Weekly Image Of Life: Easter Time

A Time To Rejoice

Easter is a much awaited festivity in my family. As far as I can remember, my parents taught me and my sisters that Easter is a treasured symbol of our faith. It is a time of rejoicing and celebrating the resurrection of Christ who came to the world to save us from sin and darkness. It is a day to witness a promise that there is a heaven that awaits us all. A heaven where we all are free, happy, at peace and just surrounded by love that never ends. Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Easter Sunday

Coming from a 12 hour night shift work, I gulped a strong brewed coffee to prepare myself for what’s going to be a busy yet fun day with friends and family. Just before I took a shower, I secretly prepared my son’s surprise inside several Easter eggs.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

A few days before Easter, my son saw a toy while we were buying some groceries. When he saw it he said, “Hooray! I found it.” I turned around and replied, “You found what?” With eyes wide and sounding so excited he explained, “Dad, these are Star Wars Fighter Pods. I’d been looking for them. Can I have one please, please, please?”

Island Traveler/thismansjourney.net/Easter

As we walked along the toy section he kept saying, “Please, please, please dad!” I guess he was speaking a bit loud cause my wife approached me and whispered, “The women at the other aisle were laughing at you guys.” Imagining how silly me and my son must have looked like, I laughed as well. I didn’t buy the toy that day. I explained to my son that it was not the right time to buy one. Looking a bit sad, he placed back the toy and softly said, “Okay, dad.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Easter is also about creating magical, happy moments with our children. It is a day where the Easter Bunny appears and scatter millions of Easter Eggs all over the world. It may be a make-believe tale but to our kid’s they are real. As parents, we try our best to make the most beautiful, amazing childhood for our little ones hoping that one day, they too will share the legacy of happiness and magic that they experienced.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

After the Easter Sunday church celebration, we went to our friend’s house to celebrate Easter. We had games for the kids before the exciting Easter egg hunt. The kids were running everywhere, just having a great time. Their laughter of joy echoed all over the park.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

My son had a Star Wars Dark Vader basket which my friend lent to him. We forgot to buy  our own Easter basket. Talking about being ready for the event.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

One of the best things about Easter? Food! Lots of delicious, mouth-watering foods. It was a “Brunch” feast and yes, I was drooling as I wait for the signal, “Everyone, time to eat.” The BBQ chicken and spaghetti were just so good.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Back to my Easter surprise for my son. I had to find a perfect place to scatter my personalized Easter eggs. After waking from a 3 hour sleep or nap, me and his mom took him to a park. It was almost close to Sunset.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

He was wondering why we were there. He thought Easter time was over that morning. I simply told him, “I’m checking something.” He kept saying, “Are we going to Target after this?” I told him, “Way better than Target.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

After I scattered all the eggs, I called my wife, “Hey, time for his Easter surprise.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

At first, my son looked at me wondering why there were more eggs. I smiled at him and said, “Just pick up the eggs and look what’s inside.” He did and when he opened them his face lit up looking all so happy, excited and yes, surprised. As I watched him opened the rest of the Easter eggs,  I told myself, “The magic lives on.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Regardless of our religion and what we believe in, Easter is a time to rejoice with the people we love and letting them know how much we care. To bring laughter, happiness and magic in their lives as much as they bring the same to ours every second of everyday.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! Thank you for sharing my Easter tale. I hope it inspired you to create magical tales we all will be sharing and reliving many years from now.

How was your Easter? What do you enjoy the most during this holiday?

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Images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App and Nikon 1 J1. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories and events we make in this lifetime.

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72 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: Easter Time

  1. Thanks for the link up! I fully believe in creating magical memories for our children. Loved reading your post!

    • Creating magical memories for our children will bring them priceless treasures that they will cherish through the years. My parents gave me just that and now it’s my turn. Thanks.

  2. Indira says:

    Belated Happy Easter. Nice collection of photographs. You enjoyed that yummy mouth watering food. Its obvious you had so much fun with your family on this Easter. My blessings.

  3. Sunshine says:

    yum…your Easter meal looks delightful as your day with your family. true words of wisdom in that no matter what religion we practice, Easter is a special time to share our gratitude with love ones. a blessed belated Easter greetings, Island T.
    (btw…i noticed you have the myfreecopyright logo…you may want to check into it as it may not be functioning as it should be. i only noticed my account because none of my posts were mentioned in my email. i tried to contact company but unable due to no response from this company. okay. just thought i would mention it to you…cheers! )

    • lifeofaministermom says:

      The same thing’s been happening to me Sunshine, regarding My Free Copyright. I’ve also tried contacting them with no success. If you have any luck or ideas, please let me know. I appreciate it, and although I’m sorry to hear that’s been happening to you, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks!

      • Sunshine says:

        what i read so far online is the company was bought out by a China company but there has been literally no communication at all with this site. i am now researching other options and using Copyscape for now. WordPress has some options listed under Copyright in the Support section that you may want to read. :)

      • lifeofaministermom says:


      • Sunshine says:

        you’re welcome!

    • Thank you.. I appreciate that. I will check it out. Is there another copyright service we can use?

      • Sunshine says:

        right now i am reading about this issue…WordPress in their support has an article under Copyrights. i think the creative common license basically is a free share but with author credited. (i think so but please read about it for yourself–i may be wrong.) i wish i could be more help…:(

      • I followed you advice and purchased a copyscape premium. I just got the minimum of whatever they were charging. Not so bad. We do need to protect our work. Thank you. I appreciate the help.

  4. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Lovely posts, as always. Thanks for stopping by.
    God bless!

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  6. You guys are so awesome at creating happy childhood memories :-) Such a sweet story and beautiful photos!

  7. What an awesome idea! Looks like you guys had a great Easter.

  8. restlessjo says:

    How to make your little boy happy, and so yourselves too! Glad you had a magical Easter after your long night. Easter blessings abound in your home.

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  10. lifeofaministermom says:

    Oh what fun! I love that you were so thoughtful in what you put in the eggs. I’m sure your son was thrilled! The picture of your wife holding hands with the two beautiful little girls is priceless. I’m glad you had a blessed and wonderful day!! http://lifeofaministermom.com/2013/04/03/weekly-image-of-life-easter-time/

    • Thank you. We had a wonderful time with family and friends. More importantly, we got to go to church and thank Jesus for the best gift we could ever ask for…forgiveness, salvation, hope and faith. Oh, that was my friend and the twins was another friend’s kids. They are sort of my extended being away from my home country.

  11. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I’m so pleased you made his wish come true, and I love his hat!

  12. Purely.. Kay says:

    I LOVE the eggs and your photos. Happy Easter my friend

    • Thanks Kay, Belated Happy Easter my friend. Egg hunting is a lot of fun when we are surrounded by kids who are just bursting with laughter and excitement.

  13. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Island Traveller once again after reading your message you have got me pondering , I Posted a wonderful story that a friend sent me about Easter eggs last year (see link below ) it is sad that even some Christians do not celebrate Easter at it was, even though the Scriptures do confirm it was good Friday not Wednesday or any other day that Jesus was crucified but as I shared with you on my Blog, the heart of Easter like Christmas should be every day, it is Love.

    Blog Post – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/the-empty-egg/

    Your little boy must have felt loved that he received the gifts he asked for and he learnt that Easter is a time of giving too and we also have been given a wonderful gift, it’s the greatest we will ever receive, it’s Jesus Christ.

    I give the Children in my street lollies or a small gift and a hug everyday and tell them that Jesus loves them and so do I, at first there were only a few Children but each day there are more and now wonderfully lollies are not enough they all want a hug too, children are a wonderful blessing, yes I have warned them about strangers giving them lollies but for all of us it’s a time of Love, often they walk away singing Jesus Loves me this I know because he Bible tells me so :-) a song I taught them in Funday School.

    The Easter egg to me symbolises new life, a chicken is hatched from eggs but I needed to ponder more on Bunnies, having them at Easter is believed to come from a Pagan source but they were created by God, regardless of how pagans relate to them, of course like all of His creation and mans, they must not be worshiped but we are thankful for all He has blessed us with. So just like the symbols of Christmas we focus on God not the worldly and as we know bunnies have many babies so we too should seek to share as you have done and the others you have linked to, the wonderful message of Jesus’ sacrifice for us so that many more Christian Spiritual Children will be born and then mature in Christ Jesus. I hope to post soon my Easter message that was lost when my computer crashed.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

    • Thanks Anne. You are showing these kids a priceless example of love, giving and generosity. That Easter is about sharing God’s great love for all. That it is about making sacrifices out of love just like Jesus sacrificed so much so we all can be saved. Belated Happy Easter my friend. God bless you and Ron always.

  14. Your sentiment is wonderful, your generosity is admirable, and your son’s angry bird had ROCKS!
    Happy Easter, IT. It looks like you made a most memorable day.

  15. bebs1 says:

    Another magical moment for your son. You made me hungry with the Pinoy spaghetti and chicken bbq.

  16. My favorite is the last image–starkly human. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  17. auntyuta says:

    I love this picture with the eggs spread out all over the large grass area with the tree in the middle in front of the lake. Lovely surprise for your son. You always show him so much that you care. There’s immense joy in everything you do for your son. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Easter Sunday. I hope you were able to catch up a bit on your sleep later on.

  18. Thank you for the inside of your Easter. Granny and I loved the pictures, especially the first one. It’s always great to see kids having such a great time by searching for the eggs. I’m having a great time by seeing Angry Birds on my path.. :)

  19. teamgloria says:

    what a glorious egg-celent celebration (and love those mini star wars character shots) – quelle joyousness!

  20. Amy says:

    What a beautiful Easter, IT! The food looks delicious :) Love the last shot.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  21. fgassette says:

    A beautiful time of rejoicing and family fellowship.


  22. likeitiz says:

    Looks like it was yet another resounding success. I love the last photo too. It speaks volumes.

    • I was watching him run up and down the hill as the Sun was fast fading away. It was one of those moments that time seemed to have stop, even for a few seconds. Thanks.

  23. MJ says:

    Happy Easter to you and family! Beautfiul captures :)

  24. becky6259 says:

    Aw, what a wonderful Easter! Your pictures look great and it looked like everyone had a great time! What a wonderful surprise for your son! But I have a feeling you were every bit as excited and happy about being able to surprise your son as he was to be getting surprised!

  25. dearrosie says:

    Love the special surprises you always give your son. You are such a thoughtful kind Dad and husband. I also cannot imagine hoow on earth you work all night in the emergency ward and then go out for easter brunch without taking a nap? I couldn’t do it.

  26. ChgoJohn says:

    Late to the party but I’m so glad I came …
    Easter is such a special holiday for the Little Ones. I remember our Eater Egg hunts and the fun we had searching for them all. And I have yet to met a parent that didn’t enjoy the hunt every bit as much as the children. It’s a great day for families and I can see yours made the best of it. A belated happy Easter to you all.

  27. ristinw says:

    Lovely angry hat and Easter eggs :D

  28. Aww these eggs are so cute! :) Easter is such a fun holiday, especially making children so happy :D

  29. angrygaijin says:

    Sadly, when I’m in Japan I tend to miss Easter and other religious holidays. :( I’m looking forward to going back to Canada to celebrate them with my family once more. :)

    Happy Easter! This was a touching post. :) As you said, “Regardless of our religion and what we believe in, Easter is a time to rejoice with the people we love and letting them know how much we care.” Agreed! n_n

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  31. What an amazing, beautiful series of pictures. Thanks.

  32. Fergiemoto says:

    What wonderful childhood memories! Lovely post!

  33. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuude. I love that idea of putting Star Wars figures and Lego figures inside of those Easter eggs. Your son must have loved it! He is always going to remember Easter and definitely remember these moments with you and family. Great job dad!

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  35. http://2013weeklyphotochallenge.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/weekly-photo-challenge-change/
    here is mine and I am sorry I have not stopped here, IN COLLEGE full time and working security full time..hope you remember me as it’s going on two years of us blogging on this challenge.

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