Plane Caught In London Eye

From my point of view, I saw a plane turn around and head straight towards the London Eye. I was wide-eyed alarmed. Panicky even.


I was right. Seconds later, the plane went through and got caught inside the London Eye. Like a small bug inside a spider’s web, the plane froze helplessly. I looked around me and strangely, nobody seemed to notice . I was like, “Seriously, am I the only one seeing this?” I kept my mouth shut fearing people might think I’m crazy.


Before I could tell my wife and point to her the trapped plane. It was gone. I scratched my head in disbelief. Was it real or was my caffeine overloaded brain playing tricks on me?

Just when I thought I imagined everything up, a dark cloud shaped like a flying saucer appeared above the The Hungerford and Golden Jubilee bridges. I asked myself, “Did this mysterious cloud took the missing plane? Was this an actual U.F.O. disguised as a cloud?”


A lot of times we are too busy catching up with the world that we fail to see the world. When was the last time you look up the sky and truly see what floats above it?

I heard my wife’s voice shouting, “What are you waiting for? Take a picture!” Oops, I was day dreaming after all. Sorry but I had 4 hours of sleep, 3 cups of espresso, it was 93′C hot and I had one banana for lunch. Yep, I had an over active imagination alright.

Thanks for sharing your day with me. I had a great time making this Sci-fi story and I hope you did too.

A fun and exciting day to all.

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74 Responses to Plane Caught In London Eye

  1. Sabina Brave says:

    It’s really there. It’s miracle, that nothing bad happened.
    Good week to you IT, and your loved ones :)

    • The plane actually flew above the London eye then in front of it. From my where I’m standing looked like its inside the eye. A visual illusion. Cool really. Thanks for sharing.

  2. bulldog says:

    4 hours of sleep, 3 cups of espresso, and one banana for lunch. … you can be forgiven for thinking what you did… luckily you saw no pink elephants… lol

    • That could have been awesome to see pink elephants but I was more inside a concrete, metropolis jungle. You adventures in the wild and great outdoors is what I hope to venture one day. You are blessed my friend. Truly blessed!

  3. I bet you had fun writing this story to go along with your pictures. I’m sure planes fly like that on a regular basis, because of the location of the airport. In Paris, planes can’t fly right over the city but they fly right by the city limit, so if you come from the East, you can see all of Paris on your left. Most amazing sight in my life.

  4. Very funny! I especially love the photo of the plane caught in the web of the eye!

  5. mariannegv says:

    Hahaha Very amusing story!

  6. Delightful to get a glimpse of your lighter side. Enjoy the week.

    • I’m actually a funny guy. Even funnier before all these adult problems and worries started piling up. So, now I try to reclaim my Mr. King comedy throne. I do have a long way to go before that happens…thanks.

  7. Thanks for making me laugh on this one :) Have a wonderful week!!! ~Sophia

  8. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Ahh you see that sort of thing happens to you if you come to England! :-)

  9. Amy says:

    Cool shots, IT! Thank you for sharing your travel story :)

  10. sandraconner says:

    Loved your story. Great photography with the plane.

  11. Sonel says:

    Delightful story IT. Great shots too! Thanks for sharing. :D

  12. Good one, IT. I bet you have a few more wonders in that camera.

    • I probably do. Been busy working after the vacation that it’s only now that I am discovering the hundreds of pics I’d taken. My motto” click, click,click and just later delete.” Works so far. Thanks.

  13. bebs1 says:

    And I believed it! For awhile I was looking closely at the ferris wheel. You got me there. LOL

  14. Thanks for my evening laugh! As always, your photos are great:-)

  15. fgassette says:

    Enjoyed your story. I’ve also had days when I thought I was seeing things different from others. :)


  16. You are funny! 3 espressos?!?!?!? You should be flying like that saucer! ;-). Great photos!

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  18. chrisstov says:

    A great story. I loved that last photo with two (whatever they are) pointing up to that dark cloud.

  19. ChgoJohn says:

    With but 4 hours of sleep and and a banana for lunch, it’s a wonder you even saw the Eye, let alone the jet caught in it’s web. I hope you got some rest. Have a great week!

    • I did when I got back to Houston. The thing when your on vacation is that there is so much to see with so little time and sleeping becomes an extra bonus. Everyday is like, “Go, go, go!” Thanks John.

  20. Praveena says:

    Fun post :)Cool photos !!!

  21. Still Times says:

    Okay you had me for a minute, my heart was in my throat, ha ha good post! Looking forward to more stories and pictures.


  22. :-) – glad you are having fun even if you are living off of espresso and bananas!

    • I slowed down on the espresso lately but I’m drinking a newly brewed coffee as we speak. Just started using the Pumpkin Spice flavor of Coffee mate with low fat whipped cream. Autumn flavor is here. Yipee! Thanks.

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  24. Becky says:

    This was great! I once saw an airplane STOP in the air too :) Well, it looked like it did to me! And… I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award – I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and your inspiration! Check it out here!

  25. Sun says:

    ha-ha…mr. smarty pants. had fun with your sci-fi moment. thankful that it was just that. :)

  26. restlessjo says:

    You had me panicking too there for a minute! Thoughts of 9/11 intruded. It is almost that awful day again. But then I realised you wanted me to smile. So I did :) And drank more coffee :)

    • Sorry about that. It was 9/11 yesterday and once again I ponder on the horror of that day. We should never forget the pain and trauma it caused, of the men and women who lost their lives and left families orphaned, of what terrorism can do to all of us. We should be vigilant more than ever against the force of evil. My thoughts and prayers to the victims of 9/11, its heroes, of its surviving families, for our world still yearning to be healed. Thanks.

  27. cocomino says:

    That’s really fun. Have a wonderful day. :D

  28. munchow says:

    Fun little, story. A little bit of fantasy makes life more interesting, even if your fellow travellers don’t always understand why they have to wait for you. Seems like you have a great time in London. It’s really one of my favourite world metropolises. Enjoy it!

    • Yes, my friend, a bit of fantasy makes life more fun and interesting. Kind of what imagination does when thing gets predictable and monotonous. I did have a great time in London but more importantly, I met my wife’s relatives who were super great to be with. Thanks.

  29. naomimgruer says:

    It’s all about perspective (and too little sleep mixed with 3(!!!) cups of Espresso! :)

    • Thanks Naomi. Just want to share here my comment on your post about 9/11 to always remember not to forget and always keep in our prayers and memory those who lost their lives that day and the family they left behind.
      “Sorry about that. It was 9/11 yesterday and once again I ponder on the horror of that day. We should never forget the pain and trauma it caused, of the men and women who lost their lives and left families orphaned, of what terrorism can do to all of us. We should be vigilant more than ever against the force of evil. My thoughts and prayers to the victims of 9/11, its heroes, of its surviving families, for our world still yearning to be healed. Thanks.”

  30. Very tricky, It. But, also very clever. Thank you for the interesting diversion from reality. :-)

  31. The human mind is full of surprises plus the caffeine booster kicked in as well. Thanks.

  32. menomama3 says:

    That’s a great bit of whimsy.

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  34. Hi Island Traveler enjoyed your Imagination, up, up and away, so good to leave reality sometimes, I’m sure like me you must have enjoyed Fairy Stories too. Great Photos.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • fairy tales, Sci-fi, creativity and imagination, these are but a few that makes life something to look forward to everyday but I would say, the best tales are the ones the awakens our soul and gives meaning to our existence. Thanks Anne.

  35. likeitiz says:

    Exploring London is great. But I find it expensive to eat there. You have to pay through the nose to eat well. Even Asian restaurants were pretty blah when it came to flavor. We tried Thai, Chinese, even Middle Eastern Cuisine. Do they have to tone the food flavors down to suit the general public’s taste?

    • It is pretty expensive so we usually bring bananas ,cookies, an energy bar, water, and the likes. We treat ourselves with one main meal each day or eat at our relatives house. It’s actually a great way to loose weight. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.

  36. ristinw says:

    Super amazing capture!!! :D

  37. it is so great knowing that you are also a funny guy … and just to share, when i took a photo of the London Eye, it looked like a giant electric fan drawing a bird in flight pulling it in its “propellers” … some quirky thoughts when traveling adds more excitement to the experience :) thank you for the moment of random fun :)

  38. Wow, that is one cool shot! Yes, quirky, imaginative thoughts does spice up our travels. Thanks. Have a great day.

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