Escape With Me

When the journey seems long and the road littered with obstacles, take a break and escape with me.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls/Escape

One perfect Spring day, fate led me and my family to an amazing place called Mckinney Falls State Park. A place where nature bestowed so much of its richness and beauty. A place where one can find an escape from all troubles of life. Though it only gave me a few hours of refuge and joy, it was more than enough to comfort my restless soul.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls/Escape

When worries cloud your mind and tires your heart, escape with me.

The falls, surrounded by beautiful old Cypress trees reminded me of a Japanese Zen garden. The cascading waters gracefully drops into a peaceful emerald pool. Nearby, there’s a man waiting for a fish to bite his bait. At another corner, another man looked as if he was day dreaming and being one with the moment. Oops! That was me staring at my water reflection.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When your world seems getting smaller and you need a room to breathe, escape with me.

The water though cold, felt so good. Refreshingly good!

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you want to reconnect with pieces of yourself and the many adventures you often dreamt but never ventured, escape with me.

Parents watched their kids closely as they play in the water. It was slippery and I had to hold my son’s hand really tight. After seeing a mom fell flat on her buttocks, there was no way I’m letting my boy glide into the algae covered rocks like he’s wearing ice skates.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you wish to find the inner child in you and once again feel that unrestrained, pure happiness, escape with me.

I sat on the log as I took more pictures. Unknowingly, my wife took one of me. She said, “You looked like you’re totally being one with nature.” I smiled like a little kid and said, “I was.”

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls/Escape

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you want to celebrate “You” and the people who brings sunshine to your day, escape with me.

One of the kid was pushing the floating log while the other excitedly rode on it. My son on the other hand decided to add more props to the magic by blowing bubbles into the air. A little boy next to him kept jumping to pop the bubbles. Laughter filled the air mixed with voices of anxious parents calling their kids to stop going into the deeper waters. My wife being one of them.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you wish to see Nature and everything around you with fresh eyes, escape with me.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you want to find love, rekindle love or celebrate the love of your life, escape with me.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you decide to let go and run free or just slow down and enjoy what life has to offer, escape with me.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you decide that it’s time to follow your own dreams and not the dreams others made for you, escape with me.

After an exhilarating, fun time at the falls, we flew a kite on a field of Bluebonnets. I can’t forget my son’s excited voice as his kite went way up high into the sky. He kept yelling, “Dad, dad, look at me. I did it!”

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

When you hope to make minutes of laughter into a lifetime of joyful memories, escape with me.

That day, it was not just my son’s kite that soar and flew above the ground. My heart flew as well as I captured each beautiful and unforgettable memory.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

I wish there is an escape to everything. I wish there is an escape to every tragedy that befalls us everyday. Sadly, there are many events that there are none. These are situations beyond our control. Situations we need to face with courage, hope and faith.

Island Traveler/Mckinney Falls State Park/Escape

As the horror and devastation of the Oklahoma Tornado unfolds, me and my wife felt a heaviness in our chest as we tried to hold back tears. So many have died, many of which are children trapped inside schools and buildings they thought would shield them from the deadly tornado.

I dedicate this post to the victims and their families in Moore Oklahoma and its surrounding neighborhood. To let them know that the world grieves and cries with them. That constantly, they will be in our thoughts and prayers. That as one, unified community we will support them in whatever way we can. That they have someone to walk with and hold on to as they face the aftermath of this unimaginable calamity. Perhaps we can not escape certain events but we do have a choice on how to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding our lives all over again.

Thank you for escaping with me today. Though it was short, I hope it inspired you to follow the things that makes you happy.

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115 Responses to Escape With Me

  1. trophos says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I don’t know this park at all! It looks gorgeous. Nothing like Texas rivers to cleanse the soul. Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Thanks for taking me on your restful journey :-)

  3. Beautiful post IT and very beautiful pictures in such a lovely place. You’re right, we have to follow the things that makes us happy, life can be unpredictable. Blessings to the ones who lost everything :(

    • Thanks. From my own experience and the things that are happening around me, I am more convince that “We all should follow our dreams and whatever that makes us happy.” As long as it is good, we should pursue the things that will give meaning to our world.

  4. janineyork says:

    Thanks, I needed that!

  5. penpusherpen says:

    So many have died, and Mother Nature never weeps, Traveler, .. but then why would she? ’tis a human tragedy…felt by all who hear about and those who lived through the devastation.. . Your tribute above is lovely,. a reminder that we use our time, to readjust our inner selves… to step back and admire all of the beauty that nature has to offer. the Other side of the coin..
    I loved the thought of your son blowing bubbles,… wishes I call them, … flying high and free, on the air… May you and yours be forever blessed and happy…. xPenx.

    • Thanks. Whenever he blows bubbles, I had to stop and just stare for awhile. Every bubble seem to represent his dreams and where it will take him one day. Then I realized how fast childhood years is and thus for me, every minute being a part of his world means a lot.

  6. Beautiful journey in this post. Very nice.

  7. auntyuta says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful escape into nature and for remembering the victims and their families in Moore Oklahoma.

    • It’s hard not to get affected by something that can happen in our own backyard. When I see people who’s lives are turned upside down by tragedies and loss beyond comfort, breaks my heart. Thanks for the comment.

  8. 1annecasey says:

    Beautiful – thanks for sharing your sunshine! : )))

  9. What a wonderful escape. Thank you for remembering the victims of OK. May they continue to be in everyone’s thoughts and prayers as recovery will take a long time.

  10. Lovely post, I.T. And finding even a few hours of time to “escape” can do wonders for the soul, as you always so aptly point out.

  11. adinparadise says:

    What a wonderful place to escape to, IT. You and your family spend so much quality time together and your photos are wonderful.

    • One day I just woke up and realized how much of life I was missing. I also realized that I had a lot of wrong dreams and bit on things more than I can chew. Thanks.

  12. Part of what draws me to your blog is the way that I escape each and every time. I am pulled into your view of your family and life, and it is a lovely experience.

  13. Praveena says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful escape with full of wonderful pictures.Mother Nature is unpredictable.May their souls rest in peace and they will live in our thoughts.

    • I pray too for their soul’s rest and peace. That their families will find the healing they seek. That they will have the strength and resources to recover and begin all over again. Thanks.

  14. EagleAye says:

    This is a great post, dude. You got a bunch of great pictures and I (my wife too) loved the “escape with me” lines. Seems like you know how to find the good things in life.

  15. Imelda says:

    It is nice to escape with people you love, and it is a bonus when the escape is towards a place as gorgeous as this one. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Nature that is so beautiful also wrecks so much havoc and destruction. Yes, we should remember OK.

  16. mpejovic says:

    Just like you, I think finding yourself in the middle of nature is a great way to escape. Bodies of water are even more enjoyable. There’s something very soothing about running water.

  17. benleeirene says:

    Love the photos! The Bluebonnets are gorgeous! I love Mckinney Falls State Park, and this post reminds me we need to revisit it:)

  18. becky6259 says:

    Very nice family outing — it looks like you all got to relax for a bit! Glad you were able to unwind and enjoy the outdoors!

  19. Angeline M says:

    If you need to escape, this is the way to do it! Looks like a wonderful place, and a wonderful time with the family.

    • It’s a breather to be close to nature when you live close to the city. I told my wife, “We need to do something like this more, ” and she agrees. Thanks.

  20. naomimgruer says:

    What a nice reminder of beauty, peace and the joys of childhood and a lovely tribute to the tornado victims! I have a lot of family in OK but not near Moore, OK. (Interesting fact: my grandfather, who later wrote the OK state poem, was born in 1903 in Oklahoma before it was a state. It was called Indian Territory then.)

    • Oh, wow. I will check out your grandfather’s work. What happened in OK is a heartbreaking, life changing event. It is also something that inspired a nation to work together to help in moments of hardship. Thanks.

  21. frizztext says:

    congratulations for finding your inner child in the water of that small river:
    “I sat on the log as I took more pictures. Unknowingly, my wife took one of me. She said, ‘You looked like you’re totally being one with nature.’ ”

  22. Thank you Island Traveller, I once was again feel America’s sadness with Oklahoma, I was watching the news as I waited for my C.T Scan, and feeling sorry for myself because of the pain but realised that mine was only temporary, not eternal and that regardless of what happens on earth when we get to Heaven we will have no memory of it’s sadness and will experience only a Joy we cannot even imagine , it will be so wonderful, yes indeed an awesome escape but we will need to have our tickets ready when Jesus says all aboard.

    Thanks for the escape – Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Thanks Anne. Yes, in heaven, all our aches and sadness will be washed away. And finaly, peace, love and joy will be within and around us always. I have my problems but when I see the trials of others, I am humbled and even more grateful for every little blessings in life. My thoughts and prayers to our brother and sisters in OK and elsewhere in the world devasted by natural calamities.

  23. TBM says:

    So kind of you to take me along. Beautiful and heartfelt words.

  24. munchow says:

    Mckinney Falls State Park looks like an awesome place for escape. In particular the river seems cool and nice. We all need to escape from time to time. Great pictures as always.

    • It’s amazing how much we can discover in our backyard when we really want to explore it’s many treasures. Texas got so much. All I need is more time off…and a bit of gas money. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.

  25. ladyfi says:

    What a fabulous place – and such clear water!

  26. The Cypress trees are reminiscent of a Japanese Zen garden. It looks like this is a wonderful place to escape to. I find parks and outdoor museums to be very peaceful and relaxing. The perfect place for children to run and learn about nature. A beautiful day was had by all. Lovely ….

    • Houston has lots of Oak trees and up until I went around the Hill Country did I see these amazing Cypress trees. Parks is a great way for both the young and old to discover the many gifts of nature. Thanks.

  27. Madhu says:

    A beautiful post IT. Thank you for taking us along :-)

  28. It’s so hot here that water looks totally inviting – totally escape worthy.

  29. Beautiful photos. Heartwarming tribute. You are a kind man, IT.

  30. Sunshine says:

    i would love to escape with your family…what a beautiful place to run off for some fun and relaxation. ☺
    ♥praying for Oklahoma…♥

  31. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. These are so awesome. I couldn’t agree with you more. I so wish there was an escape for everything. I hope for it and wish for it. Most of the time I just turn to comedy and chocolate, but if I lived in Texas where you’re from this place would definitely be my escape. What an awesome Great Outdoors experience. Mc Kinney Falls, huh? Great place!

    • Comedy and chocolates sounds good too. Me it’ll be comedy and coffee. Caffeine makes me laugh more….who wouldn’t? Thanks my friend. Hope the great outdoors comes your way soon.

  32. likeitiz says:

    That state park looks beautiful. I love the trees fanning out their branches over the clear water. What a lovely place to visit! You sitting on the log looks just great!

    The devastation in Okiahoma is really tragic. All those children. They did not stand a chance! It all went by so quickly too!

    • When I heard about the children, I felt a great, undescribable pain. My heart cries for them as well as for those who didn’t make it. Thanks fro sharing.

  33. Sartenada says:

    Again I enjoyed that I could take the trip thru Your gorgeous photos. Your text is very enjoyable.

  34. Malou says:

    Beautiful post! I truly enjoyed this little escape with you. ;-)

  35. Yes – it’s important to escape every now and then! What a beautiful place you escaped to :-)
    Gorgeous photos – thank you so much for sharing! Happy weekend!

  36. Dear Island Traveler, thank you for the follow. I’ve been exploring your blog; your stories and photos are so compelling. I was in the Philippines many years ago and thought it a beautiful place with friendly and loving people. I look forward to exploring your site more – the photos are especially beautiful.

    • Thanks. Philippines will always be my home whereever fate leads me. It reminds me of the many happy times that gives me the inspiration to hope when things get tough.

  37. THANK YOU for the escape! I needed it!

  38. Glad you could share this trip with your wife and young son. This is how he learns to love nature himself! I, too, escaped into the woods, and found wild orchids.

  39. senimahar says:

    ” That was fantastic, … awesome, man! and thanks for stopping by, ty “

  40. ristinw says:

    How enjoyable it is to visit such a beautiful park with family! :D
    Happy weekend, my friend!

  41. cocomino says:

    It’s just beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday.

  42. amira says:

    Wow what a lovely escape.
    nice scenery, nice place, peaceful, quite and serene.

  43. This is an escape I would relish. That inviting pool of water, the flowers, the walks … just wonderful.

  44. AR Neal says:

    Beautiful post! And thank you also for following my blog!

  45. Tammy says:

    I agree with the earth rider. That looks like a wonderful escape.

  46. CurlsnSkirls says:

    really like photo of you on that log – bless your wife for taking it & you for sharing!

  47. Thank you for stopping by my blog and “following”. I hope you will share your thoughts when moved to do so. I also want to let you know how much I enjoyed touring your blog. So much playfulness, joy, and empathy lives here!

  48. LB says:

    I like the photo of you on the log … and am very glad you didn’t fall in!

    • I was really cautious not to slip and fall. Plus I was holding my non-water proof camera which only gives me one hand to hold on to things for support. Thanks.

  49. Brilliant escape! Love, love, love these my friend!!

  50. Pingback: Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape | Ryan Photography

  51. silentfingers says:

    It’s past 1 am here, yet, this “escape” was wonderful. Lovely family you have, especially your little son.
    Thank you for this, and for visiting me.

  52. Purely.. Kay says:

    I love escaping with you. These photos were amazing my friend. Then again your photos always are :)

    • Thanks Kay. Same here. Somehow, looking and reading other blogger’s places of escape allows us to see an exciting part of another world that is different from ours. A great way to share adventures without leaving our homes.

  53. Still Times says:

    Great photo’s. I just realized the reason I enjoy your blog so much is because through your photo’s and words, you exude harmony and contentment. Awesome!

    • Thanks. Even in life, our every day life, we need all the balance and harmony we can get. I do have my bad, crazy days but moments of joy and peace help balance the chaos. Then everything turns alright.

  54. Amy says:

    Beautifully expressed, as always, IT! I’m just back from my two-week vacation :)

  55. Thanks Amy. Looks like you had an amazing vacation. Saw the China travel pics…so exciting and fun.

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