Welcome To Scarecrow Island

On the last day of October, a portal opens allowing free entry between the human world and that of the Scarecrows. How this happened or where it originated nobody knew. There is one man named Mr. Crow who was able to return in one piece to tell the tale of a mysterious place called Scarecrow Island.

scarecrow and halloween

One night while driving on a deserted road, Mr. Crow saw a spooky dense fog heading his direction. Before he can turn around, the fog swiftly enveloped around his vehicle. He couldn’t see anything and had to stop. Dead silence followed and all he could hear was his own heartbeat pounding widely.

scarecrow and halloween

As the fog started to clear out, he heard music. He got out of his car and walked towards the source of the music. He saw a saloon and went inside. The bar tender gave him a complimentary drink. He thought, “Free drink, cool! “He didn’t know that in Scarecrow Island, nothing is free. Everything has a price. Guess what’s his?

scarecrow and halloween

scarecrow and halloween

He saw stars and fireworks. Heard an orchestra of angels singing in perfect unison. He felt his feet floating on air. Next thing he knew, he was dancing with the most beautiful woman he ever saw in his life. He thought, “She’s the girl of my dreams. I wish to spend a forever with her, build a home and fill that home with happy laughter of kids running all over the place.”

scarecrow and halloween

The next day, he found himself outside the church, waiting for his bride.

scarecrow and halloween

Just when he was to say, ” I do,” something snapped in his head and woke him up from what appeared to be a deep trance induced by a love potion spell. Standing before him was a beautiful creature made of hay straws. A living, breathing scarecrow. Then he looked around. Everyone was made of hay straws too. Confused, horrified, panicking, Mr. Crow ran and left his sobbing bride by the altar.

scarecrow and halloween

Mr. Crow was a bit out of shape and didn’t run fast enough. He got caught and was sent to jail until the local town scarecrows decide what to do with his fate.

scarecrow and halloween

In Scarecrow Island, grooms who break their bride’s heart get thrown into a deep, dark sea full of hungry sharks.

scarecrow and halloween

If the groom gets lucky and makes it out of shark infested waters, he gets treated by Boo-Boo nurse who does more than bandage his wounds. She wraps him with bandages from head to toe and recites a spell that turns him into a mummy.

scarecrow and halloween

Just when Mr. Crow thought it was the end of him, he saw Bride Scarecrow pleading for his life. She love him so much that she was willing to sacrifice herself and take his place so he will be free. He stood stunned. After everything he did, he felt undeserving of such kindness. He can’t believe someone made of hay straws had so much heart, more than any human he ever knew including himself. He then looked into her eyes and noticed something he didn’t see before or thought wasn’t there before. Through her eyes, he saw himself with her so happy, contented and so at peace. He realized, he did saw a forever with her, just like what he initially saw at the dancing room. He was to focus on the external appearance that he missed the most important gem of all, the very heart of each creature, human or scarecrow.

Once again, he saw stars and fireworks, heard an orchestra of angels and felt his feet floating on air. He was in love then and still very much in love now. He approached Bride Scarecrow, held her hands tightly and said, “I’m sorry for being insensitive and blind. I’m so sorry for breaking your heart. You are and will always be my forever. Will you give me a second chance?” True love forgives and Bride Scarecrow replied, “What matters is that we have each other now.”

As they walked happily towards the altar to finish the wedding ceremony, he caught his own reflection on the mirror. He saw that he too is made of hay straws. The happiest groom in the world made of hay straws.

scarecrow and halloween

You may ask, “Was Mr. Crow able to build a home with his forever? Was he able to create a home of his dreams filled with happy laughter of kids running all over the place?” To find out, you need to ride the Crowville taxi driven by no other than Mr. Crow himself and discover for yourself the answers and adventures that awaits you.

So friends and dear readers, watch out for that mysterious fog. It comes out of nowhere and everywhere. Whether it’s a trick or a treat, it all leads back to Scarecrow Island.

Wishing everyone a memorable Halloween, All Soul’s Day , All Saint’s Day and Dia de Muertos. During these events, take time to remember, pray and light a candle or two for our love ones who are no longer with us.  Prayers opens a heavenly portal where light, peace and everlasting happiness that last for eternity.

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A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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40 Responses to Welcome To Scarecrow Island

  1. What a fun story, perfect for Halloween! Those shark fins out of the sand are awesome, by the way.

  2. Praveena says:

    Great post with beautiful photos !!I Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    A lovely story with so much meaning too :-)

    • I read it several times for editing and I can’t help but notice it’s many relevance and implications personally and those around me. A story we all can relate in a world with many scarecrows either internally and externally hoping for love, acceptance, belongingness, family and friendship.thanks.

  4. bebs1 says:

    What a wonderful story and a lesson. Thanks! Happy All Souls/Saints Day.

    • Happy All Soul’s/Saint’s Day. This is one of the most solemn , family oriented activity I experienced growing up in the Philippines. Totally in contrast to Halloween our consumer world has engraved in our minds. Halloween seems fun but takes away our thought from truly remembering our dead relatives, friends and family. To pray for them. To reflect on their memories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amy says:

    Enjoyed reading the story! Love the displays :)

  6. munchow says:

    An awesome story told poignantly with both words and pictures. Not easy to be a scarecrow is it!?

  7. restlessjo says:

    Brilliant! I was scared in that fog but I came out smiling.
    Happy Halloween to you and your little pumpkin. :)

    • We have the same reaction as I wrote the story. I was surprised by how it ended. I thought my brain will lean on a more scary conclusion but good prevailed over darkness which honestly I like way better. Thanks.

  8. auntyuta says:

    What a beautiful love story and wonderful pictures to go with it. Thanks for reminding us to light some candles on All Souls Day.:-)

    • I miss going to our family’s cemetery, visiting dead relatives and grandparents since 2003 when I migrated to the U.S. I will try to offer several candles and prayers this year though either in our local church or cemetery. We can pray and remember wherever we are. Thanks.

  9. This is just a wonderful story, Island Traveler. Just the right touch of scary, mystery, romance, and much more. I also love your call for prayers for those who are no longer with us.

    • I miss the All Soul’s/All Saint’s Day event my family used to celebrate while still in the Philippines. We bring flowers, lights candles, pray, meet relatives, then we share a special dinner of brown sugar sticky rice grated with coconut and other delicacies. Thanks.

      • Sounds like a wonderful and tasty way to honor the event. It’s an excellent tradition. When I was growing up, my family practiced many Pennsylvania-Deutsche (German) traditions and it was a wonderful way to connect with our family – both near and departed.

  10. What a creative story and pictures to go with it. Thank you for introducing this cast of scarecrows to us. We will soon be decorating the house with so many scarecrows I have named after family members and friends departed. I like being surrounded by them, and the girls and grandson like to see them around the house at Thanksgiving.

    • That is a brilliant idea my friend. We do need to teach our young ones their family heritage, both the living and the departed. To remember love ones who are no longer with us. To teach them that Halloween is more than wearing costumes and trick or treating. That it is first and foremost a time to pay tribute and prayers to our dead family, friends and relatives. Thanks.

  11. Fabulous story! I knew there had to be a happy ending in there somewhere, even during spooky, ghastly Halloween. Enjoy and keep your boy safe. :-)

  12. naomimgruer says:

    So fun! Also, happy belated birthday to your son. What a beautiful day you had together. I love that your son knew exactly what he wanted. Love the Halloween wreath. We just put up our spiderwebs and cool, glowing lanterns.

  13. What a funny and lovely story, IT and the pictures are so COOL. Happy Halloween! Spooky Pawkisses :)

  14. Sun says:

    how clever to weave a wonderful love tale around the scarecrows. i enjoyed this very much!

  15. adinparadise says:

    A truly wonderful story, illustrated with such fun photos. There is definitely a lesson to be learned here, IT. Thanks for a great post, and Happy Halloween to you and your family. :)

  16. adinparadise says:

    I’ve just read your amazing birthday post, and wanted to comment, but couldn’t. I wish your son many many more happy birthdays. What a wonderful day he had, and it didn’t matter a bit that the cake got damaged. He loved it anyway. :) Your writing is such an inspiration to me, to enjoy every moment of every day. Thank you.

  17. The Guat says:

    HA! This was a cool one. I loved the picture of the scarecrow stuck in the deep, dark sea of scary sharks. That one cracked me up! Have a great weekend my friend.

  18. bluesage63 says:

    thank you for liking my post today, it brought me to yours and your blog. I am smiling, more than I have in days . Fantastic story and pictures!
    Blessings to you,your family, here and departed..

  19. Sony Fugaban says:

    That was quite a story, bro. I am really thinking you and your family are the characters. And so I am now thinking that the very Crowville taxi is this very blog. Anyway, I’d be glad to ride on.

  20. Indira says:

    This is lovely, never heard of this. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  21. Delightful! Thanks for sharing this!

  22. I love those shark fins best of all!

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