Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

“When one door closes, another door better than the first opens.”

Saturday, rain came pouring down with thunderstorms. Our first soccer game was cancelled. Our much awaited trip to Austin cancelled. Pretty much everything else cancelled. I told my wife, “This is depressing. Why on my weekend off?” Sounding optimistic she answered, “On the bright side, we can just chill, eat and watch our T.V. series. Any new episodes on Elementary and Under The Dome?” As my fingers started getting busy with our Xfinity remote control my son jumped in front of me and said, “Look Dad, I made a paper Star Wars Laser Blaster.” Looking both surprised and excited, “Oh, wow! That’s awesome. Great job!” He gave me a big smile and went back creating more paper toys.

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

No Ordinary Sunday

Sunday, the Sun was all out with clear blue skies. I opened the window and early Autumn’s cooler breeze brushed my face. My spirits awakened with renewed inspiration. I told my wife, “Hey, time to wake up and prepare for church. Let’s start the day early so we can do a lot of fun stuff.”

I guess, we were not the only one all excited to go out, the church was packed. Parking was a challenge. I finally managed to park along the side of the road. Not realizing I parked on  soft mud, my wife stepped on it.  Half of her shoes sank in seconds. By the time she got out, her shoes were covered with thick dirt. I looked at her with “Oh, oh! I’m in trouble” expression written all over my face. I was waiting for her to be upset but she simply said, “You guys go ahead. I will head for the restroom to clean my shoes.” I took a sigh of relief.

As she joined us in our seats, she whispered, “The ladies lining outside the restroom thought I stepped on poop.”

On the way to the car after the church celebration, we both laughed. It’s been awhile since anyone of us got mistaken for stepping on poop. A very embarrassing situation yet irresistibly funny at the same time. Before starting the car, I asked my wife, “You want to go to the Galleria?” Before she could answer, my son blurted out, “What? We’re going to Galleria? Yipee! We’re going to my favorite store.” By favorite he meant only one place,  Lego Store.

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

Mall Day, Happy Day

Sounding thrilled after getting a great deal from GAP, my wife told me a few times, “I am so happy. I got a 60 dollars jeans for 6 bucks at the clearance section.” Looking just as happy, my son gave me and his mom a kiss followed by hug after surprising him with two small boxes of Legos. Also on clearance. We told him earlier that we were just going to look around and he wasn’t expecting to bring a toy home. As for me, I am happy when they are happy plus I got to eat my favorite Crispy Eggplant with Tamarind sauce and Siu Mai at E-Tao. It’s true when they said, “One secret to a man’s happiness is his stomach.” Don’t you agree?

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

Family Day, Games And More At Kemah

We got to Kemah Boardwalk around three in the afternoon. Again, parking was a challenge. We were able to park along the many quaint shops. We checked out one of them called Home Decor and got a free appetizer coupon at Landry’s without buying anything. It was our lucky day!

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

The boardwalk was saturated with fun kid’s activities like games, rides, food stands,  face painting, and yes, excited, happy kids running back and forth with their parents running, gasping closely behind them. It’s one big childhood and child at heart playground. Choosing which game one can have the best chance of winning can be tricky. We stuck with what my son was good at.

First game, Balloon Popping. My son popped 3 out 4 and got a big dog stuffed toy. He named it Boxer. On the way to our next game, he skipped and hopped. Something he does when he is really happy.

Second game, “If I can’t guess your age, win an alien game.” The game operator had to guess my age. She said I was 29. My son got a purple alien. More skipping and hopping. This time, I joined my little boy. It’s not everyday someone thinks I look way younger. I told my wife, “I love that game!” Laughing with me she replied, “I bet you do.”

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

Before our third game. We saw an amazing show. A man juggling oranges and balancing on a rolling barrel as he plays with fire. We also saw a giant cowboy boots, a school of hungry catfish and a very enlightening “Life Visual Acuity” board. I heard bells ringing in my ears when I read “Live The Life You Have Imagined.” Check it out and find out what’s your score.

Third game, another Balloon Popping. Again my son got 3 out of 4. He got a “Houston #1″ hand stuffed toy. We all chanted, “Go Texans, Go Texans,” as we head for Landry’s.

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

It was close to sunset, time to relax, enjoy the view of the bay, feel the cool sea wind, feed the hungry bellies of three. I ordered a Broiled Seafood Platter, while my wife got a Shrimp & Crab Fondue. Guess what my son ordered? Yep, it’s Macaroni and Cheese. We savored not only each food flavors but more importantly each magical moments of our Family Day

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

On the way home, my son and wife joined me in a chorus as we chanted, “Sunday, Fun Day, Family Day!” We did it a few times them broke into laughter. A perfect unexpected ending to what started as a rainy, gloomy weekend. Regardless of weather condition, when we are with our family, wonderful surprises happens! Before my son went to sleep, I prayed with him thanking God for the many blessings he poured on us that weekend. And yes, for giving us another unforgettable, amazing Family Day.

Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

Thank you for sharing your day with me. You are part of my Family Day, my Blogger Family Day. Every smile, laughter, bits of happiness and stories, we share together as one global community. Every Family Day turns out great because we have the most supportive, enthusiastic, creative and adventurous blogging family out there.

Thank you for being a part of the Weekly Image Of Life which today is called “Family Day.” Borrowed from one of my T.V. series final and last episode, it’s also its season finale. It’s been a very enlightening, rich year of sharing life’s blessings and gifts through pictures and words. I learned so much about myself, about the people and the world around me. I learned about you and the many hopes and visions you make everyday. Weekly Image Of Life had a meaningful and awesome year! I will always be thankful to those who participated in its many photo challenges as well as those who consistently shared in every post their thoughts and heart. I am excited to share with you a new challenge and inspiration soon. When one journey ends, a new one begins. Brace yourselves, it’ll be another colorful, adventurous ride.

Also this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is called “Saturated,” and this post is saturated with tons of children playful imagination as well as that of their parents. Hope it saturates your heart with happiness and  child-like creativity as much as it did to mine. Sometimes, even grown-ups need to run, laugh, play, and be carefree like little kids. Parents needs to have fun too. Who’s with me?

Images taken using an iPhone 5 camera with Camera + , Pic Collage, Pic Stitch App. Remember, always follow your heart. Listen to what it’s passionate about. Capture in pictures images and memories that makes you happy. Tons of blessings to all!

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60 Responses to Family Day At Kemah Boardwalk

  1. likeitiz says:

    Awesome day! turned out to be great in spite of the thunderstorms in the beginning!

    About the “when one door closes….,” sometimes, some people are too focused on crying at the door that closed they fail to see the other doors that opened.

    • It was a perfect day. Sometimes it takes only one day to erase the other gloomy days. As for people sometimes being to focused on crying they fail to see new doors that had open, so true. Sometimes we dwell on the past, we forget the present still exist and that a future awaits, just waiting to be pursued. There are times I am reminded of bad hurts from the past but I try my best to move on and see what’s new in this journey called “Life.” Have a great weekend.

  2. Sonel says:

    What an awesome familly day you and your family had IT. Stunning photo’s! Thanks for the lovely trip and for sharing. :D *hugs*

    • Thanks. Any trip with our family becomes a special experience whether a short trip at a park, a T.V. series marathon or a fun day at the boardwalk. Make us appreciate the many blessings we receive everyday.

  3. cocomino says:

    What a fun day. The character is very cute. :D

  4. bulldog says:

    You know I love your posts as the exude the happiness of perfect family life… so inspirational, that it has changed the way I take my Grandchildren to the shops and out for an ice cream… Your family life is nothing less than inspirational… beautiful… and I do love your photos…

    • Thanks my friend. I try my best. I still got so much to learn as a parent. Your story actually is the one that inspired me after reading the letter you wrote to your wife and the posts she made. That is what true love and family is all about. Being each other’s strength through thick and thin, through highs and lows, through the best and worst. Wishing you and your family all life’s blessings.

  5. I’m exhausted just looking and reading.

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  7. Ruth says:

    What a wonderful family day. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I’m thrilled to be part of your blogger family day!

    • It’s a joy and honor to be around such amazing, talented and supportive bloggers. We are indeed blessed to have such a blogging community who shares our hopes, passions and dreams. Thanks.

  9. You packed a lot in. Thank you for the photos.

  10. a very busy day…but, enjoyed every minute…I can tell…what fun!

  11. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing your fun day and family day with us, IT! These are wonderful pics. I go Galleria whenever I’m in Houston :) E-Tao in Galleria is pretty good. Happy weekend!

    • What a small world my friend. There was a time when I had to be in Galleria every week for my son’s scating lessons. I did that for a year. It was crazy but now we go there only a few times a year for shopping. There’s several nice Malls like Baybrook and First Colony Mall, and yes, the Cypress outlet. If you like dim sun, try Kin Som in Stafford during Sundays. It’s a feast starting 10 a.m.! Have a fun weekend.

  12. bebs1 says:

    It is true, life is what we make it. And you always choose to be happy. We need more people with positive attitude like you! Have another wonderful weekend.

    • I had my fair share of bad luck, painful experiences, heartaches but I realized life is too short to dwell on the negatives. Yes, happiness is a state of mind that we all can decide to choose. We don’t need grand , expensive things or have lots of money, or fame to feel that lasting joy in our hearts. Thanks. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

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  14. mithriluna says:

    Such a lovely post. Beautiful family images. What a wonderful weekend!

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  16. Your gorgeous photos of activities and food – especially the food – make me feel like I’m along for the ride. Thanks for sharing. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

  17. restlessjo says:

    You certainly packed plenty in to make up for the disappointing rainy day. Like the sound of that crispy eggplant. Hope the week ahead is a good one :)

  18. Crispy eggplant? Seafood platter? Mac and cheese?!!?!!?!! You are KILLING me! That sounds soooooooo so good. What a fun time you all had. And P.S. I adore Elementary!

  19. Wow, so many great things to do in your neck of the woods! Perfect day to spend with your family, rain or not.
    We’re going on an adventure tomorrow. We’re driving up to the mountains a couple of hours from here early in the morning. We vacationed there this summer and a few times before then but we’ve never gone just for a day. I still have the rental car because of my car accident so I thought I could put some miles on it and not feel guilty about our short trip. We’re looking forward to spending the day relaxing in the small mountain town and hiking a few trails in the middle of nature.

    • Can’t wait to here about your wonderful family trip to the mountains. California is blessed with beautiful, amazing parks and outdoors activities. I hope to one day go back. Have a great weekend my friend.

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  21. Loved your Family Day Island Traveler, but I need a grannie nap now, you sure packed a lot into your Fun day but what a day you had together sooooooooo good.

    I wonder if that woman would guess my right age , perhaps I better just keep wondering.

    Now to get it right, what they really say is… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, with you being a Nurse you would understand that our stomachs digest our food and so that keeps our hearts well and strong … so have I got it right :roll:

    Anyway right or wrong I now feel hungry , I must give you a list of what I don’t like so you can photograph these, I am focusing on weight control or was till I read about your Fun day, I think I will go see what’s in the pantry. :-D

    God bless you dear friend, your a Treasure – Christian Love from us both – Anne

    • Your a priceless treasure too my friend, as we all are in the eyes of our creator in heaven. I love food but now I’m eating wisely. My new challenge soon will be about staying healthy and gaining control of our weight. I lost 40 pounds in 5 months. It’s something I know will help a lot of my blogger friends who wish to have a healthier, leaner self. Of course, the most important thing is we have a healthy soul and heart which we all know is harder to work on. But nothing is impossible as long as we try right? God bless you and Ron always.

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  23. ristinw says:

    😀 Beautiful pictures! Wonderful picture!

  24. Thanks Ristin. So much to see. So much to capture. So much to share.

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  26. Another peek into your family life with its grasp of the extraordinary in the ordinary. Enjoy the week.

  27. adinparadise says:

    I love your posts so much, IT. You and your family always make the most of every situation, and everything is so positive. Thanks so much for sharing your fun times.

    • Thanks my friend. We had a lot of misfortunes for the past two years. I’m just thankful that we were able to overcome the odds and we’re able to stand up because of each other. Every day is a reminder for me to be grateful, to celebrate, to live life the best way I know how. Little things becomes great events with a bit of imagination and lots of optimism.

  28. Praveena says:

    Inspiring and lovely post.It’s always good to read your posts. Aww,Food looks awesome !!I am glad you had an memorable Family day !!

    • Thoughts of having a great breakfast help me last 12 hours of grave yard shift. Spice our lives. Of course, it’s about eating in moderation and wisely too. Thanks.

  29. karlapr says:

    You are the eternal optimist! I love your positive spin on… well… everything. : )

    • Positivity keeps me going. I do have a lot of low days. That’s when I hit the gym, listen to Christian Radio, sip my favorite coffee, play soccer/Legos with my little boy, watch comedies…blog of course. Thanks.

      • karlapr says:

        All good strategies! We all have low moods; knowing how to pull yourself out of them in healthy ways is probably one of the most important life skills. I’ve been working on that with my son, who tends to be a bit more of a “glass half empty” kind of kid. I’m trying to teach him it’s OK to feel negative emotions (worried, frustrated, even angry), but you need to develop some strategies for how to deal with them.

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  31. naomimgruer says:

    What a busy, great family day! It’s so nice when things work out that way. I call it “Plan B” because sometimes Plan A falls through, but Plan B works out even better!

  32. mariannegv says:

    I want a purple alien too! They are so cool.
    This was a great family day. Good for you.

  33. Still Times says:

    You must be an amazing father, husband, & friend. Your family is truly blessed to have such a dedicated man in their lives. Cheers to you for all that you do. Cheers to your family for their obvious love and support of you. And Cheers to your mama and papa for raising such a fine man. How do I know this? Your love and devotion oozes out through your words, posts, & comments. Your compassion is evident with your words. What a blessing it is to have you in our lives (through the blog-o-sphere world). Thank You.


  34. You made my heart swell my friend. That is beautiful. Honestly, I got so much to learn. In Dad Land, I’m just a toddler trying to make my big steps one day at a time. I try to make each journey with my son and my wife a reason to still believe that magic, adventures and most of all goodness still do exist.

  35. melanie says:

    Pleasant souvenirs… we used to go to Kemah quite often during the 5 years in Clear Lake… we went there last year and my daughter 1 month ago… nothing’s changed! :-) You’re a wonderful hubby and papa, just like my beloved rocket & satellite scientist… :-)
    - – -
    My very best and friendly thoughts from rainy Toulouse, France… Have a great day! Mélanie

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