Grandest Light Of Christmas

“The brightest and most grandest of light is the one that always shine in your heart.”

Christmas reflections

Growing up, my parents taught me that there is only one source of light that came to save the world on Christmas day. He didn’t come with an entourage of security guards, blaring loud music, flashy strobe lights nor walked on a red carpet surrounded by screaming fans and paparazzi . His parents didn’t stay in the most expensive, grandest of hotels to celebrate his birth nor invited the high and mighty of the society so he can be paraded and flaunted. He and his family chose humility and simplicity which became a symbol of inspiration for so many to find their inner light of hope and faith. He chose to stay away from the limelight so others most had forgotten will shine their brightest.

Christmas reflections

Christmas is a time of joy and giving. It is that time of the year when we become a light for others. Light that makes them smile because they are genuinely happy. Light that makes them feel loved and appreciated. Light that continues to shine and give courage long after the holidays are over and the last piece of Christmas trimmings packed and stored in the attic.

Christmas reflection

Yesterday me and my son had a date. Yes, we had a “Father and son” date. My wife went out with her lady friends and I had my 8-year old all to myself. I planned to make our time together, “grand and amazing.”

After picking him up from school, we went for a “Happy Hour” early dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It’s a happy hour because all food are half off. Yipee!

We ordered all his favorites, sushi roll, shrimp tempura, siu mai while I ordered my usual salmon sashimi. As we wait for our orders we talked about school and I did let him play his favorite Minecraft on my iPhone. I told him, “Hey, just don’t tell mom, okay?”

Next stop was HEB for some bananas, papayas and cantaloupe. My eager grocery buddy volunteered to push the cart.

Final stop was Dollar Tree. We needed supplies for our Christmas ornaments project. While I was busy finding glitter glue and foam sheets, my son was busy selecting mechanical pencils. Close to the check-out counter, I saw a very familiar scene of Christmas, the Nativity scene. That very simple yet meaningful Nativity scene now stands at the center of our living room to always remind me of what Christmas is truly all about.

Christmas reflection

As soon as we hit home, we started building our Christmas tree. While I painstakingly opened one pine leaf after another, my son started plugging the Christmas lights while singing, “We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas.” He placed it beneath the tree then started going all out by circling them around and on me. He was holding then with his bare hands all lit up and all. I had to tell him, “Please stop. We both can get electrocuted if there is any open wire.” He gave me a little sad face as he dropped the lights and pulled the plug from the socket. I felt sorry. I was totally being a “Christmas Grinch.” But safety first, right?

Christmas reflection

Before my son went to bed, he led his mom towards the Nativity scene, plugged the Christmas lights and said, “Look mom, me and dad did this. You like it mom, you like it?” My wife looking surprised replied, “Oh, wow! It’s beautiful.”

Christmas reflection

Christmas Grinch woke up early and made sure all the Christmas lights were in place and ready to dazzle. When my son and wife woke up, it was still dark but the Christmas lights were brilliantly dazzling their grandest like thousands of fireflies hovering around a pine tree.

Christmas reflection

On the way to school, I heard my son singing again, “We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas.” I didn’t have to look on my back mirror to know that he was happy and that he was feeling the joyful, exciting spirit of the holidays. The tone and mood of his voice said it all. I know it pretty well because I was singing with him too.

Wishing everyone the best of the holidays. May your Christmas season and the days to follow always shine with the grandest and brightest of lights.

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71 Responses to Grandest Light Of Christmas

  1. misswhiplash says:

    Just like you…my heart is like the proverbial,’ Blackpool Illuminations’ it is filled with love and care for the people and animals all over the world…..God Bless us all

    • A loving and caring heart is heart blessed heart. I wish for the same for all not just the holidays but even so on ordinary days. God bless you and your family. Sorry to hear about Benji.

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  3. Oh what a beautiful post again, IT. You always bring so much light into our world with your words, that we’re beginning to feel the Christmas Spirit too. The tree looks fantabulous and now, let’s sing with you “We wish you a Merry Christmas……..” Pawkisses for a wonderful time :)

    • Wishing you and your family a Merry, fantabulous Christmas too. How we chose to make the spirit bright, cheerful and fun for our family makes all the difference. We don’t need all that extra expensive blings. We just need the one that matters to the heart. Thanks.

  4. Mel says:

    Hi Island Traveller, Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for the Shauny Award :) please see my blog for instructions.

  5. bulldog says:

    Often after reading your blog I regret I never did with my son what you do with yours… truly inspiring…

    • We have our ways to make our kid’s childhood the best there is. What matters is the love and care we give for them and I know you got tons of that my friend. Your adventures actually inspires me every time. Thanks.

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  7. Beautifully told! Good one, Mr B! Reading this post reminded me of my excitement of going home this week…:-)

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  9. Madhu says:

    As beautiful as always IT! Love your Christmas lights! Have a great weekend :-)

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  11. Lovely sentiments–enjoyed the entire set of images, but especially the lights in various compositions.

    • Thanks Sally. The light nows greet me when I wake up and greets me still when I come home from work. So far we didn’t put ornaments yet because we just enjoyed its simplicity and pureness. It somehow reminds me that we really don’t needs all the flashy, expensive decors in our lives. Inner light and beauty is already within all of us. We just need to let it shine.

  12. That is one wonderful, happy boy! Happy holidays, IT. To you and yours.

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  14. Angelia Sims says:

    Nothing like the light of the world to light up your heart. So glad he has that and how wonderful you got the tree and lights up! I am sure he felt pretty lucky to have a Dad that wasn’t a grinch after all. :-) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    • Yes, Mr. Grinch had a change of heart and made up for it as soon as he got his sleep. Thanks. Wishing you and your family all the wonderful blessings of the holidays.

  15. restlessjo says:

    We have a very old but much-loved nativity scene that always sits at the foot of our tree. I can feel your son’s excitement and happiness all the way over here, Mr. B :) A joyous and wonderful Christmas season to you. Hope the folks back home are managing to reconstruct their lives.

    • Thanks Jo. I always wanted a Nativity scene. I had it in my parents house when I was younger. It’s really beautiful to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas. Of giving, loving and cherishing our faith. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  16. What wonderful Christmas decorations you have! Your son sounds like a really happy little boy. Christmas blessings to you and your family. :)

  17. Blessings Island Traveler , yes as you shared with your son, Christmas brings Joy to many because as your Nativity picture shows us, Jesus is the reason for the season because is a time of Love, Jesus is all about Love, so the heart of Christmas goes on all year.

    Do you know what all the Symbols of Christmas mean Island Traveler, I will give you a link it explains their meanings. I’m sorry you should have received it but although you are following our Christmas Blog like the others, WordPress are not sending you our Posts, I have notified them and hope to hear soon.

    Symbols –

    Christmas Love and Blessings from us both – Anne

    • Hi again Island Traveler, I checked back to this Post and you received it last year but not the updated one which has more symbols, hope you find them a blessing, some of them I didn’t know, some I did and the rest the Lord showed me, they are all about Love of course, because their all about Jesus.

      Blessings Friend – Anne

      • Thank you Anne. It is a perfect Christmas reflection for all. It’s also timely since my son had this homework of what Christmas is for him and his family. Of what the symbols means and honestly, nothing I googled was a satisfactory description until I read your post. A beautiful, inspiring post.

      • Thank you for the pingbacks Island Traveler, I consider them a gift from you and I value your kindness in sharing my Post.

        Christmas Love from both of us – Anne

  18. Colline says:

    He is the grandest light of all – and the reason why we celebrate Christmas. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the Nativity.

  19. Sun says:

    so beautiful, so grand – your father and son date. love the idea and the joy, inspiration you bring. a blessed Advent season to you and love ones. ♥

  20. The Guat says:

    Dude I liked this post and especially that Lego Pic and the pictures of the Christmas lights on the floor with your feet there. You’re such a good dad. That pic reminds me of the time I decorated the tree with lights and half of them didn’t work. :)

    • It was a fun experience and it made me value more simple yet meaningful moments with family. Our children reminds us that happiness do come in tiny, uncomplicated packages. Thanks.

  21. Love your Christmas tree and the pretty cards!!

  22. Love your Father and Son day out. A beautiful tradition. The nativity scene, the Lego display and the festive lights – ahhh! When our grandkids visit, we take them to a Thai restaurant for sushi. They love that, too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Thanks. Christmas is about sharing a wonderful time with our families. Sushi, toys, hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies are just a few of the many ways we share happiness with our love ones. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  23. ChgoJohn says:

    Your Son is at the perfect age for Christmas. He’s old enough to know and appreciate the true meaning of the day but still young enough to look with wonder upon the bright lights and decorations. He’s got the best of both worlds — and you and Mom are there to share it with him. Perfect. Merry Christmas to you and your loving family.

    • He does belong to that perfect age of magic and wonder. We are truly blessed to share that world not just on Christmas but everyday. Thanks . Merry Christmas to you my friend and your family.

  24. Like the song says, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. My favorite holiday of all, and my kids’ too. Such happy times of giving, sharing and loving. And lots of fun decorating! Beautiful tree you put together there.

    • I so agree. My favorite as well. We even have a reindeer snowman night light which kept us in holiday cheer all year round. We got it from Target last December of 2012. We can feel like Christmas 365 days a year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks.

  25. I could almost hear the joyful singing in the post. This was very beautiful, the post moved me in a nice way. May God bless you and your family with the brightest lights in this festive season and ahead! So glad to have come across your beautiful space, Merry Christmas! :)

  26. Eli Pacheco says:

    I have three daughters who’ve gone on daddy/daughter dates with me, and I can tell you the one commodity that makes all of them worth it is the time we spent together, just as you and your son did. I love that story.

    Well done, dad – here’s to more time you and your boy exchange the gift of each other.

    • Thanks Eli. You are blessed with three beautiful, wonderful daughters. If being with my son is magical, that magical x 3 for you. Ain’t that awesome? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  28. rommel says:

    You nailed it, IT. You totally nailed it. SIMPLICITY!!! Simplicity is one of the truest meaning of Christmas, as illustrated by the way, the place He was born.

    • Thanks bro. Simplicity is even more meaningful now that we all know somewhere in our world will never get to see or feel Christmas. And it’s up for us to bring it back to them no matter how small. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  29. ideflex says:

    Always so beautiful and thoughtful -
    Across the Bored has nominated you for an Award at If you choose to accept, feel free to pass it along to other deserving bloggers! If not, know that your blog is well appreciated and a source of inspiration for us.

  30. Amy says:

    This is a grand post, IT!

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