Weekly Image Of Life: Nature’s Bliss

I love nature. It reminds me of everything that is good and pure. I can be hurting in one moment with my mind all clouded up with problems and stress but when I’m around it, bliss surrounds me. Calmness and peace rush in like the soothing waters of its streams. It’s a place of solitude, healing and Zen.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

As we all celebrate Earth Month, I wish to pay tribute to one of our planet’s priceless gift, Mother Nature.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

I grew up around nature. My parent’s house used to be surrounded by rice fields, ponds and creeks. I remember how everyday seemed like a great adventure. During lunch breaks, I would rush to the nearby pond and catch a few mud fish trapped in an old woven basket. Long before I knew what goldfish were, they were my version of goldfish. A few I kept in my improvised water jug aquarium and kept as pets while the rest I returned happily to their home. Life was simple yet full of wonderful surprises.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

We need to respect nature. It is our friend. It gives us refuge from all the troubles of life but in a few minutes, it can be a source of destruction. A destruction brought about by man’s abuse and neglect of mother Earth for hundreds of years. We can do our part to ease if not halt the continuing misuse of nature. We are part of a positive on going change that hopefully will heal of planet.

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to the Hill Country to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t ask for anything material but I did wish to be close with nature and explore it with my two best friends, my wife and son. We visited 3 parks in 2 days plus a lot of exciting bonuses in between. I couldn’t have wished for a better gift.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

On our last day in Austin, me and my wife were still deciding where to go. We already went to Mckinney Falls State Park and Zilker Park the day before and we were hoping to go somewhere that can match the beauty and fun in these two amazing places. Call it fate or plain coincidence but I was drawn to check Pedernales Falls State Park while I was googling for the best places for adventures at the Hill Country.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

We almost backed out when my wife saw this trail. There was no people around us. It did look scary. It reminded us of those creepy, isolated scenes in horror movies. Talk about paranoia. While we were discussing whether we go or not, my son started saying, “Eany, meeny, miny, moe which direction should we go?” After choosing the right side of the road, he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go guys!” So, we followed our new leader.

I had to laugh when my wife blurted out sounding concerned, “Where in the world are we?” as we passed through what seemed to be an endless uninhabited series of winding road. I tried to calm her down by saying, “Hey, look at that spectacular view. Isn’t that beautiful?” My son on the other hand was just as excited as I am. He would raise his arms and shout, “Yipee!” everytime the car goes in a sudden downhill drop. It was his version of an instant roller coaster ride.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

We finally reached the park. The view from the top was breathtaking. Can’t believe nobody told me about this jewel in Texas. From a distance, we could hear the sound of falling waters. Before we walked down towards the falls, my son blew bubbles while me and my wife took pictures. Lots of pictures.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Without fear, my son started running down the stairs. My heart skipped a beat when I realized how slippery and dangerous it was. Sounding alarmed I yelled, “Stop and wait for me.” What a relief when he did.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

We were all excited to see up close the upper section of Pedernales Falls. There were about 4 drops of the waterfalls that we could visually see. There were probably more. How the cascading waters dropped and stirred the tranquil part of the falls was just beautiful. Not to be outshine were the many unique and fascinating rock formations.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

My son had a fun time throwing pebbles into the water. He would jump with joy and excitement when the stones made a big splash. He reminded me of how I was when I was about his age. Just like him, nature to me was a huge playground where I found and gathered many moments of happiness and serenity. Just as many as the pebbles we were standing on.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

While I was busy capturing images with my camera, my son was also busy capturing moments with his heart. Looking so happy as he counted his shells, my son cheerfully told me, “Dad, look at me. I’m a great explorer.” I brought down my camera, smiled and said, “Yes, you are.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Nature inspires us to discover things we thought are not possible. My wife and I found a fascinating tree with clear water flowing out of its trunk. Part of it flowed into a small stream while the rest created a miniature waterfall.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

We took off our flip-flops and dipped our feet into the cold, crystal clear waters. It felt so good. So refreshingly good!

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

On top of the tree was a pond with live fishes in it. On one side, bubbles were forming as water came out from its sand bottom. A wonderful discovery that made me feel like a kid all over again.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

I heard my wife’s excited voice calling, “Look, look, checkout their catch.” The man showed us a few Carp as big as my forearm. I told her, “That is really cool. Wish I brought my fishing rod.”

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

I wish we didn’t have to leave the park. So much fun for so little time. Unfortunately, we had to go and though our magical encounter was brief, it was more than enough to inspire all of us. Best of all, it was a birthday gift that my entire family truly enjoyed sharing with me.

Island Traveler/thisman'sjourney.net/Earth Day/Pedernales Falls State Park

Life is all about making adventures that will last a lifetime.

May this post help us see the precious blessings nature gives us everyday. I hope it will open our eyes as well as our hearts to the reality of its vulnerability. It is crying for a much-needed global rehabilitation and preservation. Earth is our home. How we choose to treat it today will reflect on what future we will all have tomorrow. 

How do you wish to honor and celebrate our planet Earth today?

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I appreciate and value each visit and comments. I apologize for my delayed response. I promise to catch up as soon as possible. Wishing everyone days of abundant bliss, love and peace.  

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Images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App and Nikon 1 J1. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories and events we make in this lifetime.

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89 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: Nature’s Bliss

  1. Sonel says:

    Oh wow! Love the photo’s IT and I can see you and your beautiful family had a stunning day indeed! Nature sure is the best there is. Thanks for sharing my friend. :) *hugs*

  2. auntyuta says:

    Nature’s Bliss indeed, IT. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Lovely you could do this for your birthday with your wife and son. Wishing you many Happy Returns!

  3. may cheah says:

    Tennyson,   I must write to say THANK YOU for sharing your awesome day with me. This is such a beautiful posting… your words inspired me and the lovely pics overwhelmed me. It’s like I’ve been touched by an angel.     A nurse,   May Malaysia

    >________________________________ > From: this man’s journey >To: maycjb@yahoo.com >Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 2:49 PM >Subject: [New post] Weekly Image Of Life: Nature’s Bliss > > WordPress.com >Island Traveler posted: “I love nature. It reminds me of everything that is good and pure. I can be hurting in one moment with my mind all clouded up with problems and stress but when I’m around it, bliss surrounds me. Calmness and peace rush in like the soothing waters of its st” >

  4. penpusherpen says:

    I love the water shots, Traveler, in fact when I stand near a river, I just stare, almost trance-like, it’s the same when I visit the sea, walking the beach , I can just paddle along the shore for hours, … quiet and soaking in the feeling of….peace and harmony…(providing there are no crowds or course :-) ) …..As you say, it’s Important for us to appreciate Nature, to live side by side in harmony, with all life..A magical time out with your family is a wonderful Birthday gift, so full of future memories, and the best one ever methinks… xPenx

    • Thank you. Anything with water reminds me of home. Of the happy childhood I was blessed to have. It makes me appreciate the blessings in my life. It makes me feel alive…truly alive.

  5. Praveena says:

    Lovely post and lovely photos..Thanks for sharing..May you have many returns of the day to make wonderful memories with your family:)

  6. Lisaman says:

    Glad you had such an awesome Birthday… what a great place!!

  7. cocomino says:

    What a nice place. You are lucky because you lived in nature. Basically, we should live in such places. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Thank you dear Island Traveler for the pingback and for the wonderful visit to the Park with you and your family. I loved your Photos as usual, they always look like reality not touched up by man’s ideas of what looks good, which often spoils the beauty of God’s creation, although I have also seen man’s creativity enhance and highlight God’s handiwork without taking from it or adding to it.

    Sorry I have not been in touch, I had an accident but I will look back now and see what I missed.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne.

  9. What a great way to spend the day! And it looks as if you continued to have the place to yourselves. Maybe the spooky entrance kept the others at bay.

  10. Mazigrace says:

    As always, a joy to read the adventures you share with us. Beautiful photos.

  11. Happy Birthday weekend! How wonderful to stretch it out over three parks and adventures in between. I think you enjoyed the icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  12. ideflex says:

    Wonderful pictures of your parkland adventure – your son is getting tall!

    • He is. His pants are now shorter and I just bought them begining of the school year. It’s a joy to see him grow and discover the best in life everyday. Thanks.

  13. Imelda says:

    Wow! The place looks lovely. To be able to dip your feet on those waters should felt like heaven. Thanks for sharing this trip. :-)

  14. As you have done, we must introduce our children and grandchildren to the wonders of Mother Earth. Touching and poignant post.

    • Mother Earth is meant to love, shared and appreciated generation after generation. Today, it’s our responsibility to protect it for our children and to teach them to do the same. Thanks.

  15. What a wonderful find out in nature. It’s so flat here, places like that are few. That’s a great birthday idea.

    • Texas has so much to offer. I am actually surprised that a lot of my friends don’t know these places. We don’t have to go to other states or countries to find nature’s treasures. Thanks.

  16. Isn’t it amazing how log kids can be entertained throwing rocks into the water? Good reminders of the simple entertainment of Mother Nature.

  17. Angeline M says:

    Beautiful photography! Happy belated birthday, what a wonderful way to relax and celebrate with your family!

  18. Pit says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post: great pictures and a wonderful text! Even if I’m living not too far from the Texas Hill Country, I have yet to visit the Pedernales Falls State Park. But it’s definitely on my bucket list. Btw, we hope to relocate to the Hill Country [Fredericksburg or surrounding area] some time soon. Keep your fingers crossed, please.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

    • Bro, I’m excited for you. If only I can find a similar job there, I too would love to relocate in the Hill Country, or outside Austin. I wish you all the best.

  19. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I once caught a ten pound carp, apparently they like the scent of women!!! This landscape is beautiful, an ideal place for a birthday treat. I bet that water was icy cold though :-)

  20. mariannegv says:

    Happy birthday! I agree with you, when I feel stressed I usually go to walk to a wood located in my city, by being walking surrounded by trees, plants, water and little animals makes me feel calm and very happy. Thanks for showing us the beautiful nature in your photos. Kind greetings,

  21. Hardik Gohil says:

    Great outing and pics too. Here is my entry for this week:

  22. eva626 says:

    great photos as usually!! and your son is growing up!!! I love his outfit!

  23. Cheryl says:

    A wonderful array of images and words, Mr. B. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you … and a quote: “Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” (Standing Bear)

    • So true, “Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” Nature make us feel something within ourselves. It help us see the goodness in things, people and situations. Thanks Cheryl.

  24. There’s nothing like a day spent with nature and those you love to recharge your batteries. I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday and such excellent photos to recall this day.

  25. mpejovic says:

    What a beautiful park and a great place to take your family! I love stumbling on mysterious places like that.

  26. janna hill says:

    What a delightful escape. Thank you for sharing.

  27. ChgoJohn says:

    You certainly did have a wonderful birthday and also celebrated Earth Day in the best way. Such beautiful photography and, as always, your commentary gives them context and meaning. THis was a great and inspiring post.

  28. Imelda says:

    I’m glad to be able to party this time – http://mywordwall.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/clouds/ HAve a great day.

  29. angrygaijin says:

    Wow! Such a pretty place! I think I might have to use one of your nature pictures (http://consumerjournaldotnet.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/img_8477.jpg) as my desktop background – as long as you don’t mind!

    Nature really is our best friend – - I was reading today how that if the earth temperature increases 4 degrees before the end of the century, we’re in for some trouble. We’ve gotta treat this wonderful gift that is Earth right!

  30. suitablefish says:

    I’ve spent some lovely days wandering barefoot at Pedernales. Thank you for such wonderful photographs and story.

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  32. lifeofaministermom says:

    I love state and national parks. Such marvelous treasure of our world should continue to be preserved. I actually had the opportunity to work at Denali National Park in Alaska for 3 summers while in college, and it was among the best experiences of my entire life. Your family is as beautiful as the nature you’ve captured, and I pray you will always have such wonderful adventures!!


  33. fgassette says:

    What a wonderful adventure for you and your family. No better birthday than to spend time with family admiring the beauty of nature.


  34. likeitiz says:

    This looks like an awesome destination to spend a day. Is it pet-friendly? I wonder. thanks to the tip. The photos, as always are great. I noticed your son is growing like a weed now. Too fast, huh?

  35. adinparadise says:

    What a wonderful place to commune with nature, IT. Your son looks like a real delight to take along, and so enthusiastic iwth every exciting new experience. I would love to put my feet in that ice-cold water right now. :)

  36. what a beautiful post! i loved every photo, and i was there with all of you for the trek to the falls.

    i am going to ‘unfollow’ and refollow, as i have not been getting your notifications. go figure!
    it’s great to see this newest image of life!

  37. dearrosie says:

    Happy Birthday IT. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.
    We’ve spent a few weekends in Hill country but didn’t get to Pedernales Falls State Park – wow what a beautiful place.
    As always your pictures are beautiful. I love the shots of the falls…

  38. Beautiful photos and a very important message. Love Mother Earth – before it’s too late.
    And of course Happy Birthday!

  39. EagleAye says:

    Great pics. It’s wonderful to enjoy nature’s beauty. On your next visit you can see the Lost Maples park. It’s lovely there and a good hike.

  40. What we all really need today is to reconnect with Nature and love our universal mother :) Treat her as she deserves it! Beautiful post and thanks for sharing these fun moments of yours and your family.

  41. I love nature too and you’re correct “Life is all about making adventures that will last a lifetime”…What wonderful moments with your family!

  42. Indira says:

    A very Happy Birthday. Breathtaking picture. Very apt title ‘ Nature’s Bliss’. You are a wonderful photographer. Blessings to you and your family.

  43. Purely.. Kay says:

    My friend, this nature walk is inspiring me to get out tomorrow and take a walk of my own. Your photos just looks so serene and amazing

  44. Mrs. Padilly says:

    The Pedernales River is one of my favorite place in Texas! I have been there so many, many times. I loved your impression! Do you know I have the heart of the Pedernales River? Many years ago, when I dipped my own feet in those cool waters, little fish kept nibbling on my toes. After multiple nibbles, I finally looked down at my toes, and saw the heart. I know that when I’m out in nature, I’m only suppose to leave footsteps, but I could not resist taking this rock home with me. I will post a picture of it on my page, with the reason why.

    • That is a truly magical experience. Something like that we don’t forget. The memory of how beautiful that day was will always be alive in our hearts. Remembering them makes us smile with joy, almost similar to how it felt like when we we’re there in person. Thanks for a sharing.

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  46. MythRider says:

    Happy late birthday. Sound like you had a great time. Love the pictures. If I wasn’t so far away, I’d visit.

  47. Madhu says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate! Belated, but heartfelt birthday wishes to you IT :-)

  48. 1annecasey says:

    Beautiful post from a beautiful soul. : ))

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  50. Sheryl says:

    Pedernales Falls State Park is beautiful. Inever heard of it until I read this post–but the photos really make me want to visit it someday.

  51. Sartenada says:

    Very special birthday – so enjoyable. I read in one of our local newspaper that nowadays people living in cities come to wilderness to search nature’s sounds and the sound of silence. Silence can be at first something which we are used to; it can be even “scary” at first. To listen man’s own thoughts in the nature is an experience which many of us are not accustomed to.

  52. frizztext says:

    a wonderful waterfall excursion!

  53. Your posts are a joy to read. It’s wonderful to see how you and your family, especially your son revel in nature…. just joyous :)

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  55. Arindam says:

    Bro, what a beautiful place it is!! I do not think nature could have gifted you anything better on your birthday. Thanks a lot for sharing your memorable days with us. It’s always fun to be part of your trip. Have a great day bro!!

  56. fgassette says:

    Sorry I’m a little late, but here is my entry for this week. http://wp.me/p23TG1-2Dl


  57. themonumentaljackass says:

    I love how you write. The simplicity of your narrative. And you send a beautiful message.
    So thank you. For a wonderful read. And for your sterling attempt at keeping this world beautiful.

  58. Your photographs are awesome!

  59. Beautiful environment, IT. I love the picture of your son where he walks between the trees. Have a wonderful day… oops, almost forget.. Pawkiss :)

  60. ideflex says:

    Across the Bored has nominated you for a Bouquet of Awards at http://acrossthebored.com/2013/05/07/a-bouquet-of-awards/. If you choose to accept, feel free to cut and paste whatever you need from the post to make the process easier! If not, know that your blog is well appreciated and a source of inspiration for us.

  61. ristinw says:

    Nature is so beautiful, isnt’ it? :D
    When I am overwhelmed with work, I would like to visit park and beach to relax.

  62. munchow says:

    What a nice way to celebrate Earth Day, and what a beautiful place Pedernales Falls seems to be. Thanks for sharing the trip through your beautiful pictures and inspiring words.

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