A Lifetime Of Lines And Patterns

Some lines and patterns make us realize we don’t have to walk alone in this lifetime. That there is a higher power up there guiding us in every journey. Catching us with every fall. Giving us strength and courage to face our fears. Giving us hope when skies turn dark and it’s hard to see the road ahead.


Some lines and patterns reminds us that life is full of adventures. That it’s okay to feel, think, laugh and play like your 7-year old even if the rest of the world reminds you that you’re 42 and not getting younger. Ha, ha, ha…we can choose to have the last laugh. Youth is in our hearts. That’s where the “fountain of no wrinkles” is hidden although I won’t trade mine knowing each of one reminds me of every battle that I had won.


Some lines and patterns creates soothing waves and ripples. Waves that calms our restless heart, heals our wounds and help us find our inner joy. Waves that reminds us that life can be fun and exciting. That there is more to it than just working 40 hours per week, 1,920 hours per year. Some of these waves even brings us back to that very day we found that “loving feeling.” That loving feeling we hope to cherish and carry with us wherever the lines and patterns of life will take us.


We smiled. We laughed. We shared stories and dreams. We traced back in time the many reasons why we fell in love and still choose to love. Caladesi Island reminded us why love is worth fighting for. That paradise is where love is alive.

Some lines and patterns remind us that no matter how many struggles we faced, no matter how tired we get, no matter how crazy things seemed to be, it is still a “beautiful life.” A beautiful life we are blessed to enjoy and appreciate every moment of everyday.

One Summer day at Fort de Soto, I whispered to my son, “Are you having a great Summer?” He looked at me happily, “Yes, dad, I’m having the best Summer ever!” We then both looked at the seemingly endless blue waters setting our thoughts adrift, just enjoying an unforgettable moment. A moment years from now we hoped to reminisce, better yet go back to. 

Fort De Soto Florida

Thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope we continue to inspire each other and the world around us. That everyday we will strive to create and collect meaningful lines and patterns as much as we can.

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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78 Responses to A Lifetime Of Lines And Patterns

  1. You sound like a wonderful father. :)

    • I try my best but honestly, I have so much to learn and not really perfect. I think the best one I know is my dad and my father-in-law. If I can finish a fraction of what they did…I will be so happy. Thanks.

  2. ristinw says:

    Relaxing feet! ^0^ What a wonderful day spend on the beach!

  3. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks so much, Island. Loved your post! LOVE the beach photo. :)

  4. bulldog says:

    You are the perfect picture of a great father and family man..

    • My friend, after reading all the letters and post you and your wife made for each other, I would say, you are someone that symbolize what a great husband and a father is. Thank you for inspiring us.

  5. well said for sure…lines/patterns in our life…great take…

  6. Amy says:

    …we don’t have to walk alone in this lifetime — that is beautiful, IT! You alway cleverly weave the theme with life.

  7. I like your analogy–it fits your personality and philosophy. Nicely done as usual.

  8. viveka says:

    Beautiful done …. full of personal thoughts and view – thanks for plingbacking me *smile

  9. Ah, as always, you interpret the WP challenges with such love and care. Lovely!
    Have a happy weekend with your family.

  10. Lucid Gypsy says:

    you certainly inspire me!

  11. Love your beach photo and the thought behind it!

  12. mpejovic says:

    Great selection of photos for this photo challenge! I too picked a photo of waves and ripples with the same idea in mind, but people seemed to like my caterpillar most. How funny!

  13. I love the adventure. But I also love the enduring waves and ripples of the surf – very calming and reassuring. Each one goes into the memory bank to be savored for another day. Beautiful photos and messages, IT.

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  15. Thank you Island Traveler for a well thought out message but one that also comes from your heart as shown by the lines and patten in your words.

    There are other Lines and pattens that we can look forward to, some are old age and the most important Eternity, we need to be prepared for both because in every life they are a reality.

    The Lines and pattens that we choose impacts not only ourselves but others, yes the world is beautiful if there is Love in our heart because then there will then be Love in our thoughts and actions, Love that comes from our Heavenly Father, this is the only Line and patten that will last.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne

    • Thank you Anne. A sharing full of faith, love and light. So true when you wrote, ” Love that comes from our Heavenly Father, this is the only Line and patten that will last.” God bless you and your family my friend.

  16. Imelda says:

    Beautiful post, IT. I am sure that your son will look back to his childhood and see wonderful times and loving parents who made his childhood so.

    • I hope that one day, me and my son will go back in time through this post and relive the happy times we shared and the many adventure we’d taken. Even better, he can continue this blog’s journey when I’m too old to write. Thanks.

  17. Excellent post.
    These are the times you both will remember, and special memories are the things you’ll appreciate more and more each time you recall them together, and when he tells them to his child.

  18. It’s a beautiful life, indeed. Great shots, IT. Take in the beauty.

  19. Cathy G says:

    What a great variety! :)

  20. Sartenada says:

    So adorable post. My favorite photos are two last ones. I love them.

  21. Sonel says:

    Such beautiful thoughts and loved the photo’s IT. Stunning entry for the challenge my friend. Thanks for sharing. :D *hugs*

    • Thanks Sonel. It helped me remember how beautiful life is during my “not so good days.”

      • Sonel says:

        Yes, we all have those days my friend, so don’t feel alone. That is what I so lovel about photo’s. It makes a memory so much more memorable and it does help reminding us that not all days are bad ones. You are doing a great job. Keep going. :D *hugs*

  22. Ishaiya says:

    Beautifully written, great shots :)

  23. Wow. Lovely. Inspiring.

  24. likeitiz says:

    Great post. Your photo choices are beautiful, as always. Coupled with loving prose, it makes for a great read! Thank you and happy Sunday to you and your family.

    • It inspired me to make this Sunday a “Sunday, Fun Day, Family Day!” After church we went to Galleria for Legos, dim sums, awesome clearance finds, then hit the board walk and won more than stuff toys…we won priceless memories. On our way home, we all agreed, it was a perfect Sunday. Thanks.

  25. adinparadise says:

    Lovely post, IT, with super happy photos. I love your thoughts on those hard-won wrinkle lines. :)

  26. Iamrcc says:

    Very nice post on Lines and Patterns. Thank you for the visit and the like of mine.

  27. TBM says:

    Wonderful thoughts and feelings.

  28. chrisstov says:

    Thank you, for sharing your thoughts. It is only through sharing our hopes, fears and thoughts that we can hope to inspire ourselves and others. God bless you and your family.

  29. Thanks Chris. Indeed “It is only through sharing our hopes, fears and thoughts that we can hope to inspire ourselves and others.” God bless you and your family as well.

  30. Beautiful words and photos! I agree with you about the being only as old as your mind tells you. But sometimes my mind is telling me I’m a lot younger than my body will allow. I wake every morning full of hope of a adventurous day only to get up and have my RA tell me that I cannot not do everything on my list! LOL But never fear, I rub on the hand balm my therapist gave me and do what I can (sometimes more, paying for it later).
    Thanks for reminding me to think young!

    • I feel the same way when you wrote, “But sometimes my mind is telling me I’m a lot younger than my body will allow.” I felt like I still have so much to learn and mature. That there is never enough time to grow and learn with each developmental milestone that we all go through. Or maybe it’s because our children creates a huge impact in how we feel from within. So, I will willingly give in to that feeling of youthfulness for as long as I can. Thanks Darla.

  31. munchow says:

    Amazing how you can make lines and patterns into something close to the meaning of life! I love this post – and again it shows the wonderful relationship you and your son have. Great images, too – as always.

  32. The older I get, the more I see significance and meaning to every line and pattern I see. Or perhaps it’s the whole blogger experience that makes me more sensitive and aware of what’s going on around me. The patterns of life were and always will be there, we just have to really look and reflect on how it impacts our lives. Thanks.

  33. This is a wonderful post. The first paragraph especially resonates with me. Thank you. =>

    • The lines and patterns we go trough in life somehow connects with others. It makes us feel that we are not alone. That someone understand and relates to our feelings and experiences. Thanks.

  34. Wonderful inspiring post as always!

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  36. Nortehanon says:

    Here’s to more lines and patterns we will encounter in life.

    Magandang araw sa iyo.

    • Magandang araw din kaibigan. Thanks for sharing your caring and generous giving with the children of your community. They look so happy. A very moving post that serves to remind us that we need to help those who are in need. To bring smiles, laughter and hope to those around us. God bless you and your community. Thanks,

  37. restlessjo says:

    Tonight I have sat with you in your beautifully textured dining room, watched a perfect sunrise with you and your young man, and now looked back at the lines and patterns of your life. Thank you for sharing your warmth and positivity always. Some things we can always rely on. :)

    • The best things in life almost always we already have. They are beside us through the ups and downs of life. They make every lines and patterns of life worth living, braving, striving for and celebrating. Thanks Jo.

  38. I enjoyed the travel through the lines and patterns, IT. I always feel calm when I read your posts, they’re such a reminder of what life’s all about and how we have to keep seeing the beauty of it. Sending Happy Pawkisses for a wonderful day :)

  39. Francina says:

    I wanted to reply on some older articles, but could not see the comment box any, more. So I will say here very lovely blog with beautiful articles.
    groetjes, Francina

  40. Sun says:

    the lines and patterns in life – you shared a beautiful moment of it. thank you always.

  41. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos with US. Your son will treasure the memories for a lifetime.

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