Weekly Image Of Life: People

Imagine a world without people. Close your eyes and create a mental picture of being in a deserted, isolated island. For a moment, I bet you felt a sense of peace and quiet. Tropical palm trees with a beach all for yourself. Seems like paradise at first glance. Now, imagine further and stretch the time frame of being stuck in that island by yourself for years. No longer fun right?

Island Traveler

We are social beings. Everyday we communicate with other people whether at home, work, cyberspace and just about anywhere our feet takes us. This week’s challenge is about the people who are uniquely special to us. They can be about the people we share our lives with or they can be about the people who inspired us to pursue our dreams. They can even be about the people we meet during our unforgettable travels and journey through the years.

No matter how hard life is, we are given moments like this to heal and feel love all over again. Moments that help us face each new day with positive enthusiasm and renewed heart. Moments we can always go back and remember.

Today, I share the 2 people who completes my life. They stood by me in both the good times and the bad. Even at my very worst, they chose not to run but instead helped me overcome my personal darkness. They helped me find my way and once again see the potential for good in people. There will always be people who will hurt us and try to destroy our spirits but I learned first hand that their will also be people who will love us with all their hearts. People who will once again make us believe and face life with faith and hope. Sorry, I’m predictable when it comes to topics like these.

Island Traveler

Last Sunday after a hectic morning full of activities, I told my wife, “Hey, we still have  several hours to unwind and just relax. How would like to go to the beach and check Jimmy’s On The Pier?” She replied, “Sounds great but can we pass by the Tangier Outlet at Texas City before heading home?” I answered back smiling, “Absolutely!”  My son on the other hand had no idea where we were going. We wanted to surprise him for doing well in his last school exams. Plus, honestly, I just wanted a breather before working of what looks like a long busy week.

Island Traveler

We arrived at Galveston Island past noon. By then, we were so hungry and made a detour. We decided to check out Tortuga Mexican Kitchen.

Island Traveler

It was first time and we were not sure of what to order. I told my wife, “Hey, we are close to the beach and we might as well order seafood. It turned out to be a great, tasty idea.

Island Traveler

The seafood enchilada and TexMex seafood soup were both delicious.

Island Traveler

The food was so filling that we decided to walk around the Seawall before going to Jimmy’s.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Jimmy’s On The Pier is the only place so far that we’d been to in Galveston that offers a mixture of food dining, souvenir shopping, fishing and the priceless endless view of the sea. It was destroyed during hurricane Ike and was recently opened for public. The other Piers were Pleasure Pier and 61st Pier which I would say are also unique and have something different to offer.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

In our travels, we often discover treasures to cherish and remember. Some comes as tokens and souvenirs. Others as pictures captured by our camera. Most are stored in our minds as precious memories.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

My son excitedly told me as he placed his hands inside a wooden chest, “Look dad, treasures!” Smiling back, I replied, “Wow, they’re awesome.” Quietly as I watched him and his mom check out a book about sharks, I told myself, “I’m so lucky to have the two most priceless treasures I could ever ask for.”

We had 25 minutes to wait for our table. I was more than happy to wait. It gave me 25 minutes to enjoy the seascape. It was beautiful and serene. We were able to get great pictures too.

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

We ordered Calamari. Yep, we decided to eat our appetizer after the main lunch. We also ordered hot chocolate and White Chocolate Mocha espresso. It was getting cold and it felt comforting to sip something hot. Plus, I needed my caffeine booster to drive back home.

Island Traveler

Eating at the restaurant gives you free access to the fishing pier. Curiously, my son started checking the people and their catch. I had to stay close to him making sure he was away from the fishing hooks which were flying left and right.

Island Traveler

People can surprise you when you least expect it. Seeing how much my son wanted to see the fish, a lady called my son so he can have a closer view of the fish. Looking a bit shy, he approached her and was able to the touch the fish. He looked at me and smiled happily. Island Traveler

While me and my son were busy with our little adventure, my wife discovered her own treasure, a locally manufactured soap with sea salts called Sun Coast. She told me after washing her hands, “Oh, my gosh! My hands are so soft after using it. Touch it! Touch it!” I did and it was truly soft. The pomegranate scent smelled so good too. She whispered, “Can we go back here when I’m out of it.” I was more than happy to say, “Yes, we can.”

Island Traveler

Island Traveler

Among the billions of people in this planet, our lucky stars gave us people who are meant just for us to love and treasure. People who make us see the beauty in ourselves and others. People who reminds us everyday that life is truly beautiful and amazing.

Who are the people you wish to celebrate today?

Thanks for sharing your day with me. I hope you enjoyed this week’s theme as well as my version for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge called Unique. Wishing everyone a

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For those who wish to join in this week’s challenge, here’s a link and the widget. Have a great time making wonderful memories.


My friends, let us find time to discover and capture the images around us. Take a moment, breath and just enjoy what the season has to offer. You’ll be surprised of the many things we missed in this lifetime. Happy or sad, they are a part of the unforgettable journey called “life.”

Images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App. 

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A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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68 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: People

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Beautiful post, lovely, peacefull. It makea me happy to read stories like this. I love all your “piers”, we don’t have sea, so I enjoy it through your post. Have a beautiful week!

  2. Indira says:

    Very heart warming photographs. Very well said “Among the billions of people in this planet, our lucky stars gave us people who are meant just for us to love and treasure.” have a nice time.

  3. 2gadabout says:

    Lovely images, happiness shines. Enjoyed your post very much.

  4. Oh that soup looks warm and delicious! You certainly ate well. Nothing better than a great meal with family.

  5. Still Times says:

    Great post! I was a little homesick looking at your pictures; but, I do appreciate that you posted them. The water seems to have a great calming quality. I could sit still around the ocean for hours. A great location to get into your Zen. Life is good and we are so blessed.


    • Thanks Maria. The ocean, the seas and any body of water have this healing property that takes us to a place of peace which I would say we need all the more in this busy, crazy world.

  6. bulldog says:

    It is always so nice taking a family walk around with you… it makes me feel good.. and your photos are brilliant…

  7. Madhu says:

    A beautiful tribute to the two most important people in your life! Have great week IT :-)

  8. Northern Narratives says:

    Thank you for this wonderful warm post filled with love and people. Have a great week :)

  9. Your travelogue is another grand day with your family. But it’s the theme that captivates: relationships with so many people that come into and out of our lives. Each leaves us with golden moments and each builds layers onto our experiences and theirs. Today two other photographers and I are launching an iPhoneography Monday Challenge. Please join us. See details on post at http://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/

  10. Colline says:

    Nothing can take away the love your family has for you and you for them. It shines through every post you make.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day – and tasted some delicious food.

  11. Lucid Gypsy says:

    What a lot of food you shared! I like the sound of the soap that your lovely lady chose :-)

  12. Gracie says:

    Beautiful post, Island traveler. You have such an adorable family and your travels and adventures are always so pleasing to read.

    • Thanks Gracie. Life may not be perfect and we will always encounter trials and hardships but if we try to live it the happiest way we can , then we definitely could. I try my best to seek joy and adventures as much as I can. Life is short to dwell on misery, right? Have a blessed day.

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  14. dogear6 says:

    How wonderful that a stranger gave your son an act of random kindness and let him examine (and touch) the fish. I love when that happens.

    Thanks for sharing your day. I really enjoyed seeing it. And yes, family is our best treasure. I had a particularly bad boss years ago. My mantra was “jobs come and go, but family is forever”. It pissed him off mightily that I put my family before him, but I did. I put in a good hard day’s work and walked away at the end of each day. I was not apologetic if that wasn’t good enough for him.


    • Thanks for sharing generously . I like your ideals and yes, the mantra, ” “jobs come and go, but family is forever. ” Even so called friends leave when times get tough but real family sticks to each other even to the worst of days. God bless you and your family.

  15. brendayoder says:

    Great post, great pictures, and a great challenge! Thank you!

  16. The fish story brings back a memory not only of when my daughter caught her first first, a catfish, during a family camping trip, but also the memories of my dad fishing with my brother and I.

    Excellent blog, as always.

  17. rommel says:

    Er… It’s kind awful to be coughing off dough when you want some pier moments. Anywho, I love my mexican food places here. :D
    Your kid showed another great display of positive curiosity. Really a good quality for the youngs. Always an excellent post, IT.

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  19. likeitiz says:

    Just be a great place to walk and just chill!

  20. I love how the waiting was not a bother, but time to enjoy :) A good lesson for all of us.

  21. I am the Queen of Calamari! I love it every way you can possibly make it, but this is my favorite! What a fabulous day and an even more fabulous tribute to the people you love. Great post, IT.

  22. Cheryl says:

    How exceptional that you have two people who stood by you even at your worst. It is a rare thing when loved ones do not abandon us but stay and help us work through our personal episodes of darkness. You are blessed, Mr. B.

    • Thanks Cheryl. Life has its way of balancing things. I met people who are evil enough to make me want not to trust again but then I also met people whose love made me see the good in others as well.

      • Cheryl says:

        As always, Mr. B., you say what I’m thinking. I never thought I’d love again until I met D. We’ve both been married before and I’m learning, every single day, what love really is, what my capacity for love is, through my connection to him!

  23. Imelda says:

    The soup looks so tasty. :-) It seemed like a fun day all around.

  24. ChgoJohn says:

    A wonderful post celebrating 2 unique people that have helped to make your life what it is. Together, you shared a great way to end one week an start another. Thanks for taking us along, too.

    • Thanks Bro. They are my constant partners in whatever adventures I make. Plus my wife gives directions on top of my navigator system so I won’t get lost. Ha, ha, ha.

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  26. The Guat says:

    Those dishes look amazingly delicious. :) This is a great challenge I love it. I particularly enjoy the fact that people surprise you, in a good way. I like it when they do that. I think that’s my favorite picture. Kindness goes a long way.

    Here’s my take on your challenge and of course … it’s got a little funny in it :) Hope you enjoy.

    • People can really surprise us. Random act of kindness and generosity help us believe in the potential for goodness in all. Love you version of the challenge. You captured the charms of each expressions. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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  29. fgassette says:

    I always love your post. This one is no exception. Sorry I am a little late in entering this week. Here is my entry. Furry People http://wp.me/p23TG1-2bv


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  31. i read this while i was traveling but was unable to comment because of bad connections. it’s so great to receive your posts; i treasure them. you set a great example for others. z

  32. Amy says:

    That was such an enjoyable day you had with family. Beautiful pictures!

  33. Thanks Amy. It was a fun day. I am hoping to go to Galveston again this morning. Take care.

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  35. lifeofaministermom says:

    You know what I love about all your adventures? The fact that it’s so evident that your family comes first, and that you always seem to find the best places to eat!!! LOL! Seriously, I really enjoyed this post, and although it took me a while to find the right words and pics, I hope you enjoy mine too!!


    God bless you!


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