Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope For The Philippines

Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope

I always wondered what to do with the layers and layers of Lego bricks my son accumulated through the years. Yesterday, my son shared with me a brilliant idea as we ready for our family’s fundraising event for the Typhoon Haiyan victims at our son’s last Fall Soccer game.

 Lego Fundraising Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Friday night, we went home late after buying all the things we needed for our first fundraising. Tired but wired up from excitement, we were still awake at 02:00 in the morning doing our respective assignment. My wife was baking the last batch of the cheese cup cakes and coconut macaroons, I was busy finishing my poster board and my son, making as much customized Lego Spinners and Lego Star Troopers. After finishing the poster board, I asked my son to teach me how to make the Lego Spinners so he can catch up some good sleep before our big day.

 Lego Fundraising Typhoon Haiyan Victims

I guess, we were all tired and overslept. We wanted to set up our fundraising stuff at the Soccer game field by 07:30 A.M. but instead we got there by 08:15. The game was already starting. Huffing and puffing, we set up our table. Hurriedly, we arranged our baked goodies, chocolates, coffee and juices. I placed proudly in front of the table my son’s customized Lego Spinners and Lego Star Troopers. While waiting for generous donors, we had a brief soccer warm up of running and kicking. It was a great wake up booster!

My wife left me alone at our fundraising table as she went to cheer for my son’s soccer game. Before she ran towards my son, she took a quick iPhone picture and sent it to my sister to update her of our fundraising drive. It took a while before someone approached our table. For a moment, I was getting sad that no one seemed to notice. The clouds were also getting dark like it’s about to rain.

Just when I thought it was time to wrap up and move to a different location after the soccer game, the first kind-hearted donor came. They already knew about the Typhoon’s devastating effect in the Philippines and asked how my family were. After a quick update of how things were in the Visayas, the dad placed something inside the donation box. I asked him, “Would you like to get any cupcakes, cookies or juice for your family?” Initially he said, “It’s okay, we just want to give.” I told him, “Thank you. There’s Starbucks‘s coffee if you like?” He answered, “Okay, that sounds good.”

I called my wife happily, “Hey, got my first donor. Looks like we’re staying for a bit.”

 Lego Fundraising Typhoon Haiyan Victims

One grandma from Dallas approached the poster board and asked while pointing at the pictures, “What’s going on here?” I shared with her the heart breaking story of Tacloban, of Capiz, Iloilo and other parts of the Visayas in the Philippines ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan. I saw a deep sadness on her face. Beside her was her grandson who was busy playing with the Legos. I told her, “Get any food and drink you like.” She asked, “How much?” I answered, “Just whatever you want to give. We bought this stuff to help our son be involved in helping the victims in the Philippines. We want all this food to go plus we’d been pre-tasting those cupcakes and macaroons days before.” Then she noticed that her grandson wanted one of the Lego Spinners. I did put a price on his customized Legos. She said, “Oh, it’s $10.00.” She then called her grandson, “Hey, don’t take that. Let’s go to our car so I can get more money. As I handed her grandson one of the Lego Spinner, I told her, “It’s okay. We have more.” Her grandson gave me a big happy smile as I showed him how to play with the Lego Spinner and how to assemble it if it breaks.

After a while, the lady from Dallas came back and placed more donation in the box. We talked and talked until it started to rain. I called my wife. “Oh, oh. It’s raining. We have to cut short our fundraising before the food gets wet. She ran towards our table as I ran towards the car. The lady from Dallas helped us put our stuff in the car. Bless her kind heart and all those who took time to approached our table, listened about the Philippines and gave without seconds thoughts. Even if we didn’t finish our fundraising goodies, I was already happy that several took notice and cared. After placing all our things in the car, I ran towards my son’s soccer field and catch up of what’s left of the game. I asked my wife, “Did we win?” She replied, “No, but he scored 2 out of 3 for his team.” I looked at my son laughing happily as he chased his team mates. I thought, “He looked like he won.”

 I must be so tired when I wrote on this poster board. My sister texted my wife while watching my son's soccer game, "Looks like he the word typhoon is missing letter H." My wife hurriedly called me so I can correct my spelling. No wonder some of the donors were trying to figure out the word before Haiyan. This morning I reflected on it. Looks like letter H was missing for a reason. Letter H was given to another greater, meaningful world, "Hope."

I must be so tired when I wrote on this poster board. My sister texted my wife while watching my son’s soccer game, “Looks like he missed a letter on the word typhoon.” My wife hurriedly called me so I can correct my spelling. No wonder some of the donors were trying to figure out what the word was before Haiyan. This morning I reflected on it. Looks like letter H was missing for a reason. Letter H was given to another greater, meaningful word, “Hope.”

On the way to the car, we gave one more Lego Spinner to his team-mate. On the way home he asked, “Dad, how many bought my customized Legos?” I said, “Two and they loved it.” He further asked, “How much is in the box?” I replied, “I don’t know. I didn’t count. What matters is we tried to help in whatever way we can. Oh, and we’re not done yet. We still have tomorrow. May be we’ll have one by the beach.” Smiling he said, “Okay.”

Guess what he did as soon as we reached home? Yep, he made more Lego Spinners but this time with a  customized Yellow Trooper mini-figure with accessories and all.

 Lego Fundraising Typhoon Haiyan Victims

There is always something we can do to help others. Big or small, Legos or cupcakes, a few dollars or a million, what matters is the genuine sincerity to give and be an instrument of positive change in a world badly crying for it.

Later that day, my wife told me, “Good news. Our Savannah group raised $1,600.00 just from the garage sale alone. The auctioned bags are not yet included. Trying to whisper to her friend on the phone, she said, “So, someone wants to buy it for $1,200.00?” She taught I didn’t hear her conversation. After talking to her friend, I told her, “That sounds more than just the price of the throw pillows and clothes.” Then I asked, “You auctioned the bag that I gave you as a present?” She gave me a big smile, “I was trying to surprise you. From the proceeds, I will give part to the victims in your hometown Capiz and some to my hometown Iloilo. The rest plus the one in our garage sale to Tacloban and the rest of the Visayas. Hearing that, I wanted to hug her but I was driving. I thanked her for being generous and selfless. Was I surprised? Happily surprised.

Blogger friends, thanks for the continued prayer and help for the Philippines. Today, if you got time please check the fundraising campaign me and my co- workers called SheterBox campaign. It could be our Blogger Family campaign too. 

 ShelterBox, provides emergency shelter with basic disaster response tools which is badly needed in the wake of this horrific event. They are already in disaster areas but needed more funds for reinforcement. For all my WordPress family who wish to help provide a roof for the many homeless and orphaned by Typhoon Haiyan here’s my link Team ShelterBox Campaign – Support Flash Barny. Please check out this YouTube video called ShelterBox: Responding To Typhoon Haiyan for an overview of what this amazing project is all about. ShelterBox responds to all calamities worldwide with boxes ready to deploy internationally. The Philippines is just one of the places we could help, if we continue giving, help and relief keeps going from all countries in the world needing them. Together, we can make an even bigger difference to neighbors in need.

As he pulled my hand towards the living room, my son excitedly told me, "Check out my new Yellow Star Troopers and their Yellow Star Leader. Do you like them dad?" Smiling, I replied, "Wow, their really cool. I love them!" He did his new Lego creations a day after our fundraising. Early this morning as I was drinking my coffee. I kept staring at them. I thought, "Okay, yellow is his favorite color but it could mean light. Star could mean hope that we need to keep believing that we'll find our way home. That we can recover from all sorts of hardships. Troopers are the  brave and generous heroes that responds to those in need and their Star Trooper leader, the source of everyones faith, strength, heart to give and the will to keep living, surviving.

As he pulled my hand towards the living room, my son excitedly told me, “Check out my new Yellow Star Troopers and their Yellow Star Leader. Do you like them dad?” Smiling, I replied, “Wow, they’re really cool. I love them all!” He created his new Lego Star Troopers a day after our fundraising. Early this morning as I was drinking my coffee. I kept staring at them. I thought, “Okay, yellow is his favorite color but it could also mean light. Star could mean hope that we need to keep believing that we’ll find our way home. That we can recover from all sorts of hardship. Troopers are the brave and generous heroes that responds to those in need and their Star Trooper leader, the source of everyones faith, strength, heart to give and the will to keep living, surviving. Around the world, we need all the Yellow Star Troopers we can get to fight darkness, evil, hunger, poverty and other forms of devastation, exploitation and suffering. Anyone interested to be a Yellow Star Trooper? Recruitment is 24/7, no requirements, no waiting list, lots of priceless incentives and benefits in heaven and much, much more.

I anyone is interested in having a Lego Spinner Fundraising Drive in your area and want to make use of the piling layers of broken Lego bricks, I’d be glad to guide you on how to make one. A borrowed idea from Lego Boy of course. Thank you and God bless.

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103 Responses to Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope For The Philippines

  1. Ruth says:

    What a loving and generous family you have. A beautiful post.

    • Thank you. Family brings out the best in us whether they are our immediate ones or our community or the world around us.

      • Mélanie says:

        I fully and entirely understand your generosity, Mr IT… your roots and origins “talk” for you and for your closed ones, modest and humble people are always the most generous ones like my dear friend from Webster(Clear Lake)… stay healthy, optimistic and my very best… respectful regards, Mélanie

      • Thank you for sharing words of comfort. It gets a bit better each day. For now, I’m thankful that my family in the Visayas Philippines are okay, safe and healthy. Wishing you and your family life’s wonderful blessings.

  2. misswhiplash says:

    just wish I had some Lego! Well done…are your parents still okay?

    • They are ok but it is so hard to talk to them on the phone. I could hardly understand anything. I am grateful to all countries and kind hearted people who helped the Philippines. I can’t begin to imagine the horror of those who lost their child or children or those orphaned. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family.

  3. This is wonderful; the lessons you are teaching your son is awesome! Ok, you have to tell me how to make the lego spinners??? I have grandsons who love legos, but I have never seen those. Will be praying for the victims and your families.

    • Thanks for the caring thoughts and prayers. I will share in my future post how to make those Lego spinners and what parts of bricks to collect. Another fun, creative way to enjoy Lego time. Best wishes to you and family.

  4. buenos dias my friend
    you and your family have been on my mind, and i am so glad to be home where i have internet – i had only seen headlines about the storm from .brief wifi moments. your post has helped with the details.

    i reached this part before tears began to well in my eyes: ” I shared with her the heart breaking story of Tacloban, of Capiz, Iloilo and other parts of the Visayas.”

    your story reminded me of what i went through when Katrina slammed thru the Mississippi coastline. ( ) not knowing what is happening to your loved ones during a crisis is very unsettling; we feel so helpless and realize just how tiny we are in this world.

    my internet isn’t strong enough to write a post from home, but i’ll be going to town soon and hope to get one written. i hope that many others will write one as well. would it be ok to link to some of your images?

    thanks for the update in your always-beautiful format – written with love! i send you and your family a grand hug of empathy.

    we’re all with you in spirit.


    • Thanks Lisa. That is truly kind and generous. Yes, you can share the image links. Of what’s going on in our world the media helped so much to make it known on how help was badly needed. Most inspiring is how the world responded with all their heart and support. We need to keep reaching globally wherever hope and assistance is needed. God bless you and your family.

  5. bebs1 says:

    So much love from your whole family. God bless!

  6. Rowjie says:

    Very nice and touching blog entry. This is my first time to visit your blog sir. My first impression is that your heart has a blog and I can see how much you love your family. Keep up the good work sir!

  7. Brilliant post and tell your son I adore his spinners.

  8. Colline says:

    It is a wonderful thing that your son was involved in the fundraising. I am sure he is excited by the amount of money that was raised.

    • He is but we told him, “It’s not how much we het but how much heart and sincerity was shared by the giver.” I will be continuing and adopting the ShelterBox project in my blog and keep donating personally. It responds to all calamities worldwide and not just the Philippines. My co-worker already raised a lot for the victims in Tacloban and I’m really glad it’s doing well here in Houston. Thanks.

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  10. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Well done TMJ and to lego boy and your lovely wife. My prayers go out to all in the Philippines. Shelter Box is one of my favourite charities and it was founded in a small town in Cornwall about 70 miles from here.

    • That’s an exciting news. I will tell my co-worker about that. She want’s as much people to know about this amazing organization. So much needing shelter in many parts of the world affected by calamities and tragedies. Thanks.

  11. Amy says:

    You son did a great job, IT! There are so many people want to help.

  12. Island Traveler … I applaud your efforts to help your family and others in the Philippines. As a fan of your blog, I have nominated you for The WordPress Family Award. See my blog for details:

  13. Your family’s effort to raise awareness and money for your hometown fills cyberspace. This post is a fine example of what can be done to help others. As you said a little here and there adds up to so much more. Giving is the point. I do hope that life gets better and better each day for those that you know in the Philippines. My heart is with you.

    • I always wondered why I blog other than I am passionate about it. Now I know that it has a greater, deeper purpose. God has plans for all of us more amazing than we could ever imagine. Why Capiz and why me? Only God knows. For now, I believe he wants me to reach out to as many people to continue opening their hearts to those who are experiencing all sorts of suffering. We all can be a voice for those in need. Thanks.

  14. Our church, Ascension Catholic, took a collection – which I supported – for the Philippine disaster victims. It plans another one for next Sunday. Blessings to you and your family for your help. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • God bless you and your generous Church community. My local church here in Houston did the same last Sunday. I am personally touch when the priest announced it. I whispered to my wife, “That’s for our countrymen affect by Typhoon Haiyan. Prepare your check please.” It’s very moving and inspiring to see so many responding and caring. Makes one believe in humanity’s profound kindness once more. There is truly hope and light around us. Thanks.

  15. adinparadise says:

    What a wonderful post, IT. Well done to your family for putting so much effort into helping those people affected so badly by Typhoon Haiyan. Love your son’s Lego spinners. I see there are collections going on all over where I live in Florida. Everyone wants to help. :)

    • Thank you. There is always something we can do, big or small. We need to teach our young generations to be aware of what’s happening around the world and how they can be of help. We need to start raising a generation that cares and responds to any cry for help, whether about our environment or their fellow human beings.

  16. Lovely post as always. You have a fun loving home and a solution providing family. You’re endowed with creativity.

    • I told my wife, “It’s time to give back. To think less about ourselves and our problems, and start helping those who could hardly survive on a day to day basis.” What happened in Tacloban and elsewhere devastated by Typhoon Haiyan is so horrific that I can not finish watching the images without having to stop and wipe some tears. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Rob says:

    You and your family are so caring and inspirational – and you take action. Very nice!

    • So many are working for fundraising here in Texas especially in the medical center where there are thousands of Filipino nurses. There is an exodus of Filipinos leaving the Philippines every year hoping to find a better future. Now, we have that chance to share and help someone find a piece of hope in their future and that of their families. My prayer too is that all donations will truly reach the victims and not the opportunist fronting as good samaritans back home. I guess we just have to trust that God will touch their hearts to give them 100% as intended by all the generous givers around the world. Thanks.

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  19. way to go Mom and Dad…great teachings for your son…

  20. Roberta says:

    May God bless your efforts and caring hearts…

  21. May God give you the courage to carry on with your good work.

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  23. Mazigrace says:

    As soon as I heard the news of the typhoon I thought of you. What a wonderful tribute and generous gift of giving and especially in teaching your son valuable lessons in life. He is fortunate to have such a caring Mom and Dad. Sending love and light.

  24. What you and your family did, and are doing, is wonderful. The values you are working to instill in your son are priceless. God bless you, your family, and all those people you are helping. You will make a big difference in many lives, G

  25. ChgoJohn says:

    I was away when the typhoon struck land and immediately thought of your family. I was quite relieved to learn that they are all safe. What a horrific ordeal to face! Teaching by example is by far the best way to instill values in our children. What you’re doing for both your Son and homeland is inspiring.

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  28. likeitiz says:

    This is such an inspiring post. Bless your family. Here and in the Philippines. It is amazing what we can do to rally for the victims of disasters. It is clear evidence of the good in all of us shining through.

    • I am truly inspired of all the efforts to help worldwide. In a way, it also brought closer all Filipinos here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Even if people left the Philippines so many years ago in search for their dreams, so many left a piece of their hearts. Thanks.

  29. IT, I am blessed to have found your blog sometime back. You are truly an inspirational family. May God bless and reward you for all the good you are doing for the Philippines and for all the lives you’ve touched and brightened with your posts.

    • God has given more that I deserve and I will always be grateful for that. Now, I have a chance to give back and do something for all God’s children facing the worst hardship in their lives. Thanks.

  30. Bastet says:

    Wonderfully inspiring…and such a beautiful experience for your son! Blessing to you all!

    • Thanks. It’s a joy to teach him that there is always something we can do to help. That we need to think about others and be involve with what’s going on in our world.

      • Bastet says:

        Agree completely! Children need to know that they and infact all of us can really make a difference in the world. A wonderful way to move into life for a child!

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  33. Thank you and yours for your effort. I had a teary eye, reading this. Peace and love
    - McDaniels Gyamfi (

    • Until now, I can’t finish watching all the images and videos of the loss and destruction without stopping. Too much pain, grief and misery. A lot of my friends here in Houston are trying raise funds, just like all the kind-hearted people around the world that responded generously to the victims. There is hope. Thanks.

  34. What a fantastic thing your family did – not only raising money for the needed in the Philippines but involving your son in the process – which is just both beautiful and good for him. You have a generous heart – all of you.

    • Thanks. It’s very inspiring to see so many trying to help and be involve. I hope and pray it continues not just for the Philippines but around the world that needs our help and support. Thanks.

  35. Wow, the Lego spinners are such a great idea! And I love how your son added to this collection to sell more. I hear food and help is finally getting to the remote parts of the Philippines. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for everyone so far and how much more they have ahead of them to get back to a semi-normal life.

    • Yes, help is getting into the worst parts of the country hit by the typhoon. Sadly it was not as fast as the response of the global community who helped and shared as soon as news came out of how bad it was. The social media and news helped so much touch the world as well as awaken the sleeping government officials. A huge reality check for so many. Thanks.

  36. Wow, you are a beautiful family, what a wonderful idea! Being a Dane I have a special love for Lego :-)

    • A lot of my friends and co-workers are doing fundraising and making people more aware. There are a lot of Filipinos here in Houston whose family and town got affected by the typhoon and they pouring out their hearts and all efforts to reach out back home. Thanks.

  37. hugmamma says:

    God bless you for your efforts…humble, yet grand…and for teaching your son by example, that compassion for others is…priceless. hugs…

    • Honestly, mine is not even a lot to what my friends had raise so far. My co-worker who started ShelterBox campain at my work place has about $4,000 already which means more homeless will have a roof above their heads and comfort. Truly a touching, moving endeavor she made. I even saw the pics of ShelterBox in action in Cebu and Tacloban. I’m part of her time but a lot of efforts she did herself in person. Thanks.

  38. Sun says:

    this is wonderful seeing your son get so involved with the reparation movement – i love his Lego creations and its being used for something worthwhile instead of having toys just sitting idle in the toy box. well done, mom and dad! awesome parenting ☺

    • I hope to teach him that we need to care about what’s going on around us and to help if we can. Also just because we want something and we can afford it doesn’t mean we have to buy it or get it. I told him several times, “One medium size Lego box is one month income for a family of 4 or more in the Philippines.” Makes him think several times before he asked us to buy him toys when he already has a lot. I never had a Lego as a kid, it was only meant for the rich growing up. I think having to experience hardship makes one appreciate more God’s blessings and in a way relate to what others go through when times are tough. Thanks.

  39. restlessjo says:

    I read the preceding post at the same time as this. How hard for you it must be to know that your mum is living with a damaged roof and in fear of what comes next. The huge relief at knowing they survived is over and the hard work begins. Bless you for doing everything you can to engage people’s attention and supporting the people “back home”. I knew you would! My prayers are with you, and a hug for the little Lego builder. :)

    • My friends told me, “Just take it easy and not worry to much.” I wish I can just turn off the “Don’t worry to much” button and let it go by but then we can’t really change who we are. I’m thankful that God is keeping them safe and healthy. The roof is something we could easily fix but human life and health is far way precious and delicate. Thanks for the generous thoughts and prayers.

  40. Sony Fugaban says:

    You and your family are really heroes. I could see how much efforts you are pouring into this endeavor: to help our kababayan back in the country.

    And we, here in Almarai Company-KSA, are glad to be of help with you for this cause. We have also sent yesterday a decent amount of money and stuff that will be utilized for the ongoing relief operations we–across the globe–are carrying out.

    • I heard that our “kababayans” are helping all over in whatever way they can. Whether from Middle East, U.K., USA, Canada or back home. In a way it is inspiring to see a world responding and working as one. Makes you believe in humanity’s capicity for goodness and kindness once more in contrast to the negative things we hear in the news. There is hope indeed. May take a long time to rebuild Tacloban and all places wiped out by the typhoon but if we all walked with the victims till the last home is built, time is but a number. What matters is that they have all the support they can get. We need to help them hang on. Go on. Thanks Bro. Best wishes to your family.

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  42. kz says:

    God bless you guys. what you’re doing and what you’re teaching your son is a wonderful thing. :)

    • Thanks. I just want him to realize there is a world out there that needs our help. Some even closer than we think. It’s so easy to wrap ourselves in our world, comfortable, easy, with all things nice that money can buy and now that it’s Christmas, it’s even easier to forget that thousands are begging for food and water to just survive. It is heart breaking. It could be something that can happen to anyone, anywhere. The rebuilding will take a while in the worst hit of places and I’m praying generous people will continue to help. It’s only week two post typhoon Haiyan.

  43. Imelda says:

    Kudos to you and your family, especially your boy. In my heart I thank those who supported your fundraising. Little by little and with the grace of God, our countrymen, your family, will be able to rebuild.

    • I hope and pray it will especially for those who only have whatever clothes they have on as the remaining belongings that was left after Typhoon Haiyan wiped out everything. Saddest part if that most of the victims are already poor and barely got anything. Living on a day to day basis and now this…
      I grew up there till I was 31 and I see poverty everywhere around me. So is corruption and unequality of resources. Sad…painfully sad. Thanks for sharing.

  44. What a wonderful way Island Traveler to touch a child’s heart to have compassion for others, it is in giving from the heart that we receive, no not worldly treasure but Spiritual Treasure, stored up for Eternity, never to rust or be stolen. .

    Christian Love always from both of us- Anne

    • P.S … As promised Island Traveler , the link to your Power point… Love around the World, It’s from my heart to yours….

      Love –

      Blessings Anne

      • Thank you Anne. I read the post and truly a pure, beautiful expression of what love is. I hope and pray, such kind of love will sink and grow to everyone’s heart especially now that so much suffering, chaos, calamities are happening around the world. God bless.

      • Thank you for your kind words Island Traveler , I’m pleased you were blessed by viewing the Power point, it was a challenge to create but as God’s Truth always touches my heart, I was also blessed by creating it.

        I felt the first slide looked like you and your son on the beach but not sure where or when I found it. Often when I see a picture that I like on the Internet, I save it and use it later when I create.

        All good things come from God, they really belong to Him not us but He gives them to us freely, this is why I share everything freely with others, like you did with the Lego’s…. God Loves a cheerful giver.
        Blessings Anne

      • You’re right, the father and son by the beach kind of reminds me of the many times me and my son shared fun, happy times close to the sea. Whether to escape life’s worries or appreciate/celebrate life’s blessings and gifts, it made us feel close to a home we will always carry with us wherever we go. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you and Ron.

  45. Iamrcc says:

    Thank you for taking time away from such an important activity to visit my site and like my post “Unexpected”. Your family is very generous with their time and talent in your fundraising. Catholic churches here in Chicago are asking individuals to make their donations to Catholic Relief Services for victims of the typhoon. Website address is

    • I will check it out. My town mates in the U.S. are also helping raise funds for several churches and their communities in Capiz whose roofs, walls, homes were destroyed as well as help feed the hungry. So much devastation in Tacloban, Leyte, Cebu, Panay and nearby coastal towns and villages, some no longer recognizable. We need all the help and prayers we can get. God bless.

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    • God bless you my friend for sharing a piece of hope and light for those who needed them so badly after Typhoon Haiyan. I know there will be no Christmas for those places totally devastated but atleast we can bring a piece of comfort, warmth, shelter, dignity that I believe every human being should be entitled to have. Thank you so much….

  47. Madhu says:

    Oh IT, I am so sorry I missed this and your earlier post! I am deeply saddened by the devastation in your hometown, and know it will be a hard uphill task towards rehabilitation. I am equally inspired by your efforts to help and the way you are including your son in the process. Adding my thoughts and prayers to those of all your friends and loved ones. Take care.

  48. Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. Phone lines still down and no electricity in my parents place but that is nothing compared to the images I saw of Tacloban and nearby coastal villages. It’s the worst typhoon/hurricane in history and never in my wildest dreams it will hit the many islands I always considered as home despite of 11 years in America. No matter how small, there is something we can do to help and perhaps bring a piece of smile, light and hope as Christmas approaches.

  49. We’ve been raising funds here in Niue as well, Mr B. We’re sending the money next week. We’ve reached over 300,000 pesos now… and still trying. We’re doing our best. Sorry about what happened to your place, but I’m glad you’re family in Capiz is safe.

    • You and your group serves as an inspiration for so many. So many will have a piece of hope and comfort because of your generosity and support. There is always something we can do. Even more when we all work together. God bless.

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