The Unique Pet Store By The Street

The Unique Stories We Tell

Every person has a unique story to share. Stories that are remnants of the past. A past full of memories.

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Each of these memories is unique and special. Memories that can take us back to places, events and people. People we knew when we were just kids. Places we felt wonder and magic. Events that opened our eyes to a new world other than our own.

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I was just about my son’s age when my dad first brought me to a Pet Store along the busy streets of Iloilo. I remember how excited I was choosing which guppies, goldfish and koi to bring home. It was one father and son adventure I always looked forward of going every time we went to the big city. 

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34 years later during my Summer vacation in the Philippines my sister asked me, “Manong, come with us. We are going to buy swordtails and guppies.” I answered back, “Okay, sounds fun. Where is it?” She replied, “The one by the street outside the Atrium Mall.” 

Island Traveler

The street looked exactly the same. Busier but had the same buildings around it. 

Island Traveler

While my sister was trying to get a discount from the seller, I checked the animals, birds and fishes from stall to stall. As I took the pictures, memories flowed as fast as talking parrot beside me. 

Island Traveler

Somehow, it made me miss the joys and excitement of the past. A simple past that created so many happy memories. 

I hope these adorable puppies will find a kind and loving home soon.

I hope these adorable puppies will find a kind and loving home soon.

Island Traveler

By the time we were done, my sister and her husband bought 2 rabbits and several fishes. On our way to the car, I took one last look and wondered when will I’ll be back to see the unique open Pet Store by the street.

Island Traveler

Thanks for sharing your day with me. I hope you enjoyed my version of the Weekly Photo Challenge called Unique.

All of us have something unique and beautiful story to tell. What’s yours?


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57 Responses to The Unique Pet Store By The Street

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I’d want to rescue all those lovely creatures.

  2. Cande says:

    Wow, that is really a different place! I guess, not so different from our pet stores we have in the states, but it is more like an open market.. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Madhu says:

    Lovely photos IT. The pet store we used to visit as children don’t exist anymore!

    • Sorry to here that. There are a lot of stores though that I remembered in childhood that are also no longer there and kind of saddens me that if not for our memories, they will forever be gone. Thanks for sharing.

  4. angrygaijin says:

    Whoa, what are those lizard things in the 2nd to last picture??

    p.s. I’ve nominated you for a blogging award! n_n

  5. muZer says:

    Lovely pics especially those rabbits, fish and talking parrots. Great way of doing the photo challenge. Unique, indeed.

  6. cocomino says:

    Very interesting My daughters would love them especially pupies

  7. Verity Keen says:

    We never see life pets in the marketplace in England but you pictures take me back to a time I remember well

  8. friendlytm says:

    Thank you for sharing a unique story.

  9. What a great take on the theme.

  10. Very unique. Have a wonderful day.

  11. What a great interpretation of unique. It brought back many memories for me too. The first time I saw such a market in Barcelona many years ago. Many small pets in cages lined the sidewalk, but I was shocked with the chipmunks for sale. That was very unique.
    Unique is always something that sticks with us and makes memories…
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. The fish in the bags are adorable. Makes me want to head out to the pet store and buy a few. Sadly, I think my cat would have crazy ideas about the purchase! Neat post.
    Manong? Is that your name? A nickname? Or am I totally off base?

    • Cat and fishes…hmmm. may not be a good combo. I saw one cat in our pond scooping the goldfish in the past. Manong is a name siblings give to their elder bother as a sign of respect and manang for women. I was the eldest of 6. Thanks for sharing.

  13. kristc99 says:

    Wow, how interesting! I also would want to buy everything and take them all home.
    Thanks for the pingback, glad it brought me to your blog.

    • Thanks for the visit. I wanted to buy them too. The backyard of my parents looks like a big pet shop. My sister kept all the fish tanks I had when I still had a fish shop so many years ago.

  14. Mazigrace says:

    That’s amazing (and the parrot that speaks 20 languages too) that the store still remains after all these years. Thanks for sharing these precious memories.

  15. Connie T says:

    I could look at that place for hours. I love the fish. I used to have aquariums. I miss having fish.

  16. adinparadise says:

    Children are always so fascinated by pet stores. Thanks for sharing memories and photos. Great post for the challenge. :)

  17. ChgoJohn says:

    My first job, far too many years ago, was in a pet shop. Granted, it was a tad different from this one on the street but, as a 14 year old, it was my dream job. This was a great response to the challenge. You would never see a street pet shop here in the States.

  18. More fun with your family, glad to know that some pets were rescued and given a home. Pets are such marvelous lessons of life for a family. And the memories that you shared with us are priceless. Thanks.

  19. That really is a unique shop. I haven’t been able to come up with anything unique, keep coming back to my family. :-) We’re all a bunch of niques!

  20. Aww it’s a lovely pet shop, with so many varieties of cute animals! I’d love to have birds like in your photos. Beautiful pictures and meaningful words!

  21. munchow says:

    I always love the open door pet stores in Southeast Asia. They have such a special feeling about, a feeling you have captured so wonderfully in these images. Great work, my friend.

  22. rommel says:

    Them puppies are actually healthy and good-looking, surprisingly. You can definitely find something unique in the busy streets of Philippines.

  23. Unique story and photos. I like how the fishes are arranged in that simple handmade shelves. I remember these when I was very young, I bought lots of black molly fishes. It’s great to see these again, brings back old memories for me :)

  24. those are two lucky rabbits!!!! what a unique pet store, and what great memories!

  25. Anna Marie says:

    What a poignant story and a very unique pet store!

  26. Sunshine says:

    you captured the richness of this moment–the animals with all the people coming, going or simply deciding what to buy…this is something worth experiencing in a lifetime. and if my chance never rolls around, at least i’ll have your well done post to hold in my memory. <3

  27. eof737 says:

    Your pictures will save your memories… i love your stories. :-)

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