Koi Story- A Tribute To My Dad

Koi feeding…

Koi Fishes And Childhood Memories

When I was about 5 years old, just about my son’s age, my dad brought me and my sisters 3  Koi  fishes. We didn’t have an aquarium then so he placed them inside a yellow plastic container that he would normally place the prawn fingerlings . We kept the fishes  in our living room and every morning as soon as I wake up I would feed them with much excitement. I only remember bits and pieces of my childhood just like any adult preoccupied with the so-called ” mature responsibilities” but this is one of my happy memories. My dad helped me develop my love for the marine life . In fact at one point in my life my sister and I were able to put up a fish store when I was still finishing my postgraduate internship. Today, I’m sharing those great childhood experiences with my son who is curious to just about anything. I made him  2 fish ponds in our backyard about two years ago from the  kits I got from Home Depot and Lowe’s. I then bought him Koi and goldfishes from Pet Smart. We even bought a green little turtle whom he named Sam. He is the kind of the pond. During Spring and Summer my son would catch tadpoles as well as fishes with his net. He then place them in his small aquarium so he can play with them. He later returns them back into the big pond . He told me that they need to go back to their ” fish family” so they won’t feel sad. One day he asked me to buy him a fishing rod complete with hooks and baits so he can fish in the pond. It was raining that day but that didn’t stop us from fishing. He looked really cool in his yellow rain coat and fireman boots. Since then we made a lot of fun and wonderful memories which I hope he would remember when he gets older. I’m glad that my dad shared  those great times with me and now I’m passing it forward to my son so he can have a happy and adventurous childhood of his own. A childhood that one day would bring a glow on his face whenever he recalls the past he had with his parents. To my dad, I’m thankful for you and mom. I love you both.

my son with his grandpa…


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