Heroes In The Making

Another amazing school year has passed. So many great memories or as my son wrote on his Second Grade Memories Journal, “awesom” memories made.


Anything zombie, Pokemon, Minecraft, Lego Star Wars is a huge hit for 8-year old dudes for school year 2013-2014. Yep, second grader boys call each other dudes. Sounds funny at first but kind of cool when we allow ourselves to think like a second grader.

With the help of our dedicated teachers and very supportive parents, a new generation of heroes fueled with super powers of knowledge, wisdom, talent, skills, heart of courage and optimism are ready to take flight and make their mark in the world.


Last Thursday, my son together with the rest of the second graders celebrated their graduation. Each student went up the stage excitedly to receive their awards and certificate of attendance.

Like any of the applauding parents in the audience, me and my wife were so happy and proud for our son’s achievement. He did try his best and worked hard for his grades.

Among the awards, his favorite was “Super Student” for the month of May. To him, it sums up both the things he learned and excel from as well as for showing proper conduct and good model behavior. Did he develop super student powers? I bet he did just like any student around the planet who took another giant leap in their educational milestone.


“Heroes are not born. They are made.”


My son’s yearbook was immensely fun and inspiring this year. So inspiring that many of the parents felt like they have super wings as they looked at the many school activities of their children. Just after the front cover titled “Heroes In The Making” was a picture of a group of kids running towards the school’s entrance door with their cape and superhero costume, all eager to enter their classroom. It’s the same picture and enthusiasm I see every morning when I bring my son to school, minus the superhero get-up of course.

In so many ways, children are superheroes that constantly inspires their peers, their teachers, their parents and the bigger world around them. They are the bright hope of the present and the future. 


There is always room for fun learning and creativity even if school has ended. Summer is a perfect way to learn new things, read a book, write, draw, paint, discover nature, watch movies, start a hobby, build stuff and many more. Oops, did I miss catching up on making new blog posts? That too to all the bloggers out there. How about a challenging word puzzle and tic-tac-toe with an ocean view? A dream classroom right?

I wish there is a way to slow down time so I can fully savor all the unforgettable childhood school memories my son had but since I can’t, I made this post to serve as a door for me to go back and relive my super student’s second grade memories again and again.

On his last day of school, we made a special lunch by the pool. We tied two balloons near the table and wrote “To our no. 1 student. Congratulations! You are our no. 1 always.” As an added fun surprise, I drew a treasure map on his card that led to a mystery treasure. The joy on his face was totally priceless when he discovered that his surprise treasure was his much awaited Pokemon EX TCG cards. After he finished sorting the Pokemon cards, he studied the treasure map one more time, smiled and said, “more treasure maps please.”


Everyday, we are given chances to recognize our young heroes for all the wonderful things they bring into our lives. Today, let us celebrate our kids with our very own version of a treasure map that leads to something they love. It’ll be a cool way to spend a memorable Father’s Day weekend.

Wishing all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.

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Our Life Stories As Work Of Art

Art is anything that we find beautiful. It is anything that captured our hearts and moved our soul.

“The true value of an Art piece is not measured by how much it cost but how much it means to you and me.”


Our very life stories that unfolds every second is a living, breathing, constantly changing work of art. Sometimes they make us laugh. Other times them make us cry. Most of the time they inspire us to live the good life the best we know how.


Life stories that taught us how to love, hope, dream and not give up on our reasons for happiness.


Life stories that gave us the strength to let go and find our way back.


Life stories of the many memorable milestones and events that both shaped our own personal history and the bigger world around us.


Life stories that remind us that we don’t have to walk our life’s craziest, most exciting never-ending adventures alone.


About A Boy

Many years ago, I met this little boy. He was the young, better version of me and all that I hoped to be.


He shared with me a world that I never knew still exist. A world where it’s okay to be myself, to act silly, be funny and just chill.


A world that allows me to be care free and jump beyond the walls of grown-up expectations.

A world where it’s okay to be a little boy at heart, play and just have an awesome fun.

A world where everyday feels like Summer and the beach, just a creative imagination away with my two best buddies.


Last Saturday, we celebrated my son’s First Communion with all of his favorites. Pokemon cards, sushi, beach mini golf, burger at Jimmy’s and late night yogurt dessert at Orange Leaf. On the way home I asked him, “Did you have a great time?” Happily he replied, “Yes, dad. I had a great time.” Hearing that truly made my day.


Sorry for the long hibernation. Life got busy and work just more demanding than usual. Hope you enjoyed my version of this week’s photo challenge called “Work of Art.”

Thank you for the constant company and for sharing each other’s many fascinating life stories.

What are the many life stories that inspired you today?









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On Top Of Bluebonnet Field Of Dreams

Close to the heart of so many Texans is early Spring’s exciting surprise, the Bluebonnet’s Field of Dreams.


I hope to believe each bluebonnet represents one Texan dream. The more people dreaming and believing in their dreams, the more bluebonnet blooms there is. At its peak, nature’s magic creates a spectacular Field of Dreams. Where the best bluebonnet sightings will happen nobody can absolutely predict. This makes finding the most amazing bluebonnet trails an unforgettable thrilling experience for all ages.


This year, we found ours in Austin, just after Austin Community College, along 290W . Most fields are privately owned and only a rare few will cut down its barbed wire fences, bring it down and open its gate for the viewing Texan public. Finding one is truly a precious gem . We found our little treasure on Easter Sunday on the way home to Houston. Talk about Easter’s little miracles!


Our Field of Dreams covered several hills as far as the eyes can see. It was just incredible. Rows upon rows of beautiful shades of blue and whites.


We followed a trail that went uphill. We started walking at a leisurely slow pace but as our excitement reached a crescendo, we found ourselves running as swift as the wind. Gasping, sweating, out of breath heart-pounding swift running. Whew!


We did a lot circling and jumping. For a second it felt like we were flying. Hiyah!


We found a hay stack at the crest of the hill. My son climbed it, raised his arms and gave a big happy smile. I tried to climbed too but I was too heavy. Must be the buffet food I ate for lunch. Ouch!


From the top, the view was just amazing. We all felt like we were on top of the world.


Everyone has their version of the Field of Dreams. Ours are made of…

Laughter, tons of smiles, hugs and kisses.



Child-like adventures, fun stories and lots of playtime.



In the next few days, the bluebonnet flowers will start to fade and soon will die. In its place, brown seed pods will emerge that will soon fall to the ground in late Autumn and early Winter preparing for next year’s batch of Field of Dreams.


Long after Spring season has passed and the last of the bluebonnets has withered, our inner Field of Dreams can stay alive, grow and keep flourishing. Breathing, living, nurturing, “full of life” alive.


At times, we will face drought. Others times neck-deep flood from heavy rains but for as long as we hold on tightly to what is real, meaningful and important, our inner Field of Dreams will always be in full bloom, resting at the highest point of our hearts giving us that amazing feeling of being at the top of world anytime, any day.

I hope you enjoyed walking, running, jumping, even flying the many bluebonnet trails of the Hill Country. It is not only big in the heart of Texans but to all who wished to be a part of its magical trails. The inner Field of Dreams is after all present and very much alive in all of us.


What is your Field of Dreams. How do you wish for us to walk and celebrate it today?

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Easter Monument In Paris

At the highest peak in Paris stands a majestic religious monument called Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Day and night, pilgrims from all over offer their prayers of intercession for the Church, the world, for themselves and their families.


As we stood from the summit of Butte Montmartre also known as Mount of Martyrs, a breathtaking view of the city unfolds.


Monuments stand to tell us a story of the lessons and significance of the past as well as its implications in the present. Some of these monuments such as the Basilique du Sacré Cœur help us connect to our faith and find answers when we are facing hardships. They become a source of inspiration, a symbol of hope and courage. They give us a place to seek refuge when things becomes too unbearable as well as a place to celebrate when blessings abound .


Summer of 2013 was a season of extremes for me and my family. In one moment we were on top of the summit. Everything was all fun, happy and exciting. A few weeks later, I was down flat to the ground. No cushions. No warning. It was a nightmare where I was wide awake.

Perhaps finding the Basilica that Summer was more than a coincidence. Perhaps it was fate preparing me for what’s to come.


The Basilica is dedicated to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. That day we lit several candles and offered prayers. Looking back now, our journey to the Basilica as well as our visit to the shrine of Saint Marie Eugenie Milleret, founder of the Religious of the Assumption helped me and my wife take a huge leap of faith together.

Everyone goes through a rough time, strong enough to tear that person apart from within or from one another. Having enough monuments of support system and a faith to cling on to help us surpass the worst. When all things said and done, we were thankful for holding on, for believing in ourselves and one another, for not giving up on love.


Everyday, miracles happen. Some too small that we hardly notice them.

Walking outside the Basilica, I noticed a woman patiently collecting water dripping from the fountain. She believed the fountain serves as a monument that brings forth blessed water. With pure faith, the blessed water can bring about the miracle she is praying for. This woman is just one of the millions who believes in the power and miracles of prayers.


We took one last glance of the beautiful skyline and cityscape of Paris trying to create the best mental photograph of the place, its monuments and everything that we just witnessed.

Being there at that precise moment with my family and having the opportunity to travel Europe were miracles in themselves.


Easter is a celebration of new life. A new life that will remind us that no matter how difficult our circumstances and situations may be, there is always hope. Hope that light will come. Hope that tomorrow things will get better. Hope that our new beginnings will be all that we’d been praying for. Hope that all that needs saving can be saved.

Happy Easter to All.




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