Women And Outlet Malls

Cypress Outlet Mall in Texas

All the women I know like my wife, my mother-in-law, my sisters and my friend’s wives all light up whenever the idea of visiting the outlet mall is brought up in a conversation. It’s like the counterpart of Lego Land or Disney Land for women but instead of the endless Lego toys or the thrilling rides there are tons of clothes, shoes , bags and other accessories you can think of. Brands like Banana Republic, J Crew, Couch, Armani, Lacoste, Tory Burch, GAP, Joe’s Jeans, Lucky Brand are just some on the names that were unfamiliar to me until my wife told me one day of this ultimate amusement park for shoppers. Personally, it was fun only during the first or two visits but the succeeding ones feels like doing your groceries at Wal-mart or Target. About 75% of the time I would be at the kids park section of the outlet with my son and I could see a couple of dads doing the same thing. It’s like as if it was intended to be placed there so  that the kids and their fathers won’t go crazy of waiting while the women do their shopping spree. I’m just glad that my wife is sensible when it’s time to buy the items she picked. These are usually on sale of 50% or more and she would only get those that will be worn today or to replace my son’s shrinking shirt or pants . Most of the time she just window shops , it’s a way for her to divert her mind from the daily stress and pressures in life. She tells me that if exercise , walking or writing makes me forget though transient my problems, going to the mall does the same thing for her. It’s like the new version of meditation, just mobile. Anyway, this is the least that I could do to thank her for taking care of me and my son. It always bring me  joy to see her smile with a child-like twinkle in her eyes whenever she shows me a ” good deal”  item she just bought. She did get some great items today. For a total of 54 dollars she was able to get 9 clothes, a few for herself but mostly  for my son who has outgrown a lot of his clothes. He has this pajama that turned into shorts but he won’t get rid of it yet because it’s his favorite. He looks like incredible hulk after he gets back into his human form. At the end of the day everyone seems to be happy, my wife was able to finish her shopping therapy session, my son had a blast at the playground playing with my friend’s son and I was able to sit by the bench enjoying the cool breeze while I took pictures to  capture the moment . Life is good.

word of advise, do not get out of Houston after 04:30 p.m. We got stuck in traffic using 290 west for more than an hour. Crazy!

My wife had her first stop at the Original Penguin store. I thought it sounded more like a pet shop rather than a clothing store.

I got short of breath looking at this price tag and it was suppose to be 50% off. I should have just waited at the bench outside the store.

making myself busy while waiting at the fitting room. a camera or cellphone does the trick.

This water feature helps you calm down after looking at your receipt.

A good pair of sneakers is an investment if you are to walk around this outlet again and again.

Bags are like art pieces, they need a place for display with good lighting . Can not pinpoint exactly what it is that makes women stop at their tracks whenever they see a bag store like Ouch or L.V. Sorry, I meant to spell it as Couch , not Ouch. My bad!

A tray filled with tasty food.

okay, overall it was a fun day of shopping, food and great conversation with family and friends!


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6 Responses to Women And Outlet Malls

  1. I do love the hand bags and the art they seem to make for display. The food looks enticing and I enjoy all of your Mall photo’s.


  2. Hi, Jackie. Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you like the post as well share my wife’s interest on bags. Guess where we were a few days ago? Have a blessed day my friend. I think everyone deserves a piece of happiness, may it bag, art and writing for you, while iPhone camera plus and writing for me. Thanks for being there to inspire us all.


  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    $54 – nine items of clothing – that’s awesome! Your wife must be a super shopper. I think you sound like a gorgeous father and husband, so patient. It seems you’ve given your wife complete space to do her shopping, and that’s just lovely.


  4. MOL says:

    Unfortunately I don’t share the same fascination for outlet malls. Actually, I don’t frequent regular malls either. I get overwhelmed when there are too many choices or when I don’t really need something in particular. I tend to go to a mall when I need something, like a pair of jeans or a dress for a particular occasion. And I would never ask my husband to tag along! That would be torture for him. He hates shopping and waiting around. I’d rather meet him after so we can relax and have a meal at a restaurant or go to a movie.


  5. auntyuta says:

    I feel kind of fascinated by certain aspects of malls or shopping centres. Sales of 50% off sound all right to me if some items I had been planning on buying anyway are reduced that much. My problem is that after about one hour of walking through shops I just have enough of it and want to leave or sit down for a cup of coffee. Lovely, if my husband has been waiting for me to join me for coffee!


    • We could have been coffee buddies. I share the same thoughts. One hour tops for me too. And coffee shops have wifi for blogging. Have a great day my friend and I enjoyed reading your comments immensely.


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