Beckoning Of The Sea

When things get chaotic, overwhelming and stressful all I have to do is close my eyes and left my mind drift to my favorite place of sanity and calmness.

Whenever I would like to think of a happy place, an image of a beach with its pristine, calming, turquoise waters, gentle soothing waves, and powdery, white sands fills my mind. I was in high school when my aunt brought me to this untouched island about 45 minutes from my hometown using a local boat. Everything about it was mesmerizing. The myriad of  colorful tropical fishes and beautiful corals were breathtaking. It was my first time to experience saltwater snorkeling and I could feel my heartbeat  racing wildly from excitement. Since that first discovery to the wondrous world of the sea, I’ve constantly long for it. The best ones that I had been to where from the Islands of my birth but now that I’m in Texas, I discovered several  stunning beaches such as the one at South Padre Island, Galveston Island, Surfside Beach, Quintana Beach and Kemah.

When you're under water, time freezes as another world unfolds before your eyes.

The best mornings I had were walking along the sea-shore as the sun slowly rises. I found a lot of inspiration and self discovery during these walks. I can never fully describe the joy and sense of peace when I stare at the sea. It's like I'm finally home.

My parents brought me here when I went home in 2005. It's considered as the major seafood supplier in that Island.

Today, the beckoning of the sea has called me once more. It was already late in the afternoon but the yearning was too strong to ignore. I asked my wife if we could all go to Galveston Island on the coastline of Texas about 40 miles south of Houston. She said yes . Galveston Island offers  32 miles of appealing, sun-drenched beaches and one of our favorite spot is along the Seawall , where you can find  several fishing piers and 15 rock jetties . We usually stay near the 15th street which is close to the famous San Luis Resort. Our other favorite place is at the west end of the island called Galveston State Park, a 2,013.1 acre site made open to the public in 1975. I read about it in a magazine 2 years ago, did some research and the rest is history. We go to the park  for swimming, bird watching, shell collecting, picnicking, sand castle making and for basking under the warm Texan sun. Last year, we spotted some surfers teaching young kids how to surf. It was really cool to see them ride their first wave.

We left the house about 07:00 p.m. I had to wake up my son from his late nap so we can make it before the sun sets. We arrived in Galveston’s Seawall by 07:45 p.m. and had less than an hour to enjoy daylight. Short it may seem , we still had a lot of fun. My son kept running back and forth, trying to break the waves. I could tell that he was very happy based from his endless laughter and giggles.

Having a father and son moment at the Seawall in Galveston Island near 15th street - priceless! The fully restored deck ahead of us was destroyed during hurricane Ike. A lot of beach front houses were wiped out during this horrible natural disaster.

This guy knows how to chill.

I wasn't aware that Blue Crabs are protective of their young till I saw this two.

The most memorable part of that day was finding a mother Blue Crab and her baby. My wife saw them being washed to the shore. My 5-year old son was so excited to see the baby crab being protected by its mom. He kept saying, “it’s so cute, it’s so cute.” After watching them for a while and several pictures later, I told my son that it’s time for the mother crab and her baby to go home. He sadly said goodbye . We watched them being pulled back towards the sea by the current until they disappear from our sight.

Everything looks delicious.

We decided to eat dinner at Landry’s  noted for their fresh and delicious seafood. My son had  clam chowder soup while me and my wife shared the Broiled Seafood Platter. For appetizer we had Fried Calamari dipped in marinara sauce and for dessert, we had the signature Banana Foster . My son looked awed  while the woman was showing us the fake dessert sampler glued on a plate as she held it perpendicular to the table.While waiting for our food, we were admiring the view of the gulf of Mexico at night.

A wall painting of the famous Galveston Mardi Gras .

After dinner, we sat by the bench just outside the restaurant. We talked about the good things we saw and experienced that day . The cool, fragrant breeze felt nice and comforting. Finally, it was time to head home. I’m grateful that I had the chance to be reunited with the sea and had my longings rekindled.I know in my heart that our path will cross once more, hopefully soon.

The Seawall at night.

Time to go. We had fun. We made new memories once again. Everyone is looking forward for our next sea adventure.

Thank you for sharing your day reading this post. I wish you all a fun, adventurous and memorable Summer. This season has just started and I know that all of us will have more stories to tell in the days to follow. I would be more than happy to read them.

They say that when you hold a shell close to your ear, you can hear the sound of the sea. I asked my son what he heard and he said,

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34 Responses to Beckoning Of The Sea

  1. Frank Bishop says:

    As always, great pictures. I love the first few, they show the depth and texture of the ocean’s color perfectly. My aunt and uncle own a condo in Ixtapa, Mexico and the water is so pristine, so clear blue it is breath taking.

    Fried calamari is the best!


    • I wish I invested on a good camera. After each travel and all, what’s left are the memories and the pictures of the places we’ve been. Mexico has a lot of scenic beaches . It’ll be nice to visit it one day. Have a great day, Frank.


  2. barb19 says:

    Thank you for sharing your spontaneous decision to go to Galveston Island! I enjoyed reading your experiences so much – especially hearing how Adrian was so thrilled with the mother crab protecting her baby. The photographs are wonderful and showed you had a great time.


    • Thanks Barb. It’s a great escape from the stress of city life and provides a fun event for the family. My son was only 1 year old when we brought him to Moody Gardens in Galveston. It has a nice view of the gulf of Mexico. Spontaneity is the way to go!


  3. Thanks Frank. Nice to hear from you again. The best ones I’ve been too are usually in the tropics. I went to Saipan 10 years ago and It was also beautiful but there were no digital cameras back then. I’ve yet to scan my old pictures when I go home. I would like to see some pictures of your aunt and uncle’s place in Ixtapa, Mexico. I bet they’re cool to look at.


  4. eof737 says:

    Those were fantastic pictures… I want to visit the Galveston Island area sometime. Such beautiful water and life everywhere. Your son is adorable and it looks like you had an amazing time. Loved your photos. TY! 🙂


  5. Seashell says:

    One of the many things I loved about living in Houston was being so close to the water. Any time I needed to see the beach and waves, it was less than an hour away. Thank you for sharing your happy time and bringing back memories of my own happy times in Galveston.


    • The pleasure was mine. Writing about the nice places I’ve been too reminds me of how lucky I am to have experienced them. Sharing them to someone is the least I could do for the fun and happy times it brought to me and my family. I like Houston for the same reason, close to coastal waters but far enough from the wrath of hurricanes. I was just more than a year in Houston when I experienced scary Hurricane Ike. I thought we’ll go back to California, but I’m glad we gave it another try. For now, Texas is now my home and proud to be a part of it. Until when? Only destiny can tell. For now, my journey led me to you blog and it’s a joy to read your post.


  6. Love the photos– I can almost hear the waves and smell the salt in the air! Particular love the one of your son listening to the shell. I used to do that a lot, too– our Dad took me and my brothers to the beach almost every weekend.

    Have a good week ahead, Kabayan. 🙂


    • I miss those days too that my parents would bring me to the beach with my other siblings . Now it’s my turn to give that legacy to my son. The Shell was a gift from a co-worker during my 1 year of work and sojourn in Boracay. That was 9 years ago. I remember that after work I would stay overnight at my sisters place in Kalibo, Aklan then head to Roxas City the next day, then to Iloilo City the day after to be with my GF ( my wife now) then back to the same cycle.It’s like a Panay Island Marathon for 365 days. I Loved every moment of it. It was one of the best adventures of my life. Have a blessed day , Kabayan!


  7. Seth@ChaosHQ's says:

    ::Seth waves:: Leaving you a quick greeting and hoping that you are enjoying a relaxing evening. I feel good… I am finally getting around to visiting and sticking my nose into everyone’s business here on WordPress. Cheers to you… I will be back, don’t shut me out!


    • Looking forward for your next post. Your job is not an easy one, I talked to several EMS/Paramedics /Firefighters and they would have this 3 days straight work and it could be crazy busy. I salute you for saving someone’s Life, Home, precious Cat or Dog today. My blog is always open to people like you who makes this world better for others. I had a 2 day breather. Last Friday was busy for me, I was charge in my E.R., weekend is always exhausting but never a dull moment. Back for more tonight. Be safe on your rescues my friend!


  8. ristinw says:

    Beautiful pictures!


    • Thank you. I checked your blog, You made great pictures and post yourself. Looks like your into the superheroes movie. I’ve seen Thor and I Am Four lately, both are good. The new X-men is now showing.


  9. eva626 says:

    OMG the desserts look amazing..if i was Adrian i would totally whined for each of them!


  10. frizztext says:

    thanks for sharing your Galveston diary with us!


  11. hawleywood40 says:

    Wonderful memories! I have a picture of a hammock hung between two palm trees with the sea in the background by my desk. It and your words and pictures made me feel a little less glum about being at work today. I can hear the waves, and I want some calamari : ). Thanks!


    • Hi, Hawley. The hammock hung between two palm trees with the sea in the background sounds relaxing and peaceful. It reminded me of the hammock in my parents garden when I was a kid. My cousins and I would pretend that we’re in the ocean, the hammock as our boat and one of us would pretend to be a shark and tries to get us one by one. I was a bit crazy when I was younger. I’m glad the post made you feel less glum today. The sea always brings the best in most of us. If you get to visit Texas, I’ll treat you for some Calamari. Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog.


  12. Superb photography…you have managed to capture the exact feeling of the moment in each of those pictures…right from the bubbling excitement on Adrian’s face to the scenic beauty of the place 🙂


    • Thank you Fire Crystals. I’m glad you like the pictures. I love taking my son’s photos . It’s just hard sometimes because it has to be candid. He’s not into posing and I had to be quick in zapping those moments. But it’s part of the Photography thrill I guess. I had fun reading your blog.


  13. Wow. I want to be THERE! Absolutely spectacular…

    I also love that the experience is obviously so personal to you. Pictures are one thing; but pictures augmented by a beautiful story, touchingly told, is another. Congrats on an amazing post.

    And thanks for making me totally jealous…



    • Thanks Mikalee. I find pictures associated with writings more dramatic. It creates more impact and impression.I guess it’s partly due to my father’s influence. He would bring me comics when I
      I was a kid and these were my first reading materials, then I got hooked on drawing and others forms of Art media, then photography, then lastly and best of all blogging. I’m glad you visited my blog. Your always welcome to be a part of it. Have a good day!


  14. Your photos are once again…stunning. You seem to always catch the mood and tone beautifully. And your words transport the reader right to the location you are describing. I need an ocean now. : )


  15. thedailydish says:

    Such BEAUTIFUL photos! So wonderful to be able to enjoy the experience vicariously through you & your family! We’ve enjoyed similar outings, though in New Jersey rather than Texas. I know exactly what you mean by the draw of the ocean. It’s a big part of why my family & I moved from Philly to Maine. To live near the ocean imparts a sense of freedom and peace nothing else can. Thanks so much for another wonderful post, IT!


    • It brings me happiness that you liked the post. I grew up near the sea and I guess wherever you are, it will always be a part of you. I heared from friends how amazing the coastal Maine is. Freedom and peace are just perfect descriptions of such a beautiful place. Thank you for being a part of my blog’s journey. I’m grateful that you shared your thoughts and time today with me. I’m deeply honored.


  16. your kid is so ADORABLE! stay blessed :]


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  19. You have certainly gotten to know the Galveston my family loves and the one I have visited since childhood. Kudos to you for exploring and capturing it in the most special of ways. Yours is a “gem” of a blog.


    • Thank you. The sea and the beaches hold a special memory for me. now, my son simply adores it. His face would light with each wave he meets. We went fishing last Tuesday at 61st pier and it was just a joy and exciting event. My first in Galveston with my son and we can’t wait to have another one soon. Hope you got to visit it soon with your family. the sea is calling you Georgette…


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