Rodeo Houston 2013

If you haven’t experience Rodeo Houston, you haven’t fully experience what Texas has to offer.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Every year, my family marks our calendar for Houston’s biggest celebration, the Rodeo Houston and Livestock Show. It is way more than just a reason for us to wear our cowboy boots. It embodies the heart and passion of what in means to be a Texan. It also symbolizes the spirit and adventures of every cowboy and cowgirl all over America and its surrounding neighbors.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

This year, there was an added fun that I haven’t seen from the previous Rodeo shows. On its first value Wednesday, a tribute to the heroes of our Army and their families was its main highlight. It was brilliant and inspiring.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

At the entrance, several military machines were on display. My son being a fan of everything Army was having a wonderful time discovering the vehicles. I saw a lot of fathers and their sons checking out the vehicles and their gadgets. My wife was way more excited than me. Can’t blame her. It was our first and yes, we did see a lot of cool stuff.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

My favorite was the fighter plane simulator by the U.S. Air Forces. We sat at the farthest row. As the simulator plane swayed from left to right, so did we. It was a lot of fun.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Next stop was Fun on the Farm. Here, kids learn that food doesn’t come from groceries although that is where we buy the finished products.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

My son met a lot of fascinating farm animals. He saw several chickens.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

He also saw a sheep. He discovered that sweaters that keep us warm are made of sheep’s wool. He was impressed how nature creates the most amazing things. So did I.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

We got to exchange all the farm goods we collected on our trip for a coupon. This coupon allows us to choose one item at the grocery. My son chose cheese crackers which he happily ate outside the farm.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Fun is never complete without a pass at the carnival. There were lots of games and rides. I was almost tempted to try High Flyn. Good thing my common sense intervened.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Rodeo ain’t rodeo without those mouth-watering BBQ. My wife had baby back ribs and corn while I savored all the goodness of smoked beef brisket sandwich. Yummy!

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

After the Texan feast, we headed to the Livestock Show. Check out this giant boots hanging on the ceiling. It’s true, “Everything is big in Texas!”

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

This cow just had a shower and had his hair blow dried. A little comfort for the inconvenience of being inside a cramped stadium instead of its home in a real farm at the country.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

One of the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen, the Texas Longhorn.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

One of the most amazing spectacle of mother nature is seeing a chick hatch inside an egg. One chick is trying to break from the inside of its shell. To a child’s eye, it was the perfect, simple example of the miracle of life.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Fun ain’t over yet. Time for the adrenaline driven Rodeo Horse Show.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Cowboys and cowgirls compete and show what they’ve got. An exciting glimpse of what life is in the country as well as the rich, pure past of the Old West.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

It was truly an inspiration to see women winning several of the competitions. The crowd gave a loud cheer as this young woman won first place.

Island Traveler/Rodeo Houston

A perfect ending to a perfect day was Alan Jackson’s unforgettable concert. One of the most moving part of his performance was when he sang the songs Livin’ On Love, Remember When and the emotional tribute to the victims and their families post 9/11 terrorist attack, Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning’ which he offered to the army heroes that night. The crowd was silent as the words sank deep into everyone’s hearts.

island traveler/rodeo houston 2013/

island traveler/rodeo houston 2013/

It feels great to be a part of the vibrant and exciting Texan neighborhood. To share its culture and traditions. To walk on its path laden with rich stories that inspires you and make you proud to be a Texan. No wonder my 7-year old exudes with pride and joy when he says, “I’m a Texan!”

Thanks for sharing your day with me. It’s officially Spring and I hope you enjoyed my official first entry for this season. Have fun, go out there and explore what the country has to offer. If you’re in Texas, it’s not too late to catch up on the last several days of the Rodeo Houston. If not, see you in Rodeo’s best in 2014.

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83 Responses to Rodeo Houston 2013

  1. You saw chicks hatching? That is so cool!

  2. carlaannfehr says:

    I can’t believe I lived in Texas for a year and never once went to a rodeo. I honestly just didn’t think they’d be that much fun, but looking at your photos, I really wish I had gone to one. Your son looks like he is having a blast! What a cool experience!

  3. Such an amazing experience – what a trip :-) Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos! I have never been to a rodeo – we don’t have rodeos in Denmark where I come from. Maybe one day :-)

  4. Coral Swan says:

    A good read – the fun and enjoyment you all had comes through clearly. Great job! How good is that see the chicks actually hatching – perfect timing! And a great experience for children to see.

  5. Colline says:

    Watching a rodeo sure looks like a fun experience.

  6. Marianne says:

    What a fabulous day out you had – and how wonderful to see the baby chicken hatching from the egg :)

  7. I love, love, love this post even though you made me homesick! We are currently living in Puerto Rico and haven’t been to the Houston Rodeo in years! Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I feel like I experienced a bit of it from afar.

    • Puerto Rico…sounds like an exciting place to be. Texas is one place that’s easy to love and hard to forget. I do hope one day, you and your family will once again witness not just the Rodeo but all that Texas has to offer. Thanks.

  8. fgassette says:

    Always wanted to experience a rodeo, now I have through your wonderful photos.


  9. Another adventure for your family and you to store in your treasure trove of memories. This one was jammed packed with so many lessons that I’m sure the day will be talked about for a long time. I enjoyed all the images and the topping on them is your observations.

  10. ChgoJohn says:

    Now that sounds like a fun-filled place to visit with your family. Plenty to see and experience, no matter what your age. Thank you for bringing us along. This is not something many of us have seen. I’d be willing to bet that a certain little someone slept much of the way home. ;)

    • He did sleep soundly on the way home. He pretty much gave all his energy at the Rodeo. I’m glad you enjoyed the ride my friend. Our stories are meant to be shared, enjoyed and relive all over again. That’s what makes our blogging community truly unique and amazing. Thanks.

  11. What a great experience for everyone! Loved the colorful photos.

  12. kz says:

    wow i really enjoyed this post :)

  13. Amy says:

    Awesome! We went to the one in San Antonio. It was not as big as the Houston’s. I think we are coming to Houston next year for the rodeo. BTW, I had to check in my camera, only iPhone was allowed. Great photos, IT !

    • Hope you get to see Rodeo Houston next year. Saw one of your trip to one of the park in San Antonio. Beautiful place. Perhaps I will check it out this Easter as mentioned in your post. Thanks Amy.

  14. bulldog says:

    A lovely day with the family… experiencing something we hear a lot of here… would love to be able to attend such a day specially with the family like you did… thanks for the wonderful share… and great photos by the way…

    • Thanks Bro. I’m always glad to share something that brings a smile to others. Your adventures with the many amazing, exotic animals also inspires me to one day visit this places. Since I’m far from retirement and hardly have much in my pocket, I’m hoping for a lucky lotto winning to see this places. Ha, ha, ha.

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  16. likeitiz says:

    You are right there, IT. Never been to a Rodeo. Looks amazing!

  17. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Wow I love your days out! The fist photo os the flag is memorable and I’m with you on the Texas longhorn, but I would have gone on the high wire :-)

  18. That’s an amazing place!

  19. Frankwell says:

    Awesome! Would love to go to a rodeo, especially for the food! Love the shot of the Texan flag at the start.

    • It kind of symbolize what we all feel here in Texas about our state. I used to be a fan of California when I still lived there but after a year, I was able to left go and embrace what Texas has to offer. Thanks.

  20. Purely.. Kay says:

    I simply love your photos of the rodeo. Just look at it. And those ribs are calling me rght now my friend.

  21. Nana Tee says:

    Wow! That looked like a fun time. You should have done the zip line!!!

  22. Still Times says:

    Aww.. this post hit home too, great post! Wonderful pictures and that first picture is fantastic! Did your son mention which was his favorite animal of them all?

  23. This looks like so much fun! The concert was a great ending to what looks like a perfect day!
    In 1970 I drove through Texas. Stopping for breakfast, I ordered French toast which I couldn’t finish. IT WAS HUGE! When I commented about the size to the waitress she replied – can you guess? “We make everything big in Texas, honey!” ;-) lol

  24. cocomino says:

    What an interesting event! BBQ is also mouth watering for me

  25. auntyuta says:

    Looks to me like you had a very long, enjoyable day. So much to see and learn from, especially for your son. You recorded everything beautifully with your camera skills. Thanks for sharing!

  26. gourmandchic says:

    This is definitely something I want to experience as well. Really American tradition. I will make it there one day. Btw, I would have loved to try the High Flyn!

  27. Neo says:


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    Thank You

  28. Doris says:

    I been wanting to do a post just of Texas to show what a great State this is….this photos are simply amazing!! I will go next time ;)

  29. Your pictures are almost as good as being there! Those ribs look divine and the rodeo looks as if it has something to offer everyone. Nice.

  30. munchow says:

    I would love to attend Rodeo Houston, so until I do, thanks for taking me along. Your pictures of the event are – as always – excellent. My favourite one are definitely the three first ones.

  31. lifeofaministermom says:

    Looks like loads of fun! There was a ranch down the street from where my mom used to live and they had an annual rodeo but I never attended. Maybe this will be the year! God bless you and all your wonderful family adventures!! :)

    • Thanks Patricia. Your daughter would love it as she gets older. My son started appreciating the farm animals when he was between 2-3 but at 7, he was in full force in discovering anything about the farm and its fascinating creatures. God bless you and your family.

  32. Lilly Sue says:

    That first picture is awesome. I only recently visited San Antonio so I guess I haven’t fully experienced Texas ;)

    • San Antonio is beautiful and fun in itself but yes, Texas has so much surprises hidden under its sleeves. There Austin, Dallas, the Hill Country, Galveston, South padre…fun never ends. Thanks.

  33. Your Rodeo Houston reminds me of the New York State Fair. It doesn’t have a rodeo – that I know of, but it does have the farm displays of veggies and farm animals. Plus all that great food. Great photos. Looks like a fun time.

  34. frizztext says:

    thank you for this wonderful report with so many diverse pictures and views, close ups, panoramas …

  35. Sounds like a fabulous, patriotic day. Almost like a county fair wrapped up as a Rodeo!

    • Kind off. And yes, patriotic indeed and it’s also due time. People easily forget that men and women continue to offer their lives everyday so we all can continue to enjoy freedom and peace. Looking at the young soldiers, I can’t help but pray that they will all be okay and will go home to their families safe when this war is over. Thanks.

  36. That first photo so perfectly captures Texas. Love the way you’ve laid these out. I feel like we were at the rodeo with you.

    • Thanks Bill. Being in Texas, it’s easy to get carried away. While eating my brisket sandwich, I saw the flag waiving proudly as the Sun started to set. It was one of those seconds where time seemed to freeze.

  37. Sartenada says:

    Very inspiring post. I have never seen rodeo in real life and I would love to see it. Your photos are great as usually.

  38. Definitely trying out this place if I ever come to Texas! I’ve always loved dressing up as a cow-girl and get to see such activities in front of me.

  39. Freedomborn says:

    You sure had a great time as a family Island Traveler, we have to get to America first before we see Texus but where there is a will there is a way, who knows what the future will bring, thanks for sharing Texas with us, I really do enjoy travelling this way it means no bags to pack or grounded Aeroplanes.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

  40. My friend, when you do come to Texas, email me. I will be honored to show you some of the cool places in and around Houston. God listens and I bet he has something exciting in store for all of us in the future. God bless you and Ron.

  41. eof737 says:

    Sounds quite wonderful. I’ve always wondered about the rodeo… :-)
    How come you close comments on your posts so soon?

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