Mardi Gras Blog Party

Every year for two consecutive weekends, King Gambrinus host a grand Mardi Gras Party for 300,000 of his closest friends with about 650,000 throws just on the first weekend alone.



First Saturday begins with the noontime Mystic Krewe of Aquarius Kick Off Parade followed later after sunset by the Krewe of Gambrinus Parade. By the time Mardi Gras season is over, 3 million beads will be thrown to the cheering spectators in Galveston Island.



Mardi Gras is a festival of feasting and merrymaking. From my perspective, it is about celebrating the simple joys in life and abandoning our worries even if it’s just for a day or two.


Mardi Gras Blog Party

This weekend, we will have our very own cyberspace Mardi Gras. With a bit of imagination and creativity, fun and merrymaking will be right at our doorsteps.


So, let’s turn on the Mardi Gras music, dance and sing to its beat, indulge on our favorite food and drink in moderation, wear a festive mask and a few colorful beads because our blog party is about to begin.


First, let’s high five.


Now time to raise our arms and hands so we can catch lots and lots of beads.



In our blog Mardi Gras, a shower of beads comes like pouring rain.





Now, time to enjoy some live music.



The sun has just set and our blog party just heating up. Here comes more floats and yes, more beads.





Let’s rock and roll with Elvis.



It feels good to abandon our worries and troubles even for a moment. To have fun and celebrate “us.”



Thank you for celebrating with me on our first Mardi Gras Blog Party. It was more fun because of you. Hope to see you all in next year’s celebration. Have a blessed weekend and an amazing first days of Spring.

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Minecraft Dad Three Times Awesome

Whether it’s a scribble, a human stick drawing, a cartoon character sketch or a landscape painting, our children creates the most beautiful, exciting, priceless work of Art. Each piece mirrors pureness and innocence. Each piece brings forth happiness and youthful, bright optimism. Each piece takes us to a magical, fun world where we can build anything our imagination wish to create.


Tired from a busy day at work, I sat down on the sofa and joined my 8-year old as he watched his favorite Disney channel series. Out of the blue, he grabbed his notebook and scattered his colored pencils on the coffee table. The last few days he’d been sketching Minecraft characters and I thought he would add more characters to his collection. He sat close to me and started his drawing. I noticed he kept looking at my face, my clothes then started counting the buttons on my shirt. I asked him, “What are you doing? Do I have something on my face?” Smiling he replied, “I’m making a Minecraft Dad.” I tried to look at his drawing but he covered it with his hands and said, “Don’t look. It’s not done yet.” Curious I asked him, “Is that a new Minecraft character?” He didn’t answer. He was too engrossed with what he was doing. When he was done drawing he flipped the notebook towards me and said, “Look, this is you. You’re the Minecraft Dad! Do you like it.” Happily, I answered back,”Wow! That is really good. Great job!” I gave him a hug and a kiss on his head and said, ” Thank you. I love it!”


The next day while waiting for my wife and son to wake up, I made my usual cup of coffee. As I drank my coffee, I looked at my son’s Minecraft Dad drawing and said to myself, “That’s one of the most beautiful Art I’d ever seen. It’s not only a work of Art but an Art done with a lot of love…for me.” Priceless? Absolutely!


Three pictures. One unforgettable “our moment” father and son story. It feels three times awesome being a Minecraft Dad.  

Thank you for sharing your day with me. Hope you enjoyed my version of this week’s photo challenge called “Threes.” Next post, we’ll have a Mardi Gras blog Party and everyone’s invited.

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A Man’s True Treasure

“A man’s true treasure is not measured by how much riches he has but how much love he has in his life.”

Eight years flew by. So many changes and events had happen. In all, unconditional love from family withstood the test and trials of time. They are my true treasures that gives me a sense of purpose and meaning.


Creating Treasured Moments Together

Everyday, we have opportunities to create treasured memories with our family. This week, me and my wife helped our 8-year old with his school presentation.

Learning from his past mistake, my second grader rehearsed repeatedly his new project called “From Trash To Treasure.” It’s about recycling things we may otherwise throw away and turn them into usable gems. They searched the internet for examples and found a picture frame made from old cereal boxes and puzzles. Unable to find puzzles in his room, my son found something even better,  his old Lego bricks. I thought it was a brilliant idea.


Yesterday, I asked him excitedly, “So, how was your school project?” He smiled at me and replied, “Good.” I asked him further, “Did you answer all the questions your teacher asked you? He answered, “She didn’t ask any questions.” I said to myself, “I guess his teacher liked his work.”


Letter To My Son

“Son, it wasn’t long ago when I held you in my arms, placed you on my chest and rocked you gently till you fell asleep. You were so small, fragile with tiny feet, hands and all. I remembered your first cry, first smile, first steps, first day in Kindergarten and many more. I wish there was a way to slow it all but I can’t. All I can do is make the most of every beautiful, unforgettable moment, treasure each memory and forever relive them in my heart. Thank you for bringing into my life all the happiness and love I could ever want in this lifetime. Thank you for each amazing Birthday, wonderful wishes and exciting dreams you shared with me and your mom year after year.”

Love you always,  Dad


Find Treasures That Matters The Most 

There are so many treasures around us but only a few will truly make a difference in our lives. We need to find the ones that matters the most. What are your treasures?

Whatever your treasures are, don’t let this day pass by without letting them know how much they mean to you. If you can’t say it on words, loving, thoughtful  gestures will do. When we know someone so well, the heart speaks without even saying a single word.

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Selfie, How Should I Say It?

Today, Love Is In The Air

Oh, intoxicating love. Here comes your crazy, infectious, special day of whirlwind romance. A day where love struck humans fall under your spell willingly and celebrate you like the most priceless jewel on Earth.

love and Valentine's Day

Love, how should I say it? How can I say “I love you,” with the most beautiful, unforgettable of sparks? Like fireworks creating millions of brilliant stars in broad daylight with the music of the orchestra playing so passionately, honestly, purely that your heart pounds widely like it’s about to explode.

So, how should I say it?

Should I say it with her favorite brewed coffee sprinkled with a heart shape cinnamon sugar?

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I say with a dozen roses? Will that sweep her off her feet? Will that make her smile with happy twinkle in her eyes?

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I say it with an irresistible sweetness of chocolates? I heard chocolate works like a magic love potion that makes the heart flutter and fall in love. Will those truffles melt her heart?

love and Valentine's Day selfie

What about those huggable stuffed toys? Will she kiss this adorable frog and magically turn him not only into a prince but the happiest prince in all the land?

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I say it with balloons? The other day, while at a store she told me excitedly, “Look, that Teddy Bear balloon is so cute!”  When I came back the next day, the lady at the counter said, “We are out of the Teddy Bear balloon. The one on display is the only one left. It’s been there for two weeks. If you can untangle it, you can have it.” Was it fate?

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I say it with a Hallmark Valentine card? Something that will both make her laugh and feel cupid’s arrow strike at the same time. Something with a boom and a wow.

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I say it with a “True love’s kiss?” Last night we watched “Enchanted” and all it took was one kiss for them to live happily ever after.

love and Valentine's Day selfie

Should I keep it simple and just say it from the heart the best I know how? It may not glitter like the most expensive of diamonds but I do know it’s something we can celebrate everyday with our 8-year old son all year round.

love and Valentine's Day selfie

To my wife, thank you for being the most amazing wife and the most loving, generous mom to our son. I am truly blessed because of you. Thank you for your unconditional love and patience. Thank you for making me believe that I can be a prince surrounded with the most priceless of treasures, my family. And yes, thank you for making me the happiest prince in all the land.

Luv, Happy Valentine’s Day!

love and Valentine's Day selfie

To my blogging community, wishing you and your treasured love ones a Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness. A Valentine’s Day to celebrate always and forever.

P.S. This is my “Selfie” version of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Having a “Selfie Phobia,” it was the hardest, nerve wrecking challenge to date but for love, we go out of our comfort zone, face our fears and give our best. Whew! Glad the selfie shots are over. Now, I can relax and take a bite of those chocolates, with my wife’s permission of course.

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