100 Days Of School

Celebrating First 100 Days Of School

It’s back to school. A busy, exciting time for both students and their parents. School supply completion, book shopping, school calendar scheduling and activities, volunteering, car pooling, walkers and bikers, snack and lunch brainstorming, homework, Art and Science projects, dances and programs, Holidays, Wear Your Favorite Team Jersey and Rodeo Days, these are but the many reasons to celebrate the first 100 days of School.

100 Days Of School

It wasn’t long ago that I walked my son to his Kindergarten class. As we head towards his classroom, I felt his little fingers tightly holding my hand, hiding behind my back, shy and anxious as to who his new teacher was, his classmates and the other staff of his school. I could still hear vividly his voice, “Dad, please walk with me to my classroom.” I did that for a few weeks until he told me one day, “Dad, it’s okay. Just bring me near the school entrance. I can walk by myself. I’m a big boy now.” This time, I was the one not ready to let go of his hand. A mixture of joy, pride and sadness filled my heart. Joy and pride that my son is growing up confident, happy and full of positivity. Sadness knowing that one day I had to let go so he can spread his own wings and soar the highest peak he could ever reach. I hope that when that time comes he will tell me, “Dad, hold my hand. I will take you and mom wherever my dreams will take me.” I whispered a wish and a prayer as I crossed my fingers.

100 Days Of School

100 Kids With 100 Dreams

My son went home one day all excited, “Dad, it’s 100 days.” I replied sounding clueless, “100 days of what?” He explained to me, “It’s the first 100 days of school. Our teacher wants us to bring on Thursday something that has 100 items on it. Oh, and dad, we also need candies for Valentine’s Day.” Yep, my son’s 100th school day also falls on the month of hearts. So cool , right?

We thought of making a bracelet and a necklace out of cereals but it may not make it to his classroom. Those Froot Loops cereals are too irresistibly sweet that my first grader will be munching it till its gone. Can’t blame him. I’ll probably eat them too. Oh, and they do break easily.

I googled “Images of 100 Days Of School,” and found shirts with various 100 stuff on it from moving plastic eyes to brightly colored hand prints. I told my son, “Hey, let’s paint a shirt with 100 stick figures.” He replied, “Sounds good dad.” So, off we went to Michaels Art and Craft store to buy some fabric paints.

100 Days Of School

 I realized it’s not a great idea to paint a shirt one day before deadline. To come up with 100 stick figures, me and my son had to paint both the front and back of the shirt. Close to midnight, the front side was still wet and the backside still a blank canvas. I panicked. My wife said, “Calm down, I still have an extra shirt.” Whew, that was close. My son was already asleep so I painted the second backup shirt all by myself. I designed it with the easiest object I could think of which were “100 Oranges.” I blow dried the shirt for 30 minutes and turned on the fan till morning. I told myself, “This better work or I’m in trouble tomorrow.”

My son woke up all excited to wear his “100 Kids With 100 Dreams” shirt. I told him the bad news and explained why he had to wear another shirt. He gave me a reassuring smile and said, “That’s okay dad.”

That day, he held my hand as we walked towards his school. Just before he entered the door, he turned around, gave me a huge grin and pointed proudly to his “100 Oranges” shirt.

100 Days Of School

After school, fired up by his “100 Days Of School” activities, my son created his own Star Wars Lego All-Terrain vehicle. That weekend we celebrated our first 100 days with a beach trip and Mango Custard Ice cream at Rita’s in Galveston Island. A perfect ending to the first 100 days of school and an inspiring beginning of the next 100 days ahead.

Today, we pay tribute to the first 100 days of school. Whether it was the glorious school days of the past or the exciting present, let us make every memory come alive. Let’s celebrate every joy, smile and laughter our little student gives us everyday. Let us create a “100 Days” post that shows how much we love them, of how thankful we are for every kiss, hug and “I love you’s” they shared with us every morning just before they leave for school. Let us thank as well our teachers, the second parents of our kids. They are today’s heroes who patiently and with generous care instill priceless knowledge, wisdom and right values to our children.

Thank you for celebrating with me the first chapter of my first “100 Days Of School.” So much fun discovery and surprises awaits as the rest of the school year unfolds. Can’t wait to read and celebrate your first 100 days soon.

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63 Responses to 100 Days Of School

  1. I’m glad to see you pay tribute to education, which is probably one of the most significant paths toward a fulfilling adulthood. The joy of learning is a singular joy. It’s also an important point that you make about parents being reminded of the bounty of learning through their children’s experiences. Your images help to show that excitement.

    • I have high respect and admiration for teachers. Who I am professionally and all the things I learned through the years, they have a big role at. Now, I see my son following a similar path to learning. A nation is great because of the kind of education its citizens gets. Hope our leaders realize that or finaly recognize that instead of dealing with the “usually politics” that only serve a priviledge, chosen few. To all our teachers, thank you for the gift of knowledge, wisdom, passion and inspiration.

  2. bebs1 says:

    You are such a great father, the definitely the world can use a lot more fathers like you. Happy 100th day to a Kinder Dad!

    • I have a great father and a father-in-law as role models. If only I can achieve a fraction of what they gave and shared to their children, I will be so happy. Thanks Bebs.

  3. So true, “This time, I was the one not ready to let go of his hand.” I loved those “100″ things projects.

    • Looking back now of what my parents must have felt when one by one 5 out of their 6 children had to spread their own wings and find their place in this world, I feel a bit of sadness. Though they were silent,I sensed their heartache. We parents prepare our kids so that one day, they too can soar and catch the highest, happiest dreams they can find. Cycle of life, right? Thanks Georgette.

  4. great post …keep it up “Dad”!

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  6. fgassette says:



  7. restlessjo says:

    I can’t help but think how much more complicated it all is than when “we” went to school! No such initiatives, and a simple pencil case with the the means to write out our timetable was about all we needed. But it’s wonderful to see you getting so much joy out of your son, and throwing yourself so wholeheartedly into his projects. May you always walk together in each others hearts. :)

    • I agree. Things were simple then. Yes, all we need were pencils, an eraser, notebooks and books. Now, there’s the computer, iPad, power point and other high tech stuff. But learning is learning regardless of the generation. What’s important is that we keep the passion of education alive in the hearts and minds of our children. Thanks Jo.

  8. bulldog says:

    I cannot believe that your dream of the future will not come true… You are such a good father with such a wonderful family that the day will come when your Son will take your hand and say “come with me Dad and Mom on my adventure in life”

  9. 100 kids with 100 dreams…this is the most heartwarming, wonderful message!
    I think the “dreaming” sometimes gets lost along the way in school…or at the very least it is frowned upon when emphasis is placed on testing/scores/stats and other measureable data instead. Dreams are what make childhood so special! I love how you’ve highlighted their importance!

    • I bet they have more than 100 dreams. I just round up the number to fit 100 but as my son would say, “100 plus 1 million plus…” There is almost an infinite number as to how many imagination and dreams our young minds can create. I agree about loosing part of those dreams as we get older in school and as we internalize the many demands of our society. In the end, it is our very dreams that will make us happy and not of others. I learned that the hard way but nevertheless I’m grateful that I woke up early. Thank you for a wonderful share.

  10. munchow says:

    It’s fantastic seeing your own grow older. Don’t we all feel that pride combined with sadness. It’s a great idea to celebrate the first 100 days of school. A good bonding experiment for father and son, although it almost ended in a disaster. The oranges look good though!

    • Thank you for our wives, often than not, they save the day. These moments are so fast, before we know it, they are graduating college. I want to cherish as much as I can. To remember as much as I can. Leaving my home country taught me to value time with family. You’ll never realize fully how important they are until you move in a foreign land with hardly anyone familiar to you. Thanks my friend for sharing a great comment.

  11. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I still remember my childrens first day of school, the pride, joy and tears! 100 days is a great thing to celebrate and of course you did it so well, what a lovely dad you are :-)

  12. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing your joys and sentiment of your son’s 100 days of school. Love the Star Wars Lego your son created :) So well said about teachers. That is a beautiful post, IT!

    • I had the fondest memories of my teacher. They inspired me to learn and follow my dreams. Now, I see the same on my son’s face when he talks about school and his teachers. Thanks Amy.

  13. Colline says:

    The reason for the 100 days at school is to help children practise their counting from 1 to 100. On the 100 days of school I did all sorts of math and counting exercises with the grade 1 I taught. They had a lot of fun on that day :)

  14. As a teacher seeing them enjoy school and sharing it with their families is priceless :) Thanks for sharing something positive about school. Today too many people complain about education when teachers are doing the best that they can with what is given to them. Sometimes with government cutbacks and rules it can make our main job ‘teaching’ pretty tough.

    • Yes, I hear that a lot too. People whining about all the negativity around them. Teachers try their best. They make the most of the small budget our government gives. Average student to teacher in one small room is 21:1. Parents need to take an active part in school. To make sure our teachers gets all the assistance they can get. I encouraged my wife to volunteer this year in whatever way she can.The more involve we are, the more we can make sure our kids get all the support they can get. Kudos to you and all the teachers out there. Thank you.

      • Working internationally we get a good budget, but I know that is rare especailly at home. I feel very lucky for that. Regardless of where we are there are always crazy rules and regulations made by people who aren’t in the classroom and it makes doing our job hard. I will return home at the end of this school year and it is highly unlikely I will get a teaching job due to the new rules that came into place recently.
        When you have parental support whether in the classroom or even just in a kind word it does make it easier. :)

  15. Haha! 100 smiles. :-D

  16. cocomino says:

    My daughters also love lego. It’s great to see this. :)

    • My son’s room is like a Lego museum. I have to improvise every space available so they don’t get destroyed but we all know these Lego bricks evolves into something else depending on our child’s mood and imagination. Thanks.

  17. Praveena says:

    ~Smiling~ Great post :)It’s my first time hearing about celebrating 100 days of the school.Thanks for sharing

    • I heard it last year around early Febuary. I wish I heard it sooner so I can collect more of my son’s work. One day, I hope that he will remember a lot of his fun times in school through this post. Thanks.

  18. chrisstov says:

    A lovely story, thank you for sharing it with us.

  19. What a beautiful post, IT. It’s special to celebrate 100 Days of school, too bad we don’t have that in the Netherlands…yet ;) Sending a 100 Pawkisses for a great time :)

  20. likeitiz says:

    100 days to commemorate. So cool. Thanks for taking us through it, IT. Reminded me of those late nights helping to get some project finished. Those were the days. They are precious. I love remembering them.

  21. Hmmm! Mango custard ice cream. I love the 100 oranges shirt, too. Your story brought back memories, IT, of when my oldest was going to go on a school bus. She was crying to beat the band – broke my heart. But the bus driver said “I got this.” She did. Everything turned out fine. Best wishes to your little guy on his first 100 days of school.

    • Bless that kind bus driver. School memories keeps our children close in our hearts even if one day, they too will bring to school their own precious little students. Thanks Judy.

  22. Sonel says:

    What a great way of the school to make it exciting for the kids IT! Loved the photo’s and great post my friend. This is a great example for the schools here. They definitely need it. :D *hugs*

    • I have high regards and appreciation for the schools and their teachers that I’d been and that of my son’s. The teachers are amazing and they make learning a fun and inspiring passion for both the young and old. Thanks Sonel.

  23. ChgoJohn says:

    What a great idea! Not only will it help kids to learn their numbers but it will also give them an achievable milestone to celebrate. That’s one way to keep them interested in class. Love how the shirt morphed from one of 100 stick figures to 100 oranges. I’d be willing to bet you weren’t the only parent making last minute changes to their child’s t-shirt — but you did it. Way to go, Dad! :)

    • Thanks John. Yep, somehow I did felt like I was not the only making the last minute assignment with my kid. It is a great idea not only to learn numbers and of being creative but more importantly it gives a child and a parent to bond and make great memories.

  24. Sun says:

    celebrating the 100 days with your son and family – heartwarming. having enthusiastic parents and caring teachers truly bless our world with a better future. thanks ♥

  25. Bless our teachers and all the loving parents out there. Our children sees the world as something beautiful and positive because of them.I say, “Congrats to teachers, parents and students” for making each 100 days of school the best one there is. Thanks.

  26. My kids started school a couple of weeks ago so I hope they have a great first 100 days too! My youngest started kindergarten and is too cool for me to hang out next to him in the morning. He literally pushes me away and tells me to go with his brother. My little man is growing up too fast! Unfortunately for him, I start volunteering in his class this week, so he’ll have to put up with me at school a few hours a week!

    • Yep, they are growing up fast. I do miss the pre-K and Kindergarten days. Parents got to be involve more. Even walk them to their classrooms daily, get a quick talk with the teacher, more involvement with holidays. First grade and now second grade I see less of these. I guess, we parents are growing up too. My wife volunteered and I wish my work hours are more stable so I can too. A toast to a great many amazing 100 school days ahead! Thanks.

      • I volunteered in my oldest’s class every week last year and I’m volunteering in his brother’s class starting tomorrow. His teacher knows I’m interested in volunteering in his class too, so I’ll probably do it every other week. There’s no better way to see what’s going on in the classroom and to form a closer relationship with the teachers.

  27. naomimgruer says:

    I really enjoyed your post! Blowdrying the 100 Oranges shirt is so funny! Lucky dad, lucky mom, lucky son, loving family.

  28. Sony Fugaban says:

    Happy 100th school day to your little man! I’m sure he is doing great in school, just like my son (:-)).

    I have just mark my calendar to look forward to that day too–for my son’s.

  29. Wow Island Traveler 100 days of learning imprinted on the subconscious mind and with your son will be the memory of the night the my Dad painted 100 oranges for me.

    Days of wonder, Days of Joy and Days when his Dad showed that he Loved him and put him first.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne

  30. Imelda says:

    I am touched by your post about letting go and by your prayer at the end of it. I think I will tear that prayer off your page and make it mine.

    And yes, your son seems to be growing up well.

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