Six Flags Summer Fun

Our story begins...

I would like to make this Summer memorable for my 5-year old son. I was browsing at a magazine rack one day and I saw the Texas Monthly‘s top 10 Summer vacation spots in Texas and it gave me an idea to make one for him. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so instead of going through the list,  I decided to unfold them one by one and then make a summary at the end of our tenth Summer adventure.

Opportunity knocked sooner, I had a 3-day weekend off a week before his class ended. I figured out this would be the best time to have our first mini-vacation trip without the hassle of the Summer crowd. I showed my son several  fun places to visit in Texas and he chose Six Flags in San Antonio. I was glad that he did. I always wanted to check it out myself.

Browsing the brochures.

1. Six Flags: The Fun Begins.

5,4,3,2,1, gates open!

We all woke up early Sunday morning all excited . We first had breakfast before heading to the amusement park. Can’t start the day on an empty stomach especially something that involved lots of walking. My son and I cooked some tasty waffles. Not bad for the newbies.

We arrived at Six Flags 15 minutes before it opened. We had a lot of time for parking, taking pictures and deciding which map direction to follow.It pays off being early.

Only for the brave , the thrill seekers and the crazies!

When the gates opened, the first view to greet us was the coaster ride. I looked at my wife and said, ” okay, who’s brave enough to ride that?” She replied, ” are you crazy? I’ll puke if I do.” Well said, so I took the big coaster ride off the list. Bummer!

As we went towards the train side, we met Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. I knew their names by heart. I used to watch Looney Tunes cartoon shows when I was a kid. I told my son who they were. He said, “who?” He is more acquainted with the characters from Disney, Nickelodeon, Star wars, DC and Marvel comics. We were able to convince him to take a picture with them and that was enough for me.

Summoning for rain but not today please. Notice the dry fountain?

Surveying our landing site.

Two tests my son needs to beat . First, the height requirement which he easily passed.Second was the sleeping dragon. He walked quietly so he passed that too.

My son wanted to try the ride at Bug’s White Water Rapids. So we did. I was nervous initially as we reached the last drop. There were no seat belts and I was afraid that he might fall. He doesn’t want me to hold him. He kept telling me that he was not scared and that he was now a big boy. I admire his bravery but I had to grab the back of his shirt during the deep plunge. Good thing I did. My son  enjoyed it so much that  we rode it 3 times. We were dripping wet by the time we moved to the next ride. I was smiling silently as I looked at his face beaming with so much joy and excitement. The pleasures of being a child is truly magical and irreplaceable

Here we go.

This was the group next to us. Loved the expressions.

My wife pointed to the sky and said, ” look it’s Superman.” I replied, “where?” My son added, ” there he is, dad!” I didn’t realize that we were near the Superman: Krypton Coaster. I said, “So, that’s where the screams were coming from.” I almost thought of trying the coaster but I just ate some corn dog. Coaster and food don’t jive really well for me.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a fake Superman!

Round and round you go.

My son saw his favorite balloon popping game. He had 4 darts to win the bigger Pokémon stuffed toy. He popped 2 and got the smaller one instead. He didn’t mind, he was already happy that he won something.

The Fiesta Bay Boardwalk was a pleasant surprise. We rode the Scooby-Doo Ghost blasters twice.  He loved zapping those ghosts and monsters. We then hopped into the Crow’s Nest Ferris Wheel and had a scenic aerial view of the park. I tried not to look down except when I had to shoot some pictures. The height made me feel like I had butterflies in my stomach but my son was just so thrilled and this day was all about him. Taking pictures kept my mind off the nauseating feeling.

Everything seems small and dizzying from above.

Tasmanian Devil's multiple, arms swirls you in the air as your feet dangles freely.

A carousel at Amerigoround .

Meet the king of the jungle.

Boys are often fascinated by cars. My son was so thrilled to drive one of these vintage-looking vehicles. I had to stay close to him in case he decides to go down in the middle of the road.

Time to get wet and head to White Water Bay, the afternoon heat was draining our energy. It was about 80 degrees that day. We’re lucky it was windy.

It was a lot of fun to float on a tube as we explored the circular river.

The White Water Canyon was a relaxing river experience. Me and my son enjoyed passing through the waterfalls.

Refreshed? Totally!

Hold on to something. It's going to be a deep fall.

Next stop was the Lone Star Lagoon. A Texas shaped pool that holds over 500,000 of water not to mention the tons of fun that goes with it.Young, old, middle age. They were all enjoying the refreshing waters. I was! My wife decided to chill and savor each bite of the cheese tacos. Fair trade.

As for the water slides, my son’s number one favorite was at the Texas Treehouse. He would climb the tree house,  jumped into the slide that leads into a pool . He did this about 6 times. Man, he was on fire!

Whoosh! My camera missed it. Too fast!

What was your happiest and exciting experience during childhood? It’s never too late to make a new one.

Back for more? Sure did.

Last stop was the Splashwater Springs designed for smaller kids. It wasn’t as exciting but just as cool . My son liked the Pirate ship. It was nice to see him interact with the other kids. He was having an awesome time.

Fatherhood is not easy but it's the most rewarding of all. I became a better , happier person because of my son. The adventures we made together I hope to one day tell to my grandchildren.

We decided to  ditch the Fireworks, we were so tired. We had our fun and it was time to get some rest . We passed by Subway for some take-outs.

What comes up, must come down. It was a long way down. Wish there was a slide to make it easier.

We'll see her once more, soon I hope.

I woke up around 06:00 A.M. so I can have some coffee before we drove home. I didn’t notice that my son was already awake until I felt a hug and a kiss. I wanted to ask him why but I was enjoying the moment to even try. I noticed that when my son turned 5 and entered Pre-K  he was not as fond of kissing as when he was younger. He made an exception today. It was his way of telling me that he was so happy and that he had a great time. He offered to go with me at the breakfast lounge. He made me an excellent waffle filled with love. It was the best waffle in the world.

Sweetened with love and affection. Who can beat a waffle like that?

I hope you all  have a fun-filled Summer. The best part of any experience is reliving them through the stories we share. Can’t wait to hear yours.

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30 Responses to Six Flags Summer Fun

  1. Wow! What a great adventure! You have given your son such an fun-filled memory. I love your idea of 10 places to visit and then sharing them here with us. I look forward to finding out where your next adventure is going to take you. You are so correct when you said, “Children are heaven-sent to make our lives more meaningful. We should try to give our best to make their world safer and better than ours.” It would be amazing if everyone operated from this type of thinking. Bring on the next adventure! : )


    • I’m glad you like the post. I’ve been preparing it for a while but I got busy with work. I’m just as excited as to what place we should visit next. I’ve been asking around. I really want to check Garner State Park but it’s about 4 1/2 hours from Houston. From San Antonio about 1 1/2 hours. My wife and I would talk sometimes about how Adrian changed our lives for the better. Without him our existence would be empty. I pray that people would strive to preserve the innocence of our children and prepare them to become generous, honest, law-abiding citizens that cares about each other. The world has evolved so much that we already lost some of the good virtues , positivity and simplicity of the past. Thank you for being a part of my journey. It’s always an inspiration to hear from you. Have a blessed day!


  2. hiddenlondon says:

    Thanks for sharing your day – it looks like a great place. The water slides looked like really good fun!


    • It was fun. I wanted to join my son but I was concerned that I might hurt my back. I should just have taken the plunge. We’re thinking Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels next. It’s another great waterpark at the Hill country. Thank for the reply and comment. I do appreciate the thoughtfulness.


  3. cocomino says:

    Amazing shots and wonderful places.My daughters like Disney and the Disney Land in Japan.
    We have been the Disney Land at once but the place was very crowded.
    Next time we will go there on weekday. 🙂


    • Thank you. It’s true that the best time to go to Disney and similar parks would be on a weekday and off-season . You can fully appreciate them this way. We went to Sea World last Fall, 1 day before Thanksgiving and there was no waiting time. After that, we try to go on days that are less crowded.


  4. thedailydish says:

    Your blog is the best, IT! Each post leaves me filled with joy, happy & smiling. As someone devoted to her family, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to read about your family’s adventures, how much you love and enjoy your time together. Amusement parks are so fun – for kids of all ages! Though I can’t ride much anymore (b/c of the meniere’s) it’s enjoyable just seeing the pleasure it brings my kids. You and your wife are doing a superb job with Adrian. Keep up the great work!


    • Thank you Christy. Your inspiring words are like music the brings out the best in people. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. I’m glad that my post brought you joy . To me, that’s the most rewarding recognition I blogger can get from another blogger that he looks up to. Amusement parks are indeed fun and exciting and now that my son is old enough to enjoy them, I’m looking forward for more trips in the future. I’m looking forward to read about your family’s adventures this Summer. Have a blessed and memorable day.


  5. What a great sounding day! And a terrific attitude — I truly enjoyed your post. It was so fun to see your adventurous spirit with your little boy, riding the roller coaster three times! 🙂 I bet he’ll remember that day forever. But if he starts to forget, it’s so nice that you have so many pictures! Kids always understand pictures. And when they see something fun, they want to go back to it right away! Thanks for the fun post to read before kicking off the weekend.


    • Thank you for the wonderful comment. It was nice to read your post. You gave an honest and heartfelt stories about your family, especially your kids. I enjoy taking my family’s pictures. They remind me of the good things we had together. My son would give me generous smile if not laughter when he sees his old pictures and the places his been too. I’m glad you had fun reading the post. It feels good whenever someone gives me compliment about my work. It motivates me to be better everytime. Have a great weekend too.


  6. Frank Bishop says:

    Seriously, your son has an awesome dad who takes him to the most awesome places ever. He is a lucky little guy. Great pictures as always. And remember, anything with pirates automatically equals fun.


    • Pirates equals adventure! My dad used to bring me to a lot of Nature outings but I was too young to remember some of them . I wish he could have taken pictures then so I can look at them now and show it to my son. Thank you for the nice comments. I do try to be the best dad that I could ever be but I still have a long way to go. My son motivates me to strive more. Have a fun weekend.


  7. eof737 says:

    Terrific pictures and account of a great vacation.


    • It was a lot of fun, wish we had more days to visit the other tourist destinations. It feels good to get out of my daily routine and just feel like a kid all over again. Thanks to my 5-year old.


  8. wow, looks so splendid, cant help getting jealoused! :p


  9. Penny says:

    Really enjoyed your Six Flags journey-thank you for sharing. The photos are really good. Here we have Busch Gardens and WaterSide. I always enjoy the walks through the different areas, and I may go a few of the rides.,my favorite are the games and the talent shows. Great Post !!


  10. clarbojahn says:

    I love the pics but the internet is dangerous to post pics of your son. I’m afraid that since you also identified your son by name there might be a risk it is not a safe thing to do. It makes me nervous because I am aware of there being predators on the internet. I wish it were not so your photo blog brought many happy memories and the love you have for your son shines through. Maybe next time show only his back or shadow. Please take this the right way and know I am only trying to help you. Clarbojahn


    • Thank you Clar. After reading your comment , I got really scared and paranoid. I reviewed all the posts I made and made a lot of revisions. You are very right. Thank you again for reminding me. You’re like my Guardian Angel or my son’s little angel. I’m grateful for the honest observation. I dread those predators. There’s about 2-3 in our subdivision that the police has been monitoring that’s why I make it a point to bring my son to school myself. You opened my eyes to the truth. I’m glad that you brought it to my attention. I hope you continue to watch over me. God Bless.


  11. Barbara says:

    What fun!!! Your post brought back some very happy memories – our youngest is 30 years old now – I can’t believe how fast it has all gone by. We were able to take them to Disney World a couple of times in the off-season as they were growing up, and smaller parks nearby in the summer. Sometimes when we went on vacation I would hand the children a stack of brochures and let them each plan a day for us. It was fun seeing what three different kids came up with! Our happiness was seeing the world anew through their eyes and unique vantage points. It sounds like your family is experiencing the same joys!


    • Thanks for sharing Barbara. Having your kids plan the day for you sounds like a great idea. I bet 3 different ideas can be very exciting. You are right when you said ” our happiness was seeing the world anew through their eyes.” My son made me feel like a child all over again. Most of us adults forget how to have fun like kids do. A simple toy or bringing them to the park or getting them their favorite ice cream already makes their day feel awesome. They have simple joys that reminds me of how I used to feel when I was younger. Kids and the Summers we spent with them we’ll always cherish in our hearts. Have a great Summer.


  12. darqlabs says:

    i have never been fortunate enough to go to six flags. looks like you had a blast.
    hopefully i can make it out there one day, if only for the photo op


    • Thanks Chuco. You can always mix photography and fun. You will like San Antonio. There’s a lot of things you’re camera can capture in this multicultural city. I’ve seen the shots you made in Hawaii and they were all amazing. Hawaii is already beautiful but it takes an artist eye to put life in the images. I’m sure to surf around your blog frequently. By the way, I love food too. My brother-in-law made some heavenly steak tonight with grilled peaches, asparagus, tomatoes with salted egg. Best Father’s Day dinner.


    • Thanks Chuco. You can always mix photography and fun together. You will like San Antonio.. It’s diverse with rich history and lots of exciting things to do. I love food too. Just had this softest, juiciest steak tonight that my brother-in-law made for a special family dinner. He’s a chef and what a great Father’s Day treat. I;m sure to surf often at your blog. Hawaii is lucky to have an artist like you.


  13. jhirzel88 says:

    I did go to Six Flags, at the one at Jackson, NJ, with my mom and my siblings. I never blogged about it though. Shoot! Well, there’s always next time. It wasn’t really a memorable experience anyways. The lines on almost all the rides were super long, and my mom was on a chase to find one of my other brothers, whom was still waiting in line at another ride. My mom needed to get a season pass for him and she ended up waiting in line a second time. That was a total 20 minute waste right there. If only everyone could just stay together! Even carrying cell phones doesn’t solve the problem, especially when someone is at the front of line ready to go on another ride.

    My siblings did go to Six Flags a couple of weeks ago and they also brought their friends with them. I had school so I couldn’t come. I’m sure they had a better time though.


    • Thanks. me and my family got lucky. We went 2 weeks before the class ended. NO lines ,just pure fun. You do could blog about the disadvantages of going to six flags during the peak days, it would be interesting to know the cons and crazy stuff during the crammed seasons( like this Summer!). I went to Animal kingdom once, about 1 p.m. on a weekend and I swear, never again. I was in line for the safari ride for more than an hour, it was hot and it rained, not to mention my son over my shoulders. You’re not alone. We all been part of those not so memorable visits to amusement parks.


      • jhirzel88 says:

        Well, there’s always next summer. I just now got a chance to tell you about the Looney Tunes show I used to watch. I watched that show ALL the time when I was a kid. I just couldn’t stop watching it. Nowadays, I don’t see good cartoon shows anymore, except for Spongebob Squarepants. I think some Six Flags amuzements parks already replaced Looney Tunes with Spongebob, since it has gotten so popular among kids so quick.

        I’m not as impatient as my mom when it comes to waiting in long lines. If she knew it was going to be an hour wait, she would walk around for a different ride. Of course, she is wasting time just doing that, since it’ll take another 30 minutes walking all over the park to find a shorter line. We could have been on the ride already if that were the case. I hate to ramble on, but I just had to say that.


      • I too love Looney Tunes. Back in my childhood years when all we have for cartoons are Micky Mouse and company, Bugs Bunny and friends and the Super Friends. I thought they were already amazing. So much great memories and laughter. Life was more simple then. Now the choices are so vast, kids are confused which one to choose. I don’t like long lines but I do it because I don’t want to miss a fun experience with my family. The longest wait was at Animal Kingdom for the Jungle Cruise. More than an hour with rain and warm weather. This is before I discovered Fast Pass. Have a great day my friend.


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