The Many Patterns at Wimberley

Everyday, we all experience many patterns in our journey in life. Some patterns lead to places of adventure and discovery. One such place for me is the beautiful town  of Wimberley. A little piece of paradise at the scenic Hill Country of Texas.

Island Traveler/Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

A month ago, we ventured on a different route on our way back to Houston. I was getting sleepy and needed to stop. I told my wife, “I badly needed some coffee. I wonder if there is a coffee shop somewhere in this town.” Unknowingly, we were in for a treat way better than coffee. Sorry, fellow coffee lovers. It was more invigorating than our caffeine rich favorite beverage.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The Many Patterns Of Life And The Roads We Take

Some patterns leads to something delicious and refreshing. Our first stop was The Old Mill. A shop of many sorts. Souvenirs, ice cream, coffee, home decor, Art works and more. You name, they got it!

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

While I was waiting for my brewed coffee, my son together with his mom were busy selecting the flavor of ice cream to eat. My son was being thoughtful and left me a few spoons worth of  left overs. As they say, “Sharing is loving.” Ice cream and coffee together? Yum-yum!

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

My wife decided to check a local jewelry store. While waiting for her, me and my boy decided to find treasures of our own. We found a Gum Ball machine and won a few treats.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Remember those good old days when simple toys like marbles rock our world? Well, this place has lots of them. I was surprised that Lego boy found them fascinating. He got really excited when we bought him 20 pieces of marbles.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Instead of eating the gum balls, we decided to play with them as we do with marbles. After several hits, they broke into pieces.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Some patterns remind us of the good old past. Of the things that brought a smile to our day. Of the things that we shared growing up with our family and friends.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Wimberley has lots of Antique Stores. It gave us an instant trip down memory lane.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

This metal knight reminded me of the days when I imagined myself as part of King Arthur’s knights of the round table. Today,that legacy lives on through my son and his generation.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Like pages taken from a CountryLiving magazine, Chic-A-Dee exudes that warm and welcoming country charm. I can totally see myself living in it. Yes, for real!

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

In one of the stores, I heard my wife’s excited voice, “Hey, check out these books. I used to read them as a kid.” I told her, “Me too.” We bought one so we can share the magic of these books to our son. Plus, it will help us recollect the childhood memories we long forgotten every time we read the book with him.

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

My wife has been collecting tea cups lately. Imagine her joy when she discovered these vintage gems. She got herself two. With a wink she said, “Thanks Hon.”

Island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/ Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Some patterns enrich the heart. Patterns that bring us happiness. Patterns that become a part of our most cherished memories. Memories that reminds us of  unforgettable times we had with family.

Island Traveler/Wimberley Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge:Pattern

We saw a painted hand on a wall. Its finger was pointing towards a wooden pathway. Below the hand was a description that says, “A little bit of Heaven.” 

Island Traveler/Wimberley Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge:Pattern

It did feel like we had a bit of heaven as we enjoyed the beauty and serenity of Cypress Creek. My son gave me a sweet smile as he played with the other kids. He looked so happy. The very same look I used to have when I was his age playing with my siblings and cousins along the creek next to my house. There was even an old Guava tree next to it that I used to climb to pick fruits, rest or dream.

Island Traveler/Wimberley Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge:Pattern

It was getting late. We were having so much fun that we forgot for a moment that we still have  to drive a few hours to reach home. I swear, for a second, I thought it was home. Too bad I had to wake up from my day dreaming.

island Traveler/ Wimberley Texas/Weeklyphotochallenge:Pattern

My son asked me, “Dad, can we stay longer? Can we also eat in a restaurant? I am hungry.” Next to the creek was Ino’z. It looked like a perfect spot for a taste bud adventure. We chose a table next to a huge tree. I was literally sitting next to its trunk. While savoring the delicious Tilapia Fajita, I noticed a face on the trunk staring at me. Then I looked around me and saw more faces on the old giant cypress trees. Hmm? Cypress Creek is a mixture of enchantment and mystery as well.

Island Traveler/Wimberley Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge:Pattern

Some patterns inspire us to create and use our God-given talents. Seeing the kids catched fish using materials they saw along the creek, my son also made an improvised fishing pole. He found a broken tree branch and a yarn while I found a metal wire which I shaped into a fish-hook.

Island Traveler/Wimberley Texas/Weekly Photo Challenge:Pattern

Some patterns makes us realize just how lucky we are to be alive. To be given moments that make us see the goodness within us and around us. To be given chances to experience events with the people we care about.

Everyday we will meet many patterns and cross roads. Among the many patterns we will make in this lifetime, we should choose the ones that will bring meaning and joy in our life. 

What pattern do you wish to follow today? What pattern did you follow that brought you to your dreams? Whatever they are, cherish them always.

Thank you for being a part of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge titled “Patterns‘ and thank you for sharing your friendship with me day after day. Friendship is another pattern that will give us many reasons to smile and be thankful for.

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129 Responses to The Many Patterns at Wimberley

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    A lovely post and a super quirky place to visit!

  2. benleeirene says:

    Great photos! I used to live in Wimberley, loved seeing this post; it was a fun place to live.

    • Oh, wow. You are blessed to live in such a wonderful place. Your adventures at the Hill Country motivates me to visit these amazing places. Thanks.

      • benleeirene says:

        Yes, we love it here. Thanks so much for the feedback! We have so much fun visiting and eating (lots of not so healthy food!) in these places. Black’s is definitely worth a trip out to Lockhart.

  3. Wimberley is a wonderful place!

  4. Fergiemoto says:

    Quite a nice variety of patterns and looks like a great place to visit!

  5. i loved that the gum balls broke! your coffee ‘brake’ was a good break; isn’t it great when we stumble upon a magical place? who wouldn’t want to visit after reading your post! z

  6. Your photographs are vibrant and beautiful!

  7. bebs1 says:

    I love how you weave your story into the challenge. Yes, we all follow different patterns in our lives. I think sometimes they have been predetermined for us.

  8. mpejovic says:

    What a great special place to stumble upon! I love it when that happens.

  9. Thanks for introducing us to the town. Patterns do define and redefine our days, which you have shown through this fun and colorful set of images. Enjoy your week.

    • Thanks. When we see the patterns around us and learn to appreciate their beauty and significance, we are one step further in appreciating life no matter how crazy it gets sometimes.

  10. ideflex says:

    I’m going to have to visit Texas sooner rather than later – You have some great adventures!

  11. Wimberley looks like a place you could spend a lazy afternoon poking through the quaint shops, enjoying your coffee and ice cream at a leisurely pace — have to admit I had no idea Texas had such charm!

  12. janna hill says:

    I love (black) coffee with ice cream. Going for some now. :)

  13. amira says:

    nice images, nice patters.
    I guess I should try and tackle the photo challenges again. Have been away for too long.

  14. Sonel says:

    I truly enjoyed the lovely tour and your beautiful post IT. You’ve described everything so well it felt as if I am there with you all. Thanks for sharing this beauty my friend. :) *hugs*

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  16. friendlytm says:

    Nice photos! of course, family is the reason! I like your story telling photography with a family touch, always! Congrats on another good post!

  17. What a great sight at the subject IT and Wimberley is really pawsome. Btw I like to shoot marbles too. Pawkiss :)

  18. 1annecasey says:

    What a lucky find! Great take on the ‘pattern’ theme. Beautiful photos. You and your family have such a wonderful, appreciative approach to life. It is so good to be ‘in the moment’ so much together as a family, as you seem to be. : ))))

  19. TBM says:

    Love the quirkiness of the place. Great post.

  20. auntyuta says:

    Texas seems to be full of surprises. These ‘antique’ shops are a real treasure. It’s very interesting to be reminded of what went on before. Ice cream and coffee, always a welcome treat. Thanks, IT, for sharing with us another fun day with your family. Oh, and marbles, the real ones. I loved to play with them as a kid. Think marbles, think patterns! So many different colors. Some marbles with such lovely patterns in them. These vintage tea cups are lovely indeed.

    • I am a fan of antique things. Vintage items holds a story of the past that we all can learn from. Plus, they are perfect home accents don’t you think? Thanks.

  21. teoteodora says:

    I enjoyed this post so much! It is like Having accompanied the three of you.

  22. What a neat place. And I love that last picture of your son fishing with a crafted ‘pole’. Well done.

  23. bulldog says:

    Another lovely visit with you and the family… very interesting…

  24. Oh my gosh; what a fantastic take on this challenge! You always find the neatest places to visit and photograph; what wonderful memories you are creating with your family! I love the way you humanize each shot with a “careful” shot of your son and/or wife! You manage to capture the scenery while also capturing the moment that tells a story! Beautiful!
    If I ever get to south Texas, I will have to visit this town!

  25. Super gea post … lots of fabulous patterns.

  26. ChgoJohn says:

    Such a great post and creative response to the “patterns” challenge. You stopped for coffee and found gold. You described Wimberley so well that it’s as if we shared the trip with you. Thanks for “taking us along.” :)

  27. Kris says:

    Love your post and your photos!
    Thanks for the pingback

  28. munchow says:

    Wimberley looks like a very special place, how nice to incidentally stumble upon it. As always your pictures are beautiful and bring us right into the place and your families journey through Wimberley.

  29. What a lovely photo essay of what looks like the perfect day! Such a sensation of quiet, peaceful strolling through the town, wandering into one shop and out another, stopping to sit and listen and be with one another. I feel rested.

    • Our few minutes turned into hours. If only I have another day off work, I would have opted to stay another night. Sometimes, the chances we get are no longer the same when we choose to do things at another time. Thanks.

  30. 2e0mca says:

    Lots of great subject matter there – loved the game of marbles. Also loved your Good Lady’s choice of Tea Cup – very nice. The knight in shining armour seems to have caught your Lad’s attention :-)

    • It did. He enjoyed watching “King Arthur and the Knights” cartoon series we borrowed in his favorite library. We need to show our children that there is a magical world they can create through their imagination. As long as we believe, they are real. Thanks.

  31. penpusherpen says:

    I’ve heard the saying ‘life’s rich tapestry’ Traveller, and I believe we all make our own tapestry, with it’s complex and utterly unique patterns with our personal experiences throughout our journey of life ..Your trip to Wimberley looks to have been wonderful, full of joy and discovery. Many thanks for sharing your happiness, and in the Round Table Story, my favourite character was Merlin, Quite Simply Magic!!! :-) xPenx

    • I still love the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and the knights. There’s a British series in Syfy called Merlin which I think is awesome. Thanks.

  32. Purely.. Kay says:

    Wow.. these photos are simply amazing. You always take me on a culture right with your photos my friend :)

  33. judithhb says:

    it’s now on my Bucket List for when I win the lottery. Thanks for sharing your great day. :)

  34. fgassette says:

    A wonderful tour full of patterns. Thanks for allowing us to travel with you.


  35. Tish Farrell says:

    Thanks for giving us such a life-enhancing tour. Loved the photos and the thoughtful commentary.

  36. Hi, Mr. B! your photographs and your stories are beautiful patterns of your life as a family which I know is being woven in your hearts as tapestries of memories and love … it is always a beautiful and pleasant moment to drop by and read your joyful adventures together! thank you for sharing :)

    • Thanks. Trials in life made me realize what is most important in this lifetime. That’s family and our God who will always be there when everyone else fled when we are at our lowest.

  37. Hi Island Traveler, so good to share your pattens, why am I always hungry after I visit your Blog no doubt it is becoming a patten :roll: thanks again, to be honest it’s a real joy to visit with you and your family, a patten I don’t ever want to loose.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    • Same here my friend. You faith and hope in life, your great love for God inspires me every time. Each one of us has a gift to give. May they be words of encouragement or images that touch other people hearts or a kind gesture of a generosity. Thanks.

      • You amaze and inspire me dear Island Traveler, I enjoy your Photography very much, it is so True to life with lots of variety but it is you as a Person that touches my heart, your always seeking to encourage and uplift others and yet your honest if needed, you are indeed a Born Nurse your heart is for others. I always wanted to be a Nurse but was prevented from doing so but I was a live in Carer in an Orphanage and I really enjoyed this as I Love Children. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, all the children in my Neighbourhood are coming to create a Power point with me about animals, it’s always fun to do this but it’s surprising how good they are at creating but then you son creates with Lego too, Children are indeed a blessing .

        Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  38. likeitiz says:

    Love the photos. What a quaint place to visit! Thanks for taking us with you!

  39. lifeofaministermom says:

    I love the “taste bud adventures”. ;) You know your pictures always bring such a smile to my face, and the memories you’re creating are priceless! You’ve definitely encouraged me to go out and explorethe wonderful adventures in my own community, and I’ve been having a great time doing just that! God bless you!! :)

  40. That was fun! What an interesting little place to visit.

  41. frizztext says:

    your TEXAS letters intro photo made me smile!

  42. A wonderful trip – thanks for taking me along :-) Beautiful photos!

  43. Sartenada says:

    I love Your high quality post. It is full of lovely photos telling the story. I selected my favorite the second from the top. I love also very much the last photo.

  44. Really sweet! You all know how to follow your noses, and go with the flow. I love that kind of road trip, where a trip to a grocery store for a snack can be fun, and a trip to a place like this is as good as Disneyland.

    • The power of 3 can create the most interesting adventures. My son’s optimism and endless curiosity, my wife’s passion for anything cute and beautiful, and my thirst for life’s happy moments equals these many stories I hope to relive all over again in this lifetime. Thanks.

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  46. brucethomasw says:

    I enjoyed your taking me on this journey – beautiful photos, and interesting commentary on patterns. Playing marbles with gumballs!!! Very creative indeed. It must have been quite funny when they stared to break!
    hank you for dropping by and visiting my blog, as well. Best regards, to you and yours. . . . Bruce

    • Thanks Bro. I try not to let my son eat those hard, sweet candies. Not really good for him and his tooth. Plus his already full of energy. Sugar will make him jump all over the place. Ha, ha, ha. Plus, we do need to improvise in whatever way we can so we can have a fun day.

  47. Sunshine says:

    what a dreamy place with so many beautiful patterns for the eyes to feast on…love the tea cup moment. aww…so sweet!! thank you ♥

    • My wife would look at me with this dreamy eyes and say,” Hon, can I have one please for my collection?” How can I say no? Plus we share those amazing tea cup moments together. Life is more exciting over a cup of hot tea or coffee. Thanks.

  48. cocomino says:

    The photos made me very nostalgic and peaceful. All places must be important. :)

  49. Iamrcc says:

    Nice patterns. Thanks for the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post “Escape”.

  50. Ishaiya says:

    Thank you for taking me along on your little trip here, I enjoyed it very much. Great scenery and good company :)

  51. Looks like a really cool place. A photographer’s dream!

  52. What a delightful romp. Takes me back. Love the photos.

  53. LB says:

    What a fun place!! Nice post describing your day!

  54. Madhu says:

    What a lovely place! Of all the interesting things in your photos, the one that grabbed me was the cactii growing out of the old wash basin!! I would’ve spent all day browsing through that antique store :-)

  55. You’re such a lucky family, always finding time for one another, and hanging out in awesome places! Beautiful photos and thanks again for sharing your special moments.

  56. Imelda says:

    Lovely! I like the old town feel in your photos and in the place. :-)

  57. The country store with all its hidden treasures was wonderful. The tea cup a delicate reminder of how tea used to be the drink of choice. The pattern on it is beautiful. You have so many fabulous pix’s I could never choose one and your info is priceless.

  58. The Guat says:

    I read a lot about Hill Country a while back when I was doing an article on bike riding in that part of Texas and after seeing your pics I totally wish I could have gone there instead. It looks like a great place. I totally love the first picture, the Antique store pic, and the food pic. Very cool trip.

  59. I hope one day you will. It has so much to offer. I just wish I have so many vacation hours and extra bucks to do all these adventures. One day at a time is fine too what matters is we pursue what makes us happy. Thanks.

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