My Kind Of Window

My kind of window is…

Where the ocean sunrise greets me when I wake up.

weekly photo challenge: windows

Where it’s Summer all the time and the waves, the sand and sun are just a few steps away.

weekly photo challenge: window

Where I can’t wait to go out to enjoy life and sail its many adventures.

weekly photo challenge: windows

Where childhood dreams and treasures untold becomes real.

weekly photo challenge: window

Where I feel I’m truly home enjoying a glorious sunset with the people who matters the most to me.

weekly photo challenge: windows

Wishing you all a window with an amazing view with tons of fun, exciting surprises.

What’s your kind of window?

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About Island Traveler

A devoted husband and father who tries to make a positive difference in the lives of his family and friends. A person who finds inspiration and strength on those he loves and who loved him in all aspects of his life.
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62 Responses to My Kind Of Window

  1. Hello Island Traveler-
    The point of view behind your photos, and the view through your windows are all beautiful!
    Thank you for your thoughts, and for beginning to follow my blog.

  2. memetran says:

    Sounds like I need to find a window like that!

  3. Thank you for a very worthy thought. I really like your idea of finding and knowing what our perfect windows are. Your photos are awesome.

    • Our dream windows mirror the things that makes us happy. The beach makes me and my family happy. Somehow, it also reminds us of home in the islands thousand of miles away. Thanks.

  4. Amy says:

    Your kind of window is so beautifully presented, IT!

  5. I could certainly live with these windows.

    • A window that reminds us that life is meant to be enjoyed and that we need to just take things slow even if everything around us seems to be in a hurry all the time. Thanks.

  6. garden2day says:

    The kind that has a beautiful scenery and that I can step through. :D Beautiful post.

  7. enjoyed your windows. good to hear from you, island traveler! i trust you are keeping well. and a big thank you for following my fairly newbie blog, photojourneying. much appreciated!

    • Your welcome and thank you as well. I’m doing well yes. Got some rough stuff in 2013 but who doesn’t right? We move on and do our best hoping the next days will be better. Wishing you a great New Year.

  8. Love your take on windows! Happy day!

  9. mj monaghan says:

    Your window is my window, my friend. I want that ocean view.

    • That’s what I tell my wife, “One ocean view please,” but then she’ll say, “One Mall view please.” So we try to meet halfway. Some days I got my ocean view, other days, her kind of window view. Perhaps one day, when we both simply want to chill, the ocean view will be more permanent. Thanks.

  10. lilladyj says:

    Wow…I love your blog…I’ve read a few…I’m a newbie lol…but this one speaks to me…I see that same window with my 17 yr. old son standing there…the world is in his hands…I hope he lives for happiness always….thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Oh, wow. You already got a 17 year old. I bet you both had a lot of fun and exciting times. Of windows that lead to many adventures. My 8-year old keeps me busy and young at heart. thanks.

  11. bebs1 says:

    I love a window where I could see all the beauty that God meant us to see.

  12. What a beautiful window! I love these sentiments…

  13. bulldog says:

    These are just amazing windows true to your blog…. I love it…

  14. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Fantastic, I’d like to wake up there :-)

    • Thanks. It’s a place I always I hope to wake up too everyday. We only stayed there for 5 days. It’s in Clearwater Beach. I told my wife, “Can we just relocate here?” Still waiting for her answer….

  15. Marianne says:

    Wonderful gallery of window photos – well done!

    • Thanks. It’s one place me and my family had a lot of happy memories. Leaving was really hard but then reality is, we need to go back to Houston and back to work. When we miss the beach, we head to Galveston Island which is 45 miles from the city.

  16. Juliapulia says:

    Your kind of window makes me feel freedom :)
    And, answering you question – my kind of window is where I am able to communicate with others – my phone, my eyes, my daughter’s eyes, and many more.

  17. misswhiplash says:

    We could change places then I could see such wonderful lucky you are.My Wonderful Window is the joy of actually waking up in the morning and find that I have another day to live

    • To wake up alive, healthy, surrounded by our family, that in itself is a priceless gift of a greater window called “Life.” Thanks my friend. Perhaps one day, we get to see in person our side of the world.

  18. Those are some nice windows for sure! My favorite windows would have to open up on nature too, either a lot of green, or some body of water. Or on my kids playing outside. That would be nice too. :-)

  19. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Happy New Year my friend! I love all your windows and looks like your son does too. I love the morning picture if my mornings looked like that I’d probably be more of a morning person. But I like your sunset one because it’s calming to me. Your son looking out for his childhood adventures is one I’m very familiar with too. I love all your pictures and hope windows in 2014 bring you some more awesome :)

    • The Guat says:

      I also loved your Beginning This Year post but wasn’t able to leave a comment. It was so inspiring! It’s like you read my mind for change and a better 2014. I hope you get everything you resolved to do. Excellent post!

    • Thanks my friend. I wish you and your family an exciting New Year full of happy and fun blessings. When I look at your adventures with your kids, I too see something so familiar as a parent. Legos, Dinos, endless days of play and creativity. Something that make us smile anytime, anyday.

  20. Colline says:

    The best kind of window is the one that encourages you to go out and explore. The scenes from some of the windows you have shown us would certainly do this.

  21. What marvelous views. I’d love to be staring out a few of those windows … and, then, run out to enjoy the day. Thanks for sharing, Island Traveler. ;-)

  22. Sun says:

    i love how your family provides your son with wonderful windows to view and learn about the world. there is hope for a better tomorrow. thanks, IT.

    • Thanks. Every time we travel and stay in a hotel, my son looks like he’s in Disney Land. Wheneever we get a room with an ocean view, it’s Disney Land plus fireworks!

      • Sun says:

        you guys are wonderful parents. just joyful to read all your posts and how your son reflects the joy he gets from both of you. so nice. :)

      • He’s a wonderful kid. He does have his mood swings when he’s hungry or sleepy but pretty much he has a happy, positive enthusiasm that never fails to influence me & his mom. It was a fun day indeed. Thanks.

  23. ristinw says:

    Wow! Big windows are my favorite! :D

  24. restlessjo says:

    I want to go right out and sail those adventures now, Mr. B! :) Hope your week’s a happy one.

  25. I love your windows! Such beautiful views. Have a great week, IT.

  26. Thanks for the sweet wish. :-)

  27. I’m so pleased Island Traveler that you had a great Holiday, you deserve to have a good rest and enjoy yourself. I know your type of work is full on and involves pressure in keeping to time tables etc and also physical and mental stamina, as well as offering care and compassion both in words and actions and I have no doubt you do it all very well and with dedication but it is good to see your windows of time out, we all need a break, it we are to continue to offer our best.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Thanks Anne. God is good. He help us find ways to heal and regain our strength & inspiration. He knows that as long as I’m by the beach with my family, feels like its a special holiday. God bless you and Ron.

  28. naomimgruer says:

    Beautiful post and pictures!

  29. Beautiful post and photos!! Love your window views….priceless!!! ~Sophia

  30. Mélanie says:

    Hi IT! here are my windows: :)
    * * *
    I do hope you’ve been fine and healthy these past weeks… my very best and friendly thoughts, cheers! Mélanie, ex-Houstonian :)

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