Garage Sale And Memories Remembered

Adrian was eager to help putting the name and prices of the sale items. He also assisted in putting the signs outside the house and around the subdivision.

My wife and I finally decided to have our first garage sale. Our subdivision held a community Spring sale event  yesterday and it was the perfect timing to empty our house of the things we accumulated for the past 8 years. We were all excited of the idea of getting rid of the space occupying  items as well as getting some extra money from selling them. We thought it would be easy until we started putting out our belongings including our son’s old clothes, books and toys. Personally, I  realized that these were not just things I’m giving up. Each one reminded me of a memory that held a special place in my heart. It saddens me to lose that piece of object that reminded me of the wonderful experiences that  I had with my family, from the time I got married and migrated with my wife to the U.S., to the birth of my son and his growing up, to the places we’ve been, to the family and friends we met along the way which up to now are dear to us. But it was  time to let go. So, as the next alternative, I decided to take pictures of the things that  we were selling and write about them and what they meant to me and to my family. Thus the creation of this post.

My son chose his own toys that he wanted to sell in exchange for the Star Wars action figure he liked at Wal-mart.

A Macaw bird made of Capiz shells made in my hometown. I bought this 9 years ago to remind me of life in the small but beautiful island were I grew up.

Wood carvings from the mountain tribes of the Ifugao's

an elephant incense stand from Thailand. I used it to relax and meditate when I was reviewing for the Board exams more than 10 years ago.

Angels that adorned our Christmas tree for the past 3 years. My son used to add peppermint candy canes and we would eat a piece or 2. He would pick 2 and would say

The fun begins. The shoes went fast . I asked my wife which was more in demand, hers or mine. She said both. Safe answer don't you think?

I could still remember vividly where and how my son got these stuffed toys. A boy about his age was holding the Cheetah and I told him that it was a prize at the Houston's Rodeo Carnival games. I asked him if he's been to one, he said no. I ended up talking to his mom about how fun it was. They are going next year.

my son's first halloween costume. It was also our first year in Texas.

The alarm went off at 05:45 a.m. yesterday. The initial excitement  turned into a brief panicky, stressful episode. My wife and I forgot to put the price tags as well as sort out the various clothes, toys, household items. We were so tired that we slept at 02:30 in the morning and decided to cram the rest when we wake up but it was already 07:45 a.m. and that we were supposed to start at 08:00 a.m. I also had to leave my wife at 09:00 a.m. for my son’s soccer game and his team’s picture-taking. Everything was a rush, a blurry event if you will. Our friend called us to just open the garage door and take the plunge. She started selling her stuff at 07:00 a.m. and already earned $100.00. She said to just price the sale items as we progress  and just adjust the pricing based on what the customers can afford or willing to pay. She gave a very good, honest and sensible advise. So we kept changing the prices, keeping a constant observation of the buyers. Their facial expression , body language and tone of voice were all key points to determine if they really wanted a particular thing or not.  Sometimes after a customer buys a lot of items, my wife would give 2-3 pieces of clothes  as an extra bonus. She was motivated to make a deal. Me, I was just hoping for no left overs . I was enjoying the concept of having more space in the house. A few friends passed by, they’ve been going around the subdivision, some for curiosity others to buy targeted  things. One of my friend got a stainless steel dishwasher as well as a complete toilet bowl set from our neighbor, Tom. As more people came in, my wife and I started to feel more relax and actually got to enjoy the whole event. I let my son watch for about 30 minutes before we left for his soccer game.

The early bird definitely eats the worm and in this case a few good quality shoes. I was glad that somebody would be wearing them and making it a part of their daily walking. I have high admiration for people who appreciates garage sale. I believe that these are the people who value their hard-earned money and has simple lives that everyone can learn from specially during this time of economic crisis.

these decorative handicrafts will soon find a new home.

saying goodbye to the things that once were part of our lives. But we're happy that another home will be enjoying them and making memories of their own.

As I cheer, ” Go Gators, Go Gators” at my son’s game , I was also checking out my wife via iPhone making sure that she was doing okay. Half of my call were unanswered which means she was still busy. I was concerned that she may need a restroom break and that  she had no one to relieve her. Just before the game ended she called me that she was wrapping up. That was around noon. She told me that most of the things that we needed to sell were sold except for some clothes. I told her, ” Yep, time to call it a day”.

Player #8 on break.

The garage was all clean when I arrived home. I was impressed. My wife was still vacuuming the foyer and I told her to stop , rest and eat the burger I brought for her. She asked me  how he  did at his soccer game. I told her with pride that he scored 3 goals. I then counted the earnings with the help of my son. We made a total of $347.00 . We were both happy. I told her to rest a bit while I help my son take a shower then we would have an early dinner at Yao Ming’s Asian Bistro and Restaurant to celebrate and treat ourselves.It was time to eat real food.

I felt like a millionare counting these.

Overall, the Garage Sale was a success. It was also a humbling , learning  experience for me,  my wife and even my son . It taught us to let go and not to be attached to material things.  It helped us to bond and do things together . It allowed us to share a bit of ourselves to others. More importantly,  it made us realize that happiness is easier to achieve if we simplify our lives and put priority in  supporting each other as a family particularly in times of trials.

Looking at Yao Ming's memorabilia while waiting for our table . His shoes were huge.

We were all hungry. Nothing was left of this delicious Peking Duck.

What is you Garage Sale story?  It would love to read them in the comment section. Have a great day.

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19 Responses to Garage Sale And Memories Remembered

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    347??? Sounds like a big success indeed. Most people I know end up loosing money somehow. You guys did awesome!

    It is always an experience when you sift through the random stuff you accumulate throughout the years, putting it outside for the judgement of other’s and their money. It is cool you guys had a learning experience from doing the garage sale. Something your family will look back on and say, “Hay we learned from that.” That is priceless.


    • Thanks, Frank. The money was a nice reward for the efforts we made but it was the whole experience that was the biggest price of all. It makes me and my wife happy every time we see someone appreciating the things that we gave up. They were special to us and now someone will make special memories of their own with the things they bought from the garage sale. By the way, I enjoyed your last post. How did you find the story I created for the 3 pictures in your post?


  2. Connie T says:

    I had a garage sale a couple of years ago, People will not pay you much for your expensive stuff. Sounds like you did well. I just sell the expensive stuff of Craigs list and donate everything else to Goodwill and deduct it on my taxes. I just gave them a granite table because I don’t want to move it next week. We are moving to another state. Goodwill uses the money for handicap people, so it goes to a good cause.


    • Hi, Connie, thanks for the reply. That is a very helpful advise. I usually donate at Goodwill too. I relocated so many times and I would give the things I can no longer bring with me. It always feel great to share and be generous. God has been good to me and my family for as long as I can remember and I’m just paying forward that goodness. It’s always a joy to read your blog.


  3. judithhb says:

    Great post. While I have never had a garage sale I recently down sized from a family home to a 2 bedroom turn of the century (last century) cottage. Sadly many of the things we accumulated over the years just wouldn’t fit in and so much went to the Salvation Army and to the local hospice shop. It felt good to give and I know that somebody will benefit from these things.


    • Hi, Judith . Thank you for the reply. My wife and I are intending to down size as well. We’ve been planning to live in a smaller house with less expenses so we will have more time for our family instead of working so hard to keep our current home. We’re giving several boxes of clothes and personal items at Goodwill after the garage sale. Just like you, I find joy knowing somebody is being kept more comfortable of the things I shared. To be able to give is such an awesome feeling.have a good day.
      – B


  4. What a great post! Most people just have a garage sale, however you have turned it into a life lesson for your child. Not only did you give him the gift of learning something important, you were able to turn an ordinary event into a memorable moment for you family. You have made a task of work into an opportunity. Thank you for sharing. : )


    • Thank for the inspiring comment. I realized in the past several months that my time with my wife and son is a precious gift and I should make an effort to make each of those moments meaningful for them. My son is growing up so fast and I just want to make great memories for him may it be a Disney vacation or a simple but fun garage sale. I’m glad you like the post. I’ve been following Stella’s growth and she’s just getting more gorgeous as she gets older.


  5. holessence says:

    I love what you had to share, especially: “…happiness is easier to achieve if we simplify our lives…”


    • Thank you Laurie for the comment. As I get older, I realized that money and the material trappings in life won’t make me happy, in fact it just made me more lost and shallow. My wife and I made a decision to down grade on everything .In all honesty our happiest moments was when we just had less in our pocket but a lot of love and optimism in our hearts. I enjoyed reading ” EGGtra, EGGtra, Read all about it”. It was fun, witty and entertaining. Looking forward for your next post.


  6. that is a big success for your first garage sale! you guys got some good stuff there, too. when my dad was alive, he used to love going to thrift stores to collect stuff. eventually it became a problem because we were hoarding tons of stuff in the garage, so every summer he would have a garage sale. my nephew loves to “help” him and then collect money from the sales of his toys at the end. your post brought back these good and happy memories of my dad. thank you.


  7. thedailydish says:


    I loved browsing your yard sale – at least virtually. I must say you had some great stuff! No wonder you made almost $350 bucks – that shows QUALITY!

    Great job to you and your wife – as well as your son. 3 goals is terrific and definitely deserving of a new action figure. 😀


    • Thank you Christy. I was surprised myself, most of the items we sold for $1-2 dollars , sometimes around 50 cents.The best part is knowing that someone will appreciate the things that were special to us and hopefully they would enjoy them as much as we did. It was a fun and memorable experience for my family and I felt that my fellow bloggers more than deserve to be a part if this event. It’s always a breath of fresh air to read you wonderful post.


  8. Roxie says:

    Great piece! I’ve had a sale before, and yours seemed very organized…l think it’s terrific that you worked as a family, accomplished a life lesson tucked neatly into a day’s work! The payoff is priceless and the pics are keepers. Kudos for a fab day!


    • Thank you Roxie. I read your About, and I admire you for letting others shine. It thought that it was a humble , noble and generous gesture. It’s no wonder other bloggers follow you. You make them feel like bright stars. keep inspiring others. As for the garage sale, you should have seen me during my panicky moments. I was still making price tags in the middle of the selling itself. But I admit, it was part of the thrill.


  9. aww sweet memories, and I just loved that money picture 😀


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