy before. I felt honored. I send you and your beautiful family my blessings.

    • ” I was walking along a pier very much like the one on the top picture – and I remember thinking, hey that’s Island Traveler and there’s his son and oh my isn’t his son a good looking kid.” Your thoughts brought tears of joy and hope. Thank you my friend. There are times I am reluctant to share my pain so I would rather share my happy moments and the blessings I received. The world already have so much pain and suffering , and I adding more seems not fair but sometimes I would like others to know as well as relate that I am just as human as anyone else. I have my share of heartaches and everyday is one more step to heal each wound. I hope and pray that my son and his generation will not experience the same fate. That all there is to suffer, we already encountered during our generation. God bless you and your family. I hope to dream something like the one you had and in it all of us having the purest of happiness, light and peace.

      • dearrosie says:

        Thank you for sharing this heartfelt response of yours on my blog. I repeat what I said:

        “It was a lovely happy dream to see you and your son, and the first time I’ve ever dreamed about a blogging buddy :-) I was surprised at first to see your son’s beautiful face, because you never show it to us on your blog, but I realized you wanted to share more of yourself with me, and my heart filled with love.

        I understand that you feel you can only share happy times on your blog, but really there’s nothing wrong with owning up to personal suffering too. You have such an enormous following of readers I’m sure they’d all be there understanding and supporting you. I was astonished how much support and love I received from bloggers – strangers I’ve never met – after my beloved Mother passed away last year.

        My love and blessing to you and your family.”

  36. deepa says:

    Your words completely resonate with me, IT. There are times when we lose confidence in ourselves , but thanks to our ‘inner voice’ and more importantly our family, the pillars of our life, we are able to tide over the tough times! thanks for sharing!

  37. I have yet to find my own picture to add since few changes happen here in Shanghai. This past year I had a big decision to make… and now I wonder if I made the right one as things are so busy and hard. I have little time to myself and enjoy… I feel I am drowning in the ticking clock. Things have happened with family and it seems all to come in a flood at once. I guess all things happen for a reason and that will become clear at a later date.
    It always takes a crisis to show us who our true friends are. I am glad to see you found yours, Hang on to them tight, there are more precious than gold.
    Thanks for sharing and giving me hope.

    • Thank you for sharing so generously. Yes, I will hang on to the treasured family and friends. Crisis does comes in waves but somehow we surpass each own. Sorry to hear about the problems you are facing currently. I hope and pray it will all be solved soon. Everyday is a day to hope that better things are possible. Take care. God bless you and your family.

      • Thank you. The blogging community is so kind. It always makes me feel good to come ‘here’ and hear all the good things. You are always so positive and it does bring me hope.Thanks again for your kind words. It has made my day.

  38. Beautiful post! Indeed seasons change but they always come back. It’s a change and a repetition at the same time. It’s life :)

  39. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Really miss seeing fall leaves in me current abode – thank you for such lovely reminders!

  40. Patti Kuche says:

    The unknown consequences of change are so daunting but somehow the sun does come out and shine eventually and you IT have a very special way of seeing, and sharing, the sunshine!

  41. http://firstandfabulous.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/weekly-image-of-life-seasons-and-changes/
    Love all the pix, but the ones of your son are so sweet. Thanks for the challenge. I don’t always make it, but I do so enjoy when I do.

    • Wow. Thank you for sharing all these. Magical seasons in one unforgettable post. From the fun time at the beach, to the beautiful enchanting Winter, to Autumn’s warm, inspiring colors, to Spring’s colorful new beginnings, seasons and their changes keeps us going and wanting to celebrate life more. Today, you showed us why every season is an event we should never miss. Thank you for sharing a post that brings about wonderful memories. Best wishes to you and your family.

  42. Love the warm fall colors, great photos!!

    Have a blessed day my friend!!

  43. omel07 says:

    You are so lucky to experience all the four seasons. Even luckier because you get to spend it with your loved ones. Truly a blessing.

    What costume will your son be wearing this year? He looked so adorable in his Captain America costume last last year. :D

    Have a wonderful day!

  44. rommel says:

    Summer is hot, hot, HOT this year. And yes, so are the eventful summer activities. But you’re right, lots of anticipation for the coming holidays this season.

  45. i will be missing seeing the beauty of FALL … but i have the memories to last me a lifetime. thank you for sharing your beautifully written life moments. may you have a grander autumn with your family and loved ones.

    and this is my take on your weekly image of life challenge: http://alwaysbobswife.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/weekly-image-of-life-seasons-and-changes/

    • I am happy to hear that God blessed you and Bod unforgettable trips to Europe and America. God is indeed good and generous. It’s amazing how in an instant our life change and it’s a change that is good and beautiful. Autumn is here, so is the chance to reflect on the blessings we received this year and share them with the people we love. Thanks for sharing these inspiring images and for these as well, “Though I am undeserving of such awesome grace, my gratitude never ceases every moment that a thought of the grandeur I saw of God’s seasons and changes play in my mind a beautiful harmony of praising HIM with all my heart for His faithfulness and love.” Have a blessed day to you and your family.

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  47. lifeofaministermom says:

    I’ve dedicated this one to my mom who is entering into a new season in her life as she and my stepdad move across the country. I will miss her dearly, but here’s a small token of my love for her: http://lifeofaministermom.com/2012/09/25/weekly-image-of-life-seasons-and-changes/

    • I had to hold back my emotions when I read your post since I am at work but I just want to tell you how much I appreciated your generosity in sharing your wonderful mom. She has a gentle and loving heart with a very welcoming warm smile just like you and your little angel have. I wish her and your stepdad a beautiful, happy life full of blessings in their new home. I know it’s a bit hard when we are away from the people we love but somehow our love will find a away. Thank you and this I truly admire, ” A change has come, but one thing will never change. My mom is my hero, and I can’t thank her enough for how she’s enriched my life. ” God bless you and your family

  48. I love your story–life certainly has its seasons, and change is a part of that. I’m so glad that you have weathered the changes and seasons so well! Here is my entry for this week’s challenge:

    • Thanks Naomi. That was one beautiful and inspiring entry. Your words and images resonates with hope, joy and passion. Autumn and the changing seasons are God’s way of saying , “things will be better.” That we may be in pain and tears for now but tomorrow, we will have that joyful smile that we are all entitled to keep.

  49. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Wonderful images! Love autumn colors, pumpkins, and such a great time of the year for the kids, too. Lots of holidays coming up! :)

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