Weekly Image Of Life: Summer

Summer In The Background

Island Traveler/Summer

Summer is here. That time of the year when promises of fun, adventure and discovery excites the heart of all ages. From trip to the beach to the much awaited dream vacations, Summer is a season of many escape and getaways. A time to chill, slow down and just enjoy what life brings.


Summer By The Beach

I started mine last weekend with a trip to our favorite beach at Galveston State Park. The warm, golden sunshine was in perfect harmony with the soothing waters of the Gulf. Seagulls were hovering eagerly above us and the sea breeze just had me in an awesome trance. Like in a day-dream, only better.

Island Traveler/Summer

Island Traveler/Summer

My son excitedly held his bodyboard as he waited for the right wave. He fell several times laughing to his heart’s content. He kept moving towards the bigger waves. Before I knew it, I was wet from waist down. Good thing I had an extra shorts in the car although my leather belt wasn’t as lucky. I didn’t really care, I was having a great time.

Island Traveler/Summer

Island Traveler/Summer

A girl just older than my son was trying to teach him how to spot the perfect wave and balance on his bodyboard. Soon enough, he got his groove and happily surfed again and again till close to sunset.

Island Traveler/Summer

Several kids were circling around a yellow bucket. A very friendly boy approached my son and said, “Do you want to see some shrimps? We got them from the seaweeds.” My son smiled and said, “Sure, Dude!” Hearing their conversation, my wife laughed and told me, “Did you here that? They address themselves as dudes.”

Island Traveler/Summer

The boy showed my son how to shake the sea weeds to get the shrimps and baby crabs. It was a fun way to discover sea life and their habitat.

Island Traveler/Summer

After observing the shrimps and baby crabs, one of the little boy said, “They will be happy if we return them to their home.” And so they did.

Island Traveler/Summer

Before leaving Galveston, we passed by Jimmy’s On The Pier and ordered our favorite Blackened Grilled Red Fish stuffed with crab.

Island Traveler/Summer

Summer And Memories

Summer is about making the happiest of memories. To travel and explore places we always dreamed of going or to revisit the ones that we had an amazing, unforgettable experience. It is about bonding with our family and creating with them the best Summer  we can ever have.

Island Traveler/ Summer

My Summer has just began and I can’t wait for the rest to unfold. To me, Summer is more that just a  background of a picture perfect scenery. It is part of a journey that I will gladly take again and again.

Thank you for sharing your day with me and for being a part of my weekly photo challenges. Hoping to read your Summer adventures soon.

What was your best Summer? What is your Summer bucket list this year?

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For those who wish to join in this week’s challenge, here’s a link and the widget. Have a great time making wonderful memories.


Images taken using an iPhone 4 camera with Camera + App and Nikon 1 J1. My friends, have fun discovering and creating the most beautiful images everyday. They are a part of the unforgettable memories and events we make in this lifetime.

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102 Responses to Weekly Image Of Life: Summer

  1. Glenn says:

    Awesome post, really enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful week.


  2. 1annecasey says:

    Looks like heaps of fun! We are a big beach family too – greatest sandpit in the world! : )))

  3. TBM says:

    Wonderful! And I still say dude, it’s the Californian in me. And I’m glad the boys decided to return the creatures to the sea. Very thoughtful.

  4. Beautiful post! I’m looking forward to beach time with my sons and their families in July. An annual sojourn since they were very young, we missed the last two years…geographic challenges, among others. We begin again this year. ;)

  5. Penny says:

    Hey Island Traveler, looks like your summer is off to a swimming start. :)
    I have been thinking of a road trip to the coast and thought maybe Galveston. But I have a question for you, is all the brown water really seaweed? I haven’t been to Galveston in a long time so can’t recall – but need to go someplace close. Any tips appreciated!

    • Yes, they are sea weeds. There’s the seawall where you can park and swim for free but to me, the Galveston State Park is the best. It’s cleaner with shower room, restroom and less crowd. Have a great Summer!

  6. On the East Coast where I grew up and still live, summer equals the seashore–the conversion of warm temps with surf and sand. Generations after generations journey to the beach–it’s a natural calling, and one that brings great healing, play and sustenance, which is exactly the theme of your post. Very heartfelt and lovely as usual.

    • Being close to the beach…to feel the the breeze and the water is really a wonderful event. It heals every ache in our body and heart as well. Thanks Sally.

  7. bulldog says:

    wonderful share…

  8. adinparadise says:

    Wonderful photos, IT. Your son obviously had a really exciting and enjoyable day at the beach. That “Blackened Grilled Red Fish stuffed with crab” sounds like a great way to end the day. Yum!

  9. Still Times says:

    Darn, I’ve missed your posts! A great summer start for sure… life is so much more enjoyable when it’s enjoyed in it’s simplest form. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


  10. cocomino says:

    Great. The summer always excites us. Have a wonderful journey with your family

  11. Angeline M says:

    Looks like you’re off to a great start. It always surprises me to see people on the beach in shorts and bathing suits and getting in the water. We’d freeze to death here on the beach in Northern California :) Have a fun summer. And your son is growing so tall!

    • Thanks Angeline. Yes, i did remember how cold the water is close to San Francisco and the bay area. The Gulf Of Mexico made Texas waters a perfect place to be refreshed without freezing.

  12. misswhiplash says:

    one of the things I love about you .is that you never change ..you are always loving Father and Husband..it shows in your writing. As I read your words I can feel it. God Bless you B

  13. Sunshine says:

    okay, that’s it. my summer bucket list #1 item: swim over to your family outings and making camp with you guys. ☺i don’t eat much. LOL
    interesting about the seaweed, shrimp and crabs…love it!

  14. Madhu says:

    Lovely to see you enjoying your summer IT. Your son is growing like a weed! Drooling at the sound of that grilled red fish :-)

  15. Hardik Gohil says:

    Great to see that you are enjoying summer there because here the summer is always RED HOT. Here is my entry for this week:

  16. Praveena says:

    Beautiful shots.The shot of your son carrying sea weeds to catch the shrimps looks lovely.I used to try catching fish using earth worms in the bucket during my childhood.I always love to swim during summer.Thanks for sharing:)

  17. dogear6 says:

    What a great day! I’m glad you took pictures and shared them with us.


  18. Sonel says:

    Beautiful selection and photo’s IT. Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Hooray for summer (we’re still waiting for it here) I will enjoy all your wonderful family posts :-)

  20. Gracie says:

    Beautiful post, Island traveler. Summer is not quite here yet, but I’ve enjoyed the occasional sunny days we’ve had so far.

  21. Amy says:

    I can see how much your son enjoys the beach! Beautifully done, IT.

  22. Colline says:

    A day at the beach. What a perfect way to spend a day. Looks like your son had a lot of fun.

  23. What a wonderful day at the beach, thanks for taking me on yet another fantastic adventure. What an interesting bit of knowledge about shaking the seaweed! It is still stormy and coolish here. It gets to about 80 but the wind is too cold for any summer fun – yet. I fear that when it does come, it will come with a vengeance, kind of like our tornados last week.

    • I hope no more terrible weather for anyone, anywhere. I do wish warm, fun Summer will come your way soon as well. Thanks.

      • Thanks. Fourth of July only got up to barely 90, not USUAL for us. That night was in the low 70s . . . brrrrr.
        But its supposed to be creeping up to the 100s next week, yuck! and we haven’t had rain since the first week in June.

  24. scrapydo says:

    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed going out on the board with your son. (Winter has really started since Tuesday that’s why your warm photos warmed me up!)

  25. restlessjo says:

    Isn’t there just something about the beach? The smells and the warm wind in your hair! I’m loving watching your son grow and learn. What nice friends he makes. Have a truly wonderful Summer! :)

  26. IT, we loved hanging around with you on the beach today. Can’t wait for the Sun to shine. Untill today we only had 4 days of sun this year, it’s still cold and rainy. The weather doesn’t know it’s almost Summer over here too, but no complains, you gave us some sun today. Hope you have a wonderful summer :)

  27. Sartenada says:

    Lovely summer photos. I really do love them. Believe or not we have had summer here in the North during about a couple of weeks with temperatures varying between 18ºC / 64.4ºF and 26ºC = 78.8ºF. I know that these figures sound ridiculous there, but they are our normal summer temperatures. If we are accurate, the real summer begins next day.

  28. frizztext says:

    be glad to share this little paradise…

  29. Purely.. Kay says:

    Summer Memories are always wonderful. We are just getting into summer and I am so excited about it. Beautiful photos

    • Summer reminds me of all things good and vibrant. Of happy childhood days and all things that bring smiles and sunshine. Hope the fun of Summer surrounds you always. Thanks.

  30. penpusherpen says:

    A day at the beach is so full of adventure for children,Traveler, ( and adults too :-) ) … There’s so much to do, and so much to wonder at… and at the end of the day, the wildlife can be returned to their natural habitat. So many Happy Summer memories stored awayto be revisited later on.. Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful weekend .. xPenx

  31. I’m not sure what’s on my summer list, but I hope it starts off as good as yours. I am always flabbergasted by your action shots. Really nice work, IT.

  32. mpejovic says:

    Beautiful photos about summer! I love summer too but it can be very hot here inland San Diego and we have to share our city with tons of tourists, so spring is usually better. I love all the fresh fruit of summer, the 4th of July fireworks, the long days… Mmmmm, watermelon!

  33. Thanks for sharing my first Summer getaway. Hope you’ll join me in my Summer series of adventures for 2013. Have a fun, memorable weekend to all! To happiness!!!

  34. I love to stop and see what you have posted. I am in college full time and doing security full time, sorry I have not been on much. Your son is growing up sososo fast. Love that you chronicle photos from where you are – blessings sent Jackie Paulson

    • Thanks Jackie. Life can really get busy but sometimes we need to find a bit of our little paradise even for just a few days, hours or minutes. Somehow it renews us to keep going for more.

  35. Oh, how your photos carry me away! Beautiful, as are the words and feelings around them.

    I don’t recall one best summer, although there were lots of sweet moments throughout many summers. The most memorable would be the summer I spent researching whales in B.C., but that was very isolated as well as memorable. It was so good to be back home afterward!

    • That sounds like a wonderful memory with the whales. Summers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to life’s wonderful surprises. It somehow help us make sense of all the craziness in our lives and around us. Ha, ha, ha. Take care…

  36. We have never been to Jimmy’s but you make me want to try it. What a great place to go after building such an appetite in sand and surf.
    I think living very near the beach when I was in high school had to have been among my best summers…although, it’s certainly hard to say…so many different summers I have loved.

  37. Wonderful summertime memories. I’m so glad the boys returned the shrimps to their natural habitat. Great fun for all.

  38. Hi dear Island Traveler and thank you so much for the pingback, we do need to remember Mum regardless of the Season and tell her we Love her everyday. I wish I knew how to be part of your Weekly challenge, I have often wanted to be. I have a Story on Power point that may fit in ok, it’s about All the Seasons, see below, I Posted it some time ago.

    Blog Post – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/the-seasons-of-our-lives/

    I always enjoy your Photography Island Traveler , especially this time with your feet, Wow yours are so Big :-)

    We are now in the Winter months in Australia, so while you are soaking up the warm relaxing Sun, we are snuggling down into our Doonas. I will forgive you for not inviting us to stay with you and your family and also our furry friends too, well at least until our summer starts again but how about sending us some Sea shells so we can at least hear your Ocean and dream we are there with you.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  39. munchow says:

    Nothing tells the story of summer like a day at the beach. I love the pictures of your son surfing. A delightful post, my friend.

  40. Love the pictures! We live far from a beach and the days have been cold. I feel the warmth of your time in your photos, as usual. Thank you!

  41. fgassette says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful time at the beach. Looking for something new to share on summer.


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  43. fgassette says:

    Here is mine: http://wp.me/p23TG1-2KF


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  45. ladyfi says:

    What a great place to spend summer!

  46. wolfsrosebud says:

    you really captured that little guy’s play time… loved the contrast of his vibrant colors against those of subtle seaside

  47. Tammy says:

    I have been to the beach there!

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  49. Hi there friend! Sorry I’m a bit delayed with my entry this week, but oh how I love summer!!! We kicked ours off by celebrating my husband’s wonderful accomplishment. http://lifeofaministermom.com/2013/06/06/weekly-image-of-life-summer/

    Looks like you and your son (and the dudes, lol) had a great time at the beach. We’re taking our daughter in a few weeks. It will be her first time!!:)

    God bless you all and I can’t wait to see more!!


  50. Imelda says:

    Your son is growing up beautifully. :-) I admire his skill with the bodyboard. Pretty soon, he will be surfing on his own. I am very late for this party but I will be joining with butterflies. Butterflies and summer go together, I think. :-)

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  52. Imelda says:

    Here’s mine -http://mywordwall.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/butterflies/ Happy summer, IT. :-)

  53. Iñigo says:

    what a beautiful beach!

  54. Hi Mr. B! as always, your story-telling gift is impeccably heart-warming, thank you for sharing your family adventures with us. i am sure when your son reads your narratives when he is older, he will always be in that “love moment” you and your wife share with him … bless your beautiful father’s heart :) you and my BOB are like two peas in a pod as awesome dads (a very advanced greeting for father’s day!)

    • Imelda says:

      So true. He will have all of these stories and photos of happy memories. IT should compile them into a book of sorts. :-)

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  56. beepink3 says:

    My kiddos love the beach too. We live to explore the tide pools and see and touch all of the sea anemones.

  57. MythRider says:

    At different times in my life, I’ve lived near a beach. One of the things I miss most, living i the Midwest, is no beach. Enjoy!

  58. Lisaman says:

    Can’t wait for summer but it sure is taking a long time!! Lovely shots of your son on his boogie board!!

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  60. Hi Mr. B … its been awhile since i joined your challenge. although summer is almost over in this side of the world, it has always been a very memorable season for me. my entry please: http://alwaysbobswife.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/weekly-image-of-life-summer/

  61. i was checking to be sure that i had not missed a post! my connections have been really slow, and often the ‘like’ option doesn’t appear, and commenting is difficult! late at night, the connection gets faster.

    am about to be traveling again, so i’ll check back in about a week! hope it’s a good one for you and your lovely family!


  62. ladyfi says:

    Thought I’d already commented here… Anyway, this looks like a great way to spend the summer. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

  63. Summer says:

    Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

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