Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

A Hope Resolved

I often hoped that one day, I will once again see my sister and her family. The last time I saw her in person was about 6 years ago. After meeting his cousins in the Philippines last Summer, my son started to ask about his other cousins. I called my sister one day and asked her, “Hey, would you like to have our families spend Thanksgiving together?” Sounding surprised she replied, “That’s a great idea. I will talk to my manager and submit a time off request.”  Already excited, I told her “See you Thanksgiving!”

My niece celebrated her 16th Birthday with another girl during our Thanksgiving dinner. No words to describe the joy of being around family and friends.

My niece celebrated her 16th Birthday during our Thanksgiving dinner. No words to describe the joy of being around family and friends.

It was a beautiful, heart-warming family reunion. Lots of bonding and catching up for the lost years. The kids immediately bonded and my son even acted like a big brother to his 2-year old cousin whom he never met until that day. I felt so happy seeing all of them playing and creating an unforgettable childhood memory.

My sister and her husband brought us to many wonderful places. Here’s a glimpse of our trip to the Big Apple. The rest of our travel I will share in the next posts.

A Day In New York

My son was so excited when we told him, “We are going to New York!” That night, he drew the Statue of Liberty with tall buildings around it. He said, “Dad, are we going to this city?” as he pointed to his drawing. I smiled at him and said, “Yes, we will.”

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

On our way to New York, the kids we singing, playing games, eating chips and constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” Hmm, I thought that was just a catchy title of a movie. Kids really love to say this phrase again and again. My brother-in-law announced to everyone, “We’re almost there.” Everyone cheered, “Yipee!”

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

So many sights to inspire you. From a promise of a happily ever after romance to catching your childhood wish, New York is the melting pot of dreams. How to get those dreams and the many sacrifices one has to make is another story. Hopefully, it all leads to a happy ending.

First stop was the park overlooking the two famous bridges of New York. It was cold and breezy and catching a perfect family picture was a challenge as the kids were running all over the place. We all wore something red to celebrate the joyful spirits of the holidays and when it was time to take our family pictures, we hurriedly took off our jackets and said our best “Cheese.” It was so cold that the word cheese sounded like “cheezzz.”

Island Traveler

Our New York adventure would not be complete without stopping by China Town and getting some dim sums and souvenirs.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

The dim sums were so good and the sweet and sour fish, just so delicious.

Island Traveler

We went inside a souvenir shop and my wife bought several T-shirts and scarves as presents to friends in Houston. My son and his cousins tried a few of the Statue Of Liberty hats.

Island Traveler

Everyone had a great time. By the time went got back to Norwalk Connecticut, we were hungry again. Good thing we bought some “Siopao” or white buns for a quick dinner. 

Island Traveler

Just before we went to sleep, my son showed me again his drawing of New York City. He said, “Dad, I had a lot of fun at the big city.” I replied, “So did I.” 

Island Traveler

It felt good to have one of my hopes resolved into something beautiful that me and my family will cherish always. It may not happen every year but it was sure worth the wait.

Before we slept, my brother-in-law knocked on the door and told us, “Tomorrow we’ll go to Mystic Pizza. It’s a 2 hour drive but they have the best pizza ever.” I told myself, “Hmm, another adventure awaits.”

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope you enjoyed my version of this Week’s Photo Challenge called Resolved

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65 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    Wonderful photos of your trip. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. misswhiplash says:

    as always an interesting read and great pictures. I am so glad that you got to be with your family again after all those years..your son now has family that he can relate to….lots of love P

  3. Sunshine says:

    Well, as I am having leaving comments…I hope this third or fourth attempt makes it through!! What I originally wrote was you all had another great family gathering as I read your lovely post. It also inspired an inkling to visit NY one day. Thanks!! :)

  4. Always fun to see NYC from someone else’s perspective! :-)

    • NYC is a constantly changing. The first time I went there, my son was only one year old and we had to ride the subway train. It wasn’t really an inviting memory but this last visit change my mind. Thanks.

  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Fabulous trip and I love Chinatown!

  6. fgassette says:

    A wonderful resolve to be united with family after so many years. Your photos tell a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. Family mean everything!


  7. Indira says:

    Wonderful photos. Family reunion is really very enjoyable.

  8. restlessjo says:

    Now that’s a proper resolution! So glad you made it.

  9. You are building memories and family bonds that your kids will always have. It takes an effort to bring cousins together, but if you don’t help them form those bonds when they are young, it is much harder to do so when they are grown and all gone their separate ways. How sweet that your son stepped into a nurturing big brother role for his younger cousin. You are modeling how loving and nurturing a man can be.

    • Thanks Naomi. What’s funny was, he was excited the first day with his toddler cousin, but after that, he started complaining that his cousin won’t stay put. I told him, “Hey, that is you a few years ago.” He just laughed.

  10. cobbies69 says:

    fabulous adventure captured, and shared..;)

  11. You were only 1 1/2 away from where I am!
    It looks like it was a fabulous visit. I’m glad you got to see your sister. I had a similar experience this summer. Distance and obligations, not to mention money, sadly get in the way of such visits.
    Next time we shouldn’t wait so long :-).

    • Oh, wow. It is a small world after all. Yes, I agree, distance, obligations and the cost of travel gets in the way. Wish we can win some lotto, right? But it is worth saving up and hopefully we get to do it often. Thanks.

  12. Such a fun trip…and seeing your sister and extended family is just wonderful! After 6 yrs, too!!!
    Isn’t NYC so amazing! ? We used to sneak down there a lot from MA…..i miss that!

    • Wow! That must had been exciting. I was actually impressed when my sister told me, “In Connecticut, just a few hours away you can already reach different States.” She was right, it was incredible!

  13. Your determination really pays off! And being able to realise one of your son’s dream is such a wonderful thing! The best gift to any child. See his dream come true…
    Beautiful post!

    • Thanks. I think one of a parent’s wish is for his/her child to follow their dreams. We are there to make sure it happens. My parents supported my dreams till today. We want our kids to be happy and always hopeful of things.

  14. likeitiz says:

    Was the resolution to be reunited with your sister and her family? I hope that whatever it was that set you both apart can be put to rest.

    Yes, the Big Apple isn’t called by the nickname for nothing!

    • Oh, no. We never fought or anything close. We just ended choosing different places to live. It is very expensive to travel either way and when we have extra money, we end up choosing to go home to the Philippines to see our parents. I was very close to my sister. We were like BFF then till today. It’s just that as we get older, our priorities change and follow different dreams. I’ve seen siblings drift apart among my relatives and I vow that it won’t happen to me and my sisters. Whatever it takes, Family is worth sacrificing for. Thanks for sharing.

      • likeitiz says:

        I agree with you. I too believe family is important. There are times, however, when things are chaotic, that it may be wise to leave things be for the time being. It’s knowing when to step in and knowing when not to go out of bounds that’s a true art. Have a good weekend.

  15. Freedomborn says:

    Thank you dear Island Traveler, I really enjoyed my visit to New York with you, just so GOOD!
    How wonderful for you all to meet up with your family after so long and enjoy this time together, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Yes for sure…. every time Ron and I would head off for our Holidays, I would say… are we there yet! and the dogs would bark in agreement …. well perhaps not but I really do say are we there yet and Ron laughs like he has never heard it before. :-D

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Thank you my friend. You and and Ron are like family in my blogging world. I was amazed of how cool my brother-in-law was when it comes to driving. Our average travel time was 2-3 hours. We had a great time and most of all, kids were able to appreciated the value of family. God bless you and Ron.

  16. Cheryl says:

    Love this series of photos … NYC is one of my favourite cities to visit!

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  18. Memories abound from this photo series. I’m delighted that you could fulfill your hope to reunite with family, especially your sister.

  19. I really do want to take Li’l D on an adventure all the more after I visit here! A beautiful post.

  20. ristinw says:

    Great year that you had! I wish in the year 2013 there are all the best and more happiness and joy come to you! ^0^ Happy New Year!!!

  21. Jo Bryant says:

    great photos but as always it is your words that lighten my day

  22. Amy says:

    Wonderful tour to Chinatown! Delicious dim sums!

  23. kz says:

    the dim sums just made me drool..

  24. dadirri7 says:

    i have not been to china town in new york, it looks like fun, and i love the look of the dim sums! so glad to read of those resolutions being fulfilled :)

  25. I have always wanted to go to New York. It almost feels as if you are in a diffirent world.

    • It is a unique place where every culture meets. It does feel like a different world. I wish we explored it more but we ran out of time. Best wishes to your family. Thanks.

  26. auntyuta says:

    Again a beautiful post. I like the expression “New York is the melting pot of dreams”.

  27. dearrosie says:

    Such a happy post and such lovely pictures of NYC.
    How many sisters do you have? Didn’t you recently see a sister in Chicago?

  28. Tammy says:

    So happy that your little guy got to meet more of his cousins.

  29. Lisaman says:

    Great that you could meet up with your sister.. It is important to stay close to family!!

    • Indeed it is and we should carry that priceless gift to our children. Family support is a very important foundation especially today when there are so many distractions. Thanks.

  30. Barb says:

    What a wonderful story, so beautifully and lovingly told. I love the phrase: hope resolved. It says so much that I needed to hear during these dark days of winter. Thanks.

  31. mariannegv says:

    Wow! I think it’s great that you met your sister and her family after 6 years! I have two brothers that live abroad and I always want to meet them again, I usually meet one of them because although he lives in another country the distance is shorter, but my other brother lives far away, so it’s harder to meet him, and we usually miss him.

    • Thanks. Family whom we created a close bond makes distance difficult but then we just try our best to see them as often as we can.Wishing us more amazing family reunions in the future.

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