Beyond This…

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge created another inspiring theme called Beyond. One word with so many meaning and interpretations. Here’s mine and hopefully, it’ll take you beyond the norm and the usual. Have fun. Fasten your seat belts. Here we go.

Beyond this…

…is an exciting leap that will chance our lives forever. 2013 is a pretty much a blank canvas. Let’s take the farthest and best leap we can.

island traveler…a new adventure awaits. An adventure as wide as our imagination.

Island Traveler

is a boy who had a dream. That dream took him to places. Some of those places made him happy beyond words while others taught him that life can bring a few tears in between those burst of laughter.

Island Traveler

…is a hope that every journey is better, brighter, happier than the one before it.

Island Traveler

… is a person who gave me her unconditional love. A love that looked past my weakness and mistakes. A love that gave me a reason to smile.

island traveler

… is just a man wanting to breathe freely. To just wake up without worries and care of what the future holds for him and his family. To just¬†follow his heart and take that huge jump without fear. That may seem impossible but if I’m to make a wish, this one tops the list. Who’s with me?

island traveler

…is a sunset that makes us realize that life is a gift. That it is beautiful no matter how many heartaches it sometimes cause. That life is full of hope as long as we continue to believe and be steadfast in our faith.

island traveler

is a Lego brick rainbow where skies are always blue. ¬†Beyond it, everything is all about fun and play. It leads to a place where a child’s wish can come true. A place where it’s okay to feel like a kid no matter how old we get. A place where everyone feels happy and safe. There’s one catch to this Neverland. It requires all of us to hold a piece of those bricks and build it as one community. Okay, time to pick up those bricks.

island traveler

Thank you for sharing your day with me. Beyond this post, may all your wishes come true. Now, time to make that wish.

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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65 Responses to Beyond This…

  1. this is such a wonderful sweet post :) thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!

  2. janineyork says:

    Beautifully said in both words and images! Thank you for the inspiration, now I am gonna take that leap!

    • Thanks. Life is too short not to enjoy it and follow our dreams. I wish I knew this sooner but I’m still thankful that it was never too late. A toast to our great leaps in life!

  3. Once again, very well done with both your words and photographs!

  4. Patti Kuche says:

    Thank you for another brilliant set of rainbows from here and beyond!

  5. adinparadise says:

    Your posts are so positive and inspirational. I loved seeing your photos and reading of your family’s adventures, and your thoughts on life. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself. :)

  6. janna hill says:

    As always, I reach the end of your blog somehow feeling better. Even if I felt great to begin with. :)

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    What a great post! Your photos and commentary were beautiful. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for helping me to forget Winter for a few minutes.

  8. dearrosie says:

    Great interpretation of the word “beyond”. That top picture is brilliant IT!

    • Thanks. It’s the first day of my son’s reunion with his cousins. He was a bit shy then but there is that universal language called “play” that broke the ice. They raced towards the pool and whoever gets the biggest splash wins.

  9. I especially like the photo of the leap into the pool. Great shot with a fun and inspiring feeling to it!

  10. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Ahh that’s so wonderful, I’ll happily pick up bricks :-)

  11. cocomino says:

    Great post As you say , life is a gift We should take care of them

  12. I enjoyed this post so much! I loved the way the photos and your words were perfectly paired. What a fun, thoughtful, delightful piece. Thank you for sharing!

  13. The best I’ve read for this week’s challenge, beyond amazing :)

  14. Lynda says:

    You always inspire me, Mr. B.

  15. Cheryl says:

    Thought-felt words and images. The image that most affected me is “…just a man wanting to breathe .”

    • Don’t you have those moments? The older I get, the more worldly responsibilities piles up, so is the stress. Sometimes, I wish life was simpler but I made my choices. One by one, I’m trying to find ways to simplify my life even if everything around me is crazy about change and modernism. Perhaps one day. Thanks Cheryl.

  16. loving the boys jumping into the pool.

  17. What a lovely story you have, and your pictures are amazing.
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog :)

  18. tOonie :) says:

    I loved your captions!! they fit your picture like a puzzle :)
    You have a lovely stack of visuals..
    Awesome job done here!!
    and also, Thank You so much for dropping by and following my posts.
    You made my day :)

  19. Every one of your posts gives us a piece of your personal philosophy, which is heartfelt and serious and even illuminating. Thanks for allowing us to see the fragile and strong man that you are.

  20. Amy says:

    Your interpretation allows me to think beyond my horizon!

  21. misswhiplash says:

    thank you so much for sharing another glimps into your life and your loves, absolutely wonderful

  22. Lisaman says:

    Wishing you a blessed leap into beyond!! keep dreaming, creating and being!!

  23. Sharing your day with you? When you post, I’m there. :) I thank you for visiting as you always leave a positive message just like you do here.

    • Thanks Georgette. You were my first blogger friends since I started and till today, you continue to share generous and inspiring comments/post. Thank you. God bless you an your family. Perhaps one day, when fate wills it, we might bummned into each other among the many fun events in Texas.

  24. Indira says:

    Beautiful photos to go with the theme, wish you blessed, healthy day.

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  26. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Island Traveler, thank you for the challenge and those amazing photos and for your well wishes for the New Year, we hope you will be greatly blessed too.

    My wish is to be close to Jesus 24/7

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • My wish too is to be close to him in a more personal way in 2013. I made so many detours and got so distracted. I do know he is always faithful and will find a way to bring us back into his fold. God bless you my friend. Regards to Ron.

      • Freedomborn says:

        Dear Island Traveler if you only knew the detours I have made then you would realise just how wonderful God’s mercy and Grace is but He promises us that not only has he forgiven us for the wrong we have done but He has also set us free so after putting our flesh to death by turning away from evil and doing good by the empowering of The Holy Spirit we are perfected in His Love …. How good is that!

        Yes His Love is never ending and He wants ours to be the same, as He tells us…. seek after Him with all our heart and He will find us.

        What a blessing you are Island Traveler, a Brother in the Lord to give thanks for.

        Christian Love Always – from both of us – Anne

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  28. talkerhuge says:

    wonderful pics, my favourite is the first one: it feels like hold the breath with them jumping into the pool!!! and beautiful words … really moving and touching, thank you for sharing!

  29. jakesprinter says:

    Great photography for beyond my friend :)

  30. they’re all great, but that first image is so fun!!! as always, great post! z

  31. Thanks Z. The first photo pretty sums up what we all felt during our Summer vacation in the Philippines last year after 4 years of being away from home. Yep, I still call it home.

  32. eof737 says:

    Another wonderful set of shots. ;-)

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