Texas Barbeque Spirit Night

100 Days Of School: Texas Barbeque Spirit Night

“Dad, check out the sticker on my shirt,” asked my very excited second grader as soon as he saw me after school. Smiling I replied, “You got a Super Student sticker?” Laughing he answered, “No, I didn’t.” Then he asked, “Will you and mom go with me for my school’s Texas Barbeque  Spirit Night? The Class who has the most number of students will win a prize.” I must be grinning from end to end when I answered, “But of course! I would love to.” Quietly I told myself, “Oh, wow! My first official school dinner date with my son. Time does fly fast.”

100 Days Of School: Texas Barbeque Night

My son seemed ready to jump out of the car while I was parking. That excited! He looked so happy when he saw one of the school’s teacher standing by the entrance door. He proudly announced, “Second Grader, Ms. ___ class!” Before heading for the line, he took a quick glance at the list to see how many of his classmates had already signed in.

My son had a delicious Spring Creek’s famous ribs with lots of barbecue sauce, macaroni and cheese followed by peach cobbler dessert. Trying to stay healthy, I ordered turkey. Big mistake! The turkey  tasted good but man, those ribs layered with rich, sweet BBQ sauce were smoking awesome! Got my first lesson about Texas barbeque 101. When in a BBQ place, go all the way!”

100 Days Of School: Texas Barbeque Night

Thrilled to recognize some familiar faces, my son pulled my hand and said, “Can you go with me? Just want to say Hi to my classmates.” As we went around the tables, I stared at him. His face was all lit up and glowing like he was having a birthday party.

On the way home, me and his mom told him how much we enjoyed everything. We thanked him for inviting us and for making us a part of his school’s fundraiser spirit night. Before he went to bed, my 7-year old kissed me and his mom. He then said, “Mom, dad, I had a great time. Can we go back again to the barbecue place?” We both replied, “Absolutely!” Plus, I do need to go back and feast on those ribs with lots of BBQ sauce. I do learn my lessons quickly.

Thank you for sharing another fun 100 Days Of School event with me. Big or small, we need to celebrate the many moments we share with our kids, students, teachers and family as often as we can. Time does fly, way faster than we can count, “1, 2, 3…”

Wishing everyone a fun, adventure-filled weekend.

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37 Responses to Texas Barbeque Spirit Night

  1. bulldog says:

    What is the saying ?? “When in Rome do as the Romans do”.. Turkey instead of Ribs..?.. No my friend that’s when one forgets about the health just for a short while… they looked so good from here I’m now hungry for ribs… Love your post…

    • I learned my lesson. I’m glad my son was in a sharing mood. I will get those ribs this weekend. Been craving for it since the fundraising dinner. Have a great weekends friend. Regards to your family.

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    School dinners for the family – awesome :-)

  3. Sun says:

    oh, always forget the turkey when ribs show up! :) now i am both hungry, thirsty but smiling over this wonderful Texas BBQ moment. your son – very wise to put in the “can we go back” request. :lol:

  4. melanie says:

    I do recall my 5 years in Houston… everything is bigger in Texas! :-)

  5. I love it. “Next time I go, I go all they way!” That really had me smiling. Sweet memories for you you all!

  6. I’m not a meat person so I have to say that peach cobbler and that pecan pie look delicious! We have fundraisers here too but most places the school picks are chain restaurants to make things easier for everyone. Yours looks like a great experience!

  7. Another event that you can store in your treasure trove of memories, which your son is building too. Enjoy the weekend with your family.

  8. Rule #1: Always go for the Bar-B-Que … and the cornbread! So glad you’re heading back. :-)

    I’m betting your son savored the experience even more than the food. After all, he got to spend it with you and his Mom. That’s priceless!

  9. ChgoJohn says:

    I must say, I do admire your discipline in ordering the turkey at a Texas barbecue. I couldn’t have done it. Even so, the food was really secondary. Spending quality time with your Wife & Son was the real treat. I’m glad you were able to do it.

  10. Your son’s school is awesome and the food looks really really good. And of course your photos are still awesome!

    • We are blessed to be a part of such an amazing school. The teachers are wonderful and very supportive to both the kids and their parents. I am so happy to be a part of it. Thanks.

  11. I’m not a desert person because I’m usually full when I get to that point. In this case I would have started with the peach and worked backwards. Yum! Sweet memories. You have millions. ;-)

    • You’re like me. I usally start with a nibble of dessert. It’s like my appetizer. My son does it too. Great memories are indeed worth millions if not priceless. Thanks.

  12. Wow …A hundred days of School , there are many lessons in life to learn, he has many 100s yet to come but it’s great your son is enjoying them. You are both special parents and as you teach him what is really needed in life, you too will be greatly blessed Island Traveler, it’s a promise God makes you.

    Christian Love – Anne

    • Thank you my friend. This blog is partly about my journey as a parent and a lot of that involves school stuff. His only in second grade which means I got tons of homework and fun activities ahead of me. God bless my friend.

  13. likeitiz says:

    Wow! My mouth was getting all watery just reading this.kudos to your son! Proud daddy!

    • I am proud and happy for his performance in school but more importantly I am glad that he enjoys every moment of everyday going to school, learning and creating friendship with his teachers and classmates. Thanks.

  14. auntyuta says:

    Looks like this was a very enjoyable big night out for all of you. :-)

  15. What a lovely event. I love the 100-days school-thing. I remember the first time I’ve read about it on your blog. Time flies indeed, IT. Can you pass me the chicken now, please ;)
    Pawkisses for a wonderful week :)

  16. linda says:

    Your son sounds like a great kid, and for him to be so excited over school, and being out with mum and dad, shows me that he is well grounded, and one happy chappie. You have taught him well Island Traveler. Now how about some ribs.

  17. naomimgruer says:

    Pecan pie rivals chocolate cake as my all-time favorite dessert!

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