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Have you ever visited a place and felt that you stepped back in time? I kind of did last weekend when I visited Aquarena Springs with my 5-year old son. Long before Sea World and Disney , there was the first amusement park in San Marcos, Texas. The River Center was built in 1929, then in 1950, the world’s only submarine theater opened. Clowns, Aqua maids performed underwater. Up to this day, people still talk of Ralph, the swimming pig. Visiting the place made me appreciate the old-fashioned way of entertainment. People back then don’t rely on high-tech visual effects to amuse but rather on personal talent and charisma.

This was then...

The Theater Submarine today. It's close to the public. Scuba divers can still see part of the bottom but not like how it was during its days of glory.

My next post is about the wonders of Aquarena Springs. If you like the Submarine photo and its history on today’s Weekly Photo Challenge, you’re going to enjoy the next adventure post. Have a great and fun Summer to all.


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36 Responses to Old-Fashioned family Entertainment

  1. nrhatch says:

    There’s a place like that near Miami too. Can’t recall the name of it.

    Wonderful peek back into time. Thanks!


  2. barb19 says:

    It’s great to go back into time – your son must have been amazed!


  3. thirdhandart says:

    Very good post, but it’s sad too. The submarine theater looks so neglected!


  4. itacasillas says:

    old fashion also means to recall our memory,,and yep it was so awesome 🙂


    • Thanks. Flashbacks, visits to good old memory lane, blast from the past…all of these bring a joyous, warm feeling of nostalgia, a reminiscing of the happy times shared with family and friends.


  5. jhirzel88 says:

    I’ve never heard of a “Weekly Photo Challenge”. Can this be done on any day of a week or is there a certain day. I couldn’t really do such a thing. I have a unlucky time taking good pictures. I don’t travel much like I used to. My dad is in the Air Force but my parents are currently divorced. Since I’m with my mom, she’s got a lot on her plate. I’ve got 3 siblings all younger than me. My 2 brothers are 13 and 14 and my sister is 16. That’s a 6-9 age difference and I’m the oldest, of course. It’s hard to go anywhere when my youngest brother has karate, and my other brother always hangs out with his friend at the skatepark.

    The only good thing worth taking pictures of is on my way to college, or if I stumble upon something on my bikerides, neither of which is bound to happen.


    • I’m sorry to hear that. I’m the eldest too with 5 siblings. It is hard to be someone that others had to look up to. There is a degree of responsibility when you’re the big brother or sister. As to the photochallenge, you can either sear it or at the bottom of my current post, there’s the related articles. Click the dailypost.wordpress.com and it will lead you to daily post. it’s trial and error but everything will fall into place. update me if you were able to find it. As for pictures, any camera would do and even ordinary events at home can be a good subject. Wishing you and your family the best.


  6. jhirzel88 says:

    Currently my brothers and sister are with my dad for a month and a half, so hopefully I will consider something within that time frame…

    Something always, always turns up. I need to stop making dumb excuses (I did that in my last comment). I was at the beach on the Fourth of July, I could have taken pictures then. I don’t have a digital camera but my cell phone takes high res pictures, depending on how the image is zoomed in upon taking the picture.


    • A time for yourself is a wonderful think. Helps you think and have some sense of inner peace. The cell phone camera is all you need. I use my iPhone for most of the shots you see on my recent posts. I was able to download an application called camera pluss for $1.99 and I’m so happy with its results. Looking forward to read your posts.


  7. 2e0mca says:

    That’s unusual, thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. •°o.O•ßơ•O.o°• says:

    Cool pics. I really want to take photos like these. ^^


    • Thanks. It’s easy. You just need a camera, and pretty much just take pictures of subjects that you find interesting. the more practice, the better. It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera. I simply use my iPhones camera plus. What’s important is that you enjoy doing it.


  9. nuvofelt says:

    Great to see that there are places like that in the US too. Sometimes come across them here in the UK, and there is a sort of sadness about them. My entry this week is, I think, stunning – but the surroundings are so old fashioned. Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  10. Patti Kuche says:

    Catching memories in any photograph brings such mixed emotions and now you have the pleasure of helping your son make his!


    • Thanks. I hope that one day when he gets older, he will look at the posts I dedicated for him and we both can reminisce the times we spent together. Photos are one way to recall the wonderful events in our lives.


  11. thirdeyemom says:

    I like your weekly photo challenge! If you ever want to submit a photo or postcard to my new site, the thirdeyworld, let me know! It would be great to have you as a guest writer! 🙂


  12. frizztext says:

    sad, that it is closed now, must have been funny to drink a coffee, watching the divers …


  13. Tilly Bud says:

    A lovely trip down memory lane 🙂


  14. Angeline M says:

    Om my gosh. I think I’ve told you in the past I grew up in San Antonio. We went to Aquarena Springs several times! I hadn’t thought of that place in years. What a wonderful post!!
    PS: I thought I was subscribed to your blog and you just weren’t writing because I wasn’t being notified of new posts….ha! now I see I’ve missed tons of your posts and I’ll have a busy time going back to do some reading. I think I am now subscribed 🙂


    • thanks. I have the same problem with some of the posts I subscribe, it doesn’t email me automatically. I still have to open my subscription link to see them It’s nice to hear from you again. I discovered Aquarena by chance, nobody referred this place to me but I’m glad the web did. We often go to San Marcos for the outlets but I’m tired of it so I begged to be dropped off with my son while the ladies shop. Wise decision ever. Take care.


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  16. Posky says:

    This makes me wish I was alive in 1950 so I could see a baby hippo to underwater ballet.


  17. eof737 says:

    It must have been an interesting step back in time… Did the mermaids dance? Looks like fun! 😉


    • I felt that I went to Jurassic park minus the Dinos. It felt that at one point in my life I had been to the past. It was beautiful and a bit sad. modern entertainment replaced the human and more personal kind of performances that our new generation will definitely learn a lot from. the pig and the mermaids could had been a cool treat if they are still there. It was still a fun time for me and my son.


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