Join Me In Summer Paradise

Today, let me take you to my happiest Summer paradise. IMG_7257 First, let me take to your very own sanctuary with an ocean view. Go ahead, unpack, unwind, relax, toss all the worries and excess baggage behind Swim time into the crystal clear warm blue waters of Boracay IslandAmazing doesn’t begin to describe the fine powdery white sands beneath our feet. IMG_7277Here in Summer paradise, everyday a blissful sunrise awakens you, heals you, hears you. No judgment. No dramas.

IMG_7256Whether for love, solitude or soul-searching, Summer paradise has all kinds of sunsets for everyone.

Summer paradise is a place where we get to be ourselves and always feel we are home. Summer paradise is about people embracing you so tight it breaks your heart to let go and say goodbye.

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Mom, I Do Remember

Mom, I remember the times you held my hand and gave me comfort when I feel hurt or sad. I remember the times you shared with me your funny jokes, tickled my toes and armpit to make me laugh. I remember the times you take me to magical places every time you read me my favorite night-time story books. I remember the times you prayed with me before I sleep and assured me that everything will be alright. I remember every fireworks, every comfort blanket I called “lampin,” every travel, every journey, every milestone, every little joy you bring into my life.

IMG_5014Mom, I remember our many fun Summers and beach adventures. Did you remember the time we did river tubing at Moody Garden’s Palm Beach? How about the time we rode the roller coaster? We both were screaming and laughing so hard. What about the time we went fishing for the first time at  61st St. Fishing Pier ? We were super lucky to catch lots of fishes that day.

Mom, I do remember the many simple holiday events and birthday celebrations we did together. Remember my 8th birthday at Galveston State Park? You and dad sang “Happy Birthday,” as I blew my birthday candle. I remember making a wish for each balloon I let go. I know they all will come true because I saw them fly up, up into the sky. Mom, I remember clearly how I dove my face into the cake so I can eat the icing. Dad forgot the spoon and forks at home so I ate my cake without using my hands. Smart and creative, right mom?
IMG_5012Mom, I do remember all our family vacations and weekend getaways. I remember swimming all day, body boarding, making sand castles and eating ice cream. I remember waking up early each morning all excited for the hotel’s free breakfast. Mmm, those freshly made waffles were delicious. I remember our pirate  ship adventure and treasure hunting at Clearwater Beach. I remember the pod of dolphins jumping at the side of our tug boat. I remember because they all made me so happy.

IMG_5066Mom, I remember the times you played and ran with me, explored and discovered the world with me. I remember the times you hopped,  jumped and caught stars with me. Remember the time you helped me do somersault? With you mom, I can turn into a superhero with superpowers and all. With you, I can do just about anything. 

IMG_5276Mom, I remember our walks to school. I remember you preparing my breakfast and school snacks everyday. I remember you helping me patiently with my homework and keeping your cool when I become stubborn or distracted.

I will never forget you for motivating and inspiring me to follow my own dreams and do the things that makes me happy.

Mom, I do remember how good it feels to be home with you. Home is when I am with you. I do remember and will always remember what love is because of you. I remember the times you helped me face my fears and problems with faith and courage. I remember the many times you inspired me to hope and never give up. I remember each priceless life lessons. I remember us taking time to enjoy and appreciate nature enveloped with its many sunsets and beautiful memories.

IMG_5279Mom, everyday I remember and feel God’s love through you.

IMG_5437The best mom in the world makes you smile the happiest, dream the highest, shine the brightest, live the fullest and remember the fondest of memories. 

Love you Mom. Thank you for everything.

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When I Turn 44


I woke up one day and realized time passed me by. I’d been too busy with work and the never-ending demands and expectations of this world.


Best Birthday

I came home from work expecting my son awake and getting ready for school but instead the living room was still dark and quiet. Just when I was heading for the bedroom to wake them up, they both jumped behind the kitchen counter yelling, “Surprise!” My heart bounced inside my chest.

My wife said, “I got you the happy smile balloons cause I just want you to be happy all the time.” She knew me too well.

That morning my son played the piano while singing shyly, “Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Daddy. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday Daddy.” His mom whispered, “He stayed late last night practicing and rehearsing that for you.”

IMG_3214A friend sent me a message on my Birthday. She wrote, “I’m sure this is your best birthday ever because you found inner peace and happiness.” I did and it was.

What More Can I Ask?

I have a beautiful wife that loves me and my son dearly. She patiently dreams with me even if so many times those dreams don’t turn exactly the way we hoped them to be. She’s been with me at my worst and celebrated with me at my best.

I am blessed with a son with so much joy and pureness in his heart. A son who reminds me always that age is but a number.

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