Weekly Image Of life: Places

Places To Remember

Everyday we travel to different places. Some as part of our normal routines others as part of our travel bucket list. Some places we easily forget while others remain as part of our treasured memories. Some places help us rediscover ourselves while others inspire us to be bigger than what others simply expect us to be. Some places give us that much-needed escape and help us see the blessings of life with fresh eyes.

A Place Called Mystic

Traveling to places brings the most unexpected surprises. On our fifth day in Norwalk, my brother-in-law announced, “Are you guys ready to taste the best pizza in Connecticut?” Like a dose of caffeine loaded coffee, my adventure senses woke up. I replied excitedly, “Best pizza? Where’s that?” He said, “Remember the movie Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts?” I replied, “Yes, I do remember.” He smiled and said, “Well, it does exist and we’ll go there today.”

Island Traveler

On the way to Mystic, my sister and I were able to reminisce the joys of the past and went ahead to plan our next reunion.

Island Traveler

We arrived late in the afternoon. In less than 2 hours, the Sun was about to set. As I took these pictures, the rays of the Sun created an almost surreal, mesmerizing effect. For a moment it felt like I was in a magical place I only read in story books. Perhaps I was over imagining it but these was how I saw the place in images. What do you think?

Island Traveler

First stop was the Seaport. Sadly, the visitor’s tour guide area was about to close and we were only able to see the entrance of the Seaport. We did get some cool pictures.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

On the way to the gift shop, a big anchor greeted us. I quietly told myself, “Wow! Must be a part of a ship. A giant ship!”

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

The gift shop was full with beautiful things. I went around the Christmas section and found these adorable Gingerbread people.

Island Traveler

My son went to the toy section and found this miniature wooden ships. I looked at him silently. Just observing. Before I knew it, I was transformed back in time and saw myself holding a toy boat dreaming to set sail and travel the world. As fast as it hit me, the flashback imagery vanished. Again, I must be over imagining things but isn’t it that once most of us dreamt of that great adventure when we were kids?

Island Traveler

My son bought a Boat In A Bottle to forever remember our journey to this wonderful place. What did I buy for myself? Nothing. I have all the great stuff I needed in my iPhone camera.

Island Traveler

I heard my stomach growling. Time to eat and head to the famous Pizza place.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

While waiting for our order, we had a quick walk to the quaint shops. My wife bought a beautiful necklace for my niece 16th Birthday.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

The pizza place was cozy and had the welcoming, warm small town vibe. All over the walls were the various pictures and memorabilia similar to what they have in Friday’s and Planet Hollywood restaurant only it’s all about the movie Mystic Pizza.

As we looked at the pictures, we remembered the fun times during our youth. It felt good to talk about the happiest moments of our past. It’s amazing how 2o years or so felt like yesterday.

Island Traveler

Finally, the much awaited pizza arrived. The first few bites I was speechless. It was so delicious no word came out of my mouth. After three slices I told my brother-in-law, “You were right, this is the best Pizza around!”

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

On the way home, I thank my sister and her husband for bringing us to this amazing place. They drove us for 2 hours so we can experience for ourselves the unforgettable charms of Mystic as well as get a slice of heaven just like what the sign said outside the pizza place.

Island Traveler

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope this post made you remember the places you traveled that made you happy. Places you shared with the people that mattered to you the most. Places you were blessed to be a part of. Places you wish to revisit one day.

What are the places you’d been too that you can never forget? 

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For those who wish to join in this week’s challenge, here’s a link and the widget. Have a great time making wonderful memories.


My friends, let us find time to discover and capture the images around us. Take a moment, breath and just enjoy what the season has to offer. You’ll be surprised of the many things we missed in this lifetime. Happy or sad, they are a part of the unforgettable journey called “life.”

Images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App and  Nikon 1 J1. 

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89 Responses to Weekly Image Of life: Places

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    An absolute winner once more…. thank you…

    • Thanks Bro. Just read your post on Visitors and totally an awesome adventure. Wish I can do something like that one day. Perhaps an animal preservation in an island with a beach nearby.

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    What a lovely family time and pizza too – perfect!

  3. I have heard of Mystic. Maybe one day I will go there!

    • You’ll love it my friend. I told my sis, “If by crazy chance I relocate to Connecticut, I want to live here.” I’ll just worry what happens when it snow since now I an totally in tuned with Texan weather. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks Georgette.

  4. I visited Mystic Seaport before the Julia Roberts’ movie came out. I love that movie. Now I want to go back and visit Mystic Pizza, too! Was it good? No, wait! Don’t tell me. I want to be surprised.

    • If you fell in love with the movie, you’ll fell in love with the pizza. It was worth the 2 hour drive to find it. Update me on your trip. Have fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How could you not fall in love with a place that mystically welcomes you from the start?! :)

  6. It’s wonderful that you are discovering the wonders of the East Coast, but it’s also lovely that we get to watch your joy and read your insights. Thanks again for letting us be part of your journey with your family.

    • Thanks Sally. Blogging help us discover the many inspiring journey of our blogger friends. Journies that help us see the world from someone’s perspective and experience. Wishing you and your family all the best.

  7. misswhiplash says:

    Top notch! I loved the gathering of Gingerbread people

    • My son loves to tease me , “Catch me, catch me I’m the GIngerbread man,” as he ran around the house. It’s one of his favorite characters in a book. He inspired me to take this picture. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for taking us on a delightful tour with your family! That pizza looks wonderful, and your description made me hungry for pizza for breakfast! My mind raced forward as I pondered the possibilities of finding pizza for sale in town this afternoon. Hmmmmm.
    Great post! Sorry I’ve been absent. Am catching up between rain, power outages and horrible internet connections!

    • Thanks Z. Like you, writing about the pizza made me crave for one too. They are sort of a comfort food. I’d been busy myself and could hardly catch up. But I love blogging and miss sharing and reading. Take care.

      • i miss it too! this morning i’ve been planting seeds and pulling weeds.. with so much rain, we take advantage of the break in the weather, even if the ground is still muddy! ah, but the birds are so happy and are singing their hearts out!
        i worked til 3 this morning on images – ah, to have many ‘hobbies – that’s a wonderful blessing!
        enjoy the weekend with your family!

  9. Angeline M says:

    Mystic looks like a wonderful place to visit……and enjoy pizza!

  10. Mazigrace says:

    I’ve been to Conn. many times but never Mystic. Gotta put that on
    my place-to-visit list. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  11. Northern Narratives says:

    Super place. I really like the way those cookies look.

  12. dearrosie says:

    You always manage to describe your day in a way that takes us along with you. Beautiful descriptions and lovely photos. I just had a bite of the pizza and its delicious. Mmmmm….

    The best pizza I’ve eaten? In Rome in the early 1970′s when Mr F and I were traveling around Europe in a VW Van.

    • Oh wow. Did you ever go back and revisited the place? I’m kind of nostalgic and if given the chance I will go back to all the places that left me a beautiful memory. Hmm…this goes to my bucket list. Thanks my friend.

  13. Thank you – beautiful trip, gorgeous photos :-)

  14. Amy says:

    Enjoyed the tour, IT! You are making me hungry… :D

  15. restlessjo says:

    Love those hazy mystical photos. Glad you could plan your next family time. Have a great weekend.

  16. ristinw says:

    Italian food, my favorite!! :D
    You and your family must had lots of fun in the trip! The gingerbread buddies are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. ChgoJohn says:

    Mystic looks like a wonderful destination for a drive and served as a great response to the weekly challenge. The fact that your day ended with pizza is icing on the cake.

  18. likeitiz says:

    What a great place to visit! Tanks for taking us there. I enjoyed the visit. Great to see you and your family in what looks like a most enjoyable outing!

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  20. Indira says:

    Thanks friend for such superb Photographs. the places you go are marvelous and with family you can enjoy much more. Thanks for your theme, i could show some pictures I have taken.http://amaltaas.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/weekly-image-of-life-places

  21. Thotlakonda just breathes serenity, beauty and solemnity. A place to marvel and be one with nature. The sea view…just beautiful. A place where I wish I am at or similar to it. Truly unforgettable. Have a great weekend and best wishes to your family. Thanks.

  22. Mystic, Connecticut is one of the places I would like to visit one day. Some unforgettable places – Glacier National Park, Cobbscook Bay State Park, Maine, the Oregon coast . . .

  23. I wish one day I will be blessed to see this places too.Thanks for sharing.

  24. Colline says:

    Those gingerbread men look too good to eat! Looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  25. Amazing place. AMAZING PIZZA! And you stopped at three pieces! How did you manage that? ;-)

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  28. fgassette says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. Here is mine: http://wp.me/p23TG1-28y


  29. mariannegv says:

    You make me want to travel over there. It certainly looks like a a magical place. I love the ginger bread people, they look so cute.

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  31. PragueByKaty says:

    Thanks for posting the link to my page. I really like your Places and here I share mine Place: http://praguebykaty.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/weekly-image-of-life-places/

  32. Madhu says:

    Aah, you could write a book about all your magical family outings IT! This one seems even more special :-)

    • Thanks Madhu. Travels are more special when we share it with our loves ones. Mine I get to share with my sister and her husband whom I have not seen in person for years.

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  34. lifeofaministermom says:

    This looks like SUCH a fun place! I think you’ve given me another one to add to my list! We haven’t gone out of town recently, but I’ve definitely been making the most of our local places. I had a great time with just me yesterday, and I hope for may days like it in the future. Here’s my entry. :)

    • This is one awesome “me day” my friend. We do need to pamper ourselves every now and then. To feel renewed body and mind. Your daughter look so adorable sitting inside the box smiling so happily. My son used to do that until he got too big. I love this quote, ” Sometimes it’s up to us to turn our local venues into a special place just for us.” Indeed we can. God bless you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing a post that makes me see the brighter and happier side of things.

  35. Thanks for sharing one of your mystical days spent with your family with us! The photos are beautiful and the story shining with love :)

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  37. Jenn says:

    Beautiful as always :) thankyou for sharing. I loved the movie. It was great to see the town through your eyes. I remember many years ago buying my son a boat in a bottle at a seaside town we visited in Western Australia. He still has it :)

    My contribution is here http://the-serenity-space.com/2013/01/30/weekly-image-of-life-places/

  38. Jenn says:

    Thankyou so much for linking my blog from last week :) Brightest Blessings :)

  39. rommel says:

    I think WHOA! That sunrays pic is a keeper! Sure will be a memorable one from you. I also like how the angle of the anchor shot. So cool!
    That pizza sure is filling. I’m eying a lot of toppings there. And the crust looks like perfectly prepared, not too thick, not too thin.

  40. eof737 says:

    Mystic is quite beautiful… I’m glad you enjoyed your visit there… The Pizza… :lol:

  41. munchow says:

    Thanks for taking us along to Mystic. I have heard it’s quite a place, and now I see why. Beautiful pictures, my friend.

  42. LB says:

    How fun!! My family visited Mystic 35 plus years ago … what a lovely memory!

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