Best Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is here and with it comes the harvest of fun surprises of the season.

The Search For The Best Pumpkin Patch

Life is about making our very own little adventures. This weekend, my little adventure took me and my family to the best Pumpkin Patch at Marble Falls, about an hour drive outside of Austin.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pumpkin Trail And Treasures At Sweet Berry Farm

“Dad, dad, are we there yet?” asked my 7-year old on our way to the Pumpkin Patch. Ten minutes later, he asked again, “Dad, dad are we there yet?” This kept on and on for an hour. Not that I’m complaining. I too was excited as to what treasures awaits at the pumpkin trail. As I stared at the Hill Country landscape, I too caught myself asking, “Are we there yet?”

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Small pumpkin. Big pumpkin. Spotted pumpkin. Crooked, wart-like, Witch-kissed pumpkin and gourds. Name your pumpkin, they got it all at Sweet Berry Farm.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

My son and his cousin ran excitedly towards a seemingly endless rows of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

My son thought he had super powers when he tried to pick up a huge pumpkin. He laughed and rolled his eyes when he realized he needed more super powers to lift it. He does have a super heart that believes with all faith in what he could become.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

“All aboard,” called the captain as the boat sailed on a sea of pumpkins. The boat kept going up and down, up and down as it followed the round curves of the orange-colored pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch

We found land or shall I say a stack of hay. My pumpkin sailor wanted to see how high he could jump and realized he could actually leap. Must be the effect from the super vitamins loaded pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

If one makes it out of the Candy Corn Maze, you pull a bell and get loads of cheer. If one gets lost, you call 911. Just Kidding. Mr. Maze Man will come to the rescue, that is if he’s not sleeping and dreaming of Candy Corn jumping over the moon.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

After biting some of those giant Candy Corn, one gets into the hyperactive mode. The Berry Bounce is a great way to burn all that extra energy.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pink mother pig and her adorable piglets greeted us with a sunny smile. Just as bright as the Sunflowers around them. Go ahead and hop in. Your sit awaits at the Sweet Berry Express Barrel Train . Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Flowers of every Autumn colors imaginable were screaming, “Pick me, pick me!” Yes, they can talk or was it all in my head? Anyway, October is also the month of Halloween. Anything strange, supernatural and scary is the “in thing.”

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Uniquely awesome was Build Your Own Scarecrow. You can customize your scarecrow to look like your personalized avatar. Cool, right? I really wanted to make one but it was bigger than me and my wife combined. It needed its own sitting space in the car…and a seat belt.

Pumpkin Patch

We got an extra treat. We had our first thrilling Hayride to Scarecrow Island. Whether due to the bumpy ride or from the hallucination inducing tractor fumes, the scarecrows appeared to be moving and making spooky faces.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

On the way out, a cat waved his paw and said, “Check out my meowrrific corn display.”

Pumpkin Patch

More than our great Pumpkin Patch adventure, the best part of our trip was creating new friendship. We stayed for the weekend with the nicest, generous and most hospitable people I ever met in Austin. They made us feel so welcomed in their beautiful home, toured us around their picturistique neighborhood including Lake Travis, shared with us inspiring stories and laughter over delicious ribs and brisket from Rudy’s.

Pumpkin Patches.

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Did I find my treasures at the Pumpkin Patch trail? Absolutely! Treasures that are now kept hidden in my treasure chest of happy memories. 

Pumpkin Patch In Austin

Today, it’s your turn to take a walk at the Pumpkin Patch trail and harvest for yourself some pumpkins and priceless treasures that will last season after season.

Thank you for joining me in my search for the best Pumpkin Patch in Texas. The journey is never complete without sharing our stories among friends and family.

 Wishing everyone a pumpkirrific October full of magical surprises.

What treasures do you hope to have this season?

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66 Responses to Best Pumpkin Patch

  1. cobbies69 says:

    What a fabulous post and Halloween touch,, great pictures as well.. ;)

    • Thanks my Bro. Last night we were looking for costumes at Party City. Halloween is a time to have fun and be creative. No age limit for trick or treating, right? I wish they give coffee instead of candies though.

  2. Angeline M says:

    What a fun day this seems to have been! Great photos of happiness.

  3. Another fun experience to share with your family. Your images remind me how big your son is getting, and how your blog follows his personal evolution as well as your. Happy week.

    • Your right, it is about the evolution of my family through the worst and best of life. It is also about the journey we share with our blogger friends as shown beautifully in each comment, sharing and visit. Thanks.

  4. bulldog says:

    I so enjoy your family outings.. you describe them so well I feel almost as if I’ve tagged along in the back ground… and I get as excited as we visit each new display… I could even smell the tractor exhaust fumes… lovely share my friend… a really lovely share…

    • I got carried away. I was so happy that weekend. Wish I didn’t have to go back to Houston and to work but we all know that’s impossible. Brief may it seem, I am thankful for the blessing and opportunity. Thanks.

  5. blogbyflogs says:

    Your posts are always so uplifting and full of light! Your family is lucky to have you!

    • I am actually lucky to have them. I’ll be lost without them plus I’ll literally be lost without my wife’s navigating skills when we drive anywhere. Yes, I’m really bad with directions. Thanks.

  6. Lucid Gypsy says:

    The pumpkins and the scarecrows are fun but I’d be happiest enjoying those lovely flowers, what a super day!

  7. Looks like a great pumpkin patch experience for sure! There’s a great place to go here in San Diego called Bates Nut Farm. I took my kids there on Monday, when all the weekend crowds are gone and we had a great time. Every season has its fun activities, doesn’t it?

    • I bet you and your family had an amazing , fun, unforgettable time. One blessing of having kids is being able to share their magical world of pumpkins, Halloween’s trick or treating and every seasonal surprises. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  8. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing your day trip to Marble Fall. I can tell you son had a great time :)

  9. Wow, this was a fun tour through the pumpkins, Sailor. I’m astonished about the size. I think the cat has got himself a buisiness…purrfect, just purrfect. Pawkisses for a Happy October my furriend :)

  10. The Guat says:

    This is awesome. Build your own scarecrow sounds very cool. I think that would have been one of my favorite activities. I still haven’t gone to have our pumpkin patch adventure this month but I’m totally looking forward to it. I’m definitely going to have some plenty of those “are we there yet?” moments. I just hope I have enough patience to keep me going on the drive. :) Nice pics. I love the flower field one, very pretty.

    • That was my first Build A Scarecrow event. Wish they have that in the Malls other than Build A Bear. I bet it’s gonna be a huge success, for October month at least. As for the “Are we there yet?” moments, we do will have more of it for sure. Part of parenthood, right? Thanks.

  11. bebs1 says:

    We missed going to the pumpkin patch although we were already there due to time constraints. Too many activities to do in one day but the kids always have fun. Am sure your son will add another to his expanding memory chest courtesy and Mom & Dad!

    • There’s always a tomorrow for a Pumpkin Patch trip. Hope you have yours soon. Best part is that we are never too old for fun stuff like this. An inspiring event everyone should take the time to enjoy and experience. Thanks.

  12. O h……. I L O V E D these years when my children ran rampant! Great post!

  13. That looks like a lot of fun was had by all!

    • Fun I can’t get enough of. I will check another Pumpkin Patch close to Houston soon. I need to try the Corn Maze myself. I bet I will be lost during the first round. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.

  14. This looks like such fun–I am happy for you all. For the first time, I won’t have a kid at home to carve pumpkins with this Halloween! But I will be sharing lots of Halloween storytelling programs with L’il Punkins, and that will be lots of fun.

  15. linda says:

    You looked like you had such a good day, and I love the caption after each photo. Thank you for sharing.

  16. cocomino says:

    What a fun activity. It must be a great day. :D

  17. restlessjo says:

    I’m always astounded by the pumpkin variety you have there in America! Here it’s just a corner shop or supermarket with a bunch of pumpkins. Not much fun at all, really. I want to come and play in a Pumpkin Patch :) Expect I’ll see some more in your posts before October is over.
    Lovely to hear you having such fun.

  18. People to stay with!? How sweet is that? You have some fine hospitality in Texas. I love the flower picking, scarecrow making, and the candy corn maze, but $4.75 for a ride on a horse!?!?!? I’M IN! SIGN ME UP!
    Fantastic post, IT. Have a great weekend. :-)

    • As they say, everything is big in Texas. Big heart as well! The horse ride is a bit expensive. I try to skip the expensive ones. Some fun stuff do come with a not so fun price tag. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.

  19. Fabulous shots! And what fun! Life certainly is about creating your own little adventures. I bet this little adventure is one your son will remember for years to come.

  20. Sartenada says:

    I am speechless when seeing so many pumpkins. They are not so general in Finland. Great photo collection!

  21. I would Love to pick the flowers Island Traveler, God’s creation of flowers has awesome variety and colour thanks for sharing about them, how great to be surrounded by them. Pumpkins are also God’s creation and good to eat.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  22. ChgoJohn says:

    It’s amazing how the simple pumpkin patch has become a site for day-long family fun. It couldn’t be better for a boy your son’s age. Well, maybe a little less tractor exhaust would be all right, eh? Glad you and your family enjoyed yourselves.

  23. Sony Fugaban says:

    What a colorful post, bro. Makes me want to experience not only being in your son’s shoes but that genuine Western kind of Halloween with all the pumpkins around. Admit it, the way you celebrate Halloween there is far colorful and fancier than we do back in the Orient Seas. Anyway, like you said, what’s important are the memories that we will keep. Treasures so to say from new and old friends,.And, of course, family.

    Advance Happy Halloween to you and the rest of your family.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    • Thanks Bro. When my son was younger, I wasn’t into Halloween stuff. I’m usually working when it happens but now, he is at that stage that everything is bigger than life and every holiday a magical adventure. Our children will only be kids once and I’m hoping I can make it as memorable for him as I can. Best wishes to your family.

  24. Iñigo Boy says:

    Oh my… what an event! I love those photographs of lots and lots of pumpkins! Thanks for sharing!

  25. This pumpkin patch reminds me of one I used to take our daughters to when they were very young. Looks like you all had a great time. I lived vicariously thru your beautiful photos. Wonderful!

    As I couldn’t hitch a ride there, I did the next best thing this past weekend. I began my day with a pumpkin pancake and pumpkin muffin (not really all that pumpkiny), and ended it with a trip to Dunkin Donuts for pumpkin coffee (a splash of pumpkin syrup in coffee), a pumpkin donut and a pumpkin muffin. Oh Yum!

    • That sounds like a yummy pumpkin day. I am into anything pumpkin flavored lately too. I was almost about to grab a pumpkin spice flavored almonds in Wal-mart yesterday. Before going to work, I put coffeemate’s pumpkin spince flavoring with fat free whipped cream sprinkled with sugar cinnamon in my coffee. Starts my day like a charm…Thanks.

  26. likeitiz says:

    Best ever pumpkin patch!

  27. This looks like so much fun! Great shots too! I’ve never gone to a pumpkin patch but I’ve always wanted to go!

  28. It is an amazing experience and will guarantee colorful, fun pics. If there’s no pumpkin patch near by, we can create one in our very own backyard. All we need are pumpkins from the fruit/veggie section of the groceries and scatter them all over the lawn. Magic of Autumn is already in all of us. All we need to do is believe and let imagination do the rest. Thanks.

  29. Praveena says:

    Colorful post !!What a great day you had with your family !I Is this part of Halloween celebration?

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