2014 In Review And Beginning 2015 With A Clean Slate

“Wishing you and your family a prosperous, Happy New Year full of blessings. Blessings of love, happiness, peace, hope, success, good health, of passions and dreams turning into exciting, lasting and inspiring realities today and always.”

In 2015, let us begin with a clean slate and start everything fresh. Let this year be all about running for our dreams and doing the things we are most happy and passionate. Let this be a year about you and everyone that you hold dear in your heart. Let it be a year of celebrating life and its many blessings.

In 2015, let us begin with a clean slate and start everything fresh. Let this year be all about running for our dreams and doing the things we are most happy and passionate about. Let this be a year about you and everyone that you hold dear in your heart. Let it be a year of celebrating life and its many blessings.

Thank you to all who made my 2014 truly memorable. Thank you for each visit and comment. Thank you for always being there for me and my family. Thank you for the many kind thoughts and generous prayers. Thank you for inspiring me to keep following my dreams and doing the things I am passionate about. God bless.

New Year

Wishing everyone inner Joy that last a lifetime.

A toast to a positive, bright and happy 2015!


Let us walk together, hand in hand, helping each other achieve our dreams and hopes for 2015. “Here, take my hand. I will walk with you come what may.”

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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I Live For Moments Like These

I live for moments where I can hope, dream, love, laugh and ran like a little child full of happiness and care free abandonment.

2013, we spent our Christmas Day running and laughing by the beach of Galveston Island. It's been our family Christmas tradition to visit the Island for its unique memorable brand of Christmas celebration from Dicken's On The Strand, to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens, to a delicious taste bud delight at Gaido's and Jimmy's On The Pier, to just enjoying a fun day by the beach.

2013, we spent our Christmas Day running and laughing by the beach of Galveston Island. It’s been our family Christmas tradition to visit the Island for its unique memorable brand of Christmas celebration from the Dicken’s On The Strand, to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens, to a delicious feast at Gaido’s and Jimmy’s On The Pier, to enjoying a relaxing fun-filled day by the beach.

I live for moments where my family is my reason for waking up each day all happy, fired up, energized, breathing positivity and inspiration.

2014, we went back in Galveston Island and created new beautiful Christmas memories.

2014, we went back to Galveston Island and created new beautiful Christmas memories. Merry and bright Christmas memories.

I live for moments where faith becomes my light and hope my reason for moving on.


I live for moments where friendship becomes a priceless treasure to keep and cherish always.


I live for moments where I don’t have to worry and be afraid anymore. Moments where I can go to sleep soundly at peace with myself and everyone around me.


I live for moments where I get to enjoy the best of health not only today but a lifetime through.


I live for moments where I get to see and truly appreciate every part of Nature’s Sunrise.


I live for moments where I am bursting with gratitude for life and its many blessings.


I live for moments where life is celebrated to the fullest. 


I live for moments where lasting gifts and joys of Christmas are something I feel in my heart and the hearts of everyone around me every single day. 


Faith, family, friendship, a job we enjoy doing, a loving home with simple comforts, safety, good health and wellness, just a few of the many reasons to be happy and be thankful for in 2014.

I live for moments where I truly feel “ALIVE.”

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you and your family always.

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Don’t Let This Day Pass By

“We don’t have to say much, we just have to thank more the best we know how.”

To my blogger family, thank you for being there for me and my family. Thank you for your generous support, thoughts and prayers. It’s been a year of blessings no matter how many storms came our way. I thank God for you. I praise God for you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your love ones.
Don’t let this day pass by…

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Achieving Optimal Health, Wellness And Weight Loss With Yoli

“When we truly love someone, we share and support their dreams no matter how long it takes, where ever it takes. We will face with courage their fears, sickness, uncertainties, hardships, obstacles, challenges and sacrifices to achieve the dreams they are most passionate about. Their dream becomes our dream. Their hope becomes our hope. Their faith becomes our faith. Their heart becomes our heart. Their change becomes our change.”

Your Better Body Challenge

Two years ago, not only did I look and feel heavy at 194 pounds but I was neglecting my health and total well-being. I worked so many grave yard hours, deprived myself of sleep at night while loading myself with caffeine during the day to stay awake, habitually eat and binge on unhealthy food rich in carbs, sugar, salt and fats, drenched myself with stress, worries and anxiety, stopped exercising and being active. I was slowly losing interest in my physical health, allowing my many excuses and negativity to win. I can feel my optimism, youthful energy and zest slip away. I allowed myself to believe that it was just a normal part of having a slower metabolism at 40’s.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

Jan. 2012, Before I woke up from sleep, denial and physical health hibernation.

One night a co-worker showed me my picture a year before I started working with him. He simply said, “This was you. What happened?” It felt like a bucket full of water, ice and self-realization was thrown on my face. Just like that, I woke up. That very night, I made a choice. I made a commitment to feel my best, look my best. To achieve better health and lose weight. I made a promise to myself that I will eat healthier, live healthier, find ways to overcome stress.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

July, 2012, After starting with my Mr. B’s Diet, myfitnesspal app calorie counting and frequent elliptical cardio workouts, I was 30 pounds lighter. One draw back, I looked like a walking hanger with my old clothes. Had to slowly buy my new clothes at the clearance section in outlet malls.

When hitting mid-life crisis, some people invest on a big house, a big travel around the world, an expensive convertible, a Harley Bike, a speed boat, jewelries, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and that’s totally cool. I decided to invest on another kind of wealth, my health.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

Sept. 2014 in Austin. I was 157 pounds and my wife 124 pounds. We just got back from a month-long Family Reunion in the Philippines. Pretty much we indulged on food, sweets, treats and delicacies we badly missed.

Two years after that promise I made to myself, I was 37 pounds lighter with a diet I simply called Mr. B’s Diet which is mainly a staple of egg whites, plantains, grilled chicken breast, Power Green smoothies made of kale and spinach with blueberries, papaya or pineapple and 30 calories unsweetened vanilla almond milk. The diet is based on a daily calorie count of 1,300/day I learned from using my fitnesspal  iPhone app in the first three months of my initial dieting. All that time, I was trying all strategies to convince my wife to join in my weight loss program but she wasn’t ready.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

One thing I noticed with my wife when she was at her heaviest weight was that she started shying away from camera or posting pictures in her Facebook. She didn’t have to say it but emotionally, psychologically, her weight gain is affecting her. It wasn’t helpful too that some family and friends will jokingly say, “You’re getting fat?” or even worse, say something sarcastic or insulting like, “You look good with round face and double chin?” Sometimes, people can be mean and insensitive whether on purpose or innocently clueless. I usually would reassure her that what matters is beauty in the inside and yes, we will work on it when we get back home in Texas.

Have I achieved the weight loss I wanted? Yes I did. Did it made me feel healthy? Somewhat. Did I feel well? Nope.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

Our kitchen cabinet has one part that looks like a little pharmacy…for years I’d been taking all this meds from migraines, to bad allergies, to insomnia, to asthma and many more. I always knew that one day it will take its toll but I made being busy with work, life and all as an easy excuse to evade the many problems causing them.

“I prayed for much-needed healing. I prayed for some natural healthier option to treat my problems. Little did I know, my prayers were already heard long before I spoke about them.”

Health And Family

One of my dream, to grow old healthy, with a long, quality life so I can watch my son grow into an amazing man, to be there for him if he decides to get married, see and play with my grandkids, to walk with my wife when I’m old and grey by the beach, hand in hand, watching our favorite sunset, thanking God together for the many years of love, happiness and blessings.

For the past year, I was struggling with bad allergies, migraine headaches, insomnia, stress, persistent mood swings, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks. I was telling myself it was all part of the many hormonal and chemical imbalance as I got older.  I was scared to tell it to anyone, so I kept it to myself until two months ago, I had to tell my wife when I can’t bear it any longer. I simply told her on our way to school anxious as usual because we were almost late, “I think I really need to see a doctor. I’ve been having these persistent intense anxiety attacks almost everyday. Sometimes I feel like my heart is about to explode and I can’t breathe.” I guess shes been observing all my emotional and psychological symptoms that she replied in a very supportive tone, “Yes, I think you should.” In my head, I was asking myself, “Do I really want to be under anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia prescription medications? What if I eventually can’t function without them?”

Health And Family

I lost so much in our 11 years in America. Big dreams, both mine and those engraved unconsciously by others that turned into heartbreaking nightmare and disasters. Treasured friends who turned their backs and stabbed my back when I got nothing else to give. When I felt alone, broken and got barely anything left, three loving hands never let go. On my right, God made sure I won’t slip away and gave me all the strength I could ever need. On my left, my wife and son made sure that their love is all I’ll ever need. Without conditions, they helped me rebuild my life, to pick up the pieces and start all over. To always believe and hope. They are my Why’s for making new dreams. Simple, meaningful dreams grounded on faith, love and family.

How Yoli Better Body System Transformed Our Lives Physically, Emotionally And Financially

Mid-September 2014, my cousin from Katy, Texas invited us for dinner. Me and my wife were both surprised to see how much weight loss she and her husband had. We can’t help ourselves but ask them, “You both really look good. How did you do it?” They told us that beginning of Summer, they went through an amazing 30-Day health and wellness transformation called Yoli Better Body System. My cousin said, “I got the transformation kit for myself because of my arthritis. After a week not only did my joint pains disappeared but I also lost 5 pounds as part of its good side effect as our body heals and achieve optimal health . Seeing my remarkable weight loss and significant relief of chronic arthritic pains, my husband started using my transformation kit strictly. By the end of 30 Days, he lost an impressive 20 pounds. We then went to his doctor for his annual physical exams and found out that his elevated blood pressure went to normal and his high cholesterol levels went to normal.”

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

After our first week with Yoli Better Body System, we both lost a rapid 7 pounds each, as a good side effect of our body’s optimal health transformation. It gradually slowed down on the second week as the body resets itself into an efficient fat burning machine. It picked up a bit more on our third week, then stabilized on the 4th week completing our first 30-Days of Better Body Transformation. But in all honestly, it wasn’t the weight loss that motivated us to keep going but the great feeling of wellbeing and harmony. We were calmer, more relax, had lots of restful, sound sleep, more energetic, optimistic and driven, have more positive outlook in life despite of the ongoing dramas and stressors around us, we were closer than ever as a couple, more hopeful, happier and best of all felt intensely grateful and near to God. Every blessing, big or small, becomes a heavenly grace to be thankful for. Can’t totally put into words but it was and is amazing.

I saw the Yoli product and its effects in my Facebook months before but I was very skeptic about it. Back then, I told myself, if it’s just weight loss, I can do that myself by eating healthy and exercise without buying any health products. So, I had to ask, “What’s in that Yoli that restores optimal health?” Excitedly she explained, “One of them is  Alkalete, that normalize our body’s pH levels to prevent the harmful effects of acidosis caused by all forms of daily stress, bad food and beverage and unhealthy lifestyle. Proper alkalization help remove acidic waste, improve insulin function, shed unwanted fat, reduce obesity and obesity related chronic illnesses , thus improving overall health.” I asked her further, “Is this safe?” She replied, “Yes, it’s safe. It is made with scientifically developed all natural, plant-based ingredients. Of course, if you’re under any medical treatment, talk to your doctor first.” I told her, “So far, we don’t have any chronic medical problem and we would like to try just the Alkalete first.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

Before Yoli, Aug. 2014 and 3 weeks after Yoli, Oct. 2014. She started smiling more and getting comfortable with the camera.

After one week, we both noticed a generalized feeling of well-being. We then decided to get one 30-Day Better Body Transformation Kit and share it.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

We both can’t believe it but after our first 7 days, we both lost 7 pounds each. But more important than the weight loss, I felt a generalized wellness that I haven’t felt for a very long time.

Optimal Health and Yoli

The past 2 days, I received 3 good news. My ER doctor/friend in Houston lost 5 pounds in 3 days. My friend in Pennsylvania lost 9 pounds in 1 week. Tonight, my friend from L.A. whom I got really close with while reviewing for U.S. Nursing Board Exam in Manila back in 2001 excitedly texted, “My husband lost 10 pounds in less than a week.” Me and my wife congratulated each one of them, sharing their happiness on their road to wellness. Just like me, they said their weight loss was just a good side effect as their body is on going an optimal health transformation. They too are experiencing first hand what wellness means. Yep, “God is good, all the time!”

I was sleeping better and stopped my taking Benadryl 50 mg for sleep. My migraines hasn’t bothered me. My allergies reduced to a point I stopped taking my steroid nasal inhaler. My anxiety and panic episodes want away. I felt more calm and relax. I have more energy despite of almost no coffee drinking. My digestive function improved.

Optimal Health and Yoli

Me and my wife’s personal transformation favorite results are our renewed closeness to God and with each other. One again, we became that couple that does everything together from planning our meal, grocery shopping, cooking, exercising, to helping others discover the many health benefits of  Yoli, to praying and thanking God for his daily graces. We wake up each day, more thankful, happier and just exuding positivity. It’s truly an amazing feeling and every time it happens I can’t help myself but say, “God is good, all the time!”


Week 2 with Yoli…my wife jumped after she weigh herself and shouted excitedly, “Luv, I lost 10 pounds!”

During our Yoli 30-Day Transformation, we also met new friends that I call now my extended family. They took us under their wings when other people closed their doors and hearts on us . Their homes and company became our refuge and sanctuary. Our new Yoli Family accepted us for who we are, helping us not just in our road to better health but towards healing from all forms of brokenness. They shared with us their life changing testimonies of how they were before and after joining Yoli. They encourage us to never be afraid of our past but rather use it as a big motivator to change our today and our future. Not only are they helping us achieve physical, emotional, spiritual transformation but also financial transformation. They help us dig in deep no matter how painful our WHY’s in life for dreaming once more and for making a commitment in creating a better life built on those very basic dreams for ourselves, our family and our community. They taught us to always go back and never be scared to face our WHY’s when experiencing another challenge, rejection or hardship. They reminded us to always remember where we started with humility, simplicity and kindness.

Optimal Health, Wellness And Yoli

One of my WHY’s is to never stop dreaming. Dreaming of moment like this one Summer of 2014 before we discovered Yoli Better Body System and met our Yoli family group in Houston.

My wife who hasn’t worked for 11 years got so inspired and motivated that she became a Yoli member or distributor. For someone who is shy about talking to people and joining a company that is all about meeting, knowing and enriching people’s lives, that’s like jumping from Earth to the Moon kind of achievement. This week, in less than two months, with the generous help and support of her Yoli group and leader, she achieved a 5-Star Gold Ranking. She not only inspired me but my sister and her friends to join and experience for themselves the mission of Yoli which is “We Transform Lives.” I’m truly excited and happy of her achievement. She is just glowing with beautiful light and radiance.

Happiness is one achievement we can always takes with us wherever we go…imagine if we have a dozen all ready to take flight and take us anywhere our heart wishes.

Getting started with Yoli, was more than we ever imagined. We received so much blessings and now, she is sharing, we are sharing those blessings and the next steps  thereafter passionately to family and friends hoping that just like us, their lives will be transformed too. Optimal health, healing, wellness, goodness and positivity are all meant to be lived, shared and celebrated.

Optimal Health and Yoli

This post I dedicate to my loving wife who moved to America with me in 2003 because she believed in my dreams. My dream became her dream. She took care of me and my son with all the love and care we could ever wish for. Now, its my turn to let her dream be my dream. To support her with everything I’ve got so she can reach too her brightest and highest of dreams. I also created a new blog called Your Better Body Challenge for her and everyone who are making a journey towards a better life, health and wellness.

Optimal Health and Yoli

Week 4…my wife lost 14 pounds total and I lost 10 pounds. We both reached our median healthy Body Mass Index. After our first 30 Days, our Yoli Story has truly just began as we continue our journey towards optimal health and wellness. Faith, Family, Friendship…our reasons for overcoming our challenges and fears. Today, I finally took the courage to take off my mask. It’s not easy but I know I am in the company of trust and friendship. Since 2011, my blogger friends inspired me, shared, listened and supported me. They accepted and encouraged me to be myself, to never be afraid to speak out, to let go and move on, to hang on to faith and hope. They poured their hearts, thoughts and prayers generously for which I am always be thankful for. All this time, when things get tough, you all had been my support group. So, here’s me, just a simple ordinary guy with big dreams and big hopes.

I wish to invite all my blogger friends to join me, share with me, create a new Wellness Family with me that is all about bringing goodness and positivity to one another. I’ve yet to figure out what to do with the technical part of the blog but I’m eager to hear everyone’s suggestions. Eventually, I hope to turn it into a community blog where everyone have an equal opportunity to dream, reach and share their life changing stories, ideas, adventures and discoveries.

Today, my lifestyle change is still on going, constantly changing, evolving, adjusting, learning, improving, achieving, dreaming. Where it takes me and my family, I hope to take you all with me in my life travels, through the good times and the bad. Together, we will reach the finish line and celebrate the many achievements we made along the way.

yoliIf there is anyone you know having a health problem, struggling to overcome weight gain and obesity, emotional stress, anyone who has dreamed to achieve well being or someone who may need residual income to help their families or a second chance for a financial transformation, please check the related posts about Yoli and see how it can change their lives for the better. Trust me, if for a short period of time it transformed our lives, it too can possibly transformed theirs. If anyone is interested to try any Yoli Product or try the 30-Day Better Body Transformation Kit, me and my wife will be more than happy to help. There are two ways to get a wholesale price, as a Preferred Customer or as a Member, both of which you can use Distributor ID# 1100763 to avail the discount. We will help create an individualized diet plan based on the client’s current weight, height and BMI. We will closely follow up, support and motivate their transformation.


For those who wish to be a Member/Distributor and join our Yoli Family, we will help you grow and prosper in the company. We will teach you how to build a team that is first and foremost, Family. A Family that gives. A Family that will help, support and transform each other’s lives from the time they begin to the time they achieve the highest success. Please email us at Karendeocampo.yoli.com. We will assist and help you every step of the way. 

So many reasons to be thankful for this year. Faith, family, friendship, good health, success and achievement, overcoming and rising above all odds…wishing you all an advance, memorable Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for joining me in my hope and dream for wellness. I appreciate your time, thoughtfulness and constant support. God bless you all and your family.

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