Kid’s World Most Fun Places

The first time we went to Disney was the most memorable experience of all. It’s like another world, only you feel like you are a kid all over again. My son was overjoyed to see the Disney characters. Looking back via the pictures I’m uploading, I was glad that we made this journey with him.

My wife called me today that they are in Disney in L.A. and she sent me a picture of my son looking at the map seriously. It made me smile . He’s at this age that he already knows what he wants from toys, clothes , foods, sports to the fun places he wants to be. Today, my blog post is all about my son’s  favorite fun places to visit. It’s my way of thanking him for coming into our lives and for bringing us infinite joy and inspiration.

Each kid has his personal dream land. A place of wonder and enchantment where time seems to stand still for them when they are at play . These are my 5-year old’s  top picks:

1. Disney World Florida

The first time we’ve been to this magical place was when he was  3 years old. He was so excited to see the Disney characters specially Goofy. Why him and not Mickey? I don’t really know but he went crazy during the parade as soon as he saw him. The people next to us were laughing when they saw him shrieking, ” Goofy, Goofy”  at the top of his lungs while he was jumping and clapping at the same time. I could see the genuine happiness on his face . Loved that moment. We came back the next year with his grandparent as a gift on his 4th birthday. He said that it was the best present ever. I couldn’t agree  more.

Somewhere out there is my son. The crowd can sometimes be overwhelming during the peak hours but this is all  part of the memorable experience. Just remember: hydration, good walking shoes and a happy, optimistic attitude  . This is not about us, it’s all for our precious little ones to have the best time of their lives.

Adrian was initially covering his eyes during a thrilling ride at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad . He enjoyed watching the old west town of Tumbleweed . And when the ride made a huge splash, he had this mischievous smile on his face. I was the one that was nervous, I was paranoid that he may slip or something during the deep last fall.

My son  was trying to high-five with Goofy, he was a bit sad when Goofy missed him. He was  just over 3 years old then but his voice was loud enough for me to hear at the other side of the parade line. We were lucky to witness all the parades .

Watching the 3-D A Bug’s Life. I was laughing with my wife every time my son tries to grab something. He would stand from his sit and raise his arms as high as he can. He would jump when some mist blew on his face or an imaginary insect runs under his sit. Priceless memories!

2. Universal Studios and Island of Adventure

Marvel’s X-men superheroes, Cat in the hat, Bart Simpson and his wacky family, Spider man and Jaws were my son’s favorites in this part of awe and wonderland. Can’t forget his facial expression when the shark surfaced out of the water. He loves sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures but this one startled him for a moment. Sharks still fascinates him even after the Jaws tour. Last year, he was tall enough to join the Mummy indoor coaster ride. He thought it was cool . My wife on the other hand thought it was kind of scary based on her screams.


The bigger boy probably thought, ” what is he thinking?” . I had to tell my son  to stop although I know he was just playing around.

3. Lego land

My son loves to create things. This is one place that he kept going back. The biggest one he had been so far was the one in Florida Downtown Disney but there is one in Houston’s Galleria Mall which although smaller is big enough to fill his imagination.

My son’s all time favorite toy.

4. Typhoon Lagoon

My son enjoys the water immensely. The lagoon was filled with exciting adventures. He was ecstatic riding the circular floats. He fell asleep in my arms mid afternoon while sitting on the folding chair. He got tired from the non-stop running and swimming.

That’s me. My son was too small for snorkeling but he saw the sharks and stingrays inside a submerge submarine.

5. Kemah Board Walk in Texas

He rides the train each time we visit this tourist attraction in Kemah. It has a small amusement park, several good restaurants but more importantly a view of the gulf coast. His favorite is The Aquarium. He gets to wander around admiring the various fishes including the small sharks. It’s about an hour drive from us but it’s a great way to escape the city and have some sea breeze blow away those daily stress. His favorite outdoor game is water shooting balloon . He won a Scooby Doo  stuffed toy the last time we went there.

6. Sea World San Antonio

We went this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. We decided to have a day just for ourselves and it was a very nice experience. We are hoping to do it every year. It was not crowded and the temperature was just perfect. My son was amazed by Shamu as well as the Dolphins at the Cove and during the Azul show. The Atlantis ride was also awesome!

Nothing is impossible as long as we truly believe. What a great song for a spectacular show.

At the Azul Show. My son’s  mouth was wide open during this jump made by the 3 dolphins. He was baffled as to how they did it . We talked about the dolphins after the show.And he said, Oh!

Magnificent sharks

7. Bayou Wildlife

I discovered this animal paradise 2 years ago while browsing the web. I did not realize that close  to my home , which about 15 miles away was a safari-like privately owned animal sanctuary that nobody seems to know about except for those who accidentally stumble on it or was referred to by a friend. The moment our vehicle entered the compound several animals greeted us like deers, emus and llamas. We were all excited specially my son. A tram truck goes around the sanctuary and you can feed any animal that approaches the vehicle. My son considers each visit as the best one ever.

We were thrilled that this ostrich was eating in our bucket.

beautiful zebras

careful with those horns

There are still  a lot of things that I would like to share about my son’s top spots to visit but I need to narrow it down to 7 . Much as I want to add more about it, I’ve sat for a few hours and my butt is starting to feel numb . I love every moment of making this post. It brought a lot of good and fun memories for me. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did. If there are any stories that you would like to share about your kid’s adventure land, feel free to write on the comment section. I would be glad to read them. Till next time.


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11 Responses to Kid’s World Most Fun Places

  1. aww. cute + fun photos of your son’s enjoyment at these places. 🙂


    • thanks for the comment. He just came back from L.A. with his mom . I miss his company so bad that I ended up looking at the old photos from our previous trips. It gave me an idea to write about him and it felt really good. Can’t believe his growing up so fast.


  2. taureanw says:

    Classic. My wife & I went to Disney World for our honeymoon and it still ranks as one of the best vacations we have ever taken. Those pictures brought back some memories!!


    • Thanks for the nice comment.I’m glad that somebody shares the same joys that my family had at Disney World. We all had a great time and looking back at the pictures I realized that it’s really a magical place to be for all ages.


  3. Frank Bishop says:

    I went as a kid and had a blast. I enjoyed Epcot Center more than anything else, I’m nerdy like that.
    Looks like your son had a blast though. It is an experience and a half to say the least. In that one picture he looks like he could throw down for sure.
    Those are some pretty righteous pictures, what kind of camera do you have? I’m trying to convince my other, who loves photography, to take some stock pictures for my blog.


    • Hi, Frank, thanks for the comment. We went to Epcot this year with my son’s grandparents. My son was fascinated by the candy making at Japan town. It’s a good place for kids to learn about other cultures while having fun at the same time. I used a canon power shot SD 1100 IS , nothing fancy . Then a disposable water resistant Kodak camera at typhoon lagoon. Lately, I’ve been using the iPhone camera which is just as clear and crisp. It would be a great idea for your significant other to take as much pictures for your blog specially that she has a passion for it. Then your blog would a couple’s effort and that would be something both of you could grow and cherish in the years to come. Awesome blog by the way. I enjoyed reading each post. Keep writing….


  4. dreamxingdong says:

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  5. Sunshine says:

    All the places you listed especially the Disney spots are definitely dream vacations for most people, young or old. It is wonderful you were able to give this precious gift to your family…thanks for sharing.


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