Magic Robot

I came home from work today and my son greeted me at the laundry room with a warm, happy smile as he excitedly showed me his robot vs the army drawings.  I asked what was it all about. He paused for a long time. He then said, ” the robot is the bad guy and the armies are the good guys.” I asked him again, ” but what is going on in the story?” He paused again looking serious. He then said, ” don’t know.” I asked him if he wants me to make him a story. He said, ” yes dad, make me one please, ” with a pleading look on his face. I told him that I’ll make one for him while at work during my break time.

Before I went to bed, he asked me to spell the words fire, water, hot and cold which he wrote on the arms of the robot. He was a bit disappointed at first because he spelled cold as “kold.” I was trying to help him with his phonics and the way I said C sounded like K. He insisted for a while the right spelling was ” kold”  because it sounded that way. After much discussion, he quickly erased and changed the k to c when I turned my back. The power of persuasion worked.

I haven’t done a fictional children story before, much more about robots and armies. What would be the plot? How do I twist the story to deliver a positive message and moral lesson?  I’m squeezing my brain at 06:00 A.M. in the morning.

Finally, I thought of the title, “The Magic Robot” and this is how the story unfolded.

The boy as well as the other drawings were made by my 5-year old son. I used the camera plus application of my iPhone to add some color and enhance the effects.

Before the Transformers visited the planet, there was the Magic Robot who look like any other toy when in dormant form. It was hidden inside a chest at an old cottage in a remote coastal village. It has been forgotten by time until one day, a boy whose parents inherited the cottage from their great-grandfather found it. It looked worn out and dusty. The boy washed it with soap and water until it was all clean. He wondered what the words fire, water , hot and cold on the robot’s arms meant.

What does these words mean?

That night, the snow came. The temperature was enough to freeze the outside pond. The boy’s father burned some wood inside the fireplace to keep everyone warm. The boy was so cold so he moved closer to the fireplace but then he didn’t realize that he was to close and accidentally dropped the robot. The fire consumed it so fast before his dad could save the robot. The robot was badly damaged that it’s no longer recognizable. The boy felt so sad that he cried. His dad hugged him, assuring him that he will do his best to  fix the toy in the morning. The boy’s father placed the burned robot outside the patio before they went to bed.

The boy slept that night with a heaviness in his heart. He has grown to love his new toy and he misses it a lot. That night he dreamed or so he thought that the robot came back to life but this time it has grown to a towering height of about 600 feet towering over the village. Unknown to the boy, the dream is happening in the real world, just outside his house and creating fear and chaos to the people living in the area.

How did the magic robot transformed itself into a towering giant? Unknown to anyone, there were six elements that brought the robot to life. These were fire, water, hot and cold temperature, human emotion and a child’s dream. All of these brought the robot to life, made it grow and gave it super powers.

As the robot walked around the village, the frightened people were running left and right, screaming hysterically looking horrified. The first responder to the scene were the police officers who came in one huge truck. They used their weapons to try to stop the robot but instead he grew bigger and more powerful because he absorbs any form of energy. The robot looked just as frightened. He doesn’t understand why the humans are trying to hurt him. He thought they were gentle and caring just like the boy who loved him. The robot was just trying to find the boy who he considered as his friend. The robot started to cry, but his tears were so big that it started to flood the streets. The people down below were more terrified.One lady was screaming, ” Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh. We are all going to…” She didn’t finish the last word because she was so scared that she fainted.

Then came several tanks. They tried to stop the robot with their missiles but to no avail. The robot simply absorbed the thermal energy and grew even bigger. The robot is now trembling in fear but it’s so huge that it’s shaking the very earth it stood on. People down below are holding on to anything, hiding under tables in fear of falling debris.

Then came the helicopters. The soldiers in it tried to stop the robot but failed. They did rescue some villagers stranded on top of their roofs.

Then came the fighter jets. The pilots tried to stop the robot as well but just like the earlier ones, they also failed. By now, the robot is so gigantic that the people from the other village across the other island can see how humongous it was.

The navy also sent their powerful submarine at full speed but it wasn’t fast enough to stop the robot.

Finally, the boy was awaken by his father from his deep sleep. He was wondering what was the loud noise and the bright lights outside his window was all about.

This time they headed to the roof because the water rose all the way up to the second floor of their house. When the boy looked up, he saw a familiar figure only way, way bigger this time.The boy was all excited. He called out the robot who approached him happily.

The robot gently placed the boy on his palm. The boy shouted to the soldiers, ” Stop! The robot is here to use his powers to help people.” The soldiers immediately retreated back to their camps.

Luckily, nobody got hurt during the entire event. The robot used his powers to clean and rebuild the village.He even built more buildings for shelter, recreation, playing and centers of healing.  He created a magical rainbow that brings peace, love, hope and happiness to those around it.  The villagers feel very fortunate to have him and treasured  him through the years.

The boy grew up and eventually got old. One day while sitting by the patio, the old man told the robot that he is  leaving soon. He explained the human cycle of life and that it was his turn to go back to his maker. The robot was sad but he understood that he has to let go of his friend. Just before sunrise , the old man had his last breath and didn’t wake up. The robot turned back into its original inanimate toy form. A few days later,  it vanished and nobody knew where it went. The villagers believed that destiny will guide another boy to find it and another magical story begins.

I read the story several times before I decided to post it. It has no resemblance to the children books that I  normally borrow at the library. I’m sure my son has a wilder imagination than I have. I hope he likes it.

Should I ended the story in a different way? What do you think?


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25 Responses to Magic Robot

  1. Jenny says:

    This is a beautiful story. Can a robot story really be beautiful? Yes! I am in tears. I will read it to my boys when they wake up. I think your ending is great. I love that the story will never end because another boy will find the robot and love it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You have inspired me to do more writing and share more of my kids’ creations. At age 5, your son is doing very well with his spelling. I think it is okay to leave their phonetically spelled words the way they are for now. It is amazing how their little brains work.


    • Thank you for such an enriching, heartwarming response. My son is doing another art work as we speak. I bought a dozen of organic eggs from a co-worker last night and now my son is turning the container into some sort of mosaic art form. keeps him busy this Summer. I enjoyed reading your Blog as well. Anything about family and kids needs to be treasured and celebrated. I’m glad you like the story. I wasn’t sure of how the ending will turn out until this morning when I did the final editing. Have a blessed day.


  2. cocomino says:

    Interesting story and nice illustration.As you say the children’s work is only one all the world.:)


  3. incessantme says:

    wow…enjoyed reading it so much…took me back to my childhood days…can only imagine how much ur son might have enjoyed it !! The art is so very nice and ur spurning out an instant story is incredible ! Good talented father-son pair u both are 😀


    • Thank you. I wasn’t really sure were my story was initially heading. I was trying to tone down as much as I can , taking any form of action violence that we se a lot on t.v. and movies. For some reason my son is fascinated by robots, armies( his all time favorite) and lego star wars. He gets all passionate about it everytime. I feel honored to be a part of his world and years from now we can read it again together during our bonding moments.


  4. mkeeffer says:

    Excellent – and your son is a wonderful artist. Really enjoyed taking a look at your site!


  5. jhirzel88 says:

    Yes, and in fact, I may have seen a similar story. I think it was in a Dexters Laboratory episode. I may remember an episode where there was a robot, or maybe it was something else, and Dexter was telling his side of the story and DeeDee was telling her side. In Dexter’s story, the imagined object was destroyed and the chip was removed. However, in Deedee’s story, the imagined object, drawn poorly on a globe, got so humongous that it engulfed the entire earth. I mean it got really, really big. Anyways, I got no idea if this was an actual episode or just a dream I had many years ago. Even so, it’s been years since I’ve last watched Dexter’s Laboratory.

    I thought the story was well plotted. I couldn’t possibly put any violence into the story, because that would be wrong to do.


    • My son used to watch Dexter’s laboratory too but then he shifted to transformers, pokemon, avatar, king arthur and the knights, star wars , ben ten and lately bakugan. I had to watch with him every now and then to make sure that the language are appropriate as well as bond with him. thanks for the comment.


  6. hawleywood40 says:

    I love the story and especially the ending. It made me tear up. You have a vivid and beautiful imagination!


    • Thanks. Not as vivid as my son’s but he inspires me to explore my imagination. It’s my first story and I’m glad you like it.. Usually I just tell him a spontaneous story before he goes to bed when I ran out of story books. Nice to hear from you again. have a great day.


  7. thedailydish says:

    Love the story! My daughters and I do this all the time. When your son gets older, you can encourage him to add to the story — you can trade off every few lines or so. It’s amazing where your imagination will take you!


    • Thanks. That is one cool idea. I will definitely do that. I wish my parents did something like that when I was a kid. It’s something we can pass on from one generation to the next. Your daughters are very lucky to have such a creative, adventurous and loving mom.


  8. ElizOF says:

    What a great story… you did an awesome job and I love the picture to go with it… There’s your children’s book! 😉


    • Thanks for the compliment. I hope to do more in the future, I’m playing it by ear of what he likes to read or discover . I’m was so proud of his drawing. He used to ask me to draw for him and now he’s doing it independently. my little boy is growing up.


  9. Awesome!! I haven’t gotten around to reading the whole story yet– but the drawings are beautiful! I should try the same with my daughter.

    And yes– spellings… my girl cried when her aunt told her gel is spelled with a g and not a j. :/


    • Nice to hear from you again. Those spelling issues never fails to make me smile, even laugh. but it’s all part of growing up. There just cute though when they start being upset of 1 wrong word. Kids! Love them.Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.


  10. when your son looks back at this and realizes just how loved he was it will inspire him to be just as amazing a dad as you are.. it is the little things… and the story is very creative..I am sure he will like it if you have not already read it to him…


    • Thanks. Today we went fishing. I did it so we can have some fishing memory together. MY wife was laughing at me cause I don’t know what I’m doing at first. An older gentleman helped me and we caught several saltwater fishes. My son was so happy and proud of his catch. priceless moments.


  11. ristinw says:

    The last part of the story is quite touching. @ . @ Your son will love this!


    • Thanks. He’s one reason I could write and share stories. I’m hoping to make more of his favorite stories in the future. Just need to gather my creative thoughts. stay blessed and take care.


  12. The robot is so real and embodies what we parents and grandparents hope for our children. Your son’s illustrations are perfect. What a prolific writer you are to create this during your “break.” Nicely done. You are a very loving father.


    • Well, it kind of took two breaks and in-between the no patient’s free time. I can’t believe I did it. I didn’t know where my thoughts were heading at first. I didn’t realize writing can be this fun, fun, fun….
      Thank you for the compliment. I try to be a good one for my son just like all parents do. I admire your family, well blessed with love and support for each other.


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